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  1. Yes, it had to be the Thai consulate in Penang. There other options, if you don't mind spending three nights in Penang for that trip - or at least two there and one in another place. Like flying via Phuket, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. The problem on the way back is always, that you need a connecting flight in the evening to Samui after you picked up your passport and went from Penang to airport x. I booked my Air Asia tickets just one week in advance. If you book a few months ahead of the trip, that will cost you less than 3,000 Baht return. Since Firefly doesn't offer flights from/to Samui anymore, there is no quicker option for that particular visa run. Depending on how much time you want to have between your flights in Bangkok, you need just under 6 hours to get from Samui airport to Penang airport.
  2. I was looking for the same a few months ago. I wanted to spend only two nights in Penang and I didn't want to wait too long on the airport. I flew USM - BKK, changed the airport and took Air Asia to Penang on Tuesday. Applied for the visa on Wednesday via an agent, paid an "express" fee and picked up the passport on Thursday at 12pm. I went straight to the airport, back with Air Asia to DMK, changed the airport again and was back for dinner on Samui. I used the online check in for the last flight, which gives you more time, when the immigration takes longer than expected. You should be at the gate 40 minutes before departure (no luggage). 4,000 Baht return with the resident card plus about 5,000 Baht for the Air Asia flights. Another reasonable option I found: USM - HKT - PEN, but with about 5 or 6 hours on the airport, if I remember correctly. And you can't make it back to Samui the same day, you get the visa. Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are fine as well, but you will need 3 nights for the visa run.
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    Transfer ownership of motorbike.

    Thank you for your input so far. I want to buy a motorbike, that is registered in Phuket. I went to Dan Auto in Maenam and was told, that they can't do the transfer for me as they are only offering this service for smaller bikes - the bike I want to buy has 300ccm. Do you know anybody else, who offers this kind of service?