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  1. Bob12345

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    Its is real; he is an arm-wrestler. His "pressing" arm is much much bigger as thats the only arm he needs to work out a lot. Edit: Matthias Schlitte
  2. Bob12345

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    You do realize that "age is not a limitation" is more of than expression than science, right? As in: even at 54 you can start working out and becoming "above average", not that you could expect to win the Mr Olympia, become an astronaut, or hope to increase your IQ by 30 points.
  3. Bob12345

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    Wow, you know them all and have asked them all when they started training? And of course these are the extremes, not many people want to go that whole way to compete. The point I was trying to make, which you missed, is that age should not be a limitation. The average 54-year old is out-of-breath when walking the stairs and has a potbelly, if you chose to not go that way there are options in which steroids can play a role. Don't expect to win a bodybuilding show though... Anyways, I see no value in further discussing this, so I leave it here.
  4. Bob12345

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    Depending on your background and definition of "superhuman" of course, but yes you can. Just google "over 50 bodybuilding", or "over 60 bodybuilding", or even "over 70 bodybuilding". Or google for "over 50 powerlifting". The question is more if you are willing to "pay the price" to get that far, and I am not referring to money.
  5. I propose all students will be put in hazmat suits for 4 years during their studies. That way we can keep them away from lethal bacteria of which we know are possibly everywhere, on everything, all the time.
  6. Bob12345

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    With other words: if you are average by nature you should stay average the rest of your life. Luckily medical science evolved: if you want to be "super-human" you can become "super-human". But the choice to stay average or become above average is for everyone to make by themselves. @catman20: i have the feeling that topic-starter is not a WWE star.
  7. Let me stress this part: "if it is really serious about the problem". Because that is the key here; the current bunch are just as corrupt as all the others and therefore are not serious about it at all. History shows us several countries which were able to (almost completely) stamp out corruption. Let it be in one sector or even the whole government and private life. But as always Thailand has positioned itself above all others, as part of "having face", which will mean they will never look outside and learn from others. Thailand will try to solve it their own way which means one corrupt faction will fight corruption in another faction so it can have a bigger share of the cake that is being cut up. Of course this will never work, because once the winning faction becomes too big it will split up and the whole process will repeat itself.
  8. Bob12345

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    Send me a message and I will give you the contact details of a personal trainer who is currently trying to place for a spot in the "Mr Olympia for over 50". He is about the same age as you and will be able to help you further in making this decision, if you want to use anything, and if so, what you should use and what you can expect.
  9. Bob12345

    Govt blamed for rise in child online game addicts

    I propose some sort of TV set in every household through which the government can broadcast a daily program telling how you should think and at the same time look into your house to make sure you don't do things that are harmful for you. The government would be personified by the PM, who looks out for your mental and physical health as a big brother would do. Maybe we can even refer to him as "big brother"?
  10. Bob12345

    Chin Ups

    Yes, pullups (wide grip, palms facing outwards) twice a week as part of my back routine. Pullups for back width and bent-over rows for thickness (its not that black and white in reality of course). Normally I would do 3 sets of 10 with 3 minutes of rest in between, but since this week I bought a weight belt (belt i can hang plates onto which bungle between my legs as if i have huge balls) and now i do 3 sets of 6 with 25lbs of weight. Main reason to add weight is similar to Rob's; no progression over a long period of time. Got stuck at 10 reps for over half a year so hopefully this will break the plateau.
  11. A mentally immature population, lots of hardship in society, little prospects on the horizon, and easy access to guns... Expect many more lives ending this way.
  12. Bob12345

    Flies and Fly Sprays

    We used fly catching glue which is like a jar of green glue and a bunch of sticks you can buy at your supermarket. The flies should be attracted to the glue due to hormones or whatever. Guess all the flies were ladyboys cause we caught none in over a week. Next plan will be the old-fashioned squatter of 10 baht.
  13. Plus feminists only care about made-up statistics about a non-existing pay gap and everything that focuses on men takes away from their agenda; which is why they not only ignore it but even trivialize it.
  14. Bob12345

    Which watch brands are sought-after in Thailand?

    Rolex has 36mm models for men (datejust/daydate/explorer1) which should fit a smaller wrist just well.
  15. Seems like a responsible owner that trained its dog well.