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  1. They must be under a lot of pressure by the government; raising interest rates now will limit borrowing (and repaying) capabilities of the population and will result in lower (maybe even negative) economic growth. That would make it difficult for the junta as they have so little to be proud of already for their election campaign that is already underway for months.
  2. One crook or the other, who cares? Can't they create a computer generated face like in the movie Simone (S1Mone with Al Pacino), then at least we don't have to look at the crooks ugly mug.
  3. Agree, thats why i also recommend to postpone all traffic rules and regulations for at least 20 years and then introduce a speed limit at 200km/h which is pushed down over a period of 10 years to 100km/h. Cause it would be sad if people have to follow traffic rules all of a sudden, right? And who cares about the 20.000 people dying every year on the roads... They don't have a voice anymore, so F them.
  4. Bob12345

    New aquarium at central

    Nonsense. In my home country they solved it in a much nicer way, something the Thais could learn from: The zoo costs about 20 euros entrance, but you can get a year of free entrances for 80 euros. No way a tourist who stays for a week will go to the same zoo 4 times or more, so they just buy the 1-entrance tickets, while people who live in the country can buy the 1-year ticket and pay a much lower price on average. Just to point out: everybody can buy the 1-year ticket for the same price, no matter the color of your skin. Result: locals can go in for a much lower price IF they go a lot. Tourists still pay the full price. The zoo makes extra money because no local would go to the zoo every quarter if they had to pay the full price. So its a win-win (especially given that the cost of an extra visitor for the zoo is around zero, so all they want is more visitors).
  5. Bob12345

    New aquarium at central

    My guess is the ticket prices will be 1,400 baht at the counter no matter your nationality. If you want to go cheaper ask your Thai gf/wife to scout some Thai discount sites (Facebook, Pantip, Line) and you can probably get the "Thai price". Some time ago we also went to the one in Paragon with a hefty discount, my wife got the tickets from some "pre-order deal group" where they ask the group members how many items they want and then negotiate with the venue to buy a bunch of tickets at once at a discount. Similar groups are available for many products by the way, especially for childrens stuff there are thousands where they cut out the middle man and negotiate with the importer/producer directly.
  6. I just posted an "all-you-can-eat" in the other thread: Although it might be a bit far for you (999 for food, 1,999 for food and wine, but i guess you still get a discount if you go during low season).
  7. Fair comment, safety first! I normally wear protective gear when spraying the weedkiller and won't let anybody on the lawn for like 24 hours. Then before "opening it up for the smaller ones" I would first water the lawn extensively to wash away any leftover poison. Currently the dog eats from the lawn (I spread around the food in the grass so she needs to look for it and takes more time to find it all) so that will stop temporary. The risk of poisoning the dog and kids is also the reason i am rather hesitant with using chemicals.
  8. Her dream was not meeting the guy, her dream was meeting him and gaining face by boasting about it to her friends and everyone else in the world. All about gaining face and other selfish things. Why couldn't she just be happy with the meet and great and leave it there?
  9. Bob12345

    New aquarium at central

    It was closed the first few days the mall opened. Doubt they missed the grand opening of the mall by a few days only.
  10. Bob12345

    New aquarium at central

    Thats clear, but what is "open house"?
  11. It took me quite some time as well, until I removed the bag. After a holiday i will use a broom to sweep up all the cut grass and put it in garbage bags, but when i cut weekly I just leave the grass on the lawn as furtilizer.
  12. Bob12345

    Pedigrees - Are they important?

    What I have seen is that many breeders in Thailand own the bitch and get the male dog from abroad. That means the male dog will never be around to be seen, although there should be pictures around (at least on social media). The female dog should be there as the pups need their milk and attention. Lots of good advice given already here, and I want to add that it is always a lottery. Just as with kids, you can never fully predict how they will turn out in the end no matter your skills and investments.
  13. Edit: once the rain stops here in Phuket I will also try the poison dipped stick to go after the grasses one by one. But currently we have so much rain it wont stay dry long enough for the plant to absorb.
  14. Thanks again all, what i am doing now is the following: 1. cut the grass every 7-10 days 2. 1-2 days after cutting it go over it, when the soil is wet, to pull out everything that grows faster than the grass i want to have there 3. repeat Hope this will do the trick, although i always need luck with the weather: not too hot and sunny and moist soil.
  15. CO2 levels are at their highest levels resulting in the best crop yields ever as CO2 is what plants and trees need to grow.