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  1. How about this solution: Legally require private hospitals to quote prices for certain standard procedures, and make a government website that compares these prices across the board (simple table with the prices at government hospitals, all private hospitals, etc). Let patients sign a paper stating the price range of the treatment they are getting, possibly including the prices at a government hospital. Do the same for medicine; when the doctor prescribes you a list legally require them to mention both the prices at the hopsital pharmacy and the prices at some state controlled pharmacy (in a public hospital). Then the consumer has the choice to buy it in the private hospital, or go to the nearest public hospital and purchase it there. I am all for choice. Just inform the patients completely and if they want to sit in line at a government hospital to save XXXX baht then its up to them.
  2. Hope you don't mind me just quoting you this paragraph. 1. Unfair? Is it unfair that you can get better service/products with money? Can you explain how that works, as it sounds terribly communist. I can get a decent car for 500K, but for an imported luxury car i pay 7 times that price. Is that unfair? A Thai pays next to nothing for medical treatment in a government hospital, or they can go to a luxury hospital with a private room, no waiting lists, and 1st class treatment for 100-1000x that price. I can agree that access to healthcare is a necessity, and something the government should provide, but I disagree that access to LUXURY healthcare is a necessity. 2. So because the government is <deleted> up its own scheme, they should not fix their own scheme but instead start controlling private enterprises? Sounds terribly communist again. Reminds me of countries that introduced price controls in every facet of life, all the way down to products in the supermarket. Not too much later the supermarkets were empty and the population was hungry. How about the politicians and directors stop skimming off 20-30% of the healthcare budget and clean up their own act? 3. How about the government offers something in between private and public hospitals? Better service, shorter waiting lines, and more choice for patients at a price point below private hospitals? Oh wait, that already exists. Many public hospitals offer this already, here in Phuket they just opened a "mahogony care" clinic right next to the public hospital where you get exactly that. I've been to similar places in Bangkok. That way they offer something there is clearly demand for... and make a profit that goes back into the healthcare system. Win-win I would say. And the higher the prices of private hospitals, the larger this "in-between" market becomes.
  3. Then don't go there. Problem solved. (and don't go to a movie theatre, mall, restaurant, shop, farm, etc cause they all exist for that same thing)
  4. Reminds me of 2 years ago when i had an infection to my leg. I wanted to go to a government hospital, where treatment would have been maybe a few thousand baht, but armed guards from a private hospital came over and shuffed me in a black van. They drove me to a private hospital where I was forced to undergo treatment. I really didn't want to go there, but what can you do when they put a gun to your head? Oh wait, that never happened. Nobody is forced to go to a private hospital. All patients there come voluntary, even though the prices are high. If private hospitals are too expensive and people cannot afford going there, why are they so busy? Instead of introducing price controls for private hospitals, why not improve government hospitals? If government hospitals can offer similar service for a lower price, nobody would go to a private hospital anymore. By the way: I want a Porsche but cannot pay for one. Will the government introduce price controls on the new 911?
  5. Dont they know you can just get a police escort for a price?
  6. Bob12345

    How not to treat animals

    There are other sources of income, but they prefer this source probably because the payments are much better for the amount of work it requires. For example, I dont think people build a dolphin aquarium (costing millions of baht), get dolphins caught in the wild, and hire trainers, just because they have no other ways of making money. They just think this way is more lucrative. About your China example: how much dog meat is still being consumed today? Is the disappearence of dogs for food due to the availability of other sources of income, or because demand is just lower making it less profitable? Educate the consumers to lower demand and soon treating animals like this isn't profitable anymore.
  7. Bob12345

    How not to treat animals

    Agree, but unfortunately that will take a few more decades. The majority of tourists are Chinese (and Russian), and they dont care about animal well-being. Its mostly developed countries producing citizens that care, but they are not a large group of the arrivals here anymore.
  8. This part seems liek a complete waste of money. The first phase might offer some value as there is a lot of tourist traffic going to and coming from the airport, by who the hell do they plan on transporting to and from Phang Nga?
  9. While the paperwork might be basically the same (you only need 3 months of seasoned money in a bank account instead of 2), it would mean you need to bring a witness again. In my case this was a serious pain as we had to have a friend of my wife's family, who runs a business here, to come over and wait a few hours while she had better things to do.
  10. Reminds me of when I was traveling in the US, and a guy forgot his gloves in the train. I pointed it out to him, he thanked me, and after a short conversation he appeared to be a government employee working at the US bullion depository ("Fort Knox"). So basically I returned 310 billion USD that day, but I never got the newspaper coverage this lady got.