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  1. Food will be an issue as temperatures rise into the ranges that reduce crop yields. A rise in temperatures means higher crop yields in the most productive areas of the world (the west) leading to a total increase in food production. Cutting forests to add rai to what is cultivated then accelerates the demise. Cutting forest leads to more CO2, which leads to higher crop yields (which is the reason they pump extra co2 into green houses) This is a short term thinking idea Depending where you put the cut-off between short term and long term. Without this thinking the country will go under in 30-50 years, and with this thinking the world go under in 1000-10000 years.
  2. Bt 30,000 tax deduction per child; using a tax rate of 20%, means a 6,000 baht saving on taxes per year. But to raise a child you need to connect it to a smartphone, which costs about 12K for a good one. Now if we assume a smartphone in the hand of a kid lasts 2 years, it just reached break-even... hmmm, time to have another child
  3. Bob12345

    Chao Laem joins fight against child boxers law

    many people in muay thai circles Maybe those people, who profit from children fighting, can find another job that is a bit more productive for the country and does not exploits others? against tradition If we all stick to tradition we would still be eating raw meat and live in a cave... traditions are just a way of doing things we cannot defend logically anymore and therefore name "tradition" to not have them changed. cut opportunities for physical training They can still train muay thai. Or maybe pick up another sport, like running, basketball, soccer, or anything else not involving children beating each other up. cut opportunities for financial earning Kids should not be worrying about providing for their family at that age. How about creating opportunities for the parents to earn a decent living instead of using their children for a source of income?
  4. Bob12345

    Supreme Patriarch spared asset rule

    The Supreme Patriarch can do his asset declaration within seconds, as I assume he barely holds possessions... Because isn't that part of Buddhism? And as the highest leader of Buddhism, you have to lead by example. Excluding him from asset declaration is as nonsensical as requiring everybody in government to declare except for the self-appointed leader who took power by gunpoint... oh wait...
  5. Why not? I clicked the link to find out, and I should have known better... news articles in Thailand raise more questions than that they give answers.
  6. My guess is the paperwork in that box consists of rather small pieces of paper, all bearing the picture of the King and the number 1000, nicely bundled together.
  7. But who can blame them? Best strategy is to vote for the person promising you the most in the short run, and preferably they pay even before you cast your vote (in cash), because there simply is no long run in Thai politics. Before you know if the army takes over and changes all the rules again, so better try to get your hands on as much as possible before that happens.
  8. I, on the other hand, think that a teacher should never use this kind of punishment on school kids and even if the kid did an attempted murder on the teacher he should still be fired and prosecuted.
  9. It is not often, but for once I believe the owner. See how the dog reacts when the guy with the acid approaches. The dog shows no agression and does not bark while someone is approaching his house. Most dogs would bark at such a moment, but the fact this one doesn't makes me believe it is not one of those irritating dogs barking all day long.
  10. Thats not so strange, you are either found guilty, resulting in a long penalty, or not guilty. Judges cannot say they have doubts and therefore you are a bit guilty giving you half a sentence.
  11. All taxis? Also the ones on Phuket? For the mentioned amounts they wont even get out of bed.
  12. Newspapers in Thailand blindly repeat what was said and do zero fact checking or explaining. So yes it should be mentioned, but as it wasnt told in the press release the job of the reporter ended and he went back to his sticky rice.
  13. As always nobody is responsible. Not the local government, not the ones feeding the dogs, not the ones letting their dogs roan free... nobody. And thats why it will never be solved. How about making the local government responsible for these things? Sue them for the hospital bills and extra damages and see how quickly things improve when the fat lazy bastards start missing their bribes when all the money is being paid out to victims of their neglect.
  14. Plus it would be nice if you could read from left to right: not from the second letter to the first letter, to the thrid letter in a word as is often the case. In other languages you just learn to pronounce each letter and words are combinations of those letters in sequence of how they are written, not here.
  15. There are many ways a political party can protest, a boycott now is not the only way. First thing they need to do is legitimacy themselves. Without campaigning and getting members they represent nobody but themselves. Nobody cares about some academic saying he would do everything better but doesnt ike the rules and therefore wont run; its just one person. But if he had a certain percentage of votes, or 100.000 people supporting him financially, it would make all the difference in the world.