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  1. They build to the wall and also add in windows? So they can see the wall from really up close? 555 BUt agree, I believe its 50cm for a blind wall and 1m for a wall with windows. Don't know about the height, don't believe there are limitations on that.
  2. You can easily use them for robbing a bank as they look very realistic. Trying to get away with the stolen money with cops chasing you sounds dangerous to me (the trying to get away part that is, as traffic is killing).
  3. Time to rethink the current policy on a national level. How about chosing 10 cities and letting them all have a different approach? Monitor the impact and the winning strategy will be rolled out nationally.
  4. That must be why it took them 2 years more than planned. They just wanred to go above and beyond quality wise.
  5. Prawit’s watch could be ticking time bomb

    So you are saying they should ignore signs of corruption for the simple reason many people are corrupt? Interesting approach, i wonder how that will solve anything...
  6. Guess we differ there in opinion. Torture: yes - unfortunately I will land in jail for giving the links, but you can find them out there (start your search with FB pages of people the government said you should not follow) No deaths: maybe ask Ko Tee about that... oh wait, too late according to media as he has been killed abroad by what can best be described a team of foreign elite soldiers Lively social media and press: sure, as long as they don't say the wrong things that will violate the computer crime act, bring "national security" in danger, can be seen as lese majeste, or defames someone.
  7. Bit jealous there? Why should people be jailed for becoming famous on the internet? You are getting famous here on TVF also, only for the wrong reasons. Time to hand yourself over to the police for some time in jail?
  8. They should also consider competing with Apple because Apple makes huge profits. Compete how? On speed? I certainly hope not they will instruct the drivers to go 800km/h. In the US some overnight buses compete with planes by offering flat beds and driving all night (they go slower on purpose so people get their rest). Maybe thats an idea for Thailand? I hate traveling by bus because its dangerous, uncomfortable, and you end up 20km outside of the city center.
  9. Risks grow for ageing population

    <<<<Off topic comments about the aging population in Europe have been edited out to prevent further off topic discussion of the topic>>>> Thailand will have to reconsider its immigration laws. Give rich oldies permanent visas without 90-day reporting and let burmese laborers bring their families legally. You might not realize it yet, but you will need them.
  10. In thailand a bus stays in service for about 30-50 years, so i guess we have to wait some time to see actual improvements in road deaths due to this new measure (assuming it is being enforced).
  11. And for once i agree with the junta. Don't donate to gain face or to be able to brag on social media. Donate because you want to do good instead. (Which goes against all thai buddhism stands for; that just glitter and gold all year long to gain face and merit)
  12. Maybe he borrowed it from his Chinese friend who happens to sell pricy submarines. He could borrow it as long as he wanted.
  13. Time for the Thai medical council to step in to see if some medical licenses need to be revoked. Followed by a criminal investigation to see if the person who did the autopsy (at the hospital and at the academy) needs to be prosecuted. Maybe a further investigation into the hospital and previous cases they handled. Or... Just don't mention it anymore in the news and let it all go by without doing anything. Which will it be?
  14. Was I the only one expecting the scammers to show up and be arrested? If you are a scammer it goes wrong 99 out of 100 times, but that one time pays off so well it is worth the effort. Therefore not really newsworthy that it "went wrong".
  15. Van crash leaves driver dead, hotel staff injured

    Hope the police can find cctv footage so they can determine who crashed into who.