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  1. Not to discredit her efforts, but any medical professional would have done the same. As mentioned in the article, she took over from a medic who was getting tired. Its kind of a shame this happens many times a day all around Thailand and only when its caught on video and causes some comments online people start to take notice. There are literally thousands of doctors and nurses sacrificing their own health working in stressful and overwhelmed hospitals day-in and day-out. Lets give them all the respect they deserve no matter their gender, age, and looks.
  2. Pretty sure. If it is so clear to you, why you posted your incorrect and stupid comment in the first place? Appearently you are supersmart, but the little facts i presented were not in your head the moment you made your post. Anyways, you still behind what you originally posted? That remark of "acceptable levels of poison that are going to be allowed to push into other human bodies"? Or you now see that it is a stupid question?
  3. You are trying, in an extremely strange way, to say that these things I said are obvious, while I wrote them as a reaction to someone who not seemed to think of these things. Great it is obvious to you, appearently it is not to everybody. Why again are you replying to my comment? Thats not clear to me, all i can come up with is that you are jealous i pointed it out first and now you are trying to claim part of the "fame" by trivializing the things i wrote. Sad.
  4. Army told to pay mother of slain son

    Its a sad state of affairs. Lesson we can draw from this: if you kill someone, kill someone old who earns little money. Saves you a lot of money when you need to pay off the family.
  5. Maybe the sisters weren't that dumb after all. They did have to pay 50.000 baht for the damage to the car they attacked, but they got what they wanted (market being closed). It goes a lot quicker and is much cheaper than hiring a lawyer and waiting till the police takes action. The dog of my neighbor tends to bark a lot, guess who's car will be burned down tonight
  6. Thats a bit too simple. Ever heard of "the dose makes the poison"? (Paracelsus; 1493-1541). It simply means that everything and nothing can be a poison, it all depends on the amount you take. The smallest measurable amount of rat "poison" will do nothing to you when you ingest it, while drinking a large amount of water in a short time will kill you (hyponatremia). That does not make rat poison "save" and water a poison.
  7. And how much budget did they get?
  8. All setting up right in front of the gate.
  9. If they can't handle the complexity of their own business, they should sell those planes and start a noodle shop. Much easier. Dont quote me on the exact numbers, but in Europe we get 50% of the paid price back in case of 3-4 hours delay, and all money back after like 6 hours delay ( -> and still get your flight; for free). Add to that some set amounts for food, snacks, and a hotel room. My point is that these people are waiting for a long time, and should be compensated accordingly. I don't care what the reason of the delay is, or how complex it is to be an airliner.
  10. 16 hour delay but you do get some free food coupons. Great service!
  11. Stupid action of the ladies, but understandable. What they should have done: 1. Buy cctv 2. Get some big stickers made that tear when you pull them off. You wont be able to remove the whole sticker at once and with bare hands it will take up to 30 min. 3. Put sticker on windshield wrongly parked car (drivers site) and enjoy the show 4. Do this for months in a row, cut the cctv footage and add a nice tune to it, upload to youtube, become rich. (Seen them do similar in russia with people driving over the sidewalk)
  12. Most bikes do, but many do not. I guess the main problem is that most tunnels and flyovers only have 1 lane. And motorbikes and cars sharing a lane spells disaster in Thailand (which is why they should always be on the left). Another problem here on phuket is that the middle lane and the passing lane go into the tunnel while the "slow lane" stay above ground. Motorbikes will need to go from emergency lane on the utmost left across one lane to reach the road going into the tunnel. That is a dangrous thing ro do given the speed differences and driving skills of most. Same when coming out, all of a sudden they are on the middle of the road needing to cross a lane to go back to the left where they belong.
  13. Big rise in Thais seeking to adopt a child

    Good news, and i hope that some of the less fortunate kids stowed away in orphanages can now get a decent chance on a good life. They should also try spending some efforts on reducing the number of "new" orphans. Like enforcing road laws (less parents dying), creating more acceptance of abortion (less unwanted kids, etc.
  14. Drought coming? Time to plant extra rice so you can cash in more when the farmer's bailout comes next year!
  15. I would have parked my car somewhere else (so it doesnt matter if people block my gate) and put a wheel lock on every car parking there (chain & lock) so they can walk home. Not sure how that would stop others from parking there and it wont free up my exit (it even blocks it longer), but it would be fun seeing the car owners get angry and frustrated. Btw, this is what you get in a country without law enforcement. Everybody does as they please and from time to time someone boils over and smashes up a car or kills some people. Thanks RTP.