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    Varee - International school

    I can't speak as a parent, but I can share with you the feelings of a good friend of mine who has a child in high school at Varee. This is therefore second-hand information, so ignore if you wish. I am told that his son (half Thai) enjoys going there and his wife is very happy because although "international" it is still very Thai, and she likes that. That's the problem for my friend though - it is not really international. An overwhelmingly Thai student body, with all of the cultural baggage that that brings, and of course the lower English language skills of classmates that this brings. They also don't have much contact with the other local international schools. They are not part of the international sports calendar, not part of the circle of Chiang Mai international schools, not even members of the International Schools Association of Thailand; still very Thai and insular. If he has his way he would switch to Lanna (the established British international school in Chiang Mai), as a number of his classmates have, for what he is led to believe is better teaching, wider A level course choices, better examination results, good international university placements, etc. BUT his wife is having none of it, so Varee it is!