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  1. CMHomeboy78

    I'm newbie. I'm interested in Thai amulet.

    Google "phallic amulets + Thailand" for a lot of popular information on the palad gik. In the context of history and culture the Journal of the Siam Society is a very good source with an online archive going back to its founding in 1903. Through the years there have been numerous articles on Thai amulets in general and palad giks in particular.
  2. Very good post. Factual and concise. Farang panhandlers are nothing new in Chiang Mai. Anyone who has had real problems here knows that there are ways to help yourself out of almost any situation involving money. Health issues and accidents are a different matter. In 1980 on one of my early trips I had over $2000. in travelers checks stolen - due to my own carelessness - from a guesthouse room. I was left with only 200 baht and some coins. After reporting it to the cops [555], I pawned my Nikon F camera for 800 baht. Then I went to see a girl I knew from a previous visit. Her family had several houses and agreed to let me stay rent-free until I was on my feet again. I also contacted the US Consulate, which in those days was well-run and helpful to American citizens in trouble. They gave me a $100. loan [interest-free] which I repaid a few months later. The Chiang Mai girl who helped me became more than a friend and we eventually married and had two daughters. They are both grown-up girls now and very successful. That was my Happy Ending.