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  1. That number includes people that died as a result of injuries latet so is more accurate.
  2. Why the hell did they build this crap: A totally new government house is already being built at Kiakai on the Chao Praya for billions of baht
  3. Thai constitutions aren't worth the paper they're written on so who actually cares.
  4. "They are also designed to show the public that the government is serious about combating graft, she added." This part is true: It's all just for show
  5. New updated tax effectove from 2017 has doubled the personal deduction to 60 000 Baht. I was doing guestamatics sitting in the back of a taxi. Your figures are accurate (With adjustment for 60k of course)
  6. Hey, I'm all for it (in theory). I don't like governments and honestly believe the world would have been better with no organised governments and religions BUT I accept that I live in the real world and real people will be affected if suddenly all government services stopped. We didn't create the monster, but he's here to stay.
  7. I believe that they purposely leave things to remind you that you are 'lucky' to be allowed to live here (putting on my tinfoil hat today - why's Friday). For Non-O extensions specifically all the documents that directly relate to you and the proof that you have Thai family connections are easy to get BUT then you need landlord's tabien baan/chanote/ID/Rental contract. My landlord changed his first name! Shit! Now I need his change of name document too (he was so pleased). All these documents to prove that I'm being serviced in the correct area? F me. At least at Chaeng Wattana has a very "clear" list which as a last point has "(9) Any other relevant documents which may be required for consideration" and that is where they will get you.
  8. My view is that when something like this pops up it is made to sound like some poor mom and pop stores are going to be in trouble and the evil government is going to ruin their lives, but the fact is that even as an individual (with the 0 -150k exemption and 60k personal deduction to start) you have to earn at least 600k per year before your effective tax rate goes above 0%. These aren't the poor people of the country, but the poor people are the ones that benefit (however little) from badly run government enterprises. Now sure, why don't we ALL just stop paying tax and there won't be ANY services for these people.
  9. What's the penalty for tax fraud where you come from? Is it a military dictatorship too?
  10. Fair long as these people that don't pay taxes don't drive on any (badly constructed or not) public roads, use any government hospitals, turn on their taps etc. etc.
  11. "Accordingly, the older generation of small-business owners must now adapt to a new and unfamiliar world of transparent taxation, and they deserve time enough to reform old habits, rather than being slapped with an abrupt warning of imprisonment." Give me a break! They've been committing tax fraud for yeara and now we have a bleeding heart telling us how we've got tp give them time to adjust. Adjust to following the law? That's the problem with this country....everyone breaks every law, because you're NEVER accountable (unless you take drugs....then you're pretty screwed)
  12. "While declining to speculate broadly on Wiraphol’s decision not to appeal the extradition, Amnat said legal expenses were more expensive in the US than in Thailand." Riiiiiight...a man who had $60 million frozen in Thailand (and has a lot more squirreled away) is worried about legal expenses in the US. Now why would a millionaire NOT appeal his extradition? Well, in the US he was sitting in jail, but in Thailand he'll be out on the streets within 5 min: that's why
  13. Well, he didn't kill anybody so there's a good chance he might actually go to jail
  14. The difference is the Christian would probably thank Jesus for creating the man that invented the seatbelt that saved his/her life Few solely rely on their god to help them. It's the whole "God helps those that helps themselves" thing that helps Christians explain trusting science sometimes (It goes hand in hand with "God works in mysterious ways" for the times we read about children being raped, tortured and killed)
  15. “I’d like to warn all sides that the verdict can be criticized on the basis of reason. But criticism based on emotion is at risk of legal action,” Waikoon said. “It is impossible to render a verdict that would satisfy everyone.” Your job isn't about "satisfying" anyone,'re part of the problem