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  1. There is no nitpicking - every bad thing in the world isn't racist. Calling everything racist takes away from people on the receiving end of real racism. But sure, let's go with your reasoning: British now means white people, Canadian means white people, South African means black people etc. etc. Doesn't work , does it?
  2. Really? Racist? Look, the policy is terrible, but it's not racist - at best it could be xenophobic. Have words lost all meaning? I find describing "Mexican" as a race, racist. Mexico has a multiracial society . "Mexican" is the demonym for people from the country Mexico. I wonder if Andres Obrador, would classify "American", "Canadian", "South African", and "French" etc. etc. as races?
  3. Can you honestly say that you have never commented on the political situation in a country that is not the one you claim citizenship from? To be clear: that means not condemning genocide, war crimes. and oppressive regimes across the world as well (This junta isn't totally there..yet) but where do you draw the line of "minding your own business"? I am a non-citizen, but I have spent more of my adult life in Thailand than any other country in the world. It is my home, and my children are Thai citizens. It is 100% my business what goes on here, but not because I live here or have blood relatives that are Thai: Rather, I believe that people deserve the right to not go to prison for having an opinion.
  4. Actually, Thailand classifies "deodorants" as "deodorants" and the import tariff is 20% (0% from ASEAN, India, Australia, New Zealand)
  5. Well - you're the one setting the conditional! Of course we can say you're using it as an excuse. This reminds me of how he banned people from registering for political parties(?), and then said that parties must submit their membership list or they won't be able to compete. When the parties brought up the fact that there was a ban on registrations - he simply said that we must all follow the law and it wasn't his fault.
  6. SABloke

    This should be news, right?

  7. SABloke

    Poll finds Thais estranged from National Strategy

    So 45.1% said they knew what the strategy was? Impossible, since the strategy has never been made public.
  8. But not shocked by the sight of a man shooting someone and then trying to kill himself? This journo obviously missed the class on "relevant details"
  9. Of course not! Stop being paranoid and take off your tinfoil hat...no one is monitoring TV. I shall continue to insu...praise, and despi....admire, the monumental asswip...awesome leader that Prayuth is.
  10. Unless of course you don't make your living on "daily wages" then not much risk going to court.
  11. So he's basically saying, "Don't vote for me, vote for Thanathorn Jungrungreangkit" Idiot,
  12. Totally bonkers, this lot. Incidentally, I just saw Big P on the news: he was leaning out of a train window addressing some "fans"-most on here would know the significance of this gesture. Coincidence or delusions of grandeur?
  13. Quick question: Where does the N.O.B get its budget from? Thailand is (on paper) a secular country so I hope this nob doesn't get funded by taxpayers. EDIT to add: According to Wikipedia, Thailand is "ambiguous" so perhaps that's how they get away with funding only 1 religion. (Not that I think any religions should get any state funding, anywhere, ever)
  14. SABloke

    There will be election: Peerasak

    Well, the laws are ready to go (With the sign off from the king) and can't be used as an excuse anymore, so they've now come up with an immeasurable variable - the political atmosphere