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  1. Double decker trains in a single decker underground tunnel. Brilliant
  2. Cross-bank bill payments are now in service

    The point is that you can make a bill payment with "ATM Card A" at "ATM B". Most bills can already be paid with "ATM Card A at ATM A" and many have a charge (10 Baht, 15 Baht etc) but you could never pay your electricity bill at a SCB Atm if you had an Kbank card..now you can. And 5 baht is 'cheap'. Hell, it costs me 15 baht to take money from a Kbank ATM outside of Bangkok with my Kbank ATM card (Issued in Bangkok). Foreign card fees (Not "tourist" fees) are a totally different subject but this service can be useful in a remote area where there aren't atm's of every bank. Also, if you think Thai banks are sharks, some South African banks have a minimum charge of 75 Baht...for LOCAL, but different bank, bank cards. I was charged 250 Baht last time I got cash there.
  3. "Meetings of between five and 10 people might not always be counted as political activity" When did this become a thing? All those drunken nights that could've been had at my house!
  4. Well, you need 5000 members total (or 500 in each voting district - I can't keep track) and each member needs to pay to be registered. So how the f-c- are you supposed to convince people to join your party if you can't meet with them? This is of course the whole plan, and come February there will be a proclamation of an election delay becuase political parties failed to register in time. All blame will be placed at the feet of the parties.
  5. "I wonder what the huge bribes are for." A friend's father wanted to divide 100 rai into 10 plots. The total cost for surveying and production of new land documents came to 200 000 Baht. That was all above board. On the day that he went to fetch the documents the officer in charge (the one whose signature validates the new chanotes) wanted 14k per document. His reasoning was that since the land was worth close to 100 million, my friends father could afford it. That's what the huge bribes are paid for.
  6. The land department came first http://www.nationmultimedia.com/politics/Land-offices-most-corrupt-30248110.html
  7. Why did you cut the part of my qoute that deals with Thai people's opinion of the police? Doesn't fit your narrative or what?
  8. Every single cop that takes 200 baht at a checkpoint is bent. Every single cop that takes payment in order to investigate a theft etc. is bent. Every single cop that pays for a promotion bent. None of my Thai friends or colleagues has faith in the police. The Thai Police Force was voted 2nd most corrupt department in the country. Thai police chiefs refuse breathalyzer tests and carry guns on airplanes and they set the example for lower ranks to follow. I'm generous if I say ONLY 50% are corrupt.
  9. Squirting in Pattaya - who would've thunk?
  10. Incorrect I'm afraid. Jenpop the Merc killer, denied all charges originally and was then made aware of the CCTV and dashcam footage that showed him crash into the toll barrier and later driving at high speed into the other car, killing the 2 students. He pleaded guilty and as such had his sentenced reduced and was released out on bail
  11. I don't think there is a single country that has a perfect record BUT in Thailand it isn't 4 -5 out of 10,000 that are bad - it's on the other side of halfway. And if you live here and can honestly tell me the police in your country are more corrupt, then I apologize: Somalia is a tough place to live.
  12. Well the current police order states that you may refuse a breath test, but then you are immediately charged with a DUI...unless your name is Jenpop and you go out and damage a toll booth and kill 2 students whilst travelling 180kph (His refusal to do a breath test was = DUI charge was dismissed due to a technicality )
  13. Prayut poses six new questions to Thais

    "My Thai wife..." When you find yourself in a situation that you need to qualify your wife you might need to reassess the situation ... When you were back in America, did you used to refer to your "my American girlfriend" or just "my girlfriend"? Here's my situation - my wife and I agree about many things and disagree about even more. (I've been told that was normal throughoutt the galaxy) My wife is Thai and she will tell you that her husband is South African, but she is not my "Thai wife" and I am not her "South Africa husband" because my wife doesn't have a "another country husband" and neither do I have "another country's wife"
  14. Savanna is available in Tops and many liquor stores (I even found it in a bar in Chumphon). It's 67 Baht for a bottle and well worth it on a hot day. But for multiple neckings, I like Thatchers ("Like" in the way everyone likes a squat toilet at the petrol station that actually has a spray nozzle instead of a shit laden floor with a trough and scoop - its better than the rest at that point in life )
  15. I always find it amusing (facetiously) when I have some <deleted> (Van driver or private car) almost take off my bonnet during a sudden lane change, slalom run, reckless driving episode...and then 10 min later I still happen to be within 50m of the same car (sometimes they're behind me lol). What was the point?