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  1. "No double standard in Premchai case, court insists" I actually believe the courts - there are usually ZERO standards applied when dealing with the rich
  2. Well, they've been employed longer than the previous elected officials, so they seem more "full time" to me
  3. Traffic blamed for air quality in Bangkok

    I took 20min to drive 1.2 km yesterday. The reason for the journey time was that the traffic light cop left my lane red for...wait for it...12min! My car put an extra 10min of pollution into the air, because the RTP refuse to accept that, while automated traffic lights won't make traffic disappear, they are far more effective at keeping the traffic flowing. A knock on effect would be that the cops could then be on the street fining people who "jump" intersections at red lights, causing the cross flow to be impeded for some time while the intersection clears (Often by this time the light for the cross traffic has turned red again)
  4. Education does indeed sucks and may drivers are terrible BUT this is about immigration working with tourist police to...well...carry out their duties of monitoring foreign citizens. So they're doing their jobs. Or would you prefer if the checkout lady didn't scan your food items, or the surgeon not close you up, or....
  5. I'm pretty sure the "People's Network for Reform" will qualif.
  6. There are only 144 prisons so I doubt there would be tens of thousands of wardens
  7. Unless they committ treason and stage a coup, that is.
  8. 211 is a tad more than 'some'
  9. You're lucky. Do you ask for your destination in Thai or English? As I said before, in my experience, unless you're local, your percentages go waaay up. My family visit often. None of them tries to cheat the system. Not a single visitor has gotten into town without a fixed price (and they all use the taxi rank downstairs). Well, they used to: Now I just pay 1100 for the AOT Mu-X limo service which is well worth it since an entire family with luggage can get in without having to worry about a gas canister in the boot. (Although I'm even more fortunate in that I've never been asked for a flat rate at Suvnarabhumi) NB: 3 times is 3 too many from a "registered" taxi rank if you ask me. Hell, at DMK you've got guys trying to shaft you 20% of the time apparently
  10. You mean like the one where the taxi drivers cover their meter with a cloth until a local or Thai speaking foreigners steps into the car?
  11. Who are "we"? EVERYBODY gets darker to some degree when they stand in the sun. People that use chemicals to darken/lighten/colour their skin are taking a risk. I find the practice to be stupid.
  12. So one needs to add another layer of fraud for it to not be considered fraud?
  13. Facebook uproar over nude coffee shop waitress in Sattahip

    Didn't want it kept private: It's clearly a professional, staged photograph and the owner gets all the free advertising he wants thanks to indignant "netizens".
  14. A tanning salon speeds up a natural process (you could just sit outside and achieve the same result, albeit at a slower rate). But sure, that's exactly the same as whitening your penis using lasers and chemicals during a medical procedure performed by a doctor. Exactly the same.