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  1. I just find it funny that he's 2 years younger than his "son"
  2. It's been out for a while now so thought there might be some useful up-to-date feedback Has anyone bought one? Good or bad experiences?
  3. This is one of the most infuriating thins here. If you don't give a s h i t about safety, don't want to use a carseat for your kids, don't want to use seatbelts etc etc then fine BUT going out of your way to go against safety (hiding seat buckles) is just so efffing retarded
  4. You've seen THOUSANDS of Thais begging??? I have seen many beggars in my time, but if I'd count them I'd probably get to 40 (I might see the same beggar every day for 2 years, but that's still only 1 beggar). Anyway, you seem to miss the point that real beggars generally beg to eat (survive), whereas these beg-packers come here with no money and the intent to beg to fund an efffing HOLIDAY!
  5. Technically speaking it's not, "Another day and another warrant" as they have yet to seek a warrant (since he first jumped shipped in 2012) . They will now 'request' a warrant for the first time. Tomorrow we will read that warrants for "reckless driving causing death" can't be issued if the defendant is not in the country or some similar bs (kind of like when they finally got the arrest warrant for Dhammachayo, but then were unable to arrest him, because they didn't have a search warrant too. Doh! -_- )
  6. It's possible, but whether you're going to find a bank willing to do it is another question. If you're only 200k short you could probably find a lawyer that will get you the cash (might only cost you 20k -40k)
  7. Look above your head and behind you - you'll find my point there
  8. In my mind I have these images of Rohynga refugees floating dead in the water, countless images of children and people sufferring in war-torn central African countries living in abject poverty and then...I see images of cleancut, well fed, smartly dressed people crossing the border from US to Canada (what happened to the whole idea of first point of refuge etc etc. anyway) with airline tags still on their suitcases and I'm like... :blink:
  9. Last conviction I read about was 15 years for 250mg of cocaine...for a Thai person. Can't get much harsher than that can it? I can't recall a huge stash conviction off the top of my head.
  10. A couple of joints won't get you sentenced to prison since (despite barstool myths), weed is on the lower classification of drugs and the cops don't really care. First time offence is usually 1,500 Baht fine if I remember correctly BUT you have to go to court first which means possibly waiting in jail for a few months. This is why tourists are willing to pay 20, 30, 50000 to the cops to get set free immediately.
  11. Normal police won't. Thai police, however, have a reputation of jumping to conclusions and then backpeddling. Hell, they normally ascertain exact cause of death at the crime scene well before the coroners do their thing.
  12. Don't believe the Suratthani police when they say 2 Burmese lads committed murder, but 100% behind them when the say a dead man (who can't defend himself) lost control of his vehicle based on testimony one can assume comes from the driver of the other vehicle
  13. I thought peasants built the grand learn something new every day [emoji14]
  14. Nobody worried about living under an Absolute Monarchy then. Last night had this discussion with the missus. She insisted they'd never let Thailand return to Absolute Monarchy. I asked her what we should call a country with the king as head of state and no elected government. (Dropped the mike and walked away )
  15. YOU said his lanyard was too short. For something to be categorically too short it needs a value applied. I asked you what length his lanyard was and what it should have been since you were so adamant in you post. Still waiting for the response...:)