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  1. You post seems good in theory, but there is one small part that shows you have sacrificed some of your standards: "...no one from the outside will have any say or influence on us or our decisions..." So why did you give the in laws 200 000 Baht? I have many Thai friends, not a single one has ever actually GIVEN sinsod to parents (it's shown at the wedding and then the couple takes it back)
  2. "Ok troll how can it be lets do a simple sum for you take away the lower number from the higher number ok so far have you writen then down? Now do the sum it comes to? Yes thats correct 2500 more heterosexuals have HIV" Accusations? The figures you used come from a study. Fact. You really do need to check figures you 'respond to' (just in case you end up with egg on your face). And here this forum was telling me on Thais can't take responsibility when the make small errors
  3. "Yingluck pulled off a dramatic disappearing act last month, two days before the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Political Office Holders was due to deliver a verdict in her trial." How do they know this 'fact'?
  4. Moondoggies's original post was stupid and crass to say the least, but you don't help the argument by posting half-truths. The study that you refer to states that 49,500 heterosexual MEN and WOMEN are living with HIV. The same study also says, "In 2015, 54% of new HIV diagnoses were among men who have sex with men." (so he misquoted information - just like you) ,"Gay and bisexual men remain the group who are most affected by HIV and at the highest risk of contracting the virus, particularly from men who are unaware of their infection." This does not, however, mean that HIV is a "gay man's disease", but you are statistically more at risk if you are a man having sex with other men. Science 'n all Link to report: http://www.tht.org.uk/~/media/Files/2016 HIV and STI bulletins/HIV in the UK 2016.pdf
  5. These idiots don't get it. The EU isn't "interfering" with Thai business. The fishermen can do what the hell they like BUT if they do things that the EU doesn't approve of the EU won't buy their product. It's called the free market dip shits.
  6. Maybe I can get a job at The Nation...or better yet...NIDA poll
  7. Nok Air plans to raise Bt1.7-bn to stay afloat

    I've had the opposite experience, but that might be the routes I take (Bangkok - Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Suratthani and Chumphon). Bangkok Airways was an expensive nightmare and I find AirAsia annoying because the price is never the final price (I just want to know how much the total flight will be thanks). At least with Nokair they give you the FULL price first and then you deduct services you don't want. Thai Lion Air was surprisingly good considering how cheap it was, but I've only used it twice so might have been lucky.
  8. No other alternatives? Well if her parents are too elderly to do part time work to help her, I would guess that she is 50ish which means that her kids are 20ish and thus able to help her with part time work as well? Of course this is pure speculation and it is also possible that here parents only had her when they were forty plus and she is early 30s so her kids are young. It is probably highly unlikely that here parent are under 70 right? Right? It just seems that people get very old very fast in this country when I look at similar aged people from the west. But then I also see my MIL (68) who still works as a part-time teacher, her sister (70) who still works as a part-time nurse and all the cleaning ladies around that work there <deleted> off, so again - I really hope her parents are awfully old to put their daughter through this "only alternative" to feed them.
  9. The same thing happens in Chumphon and I should add that it is not solely residents of Thailand to blame. When the Pacific monsoon blows all the crap from the gulf and from the ocean around Vietnam, Philippines and SE Malaysia gets pushed onto the Southern Thai and Malaysian coasts. The authorities in Chumphon let it build up because cleaning every day is futile. By February the beaches are usually beautiful again.
  10. I thought all these ops on the beach were made illegal by said cowboys
  11. Bid to reclassify some ‘Thai-only’ jobs

    And then in a few years many Thai frowns when the government blames foreigners for Thais being unemployed. It's like a few year back (5?) when there was this report that 70% of Thailand was owned by foreigners. My wife immediately pointed out that it was not possible since non-Thais cannot own land. Oh, but it was through nominees they said - doesn't matter (if true) because at the end of the day the name on the chanote is a Thai citizen and nominee or not they can legally do what they want without the nominee's permission.
  12. The worst thing about this story is that a trip on the island is 'allowed' to cost 500 Baht.
  13. Love him or hate him, according to the article he's doing nothing wrong, so much ado about nothing.
  14. Horrible kids everywhere: I was at the Ratchada Nightplaza and my daughter (18months) spotted a little boy of about 7 riding the helicopter ride (My daughter won't step foot near one but loves watching from a safe 5m distance so she walked towards the play area). The next thing this little runt starts shouting "Mai, Mai, Mai Ow, Mai Ow," and then started barking "No, NO, NO!" My daughter was a little bit taken aback and had this, "What the hell is wrong with this kid??" expression. Next thing the runt's mother comes along and asks why he was shouting so loudly and annoying everyone in the lobby. He then said that he didn't want my daughter to use the ride. Mother runt looked at us and then just said, "Oh ok, which ride do you want next".
  15. Sounds like a racist scumbag. I see plenty of Thai people wearing flipflops on flights and I'm sure (as a staff member of THAI no less) the scumbag has seen it too. What a dick.