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  1. Kill the bastards now., Now the bastards now.
  2. You are following the 20th century club' Thank god for that.
  3. If this is a real force investigation this is a real message. If it is not real then it is not real Only we will need to know the truth.
  4. Smoking permitted rooms in the airport are voluntary. No one is forced to go there unless they wish to have a cigarette. As a non smoker I have never been in those closed off rooms in the airport
  5. Overstay and failure to do 90 day reports are two different things. Actual overstay is not leaving Thailand when your visa has expired and the fine for that can be 500 Baht per day, usually up to a 20K Baht maximum and a person may be banned from re-entering Thailand for actual overstay depending on how long the overstay is. Not reporting for 90 day reports if required Is a different situation from actual overstay and may result in a fine of 200 Baht a day for non reporting, usually up to a 2000 Baht maximum but possibly a fine of 5000 Baht may be made if the failure to report is determined to be deliberate and repeated. As far as I know, and I may be wrong, no one has ever been deported for failure to do required 90 day reporting. That is the difference between actual overstay and failure to do 90 day reporting.
  6. SURVEY: How safe is Thailand for Expats?

    I did not answer this survey, because there was only a NO answer Thailand is not safe or a YES answer, Thailand is very safe. Both of those answers are not completely correct. In my case I first came to Thailand in 1977, visiting it again at least once every year, and Thailand has been my chosen home for the last 5 years as a retirement home. I am not blind, and I do know the dangers of living in Thailand. But I also have made a home here and like it here. I am a U.S. citizen, and have lived and worked all over the world in my time, and I will just say that Thailand is safer than some other countries I have lived in, but then perhaps not as safe to live in as some of the countries where I lived and worked in my time. So that is my answer.
  7. ------------------------------- I understand what you say, especially about Government officials. But that is not the only group that speaks English in Thailand. 3 months ago I had an accident and broke my left arm. I was forced to hire a local nurse to help take care of me do the things I could not do as my broken arm was in a cast. I later had to have an operation in a Thai hospital to reset my dislocated bone in my arm and needed to recuperate for 3 months after that operation. The Thai woman I hired to take care of me supposedly spoke little English by the agency I hired her from. In the 3 months she has been taking care of me her supposedly limited English skills have blossomed dramatically, sometimes she understands to well what I say in English. One time I was typing something on my computer and made a mistake accidentally erasing some text. I swore at the computer. She heard me swear at the computer and said to me in perfect English, "Why you cuss your computer. Not your computer's mistake. You make mistake not your computer". She was right, but until then I didn't even know she knew the English word cuss, much less how to use it in a sentence properly. Just so you know.
  8. I live in Bangkok with a 3 month rental contract for which I pay roughly about 18K Thai baht monthly. I have a monthly retirement/old age pension from the U.S. I won't go into the actual details of the rental contract but as I said I pay monthly and get a stamped receipt for that monthly payment. I have a rental flat in Bangkok with a cable television system. weekly maid and laundry service, a restaurant downstairs where I can get meals, and a small store where I can buy certain things I need including Booze if I want to. I keep these monthly bills, and have used them at immigration when the question, "Where do you live, and how do you support yourself in Thailand?" is asked of me. Let's just say I am a retiree from The U.S. and have a U.S. Social Security pension monthly from the U.S. I won't bore you with the details, let's just say I have been living here for over a year since I found this place here in Bangkok. Let's just say it is completely legal and accepted by immigration as I have an annual retirement visa that I renew yearly. Just so you know, it IS possible and legal and CAN be done.
  9. Every country in the world, long before digital computers were even imagined, has used some method of trying to influence the population of another country to do what the first country wanted the 2nd country to do. Sometimes these attempts worked sometimes they didn't work. These days it is just that the means to influence another country is automated through computer and "social networks" such as Facebook and Twitter. I f you go back in history you will see the evidence of an ORGANIZED effort by the Nazi propaganda machine to convince Britain and the U.S. of the Jewish conspiracy directed against those two countries. Nothing new, I can remember in the late 1950's a person telling me that the then Soviet Union was organizing a planned military invasion of the U.S. He was a member of the "John Birch Society". Look it up on the internet if you don't know what I am talking about.
  10. If you have the money in the bank in Thailand your passbook will show where the funds came from. In Bangkok Bank the code FFT or sometimes FTT indicates a Foreign Funds Transfer into Thailand. This code is printed by the computer next to the bankbook date and amount of funds. Many of the people working in immigration know that, which is why they may ask to see your bank passbook and perhaps photocopy its pages to submit with your initial retirement application. I've had this done to me before.
  11. No that is no longer true. at least for many nationalities. It once was some years back, but the law has no been changed Not all airlines know that, however, and some will still tell you he old law still applies. However, some of the nearby South East Asian countries do still have such a requirement, so You may find that going to one of them from Thailand cause problems. This often comes op when crossing a land border to one of those neighboring countries. I was once told by a clerk at the check in booth for a flight to Malaysia that , although I was still only 7 month away from my passport expiration date and therefore I was still legal for a free Malaysian entry stamp. But Malaysia required a 6 month passport for entry so I was close to the limit. So when I returned to Thailand from Malaysia I went to the U.S. embassy in Bangkok and applied for a new U.S. passport to avoid any problems in the future.
  12. I basically quit drinking in 1977. I was having some personal problems then and I was here in Bangkok. I was walking down the street one morning after a night of boozing and I thought the sidewalk was tilted . Then I suddenly realized it wasn't the sidewalk. it was me. I was 31 years old then, and I decided if I wanted to live to an old age, I had better stop drinking so much. I still will drink a beer, I think the last time was over a month ago, so I am not a total non drinker. But as I said above I was 31 then when I quit drinking heavily, and I am coming up to my 71st birthday in two months. Whatever.
  13. This is old news from 2016. This is mid 2017 now, and the Baht is , in my opinion, benefiting from the decline in the dollar especially Donald Dumbo Trump in the U.S. A year ago the U.S. dollar was up above 35 Baht to a dollar. Just got my U.S. pension for July 2017 and the Dollar/baht rate was down blow 34 baht to a Dollar. (33.83) The markets hate uncertainty and Donald Dumbo Trump scares them. Frankly, he scares me also.
  14. Thai Musician hangs himself at his home

    Being a Thai musician is not a automatic good thing I know for a fact as my Thai girlfriends son was a drummer and a good guitar player besides. He appeared in the past with certain Thai groups, some of which were quite successful. However when he reached his forties he was to old to appeal to the young Thai girls that follow Thai pop music. He had some gigs with well known Thai pop groups but by his 45th year he was told that he was just to old to be popular with the young Thai female fans. iI I told you the name of some of the groups he played with, and you knew Thai pop music you would be amazed. The Thai music scene and groups even if successful are a young man's game and by your 40's you are getting to "old". And it is worse for females, even a good and successful female singer can often not hold on to her fans in her 40's. It is definitely a young man "s or woman's game. Been there, seen it, and collected the T-shirt as the saying goes.