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  1. HI, Thnxs for reply - yes in fact I described badly - in fact I renew it every year - 'purpose retirement'. My thnxs.
  2. factseeker

    800K Baht Ruling - Condo Owner

    Hi Alane, Thnxs for your time. Please see reply to ubunjoe. Best Rgds.
  3. factseeker

    800K Baht Ruling - Condo Owner

    HI ubunjoe , I have since I came here scrupiously recorded every penny/cent coming in with Bank paperwork etc - in fact they have now introduced an email service for receiving an attachment each month as pensions arrive - that has just started up - very good. So I can prove source of all with bank paperwork - in fact more than I have in bank right now which is somewhat above the necessary level for visa. But from what I now understand - doubtful I can use that. All a bit silly - but I can just stop my pension to here until I run down to just the level 800 Baht level and bring in what I need from outside for the Condo. But thnxs for info and link - much appreciated. Best Rgds.
  4. The basics are - wife and I are Non Thai - Retirement Visas for last 5 years - both have Bank Accounts here (needed for Visa). All funds held in Thailand arrive via Intl Trnsfr - proof exists of outside source of funds (Pensions) since inception. We are considering buying a 'Freehold' Condo. I have been told that such a purchase has to use funds sourced from outside Thailand. 1. However it has now been suggested that I cannot use those funds already in Thailand even though they originated from outside. Anybody any experience of this situation? 2. For Visa 800K Baht has to be held in Thailand or a certain income - I am aware of the rules. I think I read at one time that the purchase value of the Condo 'investment' could be used for the Retirement 800K Baht Visa ruling as opposed to funds in Bank Account. Anybody any experience of this situation? Hoping for comments. Best Rgds.
  5. Hi, Wife and I are both Non Thai - we both have 12 month Non Immi O Visas for purpose Retirement - origially obtained in and kept running every year in Chiang Mai - held them since 2012. Are they relevant anywhere in Thailand? By that I mean if we moved to another area in Thailand would they still be acceptable and renewable wherever etc? Best Rgds.
  6. Hi Nancy, Thnxs for response please see mine to CMBob - I think we will be Ok - the local 'gendarmes' pick up a listing every night - quite a reasonable bunch of folk each day - although as we are always here for 4 months min - we entered just the once on arrival. Only thing is there seems to be no receipt of any sort - reception just gave me a card with their name and number in event of aggro - said not to worry - but they would say that. ;o)) While in touch just to say once more as I have in the past that it was your personal input/advice that helped us get our very first Retirement Visa thing set up - we have never regretted - love the place 'warts and all'. Hoping you are well fit and healthy. Very Best Rgds. Factseeker.
  7. Hi CMBob, At the moment we arrived we ensured we filled in a sheet that they have with Name - PP No - how we arrived etc etc. Apparently the sheet is picked up every evening at circa 5pm by a couple of police chaps on a motorbike. We always stay here same place - same address etc - in fact same room. Reception say no problems at all and have given me a card with their name and No - so I am presuming all will be well? Thxs for your time at response - I must be getting 'Promenada' nerves as renewal time is coming up. Best Rgds.