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  1. Dutchbike

    Honda LS 125r

    I think the reason it's hard to find a LS 125 is that these bikes are popular in the Thai dragracing scene ( the Dash with the same engine even more) A week ago i visted a local thai dragrace event, and all the 2 strokes were Honda's, those litlle bikes really are fast!! ( wheelies up the 4th gear!!) if you once can visit such a event: TAKE EARPLUGS, most of them run without a silencer!! it hurts you're ears. Agreed on Mel, altough his acting changed over the years ( same as almost every actor) all his movies are ok.besides the MM triology i like Payback.... no more mister nice guy.
  2. Dutchbike

    Honda LS 125r

    Welcome to the club.... i had a similair failure on a TZR @ 120 km/h which resulted in a nasty fall.( i didn't pulled the clutch) and when i recall some of kiske's posts, he had his moments to. I remember, after that incident i also was a bit nervous to open it up again.... now i'm always driving with 2 fingers on the clutch It's all part of driving these old 2 strokes, About a year ago i took kiske's advice and started to use fully synthetic 2T oil and since then no more scary moments, ( it smells better to) Most Thai mechanics tend to adjust the oilpump very rich, but when using a good quality oil just stick to the factory setting. 2 of my 2 stroke bikes ( NSR and TZM) run with the oilpump and the 2 others ( TZR and Teena) on premix. Premix is a bit of a fuss when taking fuel at a petrolstation. I would take Kiske's advice and replace the rings ( and while doing so you're mechanic can check the piston and cylinder for damage, In a way it's a bit his fault, not adjusting the oilpump properly when performing his overhaul on you're bike). 2 pistonrings should not be that much.
  3. Dutchbike

    Honda LS 125r

    In that case: matte black is the way to go, leave the rest as it is and you've got an instant Ratbike. On google there are enough scary/crazy/funny ratbikes for inspiration. Check out the classic 80's action movie: Mad Max The road warrior....... lot's of ratbikes in that movie.
  4. Dutchbike

    Honda LS 125r

    Thanks for the pics CQ, rough looking, but it's got potential. I rather buy this kind of old 2 stroke bikes looking like this than "butcherd" thai style "modified". This one looks all original and complete, which is a good base for a project. Now that the mechanical part is taken care of, it's time for the cosmetic part. btw: by the looks of the chain tensioner you will need a new chain soon. keep us updated.
  5. Dutchbike

    Honda LS 125r

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktTp3-exQAw&feature=player_detailpage#t=2s Not sure this link works, if not check youtube: LS125 or dash and see the those pocketrockets in action. check out the safety gear on the average Thai dragracer.
  6. Dutchbike

    Honda LS 125r

    When using original parts i could be more..... I know from my own experience that some Honda parts ( orginal) can be quite expensive, for example an original cylinder ( nikasil coated) for a NSR 150 SP costed me 9000 baht. But here in Thailand there mostly copy parts avaliable. But why a new cylinder ??, in most cases a rebore and a oversized piston would do the trick, together with a few minor parts(piston rings, gasket set, etc) it would set you back around 1500 baht. Don't forget to have you're mechanic check the autolube system, with this kind of high reving engine it's important to have good lubrication. The best is to use a fully synthetic 2T oil like this one: Keep us updated, always like to read about little projects and... a picture of the bike please.( before / after)
  7. Dutchbike

    Honda LS 125r

    The Honda LS 125.... nice little 2 stroke bike ( one of Honda's last 2 stroke models in Thailand??) sharing it's engine with the Honda dash, 6 speed, 24 hp less then 100 kg weight, quite a nice package, although it's a bit small for the average Farang. Here upcountry there still kind of popular, mostly with those narrow rims and the lower part of the fairing removed. Could be transformed into a nice looking bike Stock the color is a bit "busy" Good front brake too Repainting..... it all depends were you have it done.... moslty you get what you pay for, but even with spraycans you get get a nice result .... it's all in the preperation. When you have you're seat done mayby they can add some extra padding and solve the problem with the crown jewels Good luck with the LS 125 and keep those 2 strokes alive!!! .