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  1. Dutchbike

    SBK 2018

    Papa No have Google ?? I was there on Sunday and as being Dutch proud to see Mighty Micheal coming in second eing Dutch a proud to see Mighty Micheal coming in second
  2. I could just copy and paste one of my reports from previous years as once again , obtaining a Non O multiple entry based on marriage went effortless, come prepared and you have nothing to fear * Application form filled in with 2 passport photos * signed copy of the house book * signed copy of the wife's ID card * copy of wedding certificate * copy of registration of marriage * 5k visa fee + show originals of the above and that's all you need. Time spend at the counter less the a minute as when I arrived a 10AM I was the only one, next day 2PM pick up ready within 5 minutes. back in Thailand at 3PM
  3. Dutchbike

    Swiss man gets bashed after turning off noisy bike

    Wait until the monkey calls his mates LOL
  4. Dutchbike

    Swiss man gets bashed after turning off noisy bike

    "Many posters on Facebook said he was asking for trouble turning off someone else's bike" And what about people sitting on other people's parked bikes, that seems to be pretty normal here
  5. Dutchbike

    TOT Rural Fiber and TOT IPTV

    This week we switched from ADSL 10Mbps/512Kps ( TOT) to TOT fiber 2U 50Mbps/15Mbps / 590THb package and so far I'm quite pleased with it, quite an improvement in speed on all devices, specially on the computer which is connected with a LAN cable In general TOT gives a very good service and is always fast in solving problems. I would recommend it.
  6. Dutchbike

    NSR 150RR ....Help Needed....

    See photo for the location of the CDI on the bike
  7. Dutchbike

    NSR 150RR ....Help Needed....

    Which model NSR150RR do you have? the older model with the 2 round headlights or the later one with the same lights as the 150SP I believe the older 150RRs have 2 CDI's with one of them for the servo/rc valves This is the newer version which you will find under the seat
  8. Dutchbike

    Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    This might do the trick http://www.electronicjetkit.com/DirtBike/viewproduct.asp?partnumber=9110028 Benefits on a Stock Honda CRF250L:If you plan to run the stock exhaust system on your CRF250L, installing an EJK EFI Controller is possibly the best bang-for-the-buck modification you can do. No other bolt-on aftermarket part will give you such a noticeable performance difference for the same $225. The CRF250L runs very lean with the factory fuel map... an EJK Controller will add about 5% fuel (3.5% during Green zone, 3% in yellow zone, 5% in red zone) to give the bike improved performance, more crisp throttle response, and even make the bike run cooler. Later, if you decide to add an aftermarket exhaust and/or intake, the EJK controller can be adjusted appropriately to take advantage of the new performance parts.
  9. Dutchbike

    Lawn mower for under 15k

    Modern lawnmowers are not noisy or stinking, nor need much maintenance besides that, an electric one does has the same power as one with a petrol engine, before I bought the Husqvarna I had a Electric Flymo and it took me way longer to cut the grass and not to mention the annoying extensions cord.
  10. Dutchbike

    Lawn mower for under 15k

    A bit more then 25K at 199K but you can get them in Thailand http://www.spica-siam.com/product/1594237/ct154.html sorry has been already posted
  11. Dutchbike

    Lawn mower for under 15k

    That's quite an increase in price, I just checked and found the sale bill and it was indeed 13K ( 3 years ago) I bought it at a small family owned shop in Nang Rong ( Buriram province) It's the kinda shop were you can bargain a bit :-) I think the list price was 15K at the time. PM me if you want the shop's phone number they might ship one to your location Here's another link with the same price you mention: http://www.spica-siam.com/product-category/360199/รถตัดหญ้าแบบเดินตาม.html
  12. Dutchbike

    Lawn mower for under 15k

    Got a Husqvarna LC19 which was, if memory serves me well, around 13K it's got a briggs and stratton engine, got it a couple of years now and not a single problem (only just normal maintenance oil and air filter) would recommend it, Honda is also a good reliable brand. http://huskymowersthailand.com/product/lc-19/ r
  13. Ah well, it all depends how tight that bolt is set at the factory, adjusting the chain tensioners might have moved it backwards (that's the theory behind the Thai short cut) but obviously not the correct way way of doing it. If you don't have have one yet try get get one of these: That might do the trick