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  1. Yes, we're not on the same page. Which is fair enough. I'm concerned with the idea that prejudice and discrimination are the issue here. I'm not trying to bother you, annoy you or anyone else. But this is a public forum and my questions are written, I hope, in a polite way. I'm not an expert on American politics, nor do I pretend to be. I rely on news, different source, to hopefully form some sort of balanced view albeit a shallow view. If you consider that naive, then that's o k. And as we have seen, the news medias are becoming less trustworthy, less informative and more biased. I understand British politics and can therefore read between the lines which I can't do elsewhere.
  2. Again I apologies if bad wording leads you to think that I was baiting. Not the case. Yes, you said she should be served but with some suggestion perhaps not as they might serve others on one post (which may have been joking, I don't know). If someone behaves obnoxiously then they deserve not to be served. But refusing because of their job? That's not far from because of their color, their religion, their race etc etc. I don't think tolerating any discrimination is acceptable
  3. I'm not trolling. If my sentence construction was such that you think that I was then I unreservedly apologize. The point I was trying to make was that any form of prejudice can grown into discrimination. Can lead to sectarianism and can have dreadful consequences.
  4. Gawd help us! "It's all ok as long as me and my mates get to choose whose a bad, vile, person and shouldn't be served. Of course, we should be served anywhere because we're lovely, never lie and vote for the right people!" Isn't that feeding prejudice and discrimination?
  5. So are you saying you don't think white people should be allowed to vote?
  6. Would you say the same if someone refused to serve a democrat because they didn't like their lies?
  7. Quite frankly, neither does Clinton deserve any respect. Or much of the American Justice system by the look of it. Your comments about "white nationalist" show the usual run to "fascist, racist, labeling for different views. Clinton was supported by black power groups, do you oppose them too? As a non American, with many American friends, I'd be worried about the whole cesspit of American politics and justice rather than blame one new comer if I were you.
  8. You mean as opposed to Honest Hilary and all the totally always honest democrats and their press aides? Yes, treat people who don't support your views or have different opinions badly. Hound them out of restaurants, overcharge them, or give them poorly cooked meals and service. Yeah for democrat democracy! Only our side deserve to be voted for, allowed to speak and allowed to have opinions.
  9. It takes two to tango. Those who react like this, hounding people are dividing the country and showing their contempt for the electorate by only wanting to respect decisions they like.
  10. Your knowledge of history is lacking. British royals have a mixed lineage not German alone. Britain fought 2 World Wars for the freedom of Europe, along with allies. Both were against a side that desired to impose it's dictatorial views on the rest and led both times by Germany. One of the issues, and quite a big one, in the EU is the German desire to dominate and dictate to others. Now they've been militarily neutered they use economic power. Ironic that, under US insistence, the allies rebuilt Germany after WW11 and created their economic power for them. Whereas allies of the US had to pay debts to America, pay for their own rehabilitation or were given away to the evil communist dictator Stalin. The US had it's firm foreign policies, which it implemented after WW11. Dismantle the old imperial powers, Britain, France etc, even though they were allies, and change the world order, which increased it's own prominence. The US doesn't want a EU superstate despite Obama trying hard to interfere in the Brexit vote.
  11. Nor will you see many truths in Hollywood technicolor films either.
  12. But the "advisory" referendum which the cowardly Cameron ineptly tried to use for his own ends, was in fact a U-Turn on the previous referendum held prior to joining what was then the Common Market. If you think there are no U-Turns in politics you must be some kind of hermit.
  13. Wouldn't extradite him. Keeping him in their own little prison, so they say. Would you believe them?
  14. Corrupt, sexual perverts including pedophiles, whose dark secrets over the centuries can only be guessed at. A worse example of a very evil organization exploiting religion for its own enrichment and desires over many centuries would be hard to find. One wonders what they have deliberately covered up, hidden and suppressed, to advance their own corrupt agendas.
  15. Because the EU Chancellor will be there and will issue her commands afterwards.