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  1. So you think it's fine to avoid punishment for a rape conviction, raping an underage girl, by fleeing and avoiding extradition for enough years? The foreign governments that sheltered this self confessed child rapist are the ones who should be thrown out. Another case of celebrity status and wealth trumping justice.
  2. Yep - I thought that too. Sort of egging her on and saying we'll film it.
  3. Are these senators a) too stupid to know they have dual citizenship? and/or ignorant of the laws of their own country, or c) just think that as a politician they are above the law?
  4. Don't think Yingluck will be imprisoned, not for negligence. However, the ones charged with corruption in the fake G2G case, if convicted, might well be. Big difference in those offenses. As for sparks flying - don't think so. Without the flow of money to pay the mass agitators, they're not able to mobilize so many. And it seems no one here does much for nothing. I really don't see anyone that bothered unless someone pays them to be.
  5. It looked like the two farang males were winding the farang woman up to do something for whatever reason. And pointing towards where the Thai lady was sitting. Disgraceful assault - she needs arresting and prosecuting then if convicted deported after serving her sentence. Simple scum that no country wants. But no money in it for the BiB so not remotely interested. That group of farangs were very lucky that there were no groups of Thais around to react. Otherwise they might have found themselves on the receiving end.
  6. Indeed. But apparently come with a free lobotomy when buying one !
  7. Possibly - or thought they were above the law.
  8. Julia Gillard was born in Wales.
  9. Sadly that's not too far away as many might imagine. We have already seen children's books banned in the UK as they aren't considered politically correct. Given the opportunity I'm sure the extreme left and pc liberals would destroy literature they don't approve of. And ensure school subject contents only taught what they approved of. Such is their conviction that only their opinions are correct and allowable.
  10. Thailand steadily slipping behind its neighbours

    No it's not. It's about one poster telling others they must never criticize Thailand or anything Thai and only make positive comments - but that his rules don't apply to himself apparently.
  11. Thailand steadily slipping behind its neighbours

    Are you privy to the strategic plans of the military here? I don't think so. And as you like to point out, it's not your country, your a welcome guest grateful for its protection.
  12. Sadly, slavery is still very much part of the world. Modern slavery is less overt than before, but nevertheless is increasing rather than decreasing according to the UN and various NGO's. Learning from history only happens if we're open about history. And as we see, many nations aren't preferring to bury it. Amazing that some in the US seem to support that. Or is this really about the Democrats and Republicans finding a way to exploit Trump's support from all those extreme nut groups?
  13. And that is why this ideology is just as evil as National Socialism and Stalinism and like those should be eradicated.
  14. Do you prefer the the Shin version of reality perhaps? All totally innocent, never done anything wrong, never ever in their whole lives?