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  1. "Marx tells us that the elite will never give up the privilege they have without a fight." Just like Stalin, Mao, Ceausecu, Tito, Mugabe, Maduro, etc etc - and all those other communists and socialists who want to make everyone equal; and want to be more equal themselves 555! The Marx brothers - Harpo, Chico, Groucho, Zeppo, Gummo and Karl! And Karl was the biggest comedian of them all.
  2. Davies - idiot and clown, but a Brexiter through and through. Surely you don't believe dopey Boris and his claim he "show them", do you?
  3. Utter madness if it's not. Hopefully the government and loony clique running the opposition will also be replaced! Even Napoleon Sturgeon is sounding sensible compare to this Westminster bunch of maggots.
  4. May showed scant regard for the British constitution and parliamentary process by insisting the advisory referendum was somehow binding; then trying to wrongly and illegally use the Royal Prerogative to by-pass parliament and make the acceptance of any deal purely an executive decision of her government, thankfully being stopped by the Supreme Court; and even now tries to pretend revoking Article 50, and putting all options to parliament isn't an option; when it very clearly is. A hypercritical liar whose agenda was disrupted by her self inflicted disaster of calling an unnecessary General Election and loosing her majority government. No where in the referendum act does it say it was a one off, never to be questioned or changed event; and certainly not legally binding despite what cowardly Cameron and treasonable Therese would have people believe.
  5. Quiet because Germany and France have told them to keep so.
  6. Baerboxer

    Gillette fell into the 'progressive man' trap

    Used Gillette for years. But their quality seems very variable now and generally not so good.
  7. Indeed. The devil is always, and will be, in the detail. 90 day reporting, whilst a pain traveling over to the office, used to be a 2 minute max friendly experience. Last couple of time was 20-30 mins. All the officers seem to be wary of mistakes much more now. Let's hope all the changes are positive anyway.
  8. Wonder if the Democratic Party will select their candidate honestly this time? Or fiddle it like they did to select Hilary and thwart Bernie's chance. Strange how organizations, countries and political parties that contain the word "Democratic" rarely are!
  9. Yep. They all did a disappearing act as quickly as they could. They knew what a crock of <deleted> it would be and they knew they didn't have a clue what to do about it. Be careful what you wish for - you may get it!
  10. The UK Constitution recognizes the sovereignty of Parliament. It permits legislation for advisory referendums, which have no legal binding on government, the executive or parliament. Just to be clear. Ref: UK Constitutional Law Society.
  11. You really don't understand why Britain evolved the Parliamentary Democracy system; or why the American Founding Fathers wisely chose a Republic representative system as opposed to a simple absolute democracy system do you? If you did, you'd understand why the Brexit Referendum was only advisory and why the spineless politicians of all sides have avoided their duty and responsibilities so far.
  12. It can. If they can supply the same specifications at similar value for money, quality, delivery, cost etc etc etc. And are willing to do so,
  13. Yeah, but it was alright on the journey downwards, doing just fine until...........................
  14. Bit like saying no one knows what happens when you die - all just speculation. But somethings, like putting your hand in the fire, have foreseeable consequences.
  15. A typical Brexiter response. No thought that putting an inexperienced zealot in power would antagonize just about everyone. Robinson, you really can't be serious?