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  1. Do you know the difference between right and wrong?
  2. I think your question is rhetorical Bluespunk. We all know the answer to it.
  3. After all these years I'd think most if not all has already been transferred to son, husband, siblings, servants, cronies etc. Some here some overseas. I don't think she's really been spending her time shopping and mushroom farming.
  4. Presumably this is also to stop politicians buying up cheap tranches of land and then routing things to massively increase the values. Not that that has ever happened of course. Just a precautionary measure.
  5. I had some money credited to an offshore account. I had no idea where it came from but as it was a large amount I rang my manager. Again, a human error posting to the wrong account. Happens a lot. If you don't tell them btw, it is considered theft in some countries.
  6. Very true mate. I deposited some money in a K bank account. The teller gave me a correct receipt but on checking the bank book she had debited rather than credited it! Better to spot there and then rather than having to go back and spend large amounts of time resolving. In the UK a bank teller once credited a large amount into my book but somehow actually paid the money into her own account. I found out several days later when I tried to make a withdrawl. According to the manager it was an innocent mistake as the teller had been doing her own banking before serving me. As it was a Saturday and she was a Saturday only part-timer they said they'd sort it the following week and then credit me - seriously! When I mentioned my next stop would be the fraud squad at Police HQ they suddenly sorted it there and then. Always be vigilant - especially with banks.
  7. Yes. If he blamed all governments for not tackling poverty, not reforming the justice system, not improving educational standards, etc etc it might not be.
  8. An ex Rothschild's employee wanting to further EU integration. Hardly a surprise. Federal States of Europe might just need something like the Federal Reserve of the US. Now which banking family might benefit from that?
  9. I think you explain why yourself. Shin faction in control = case dismissed. Anti Shin faction in control = case re-opened. Just like the police could never catch red shirt shin supporting assassins, gunmen, bombers etc when PTP were in power; but suddenly can under Army direction.
  10. Supporting a crook hiding their ill gotten gains.
  11. Your missing the point old son. If you don't want to find something then you mustn't look to hard, use your brain and apply thought and logic. Seizing from someone who is closely related to someone very powerful might not be every bodies dream job. Same as extraditing someone from a very powerful family. Can't find, can't do. Reasonable way out to some.
  12. She'll have plenty of assets here - just not held in her name. Hubby, son, siblings, trusted cronies, servants etc etc. I remember as a boy a number of family friends who owned small businesses. All had their house, investments and assets in their wives' names in case the business went bankrupt. That was before limited companies became cheap and easy to establish and before divorce became fashionable for ladies! There's always ways around - and if your family is mega rich then the high priced accountants and lawyers will find them. She will have to be careful when this all blows over - if they are moved back to her some clown will scream "unusually rich".
  13. Your're right - now where is that accent from?
  14. Regardless of reality, if something is repeated often enough, elaborated on, repeated some more, etc etc, then eventually parts of it become embedded as "fact". Trump shook the "establishment" as he beat their anointed candidate. Now they are trying to find a way to get back control, because they can't control him, anyway they can. Quite frankly, all this repeated mumbo jumbo is just that. The US establishment play on anti Russian sentiments just as the Tory right wing play on anti immigration fears. Trump may well prove to be a complete moron who really understands very little and deliver bugger all. But put in office by a Russian conspiracy - more Hollywood than reality. He's more likely to end up warring with the Russians how thinks are going rather than being their best mate.
  15. She oversaw large cuts in police numbers and finances as Home Secretary. She hasn't either as HS or PM done anything to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the security services. Famously told them "they'd have to do more with less"! Reminds me of one of those dumb senior business managers who keeps making repeated demands that everyone knows are unrealistic.