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  1. Cops descend on Bangkok pub still open at 4am

    Guess what - in most countries if you run a bar, pub, disco, club etc and choose to operate outside the license or permitted by law, you get a problem.
  2. Hoorah! Let's have another crackdown!
  3. Pheu Thai seeks ruling on political parties order

    Oh dear. Can't handle any jokes if it mocks the Shins. Poor boy. And you think it's ok for them to simply ignore the Ombudsman?
  4. Pheu Thai seeks ruling on political parties order

    Maybe he thinks the Junta might behave like PTP former leader Yingluck and her cousin and simple ignore any questions he asks after months of procrastination
  5. Look at the rise in far right politics and neo Nazi types in Europe. Often associated with the football hooligans. East Europe is rife with this. Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, etc etc all seem to have this problem; and it's growing. Ironic really when you consider what the Nazis did to those countries and their people. Nazi regalia is banned in Germany and you will be punished if you ignore that law. Can't imagine many Americans, British, French or Aussies wanting anything to do with Nazi symbols. But maybe Russians etc do. I remember a combat gear outdoor type shop at one mall having Totenkopf cloth label badges, as worn by the concentration camp guards. I asked them if the new the significance - not a clue.
  6. EU still open to Britain changing mind on Brexit

    A hard Brexit would be very bad for the EU as well as the UK. "Hard Brexit could cost EU economy £100bn by 2020. It warned that the Republic of Ireland’s economy was also “particularly exposed”, due to the sizeable role the UK plays in its import and export markets, and the Czech Republic’s GDP could be hit by more than 1%. Hungary, the Netherlands and Denmark could also see gross output fall by almost 1% if there is no deal, it said." Source: Supply Management 16/01/22018. Neither May or Corbyn (who was openly anti EU as a Labor backbencher; rather lukewarmly opposed the Brexiters before the referendum and sees a soft Brexit as the best option) will do anything to reverse that or give the people another choice. Even though it's clear opinions have changed somewhat. The EU are right to keep the door open and hope. It would be for the good of the UK, the EU and Europe as a whole. But sadly the UK politicians don't want that to happen. And once again for their own agendas rather than the good of the country and people.
  7. Pity you can't admit the previous one was too!
  8. A nice example of the bad side of capitalism. But I doubt, as usual, that those involved in awarding themselves bonuses, high salary increases, share options, dividends etc etc whilst mismanaging the company to ruin will be held accountable. Labor for all its bluster doesn't do much better than the Tories at curbing this and ensuring good corporate governance or responsibility either. And nationalization, handing the running over to union barons and political activists doesn't work as we've seen. No one supports a balanced approach. Sadly, human greed, egos and false agendas rule the day.
  9. "Pope Francis arrived in Chile on Monday to start a trip aimed at bolstering the credibility of a local Church battered by a sexual abuse crisis." What credibility? You can't bolster what doesn't exist.
  10. He committed a criminal act in defiance of the courts and must face those courts. Brussels and the EU must stop this chicanery. But anything that weakens the sovereign authority of a member state is good in their eyes. As for the wannabee Catalan El Presisente - naive if he believes Brussels to be his friend for anything but their own agenda.
  11. I can't accept that PTP suddenly become virtuous overnight, regardless of how lame the Junta might or might not be. Given the chance, they would grab power back and probably try and get their boss an amnesty and resurrect the 2.2 trillion ThB loan as before.
  12. Nah. He's just one. Mrs. BB is currently school hunting for daughter at the moment for M1. Bear in mind wifey is an very experienced and well qualified former teacher. Each school has their published fees. But then she has to see what they want in the form of "parental support and donations". Could be one off upfront payment or might be regular "support payments". All dressed up as donations, contributions towards IT, sponsorship etc etc etc. Some are quite creative. Like sponsoring a golf tournament or sponsoring a team to enter (which I did - and now wifey has crossed them off the list - grrr!). Also to get into some you have to take your children to the appropriate tutor college "to prepare them for the entrance exams". And of course the school recommends you keep using the tutor college for on-going extra tuition at the weekend and after hours. (I know some children who study for several hours extra during the week and sessions at the weekend - because it's "expected" nothing to do with quality of education! One very good school near us wants 200k up front donation - to even consider. Another very good one wants less but regular "contributions to school funds". Some schools say these payments will be refunded if the child isn't accepted. Others say it's a donation so no refunds whatever. Its a racket. We might go back to Europe because this system stinks and doesn't exactly deliver great quality.
  13. There are lots of good Thais out there indeed. But whether they can ever break the grip of those who control things for their own ends is another matter. They would need to make fresh starts with new political parties intent not just on political reform but also serious reforms to the justice system, civil service and culture of corruption acceptance. As for PTP, they can't really change whilst the ownership hasn't changed. Same same, not different.
  14. Just another wealthy self important bully who believes he's entitled to do as he pleases because he's untouchable. The sad thing is, he's probably right. Did anything ever happen to those youths who killed the German guy whose motor scooter they were sitting on? And bozo here has a Merc convertible!
  15. A little ironic isn't it. The PTP with it's immoral leadership and propensity for ignoring and breaking laws trying to "take the high road". About as high as a slugs belly can get off the gutter.