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  1. Spot on! A caning in front of the same pupils who witnessed him beat the little girl.
  2. It's not that long ago that a senior official from the MoE was urging parents to always file a police complaint in such cases and not accept an apology or be fobbed off by often dubious school director. The police have to get involved but only if the parent files a complaint. The parents should do that and then follow it up with the MoE.
  3. Did you just fall off your bar stool after one helluva bender? I don't like or like talking about her. But to be fair, she is a good example of someone who has suffered from the no smoke without fire mentality.
  4. To you maybe. Because you read it as a valid comment against a political figure you support rather than comprehending the point being made. That point is far too many media driven, social and professional, witch hunts assuming far too much based on the whole no smoke without fire concept.
  5. Put the word "previously" after "after" and it will be crystal clear Colin. What was amazing last time too is she was allowed to wander off with relatives without being breath tested. The benefits of 'fame'!
  6. Colin, she's on bail for drink driving. She drove into an empty parked car this time and was clearly pissed. The last case is done and dusted. Paid the family, had a few days as a celeb nun.
  7. To be fair, a lot of people maintained there was plenty of smoke around Mrs. Clinton. So far, AFAIK, she hasn't been charged with anything. This "no smoke without fire" always plays to the sentiment that anyone using the 5th, or being somewhat less than helpful with investigations must be hiding something.
  8. Are you seriously claiming that poor non caucasian Americans and their lawyers never use their constitutional right of the 5th amendment; or even know about it?
  9. Note this Irish politician doesn't support a referendum on Northern Ireland leaving the UK and joining the RoI. Maybe he knows what the result would likely be; that the majority aren't interested. I also read Irish articles that suggest many in the Republic are also against joining with NI. Never a black and white situation.
  10. Why would Cameron and Tories have considered that? The didn't bother considering anything else!
  11. Yeah, English speaking and a somewhat "innovative" approach to corporation tax. Win win.
  12. That is indeed what the article says. Now Einstein, if that's the case and she was a passenger it wouldn't matter whether she had a driving license or not, would it? The issue is what the insurance cover she bought excluded.
  13. and very very rich, with an even richer big brother. Amazing how you can still look young and attractive when your're a billionaire.
  14. Come on, making the Yingluck, or should it be Thaksin, government look good. 555! That's stretching it too far.
  15. The point is Yingluck never had a majority. She won by a large margin for sure but didn't achieve over 50% of the votes. The NYT - hardly the world's most unbiased news outlet. Reasonable commentators, now who might they be: any who agree with that view? The usual "unquoted sources"? She moved someone out on purpose, ignoring the rules that prevent that happening. Just like her party and its members broke parliamentary rules. Arrogance, stupidity, a belief they can do what they like and either bluster, bribe or intimidate their way out? You chose. The justice system, including the police is in dire need of reform. But any one in charge seeks to cram it with cronies. That others have done it and continue to do it is not justification for anyone.