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  1. And you can believe everything the Rohingya's are saying as they wouldn't lie about it would they?
  2. The police forces must react to this criticism from their inspectorate and will be required to show what they are doing about it. Legislation was introduced to force companies to include statements on modern day slavery and what actions they take to counter it, including throughout the levels within their supply chains. Again, the response has been pitiful. Now some big blue chip household name businesses are touting the issue. IME, that means lots of blah blah blah and bugger all action. Some police forces in the UK are better than others. I have several experiences of two forces being inept, uninterested and unresponsive. And yet government does all it can to neuter any citizens' response and defense capabilities.
  3. And which police state do you come from?
  4. Because that was 800 years ago! Catalonia isn't a sovereign state. It's a region within a sovereign state. It cannot simply make up it's own laws as it pleases, and ignore the country's laws and courts. Why should all the Spanish people be dictated to by a minority of people in one of the country's regions?
  5. Correct. I think you'll find that the Saudis actively fund the building of Mosques in Western countries. I don't think you'd be welcomed if Saudi customs found a Christian bible in your possession when entering the country. Hypocrisy - more an exploitation of the tolerances in the West. Our ideals of freedom of religion, free speech and tolerance are thoroughly exploited. Any who dare comment about that are branded Nazi racists as the liberal PC devotees can't stand any criticism.
  6. To be fair, there's no evidence that Juncker leaked anything. If he wanted to leak things why would he choose just one regional German newspaper to do it? May certainly does appear haggard and after cocking up her snap election and getting shafted by the electorate, she clings on to power with a cabinet of back stabbers, arse lickers and opportunists. Hardly surprising then. Jucnker doesn't bother with these fleabag journalists so won't do them the respect of commenting. Don't blame him. But at some point he will make an example if they are lying.
  7. PM invites opposition members to join CPP

    "Your party will be dissolved because it might be me in a fair election. You can avoid being dismissed and persecuted by joining my party and doing as told". Onward and onward towards a one party dictatorship controlled by this corrupt terrorist's family. And the world's too busy with too many other scumbags to worry apparently.
  8. The guy was fleeing from the police and ignoring lawful requests from a uniformed officer to stop. Had he been in some other counties he'd have been shot off!
  9. Yeah, bit of an oxymoron if taken in general I suppose! But some are very very intelligent - I know some. What I really meant though, was that if the intelligence suggest that a high number of African origin people located in that area are breaking the law - then use it. Just treat any that are here legally and abiding by the law fairly.
  10. Everything depends on which statistics you want to use and in which context you wish to use them. In this context, there is a concentration of people from the African sub-continent located in a relatively small geographic area who when checked show a high proportion of illegal entries, visa overstays, or are engaged in illegal activities. The headlines don't help. What they should be doing is systematically checking for those who entered illegally, who remain here illegally or are engaged in illegal activities of any kind. And they should be doing that based on all intelligence they have.
  11. He's current;y investigating "Who ate all the Pies!"
  12. Pheu Thai’s search for a leader

    Yep. This thread is about PTP. Controlled by a corrupt family. But without them it doesn't exist. Are you still trying to pretend it's anything else?
  13. Pheu Thai’s search for a leader

    Ah, another feeble attempt at diverting the thread away from the topic. You open a new thread, specifically about a the Democrat party and I'll answer. But this is about the Shiniwattra family and their ownership of a political party which they use to try and govern for their benefit. Translation: you don't want to comment on the topic so best try and divert. Or are you suggesting PTP is democratically structured?
  14. Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill envoy after outrage

    "Mugabe was head of the African Union when the bloc endorsed Tedros - a former health and foreign minister of Ethiopia - over other African candidates for the top post, without any real regional contest, they said." There's the answer, right there! Poor judgement my arse. He was paying back his debt!
  15. Pheu Thai’s search for a leader

    Indonesia - corrupt and now with growing Islamic pressure and intolerance. Lee family - Singapore may be successful but it sure ain't democratic! Interesting the link between Thaksin and Lee. Some say Singapore paid big bucks, (maybe dressed up with the purchase of AIS) so that the Thai canal would never be built and threaten Singapore's shipping base. Japan - not really to the extent of Thailand and Singapore. In fact, you'd be surprised at how many UK politicians come from long standing political family dynasties and how many have of these families changed their names at some point. My point - stop pretending that PTP are some sort of independent political party. They aren't. They are a vehicle for the promotion of one family - period. You obviously understand that from your comments above. Why try and pretend otherwise?