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  1. Interesting to see how this develops. Maybe he was pissed and got into a silly argument with someone who don't take kindly to such things. Maybe it's more. Ah, the pond life of Pattaya! Btw: what happened in the case of the American killer who killed the Aussie recently? Or the guy having trouble with Aussie bikers up North? Not seen any reports for sometime.
  2. Commoner Party Seeks To Put The Poor In Parliament

    Use your intellect, er, ask someone to tell you
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your past problems. My ex moved my daughter to Malaysia where her then boyfriend had retired too. Would have been difficult to contest that at the time, having taken legal advice. She then made it as difficult and awkward as possible to maintain contact and providing information. I only regained contact when my daughter was at university and things go slow now of course. Thailand has signed up to the appropriate Hague convention and going through the courts was the correct way. Had the father been wealthy, and/or connected, I'm sure he'd be back home with his son by now. But for most, courts are a slow, expensive and often not quite what you expect experience. Whilst I understand his frustrations and emotions, trying to snatch someone isn't the answer.
  4. Commoner Party Seeks To Put The Poor In Parliament

    You seriously don't think "the guy" was actually trying to empower the poor do you? Really? He only ever wanted to empower himself.
  5. Yep, but that would require a committee, a fact finding delegation and a visit to numerous countries with a full team including "personal assistants and secretaries" Thailand - Hub of dumb ideas shouted out before engaging brain.
  6. The father is Scottish actually, and lives in Scotland and the temporary custody order he received in his favor was granted by a Scottish Sheriffs Court. Interesting that the British authorities, not for the first time, allow a parent to take a child overseas when they shouldn't. Whereas the Thai authorities are seemingly a little more vigilant. However, they were acting illegally, which whilst allowing for the emotions, is still never a good idea. Even though we know Thai law can be very selective and variable whenever it suits.
  7. This case and its circumstances have absolutely nothing to do with Thailand 4.0.
  8. Hmmm. The US want the outstanding debts to be paid and are critical of the dictator Hun Sen as he dismantles democracy and persecutes all opponents and any who dare speak against him. (What did they expect from a former Khmer Rouge officer?). See why he's now mates with China - they couldn't care less what he does at home as long as he does as they say when required.
  9. So before 1932 there was no corruption in Thailand? It isn't a complexity of Thai society, it's culture, it's feudal social development etc? There are other nations that have similar ethnicity and history to Thailand and have similar societies now. Maybe you need to look back earlier than 1932 and wider your research rather than coming to the odd conclusion the Thai military invented corruption in 1932. No one denies they're proficiency. But they aren't the reason, just take advantage, as lots of others do.
  10. But he's fat, not fit, not smartly dressed and has long hair, can't be a policeman! Er, hang on ............................................
  11. Stop being childish. People who normally respond with silly playground remarks either can't or don't want to answer the questions. I have not made any allegations. You imagine them, for some reason. Now an experienced questioner might make something of that. You post Singapore as a glowing example of a country where rampant corruption has been dealt with, seemingly effectively. I ask a question regarding the family dynasty that were responsible for achieving that. Now if you think they are somehow above and beyond any questioning, or don't wish, or don't know the answers, that's fine. But don't insult me.
  12. Quite frankly, you can ignore my posts if you want - I really couldn't give a toss. But I guess anyone not agreeing with your nonsensical "let's blame the military for everything agenda" and posting reality is too challenging at times. Your continual efforts to portray corruption in Thailand as a product of the military, with corrupt politicians learning from them is nonsense. Corruption is endemic here, and to suggest it's all the fault of one part of society is ludicrous. Or perhaps you want to pretend that the police, civil service, and commerce only have minor corruption issues? The US, UK and EU all beefed up their anti corruption legislation over the last few years. It's a growing phenomenon. The EU, btw, recently introduced specific legislation for member states to adopt, that many see as making it more difficult to investigate and prosecute corrupt politicians.
  13. No, I'm not making any allegations. I'm asking the question. Whiter than white - took no commercial advantages from their political positions other than published salary and remunerations. Did not indulge in nepotism or appoint family, friends, cronies to positions based purely on their relationship. Did not encourage advantages to the businesses of family and friends. Did not legislate in their own family interests. Did not suppress bona fide criticism and political opposition. Did not influence the judiciary to gain favorable judgments. Did not engage with leaders from other countries in secretive of dubious deals for commercial gain regardless of the impact on the peoples of said countries. etc etc.
  14. Genuine question Eric, since I believe you are Singaporean. Do you believe the Lee clan / dynasty, whilst turning Singapore into less than a democracy, but succeeding in eliminating dire corruption and vastly improving the country, were whiter than white themselves?
  15. You are right, but leadership that has come to power through elections has also, once in power, disregarded laws and been seen to be corrupt, arrogant, lying and in many cases, sought to dismantle the checks and balances essential to democracy whilst ensuring they can never be removed, by whatever means. The phenomena seems to be prevalent in Africa, South East Asia, and South America to various extents and in various forms. Hun Sen, Duerte, and Madura are good current examples. Mugabe was. The guy currently pilfering Malaysia is. Here, it would be funny if it wasn't so sad. People kick out a caretaker government, and undoubtedly corrupt government, who were trying to get themselves re-elected and carry on, on the basis of stamping out corruption. And then seem to be hell bent on surpassing the corruption and ludicrous behavior of the ones they booted out. But in any country where corruption as become a way of life, it becomes very difficult to stop it spreading and becoming stronger. Sadly, looking around the world, (UK, Germany, France, Australia,US, Korea, Japan) it seems politicians and "leaders" in the so called developed first world countries aren't always much better!). It's become much much harder for them to cover up, lie, and simply dismiss things now. But still nothing is done about actually changing it.