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  1. This station is owned by Thaksin's son and broadcasts as much Shin propaganda as they can get away with; but sometimes get pulled up for it. Hardly a free news outlet.
  2. Right - so you think "fighting back" makes it ok for some punk to randomly pick a victim and stab him in the back? Any terrorist, and that's what this punk his, are scum who pick on innocent people they think are easy victims. The world should unite against all and every terrorist.
  3. Baerboxer

    Yingluck posts reviews of Moscow during visit with Thaksin

    They have both been convicted by a court and fled - no appeals, and in Thaksin's case no denial and even an attempt to bribe the court. That makes them criminal fugitives regardless of the less than pristine justice system or somewhat unenthusiastic attempts at extradition. It suits some to keep them out. But hey, their minions languishing in jail, those driven to bankruptcy and deep debt must love seeing the loving couple touring the world and posting twee photos of themselves.
  4. Yep. He knows he appeals to all the loony tunes nutters out there.
  5. I think you are probably correct and it's worrying. This particular persons lewd behavior and complete lack of morals sends worrying signals when he's around teenage girls and teaching them a number of subjects including health which deals with sexual matters. In the UK I'd have no hesitation in reporting him. Here, the lawyers recommend certain steps have to be followed. Unfortunately, I suspect he has a track record of similar behavior and of leaving others to pick up the pieces when he moves on. Maybe Karma will pay him back.
  6. Baerboxer

    Thaksin son's case postponed

    Hardly a frame up. He got a check for 10 million baht from a fraud his dad sanctioned. When caught he gave it back and thought all would be well, but lack his dad tried before. Some have been convicted and jailed for lengthy terms in this case already. The issue seems to be why they aren't proceeding and who doesn't want them too for whatever reason.
  7. Mrs BB is 42. Takes loads of selfies for her FB and Instagram accounts. Always nicely made up before she takes them, careful with the lighting etc. She would pass easily for early 30's and looks much whiter than she is in the photos. Has face treatments twice a year - anti wrinkle and chin filling. Asian and especially Thai women are very vain and therefore work hard at keep looking young, IME.
  8. Baerboxer

    British opinion still deeply divided by Brexit: poll

    The referendum was legally created as "advisory". The result very close and the then and subsequent Tory governments tried to circumvent parliamentary procedure to implement the result how they wished. The snap election was not fought on a reversal of Brexit by the Opposition whose current Leader is known to have always wanted out of the EU. Both the Tories and Labor have too much infighting going on to worry about much else at their conferences.
  9. Baerboxer

    British opinion still deeply divided by Brexit: poll

    Not necessarily true
  10. Baerboxer

    British opinion still deeply divided by Brexit: poll

    Why? Try researching statistical sampling before you reply.
  11. Baerboxer

    Pheu Thai denies Thaksin's in-law will lead party

    Who seized power from another power crazy egomaniac who was running the country by proxy through his sweet little sister.
  12. Indeed. There are those who advocate smearing any who dare criticize Israel as being anti-semitic Nazi scum and removing their right of free speech on that justification. The ironic thing is that Israel doesn't mind the criticism, will respond to it and ignore it anyway.
  13. Complete joke - sadly not a very funny one!
  14. Yeah right. And PTP are well known for the adherence to the law, the rules, the protocols and their fastidious accounting!