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  1. Footy on the Telly

    Thanks again Wilai - I'm looking forward to watching the Boro tonight ! :D
  2. Worst Joke Ever

    Just got back from the Sperm Donor clinic. The nurse asked me if I'd like to masturbate in the cup. I said "I'm not sure if I'm ready for competitive w*nk*ng......
  3. Worst Joke Ever

    As it's the cold season here now, my wife bought herself a sheepskin burkqa, to keep warm. She looks like mutton dressed islam....
  4. Worst Joke Ever

    Paddy and his girlfriend are kissing and cuddling, on the sofa. She whispers in his ear "I think we should take this upstairs". "OK", says Paddy "you take one end".....
  5. Perhaps they want to re-phrase the term, "snatch theft"....
  6. A speed camera was installed on the A19, ahead of the game at Middlesbrough on Sunday, so that Sunderland fans could know what it's like to have three points...
  7. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    You can have wor lass for 20 - I'll be glad of the peace !
  8. While there are definitely a lot more fat and even obese people in Thailand than when I first came here 20 odd years ago, I am happy to report that there seems to be a surge in exercise, where I live. Many people have started riding bicycles and doing other forms of exercise. Hope this continues, it would be sad to see Thailand go down the same unhealthy route of most western countries.
  9. Leicester sack manager Shakespeare

    There are rumours that Burnley's Sean Dyche is a front runner for the job. If I was him I wouldn't touch it with a very long, very dirty, stick !
  10. Footy on the Telly

    Thank you wilai - they were both decent games today.
  11. Footy on the Telly

    Thanks again for posting the forthcoming TV games, Wilai. According to my TV Schedule, the Thai version of beIN Sports are also showing a couple of Australian A-League games this afternoon (Thai time) : Western Sydney Wanderers v Central Coast Mariners at 13:35 and the Melbourne derby match, between Melbourne Victory & Melbourne City at 15:50.
  12. Premier Prediction Comp

    If we have a new entrant to the competition, I think it would be fair for him to start with average points. What do others think ?
  13. Eartha Kitt - Just An Old Fashioned Girl - hadn't heard it for donkeys years !