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  1. The TV shows that spend a couple of minutes telling us what happened before the adverts were on. What sort of morons do they think we are, that can't remember something for a few minutes ? It's really annoying.
  2. As a north easterner, and Boro fan, it makes me very sad to see Sunderland in such a bad state, as the link posted below. I hope that they will be able to sort out their problems in the near future, and return to some of their former glory. The north east's influence on the English game is waning, which is an extremely sad state of affairs, when one considers all of the football greats that have come from the area. North East football needs a clutch of big clubs, especially since both Darlington and Hartlepool have both fallen out of the League. I'd like to wish the Black Cats every success in finding a new owner, who can turn things around. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/43157628
  3. Glasgow Celtic

    The thing that disappointed me was the total lack of control of simple passes, throughout the whole team, even when playing across the back, which seemed to be for most of the game. It was no surprise to see Kouassi taken off at half time, he was lucky to stay on the field that long, he was awful.
  4. According to the link (below), the British Embassy is getting involved with driving licences, issued to British citizens in Thailand. I expect that this will shortly involve a trip to the Embassy, for a) some idiotic form or another, and to enable applicants to pay a fee to the Embassy for something they didn't need in the first place. Perhaps I'm being cynical here, but I've never found the Embassy to be of any use, whatsoever. The last time I renewed my licence here, I watched a video with English subtitles, as part of the renewal. I don't see any need for the Embassy to stick their oars in. Link : https://www.gov.uk/government/news/department-of-land-transport-in-partnership-with-british-embassy-bangkok-improving-driving-licence-procedures-for-foreign-nationals
  5. Jeff Bezos net worth as Amazon founder and richest man in the world

    Hate this company. Would NEVER buy from them. They avoid taxes wherever possible, pay minimum wages, and have put thousands out of work. Capitalism at it's very worst.
  6. Worst Joke Ever

    The wife has been missing for a week now. The Police have told me to expect the worst. So I've been to the Charity shop, to get all of her clothes back.
  7. Liverpool F.c.

    Firmino goes down easily ? Does she have a sister ?
  8. Footy on the Telly

    Thanks again for doing this, Wilai. Looks like an early night for me, and up at 3 to watch the Celts !
  9. "Superb consular services" - they are a disgraceful bunch, whose only aim is to increase revenue from any unfortunate British citizen who has to deal with them.
  10. Incentive increased for having babies

    "A few slots vacant' - a metaphor, if ever I heard one.....
  11. Is your friend aware that 90 day reports can be posted to the appropriate Immigration Office ? Forms can be downloaded from this site.
  12. Even though I have added (among others), "Steven100" to my ignore list, and have ticked all the boxes, posts, messages, etc, I can still read his drivel. Is there any way to block him completely ?
  13. How on earth is this post not racist ? In a war since WWII, the US lost to an Asian country, they whipped YOUR ass.
  14. It's way past time that the civilised world completely ostracised Israel, the "state" that was founded on terrorism.
  15. I've tried searching on the net, but have been unsuccessful. Is there a schedule of Winter Olympic events, to be broadcast on Thai TV, anywhere to be found ? Thanks in anticipation of replies.