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  1. About time someone spoke sense on the futility of the UK Cannabis laws. All they do is criminalize decent people. The savings made from attempting to enforce a ridiculous law, should be spent on research into Cannabis' medicinal properties.
  2. At last ! A hub of something ! OH......
  3. MrMuddle

    World Cup predictions.

    Germany to beat Argentina in the Final, and Harry Kane to claim the winning goal.....
  4. MrMuddle

    World Cup predictions.

    Obviously Scotland would have won it if we'd qualified, but as it's only the lesser teams, I'll go for : 1 Germany 2 Argentina 3 France 4 Brazil
  5. MrMuddle

    Time for Prayut to MOVE ON

    I'm starting to think that the spineless people here, deserve what they get from Governments, whether elected or those that have taken power.
  6. Trump is the President that the US deserves. He is making them look exactly what they are. I hope Kim kicks his behind all the way back to Washington.
  7. MrMuddle

    How to watch the FIFA World Cup finals: live stream?

    Hopefully Thai TV won't insert adverts every time there is a throw in!
  8. Which market is this ? OOPS ! Just saw post 166 !
  9. I think we need to see photographic proof of this.....
  10. I'm guessing he isn't from the part of France that was ruled by the Vichy government, during World War II....
  11. What really happened, when the G7 met...
  12. MrMuddle

    Thailand becoming ‘garbage bin of world’

    This beautiful country deserves better.
  13. While the amount of plastic in the sea is a huge problem, so is the amount of plastic bags littering what should be a beautiful countryside. People here just finish whatever was in the bag, and toss it out of the car window, or the back of a songtieow. They have no pride in their country at all, it is so sad to see.
  14. Anyone who ever trusted the US was shafted, from when the country was founded to the present day, there are many examples of this, from the Native Americans, to the South Vietnamese and the Hmong, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
  15. Watch Canada's economy soar, when this becomes law. Countries who continue to ban Marijuana, will be left behind, in what will be a soaring new source of government income.