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  1. Good morning. Can anyone please help me. I will be flying to Bangkok from London with a 2 hour stop over in Dubai airport shortly but I have an arthritis condition called Polymyalgia for which I need to take Prednisolone tablets to control the inflammation and pain. I am rather anxious about travelling with these tablets both into Thailand and also my transfer in Dubai. I will get a doctors letter and only carry 1 months supply. I would really appreciate I anyone could offer some advice. Thank you.....Clive
  2. Good morning My son aged 14 has recently moved to Thailand to live with his mother and I would be a lot happier if he had health insurance to go to a private hospital as and when the time comes as I know from experience that traditional Thai hospitals aren't always the best. My son is dual nationality Thai/English so therefore classed as a Thai citizen. Could anyone recommend a good health insurance company that covers Thailand be it an international or Thai only company. Thank you in advance
  3. Clive

    Medication for ADHD child

    Thank you for your replies He takes 52mg Concerta xl in the morning and 10mg Methylphenidate in the afternoon. Concerned about him travelling into Thailand with this medication even with a doctors note as in the uk it is a controlled drug. Will be staying in Petchabun city. thank you so much
  4. Good morning Can anyone please help me We are presently living in the uk but my sone aged 13 wishes to live with his mother in Thailand for a short while, perhaps 6 months or so but he is on ADHD medication, Concerta XL and Methylphenidate. I will get a doctors letter but worried about him carrying these into Thailand as an unaccompanied minor as they are controlled drugs. I was wondering if these are available in Thailand. Many thanks
  5. Clive

    lama beach oily?dirty?

    thats great. thank you for your reply evadgib.....much appreciated Clive
  6. Good morning. I will be travelling to Thailand early next year as a family and have already booked a place on lamai beach (can be cancelled) but reading reports on trip advisor there seem to be a number of posts stating that it can be oil pollution or simply dirty. I was wondering if this is so please as would like to stay somewhere picturesque where the children can swim in the sea. Thank you so much
  7. Good evening. I would like to visit Hua Hin area with my 2 half Thai children but prefer to avoid the beaches saturated by falangs with little or no respect about Thai culture or customs. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice beach that fits this bill? Many thanks
  8. Its called Bonny Hotel, Not quite a beach hut but close enough to the beach and good reviews
  9. Clive

    Koh phi phi suitable for family?

    thank you very much,,,cheers
  10. Good morning. Can anyone please help me I am thinking of going to Koh phi phi late in the year for about a week but I have been warned that its full of drunks and wondering if it would be suitable for a family? Thank you
  11. Clive

    best way to Koh phi phi

    Good evening. Cn anyone tell me the best way to Koh phi phi from Phuket please, cost and where I would pick up the boat please? Thank you
  12. just looking for something to do for a few days in Chaing rai but as I only have a few days spare looking at the quickest way to get to chaing rai. the lanna walks look great but need to be not too strenuous as I don't want my 2 children ages 11 and 14 to struggle too much it it to far. Not really into partying just fun filled family stuff. My kids are half Thai but I haven't been back for about 6 years now but can embrace Thai culture and food. Many thanks
  13. thank you very much Much appreciated
  14. good morning. I was wondering if anyone could advise me. I will be arriving in bkk on the standard 30 day entry from the uk but would like to visit ankhor wat in siam reap. I was wondering if I would need a visa at all please
  15. Thank you for your replies. What is the best way to get from Chiang mai to chaing rai as I can't find a direct flight Thank you