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  1. Good afternoon. Can you please help me. My son is living in the uk with me, his dad and is in the process of being tested for Autism and I am trying to explain this to my ex wife, my sons mother but having great difficulty. Can you please help me how to write Autism/Autistic in Thai as I dont always trust google translate. Many thanks
  2. Good morning. Can anyone please offer some advice please? I would like to start a junior sipp for my children and top my existing private pension currently has 93k. We are presently living in the Uk but intend to move to Thailand in the next 10 years and I was wondering if I pay into these pensions whilst in the UK when it comes to drawing on them living overseas as an Expat would they be subject to tax or are there any other issues I should be aware of please? Thank you so much
  3. Thank you for all your replies. Definitely food for thought. Just to add a little information on my thinking. My son struggles with learning as he has ADHD but he wishes to live in Thailand when he finishes his secondary education in the UK. I have been told (maybe incorrectly) that in order to have a decent job in Thailand a degree is required hence my thinking regarding a degree in Thailand as I know that he would not be able to pass the entrance exam or get the required exam results for a degree in the west. I was wondering is there an alternative path he should consider in order to reach his goal of living in Thailand, getting a decent job by Thai standards and being able to speak, read/write Thai? Many thanks
  4. I was wondering if it is at all possible to do a degree in Thailand in Thai Language. My son who is half Thai but doesn't speak Thai at all wishes to live in Thailand in the future and would like to do a degree in Thai when he's older as Ive heard that non Thai speakers can do this as they start at the very beginning; basic language and build up. Can anyone please tell me if this is so and what would be the approximate cost? Many thanks
  5. Good morning . Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to live a comfortable life in Chaing may or similar for 1 adult and 2 children (not including school costs) on £1500 a month? Thank you
  6. family of 3 living in CM on £1000pcm

    Thank you very much for all your replies. I thought that it might be tight and you have all confirmed this. Thank you for your informative replies. Can you please be so kind as to advise on roughly how many thai baht per month would be an Ideal figure to live comfortably in a 3 bed house in a nice part of the city and live comfortably, not extravagantly but not on the breadline either as this will be something to save towards. Many thanks
  7. Good evening. I was wondering if it is possible to live in ko phang ngan renting a 2 bed bungalow food utilities etc for 43,000thb pcm I used to live in Thailand many years ago when the exchange rate was better so testing the water at this stage. Many thanks
  8. Good evening. I was wondering if it would be possible to support a family in Chaing mai on about 45,000thb per month (not including schooling costs) Looking at rent of a 2 bed condo plus food utility etc Thank you I lived in Thaland many years ago when the exchange rate was much better so trying to test the water at this stage. Many thanks
  9. Thank you for your replies. He entered Thailand 3 months ago using his Thai expired passport and thai birth certificate. His passport was applied for yesterday and wish to fly 16th December but worried about booking the ticket in case it doesn't arrive in time.
  10. Good morning. Can you please help My son aged 12 was living in the UK with me and about 3 months ago went to live in Thailand with him mum which hasn't worked out. As his Thai passport had expired he flew with a valid UK passport and an out of date thai passport and thai birth certificate as he is dual nationality. I wish to book.his return ticket soon so he can return before Christmas but concerned as he should get his thai passport next week but what happens if it doesn't come in time. Can he leave Thailand on an expired thai passport and birth certificate and enter the uk on a valid UK passport. Thank you...clive
  11. I would like my son to return home to the uk before christmas. Can you please advise on how long the unacompanied minor form should be submitted to the airline as in order to get him back in time probably 1 weeks notice is all we can give buy the time we purchase the ticket. Thank you
  12. good morning, My son is returning from thailand and I need to send money quickly to thailand so that he can be home for christmas, Can anyone please advise on the quickest method, perhaps 24 hours for the money to reach thailand. Thank you
  13. Good evening. I am after some advice. My son aged 12 has been living in Thailand with his mother for 3 months and their fighting like cat and dog and she's beating him up. He would really like to stay in Thailand and I was wondering if a boarding school might be an option. I am not sure what the costs involved might be and what age children in Thailand might go to boarding school? If anyone can offer some advice I would really appreciate this. Thank you so much....clive
  14. Can anyone please tell me the dates of the school holidays in Thailand for October/november as hoping to come over to see my son but as usual his mother is completely unhelpful providing this information. Wish to book the time off work as its 1st come 1st served basis. Thank you
  15. Budget guest house in krabi

    Hello. Can anyone please recommend a good guest house in krabi area as have been looking on line and only inflated prices. Thank you