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  1. Yep, exactly ... BS as usual: >...The idea comes from the local municipality ...< Spaceballs - 1987 ... "Perriair" - a fairly old joke! Plus of course Chyna's been there long since:
  2. Yeah, just pissed retrospectively that he could've charged lots more but didn't ...
  3. , true! Unfortunately your chances are pretty high, maybe not them in particular but ... well you know ...
  4. > ... There was even the suggestion that students should be allowed to pass so their feelings found not be hurt.< ... Jesses, you just can't fix stupid (as far as such parents are concerned; can't rely on Darwinism unfortunately ...). Not good for the kids either - nor their future employers etc. ... heck, 2017, last time i checked!
  5. Well, that's how it should be, yes. Have to admit unusually strong downpours on Monday afternoon plus night to Tuesday but the flood-prone parts of town are well known for a long time too. No need for underground storage in this case, it's 1 1/2 stone-trows to the lake, just put in bigger drains - about 3/4 of the said distance has been worked on (new pavement at least) in the last ? 3 or 4 years anyway ... And of course plenty of surface has been plastered shut during about the same time ... so all in all it's rather poor local 'planning' (if any). Still, that 'don't worry, we have everything under control' or 'there will be less rain this year, period' etc. goes to show the real level /standard here, they're plain wrong every single year (seen nationwide i mean) and have been so for at least a decade, not only the current jokers of course ...
  6. >PM Prayut says govt has water management plan for rainy season in place< > ... Gen Prayut said the government has been working on improving irrigation systems in local communities, dredging canals and waterways, building water retention areas ...< Really? And the plan would be in what place exactly? + 1 week = Good job as always, at least where blah-blah-xx-blah's concerned ... >...He says however, the amount of rainwater this year will be lower than in the previous year ... < - as stated by their fortune-tellers? Well, surprise: they where wrong. >>> Phayao as of yesterday, today probably not much different as rain is continuing (pics fb, 2nd one is bus-station) :
  7. Not worth the trouble for 3 grand imho, minus the po-lice's cut even if you succeed ... But you certainly paid in advance for a hefty kick to your dear 'friends' balls on next occasion, man.
  8. You're welcome. Well, it's years since i stayed there overnight so maybe someone else can contribute here with more recent info but i don't think it's changed much. As busy as Mae Sai is during the day as quiet it is/used to be in the evening. You certainly won't have any problem getting good chow & a few beers but i don't think they're catering much to western foreigners specifically, always has been more about the Chinese. Karaoke for sure which i use to avoid personally, some 'better' restaurants/bars connected to hotels. As for the border-hop. Did my last about 2 weeks ago out/in in less than 10 mins at around 9 in the morning, not one other westerner to be seen. But there was a huge Chinese crowd - like 2 busloads ? - just gathering on our side to cross over so basically i was lucky. If you can bring a nice crisp 10.- USD bill for the Burmese side, otherwise it's 500.- THB. Don't know if you're interested to go into Tachileik at all, if you just turn around so they don't have to issue their ID (and keep you PP instead) you won't have any problem with USD being accepted, tell them so & they'll stamp you in (right side after the bridge), cross the road with you & your PP and stamp you out again. Right there is a duty-free complex which you still can use, some booze, small choice of smokes and rather expensive, not all too many other things i think. Any potential shopping can be done at our side anyway, the (real) market is back of left side of main road when approaching, ascending uphill.
  9. Yes, there are several guarded places on both sides of the main road slightly back of it, some of them signed out. Some belong to hotels but you can still park there for 20.-, maybe 30.- THB now. Have a nice & safe trip!
  10. Yes, even if one was to use very long sentences ... Let's see if it contains: 'We're also very far up some Chinese rears now for ordering their crap for our glorious army. We took care the submarines don't have too much 'flotation depth' (!) what with our shallow gulf and all ...'
  11. >Morakot Sanitthangkoon, chief of Pathum Wan District Office, which has jurisdiction over the accident area, said yesterday that the district office would become stricter with private tenants in taking more care of large trees within their properties in order to prevent similar accidents in future.< Really? Well, fine then. Now how about all those tax-payed parachute-patched clowns - like yourself btw. - in charge of public safety ... if anything like this exists at all ...?! Open sewers and drains, gaping holes in sidewalks, dangling power-cables etc., etc. ... a never-ending list for sure. Without appropriate consequences for blatantly failing their duties exactly nothing will change, ever - just like with the numerous traffic-offences ...
  12. Yep, in theory at least ...
  13. True, but what about 'just unstable' or 'unreliable' - in short 'unfit' to say the least ... First he said he acted on an advice from his minister of justice, 2 days later it was Comey's handling of Clinton's email-story and now he's calling the bloke names (which would fit himself better anyway) and states he didn't trust him for a long time already. Borderline schizo - if not acute? Well, let's see what we'll get to hear tomorrow! Any bets ... ?
  14. >Sanook said in a feature article that all concerned must look at preventing such accidents and not just react when one occurs.< Hear, hear ... how about holding these sorry excuses for 'officials' properly accountable too if things go tits up - which happens about every minute somewhere here in one way or the other btw. ...
  15. ' street side cuisine ' ?? Oh please. Some more blah-blah-a-blah ... TAT involved by any chance?!