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  1. Tropical Crotch Rot

    No, a serious disease it ain't but certainly annoying. I for my part surely didn't laugh that much when I discovered balls just like overripe raspberries - no, not so much according to size but to color, especially in that fluorescent light of the bathroom. No known history of any fungal infections in my case at all, so yes, it happens ...
  2. ... Touché! Now, anymore proof needed Iwan's tapping into Donalds smartphone 24/7, 'open mic night' and all ...?!
  3. NBO chief defiant after transfer amid religious row

    Seriously? https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1001052-abbots-remedies-at-nakon nayok-rehab-center-were-just-class-1-drugs/ Clowns, this time in orange ...
  4. Tropical Crotch Rot

    In case you really need to try another active ingredient there is TRAVOGEN Cream also available here in TH. Active ingredient: Isoconazole nitrate 1% (10mg in 1g of cream) Indications {quote}: T. is used for superficial fungal infections of the skin, eg. athlete's food (tinea pedis), tinea manus (hands), tinea inguinalis (crotch), fungal infections of the genital regions ... How to: unless prescribed otherwise applied once daily. A general rule for fungal infections is that topical therapy should be continued for a period of 2 to 3 weeks and for 4 weeks in cases of treatment resistant infections (particularly between fingers or toes). Longer treatment is possible. To avoid re-occurrence treatment should be continued at least another 2 weeks after healing. {unquote}
  5. Tropical Crotch Rot

    Well, not a miracle, simply by stepping somewhere barefoot where someone else with athletes foot went before, barefoot too of course - plenty of occasions here in fact as we all know ... actually it's highly contagious and caught easily. No shoes in your house might be fine but in some shops just for instance it gets rather disgusting and is in no way healthy. Then you might spread the germs from your feet (no matter if you actually already got athletes foot yourself or not) to your groin easily whilst putting on your underwear ... That's why there where disinfectant-spray stations installed especially at public indoor pools, saunas etc. already some 35 years ago (back home i mean). Of course everybody's personal 'micro-climate' and health-status (including weight, diet as you mentioned) makes a difference if people really develop symptoms (and how strong or persistent they might be), together with external factors like current very high humidity or sitting in planes or buses for really long hours etc. ...
  6. Home wiring work now requires a ministry licence

    ... hoho, that's extensive testing already, what could possibly go wrong? If you add just another question: What cable do you cut, blue, black or red one? Answer: Hello? Red, always red! Everyone knows that!!! ... you can even use it for the bomb squad too.
  7. Well, just let Darwin sort 'em out, should get the numbers down at least - have to agree though, not that funny if they're wrapping themselves around YOUR bumper of all things lethal out there ... Never aquired the skills needed to walk and chew gum a the same time in the first place - let alone 'read' anything ... honestly I'm pretty surprised there aren't much more accidents reported along your lines ...
  8. Yessir, hopefully so!
  9. Yep, exactly. Damn, looks like solid concrete ... poorly mixed though.
  10. Disgusting intimidating bunch, same old - same old. Found any drugs as alleged ...?? Well, didn't think so. Or maybe just looking for VIEWABLE footage of that connected killing for a change? Nothing to be heard about that topic since >sorry, po-lice cannot view it because of wrong software< weeks ago ... downright ridiculous these clowns - again.
  11. Nope, not in this life. What? All those working-girls actually 'working' 4 a (more frugal) living?? Good one ...
  12. Yep, exactly ... BS as usual: >...The idea comes from the local municipality ...< Spaceballs - 1987 ... "Perriair" - a fairly old joke! Plus of course Chyna's been there long since: http://www.geeksofdoom.com/2012/09/18/china-is-now-selling-cans-of-air-just-as-spaceballs-predicted
  13. Yeah, just pissed retrospectively that he could've charged lots more but didn't ...
  14. , true! Unfortunately your chances are pretty high, maybe not them in particular but ... well you know ...
  15. > ... There was even the suggestion that students should be allowed to pass so their feelings found not be hurt.< ... Jesses, you just can't fix stupid (as far as such parents are concerned; can't rely on Darwinism unfortunately ...). Not good for the kids either - nor their future employers etc. ... heck, 2017, last time i checked!