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  1. I have narrowed my search for replacement patio doors and windows down to these 2 companies. One quote is approx. 20% cheaper, representing a saving of 50,000 baht / GBP1,200. I am not however making my decision purely on price. I want a quality product, and I absolutely do not want the traditional pantomime/circus that has accompanied every other work I have had done in my home. Ultimately of course, the decision will be mine, however I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who has dealt with either of these companies. Your experiences, thoughts and opinions would be very welcome.
  2. Korat to Bangkok bus no longer stops at Don Muang

    In reply to the question who told me, the answer would be 2 different bus companies, and it was then repeated by a 3rd from whom i reluctantly purchased a ticket and came to terms with the fact i was getting off at Rangsit. There was 4 or 5 other Don Muang bound passengers receiving the news with equal contempt so, in reply to the suggestion that all this must be new,. I would agree. Having said all that, I heard from a friend yesterday that the Air Korat bus he was on did stop at Don Muang to allow passengers to disembark. The message I suppose must be check first, assume you are getting off at Rangsit and treat it as a bonus if your bus will stop at D.M. Allow the bit extra time in case.
  3. For anyone planning on using this service, you should know, buses (all companies) from Korat to Bangkok, are no longer stopping at Don Muang Airport / Rail Station. No explanation was offered other than "Tam Ruad Jaap" which I took to mean the driver would be arrested should he consider carrying out such a heinous deed as dropping of a passenger where he wants to be dropped of. Your best option is to alight at Rangsit, and take a taxi from there. The cost of a meter taxi on Saturday afternoon was 75 Baht and the journey took about 15 minutes. I had to wait in a queue for about 15 minutes to get a a taxi as things were very busy. The system is well organised however. The only positive i could find is i didn't have to carry a full size suitcase up a flight of stairs as is the case normally. So, a little more expense, and a lot more hassle. Nothing ever really happens to make life easier, but at least, now you know.
  4. Fagor Electrical Appliances

    Before I abandon / replace my 40K Baht, 4 year old dishwashing machine, might I ask if anyone has successfully had a Fagor appliance repaired recently? If so, please let me know exactly how you managed it. There is a Call Centre number, but frankly, the service I have received so far has been nothing short of deplorable. I have had many experiences of low quality Customer care, but this is without doubt the worst possible example. Any recent positive experiences with Fagor would be much appreciated.
  5. Are there Taxis in Korat?

    Korat certainly does have such a Taxi service. The call center number is 044 37 0999. Until fairly recently, you paid an extra 20 baht to call a taxi to your home, then paid the price shown on the meter. Now however, after calling the center, a taxi will call you back and quote you an inclusive price. No-one seems to use the meter anymore. Prices have gone up considerably since this happened, but the service has been a great deal better too. It is rare, other than perhaps the Bus Stations, The Mall etc. to see a taxi to wave down. Motor cycle taxis are everywhere should this be an option worth considering.
  6. Nakhon Ratchasima vs Bangkok

    The very frequent bus services from Korat to Bangkok all stop at Don Muang. Allow about 3 hours depending on traffic. There are now many new Condos for rent in Korat. I have no personal experience of the rental costs of these, but I have friends that rent a 2 x bedroom house for less than half of the rent you presently pay in Bangkok. I'd suggest a 3-4 day fact-finding trip to the City to see for yourself, and to check out some accommodation for rent. The sum you mention should be adequate for a comfortable life in Korat, as many seem to survive on considerably less. The traffic in the city is not a selling point by any means, but there is low cost public transport available. The weather I'd say is slightly hotter than Bangkok in the summer, but a bit cooler in the winter. This year the weather has been all over the place however! Give it a try I'd suggest. Feel free to PM for any more information.