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  1. mrwebb8825

    Guaranteeing someone's car payments

    Your friend can just "buy" the contract (if he has the money) and then if she defaults, he owns the car at a cheaper cost which could then be resold to recoup the money. In the mean time, she is making the same payments to him.
  2. All I know is as soon as President Trump gets a solid 6-3, 7-2, vote rolling in his favor the DNC will cease to exist, the illegal immigrants will start to be controlled, the liberal courts will stop wasting time on frivolous cases knowing they'll be over ruled by common sense higher up and the nut jobs will start to dry up or be locked up.
  3. This pick is nearly a done deal already. What I'm waiting for is when that really old lady that can't quite sit up straight retires next year and President Trump gets a 3rd pick in 3 years. Heads in here and the DNC are going to explode.
  4. you mean real experts, not the "experts we have here or on CNN or MSNBC, right?
  5. I'm just enjoying the irony. According to you, statistics are the 3rd and worst kind of lie EXCEPT when they come from a Trump-Hater and then they're part of a fact based report.
  6. That's funny given that your argument is an article written using statistics.
  7. I believe, if you check, those would be Russian war ships. The US Arctic fleet was the 7th which is being rebuilt after Obama.
  8. Perhaps you'd like to list the "many things" as the trial timeline is the only thing I alluded to other than you lot having tried and convicted him already.
  9. So, a LOT of wishful thinking and even 1 "tried and convicted" and his 1st trial doesn't even start for 3 months. I find it difficult to fathom the depths of the hatred from the losing side. It took better people than Mueller and his team 9-10 tries to get the teflon don convicted. Good thing he's not being tried here. You lot would have him hung by a noose hovering over the witness chair to answer questions.
  10. As usual, President Trump hating ad nauseum. Seems to me that he's been trying to deal with Russia for his whole time in office with a certain democratic witch-hunt curtailing his every effort. He also started repealing Obama policies preventing exploration in the North and rebuilding the military since he took office.
  11. May want to review your "facts" about your "O"-man: https://news.gallup.com/poll/1726/presidential-ratings-issues-approval.aspx keep this link and check it every 12 months, especially after President Trump is re-elected in 2020.
  12. Which part is the "destruction" part? The lowest unemployment in 40 yrs? The highest GDP since WWII? The fact that there are now more jobs than people looking for jobs? His 53% approval rating on the economy? Bringing back billions in USD from overseas? The clamp down on China stealing intellectual property from American companies? The massive rebuild of the US military? The meeting with NK to try and stave off a nuclear war?
  13. Seems they could do the same in South America?
  14. So, you are claiming to have lived with the man 24x7? Typical leftist BS claim.
  15. I made no such comparison but your leftist views would of course, blind you to that fact. I simple noted that another leftist blow-heart is wasting taxpayers money trying to impress leftist voters by filing a dead-on-arrival lawsuit against an administration that is doing the same thing 4 administrations did before, hoping to get it in front of a leftist judge (like they did in HI) only to waste more taxpayers money as it will then go to the SCOTUS who will overturn any decision that has to do with immigration because they have already ruled that the POTUS has broad powers when it comes to immigration. Separating criminals from their children has been going on since the dawn of time. If you totally agree with this then you should rally all your friends to give back the tax cuts that my president gave you to help fund several housing projects as NY state prisons are full of criminals that have been legally separated from their children.