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  1. It's so you still have a use for that condom after drinking too much and can't get it up.
  2. Where to sell Laos Kip / buy Thai Baht?

    Unless you've got like 1,000,000,000 kip then just wallpaper your bathroom with it in Thailand. A friend of mine in the states did that to his bathroom using Mexican Pesos. Looked great with a nice lacquer finish. :)
  3. My wife started up a clothing shop for women without any experience, just a passion for clothes and accessories. It took off like gang busters because she also has the gift of gab. Her downfall was 2 fold; she also teaches Political Law full time and the bigger 1, no boss so interest waned. This was 10 yrs ago and with the evolution of technology I think she could do the whole thing again and be even more successful. By this I mean, Facebook Live has been added since she was giving it a shot. If you open your facebook page, look for the Live Videos link. Then zoom the map in to Thailand and you'll see what I mean. All the blue dots are people live streaming including major businesses and media. ETA: She ended up ahead money wise but behind business wise. :)
  4. He didn't order an attack ON Syria, he ordered an attack IN Syria ON a chemical weapons storage facility. I've always been amused at the way you rewrite the truth to fit your thinking.
  5. Funny, I only see reports of 1 person doing things with "toys". The only error in evolution would be PC pantywaists in charge of most of the countries while the little fat man continues to be stupid. Hopefully President Trump will just order his removal and get it over with so the rest of the world can move on.
  6. People who live in glass houses... As an American I support our president and the things he wants to do to help my country. I get really tired of non-Americans with governments that truly DO suck ragging on our president when the people they elected to run their own country suck on such a large scale. I find it incredibly pathetic that that monkey in Canada and the cartel elected Mexican get a daily pass for stupidity and inaction while the droves attack President Trump for trying to run the US more like a business with a HUGE security force and less like a country that kisses butt. I had to just shake my head while the minions on here supported the term racist over his calling a spade a spade after charlottesville or whatever when it was a white idiot that killed a white woman and the fight was between whites. Yet monkey see, monkey do as the whole of the Lamestreammedia and a few morons in DC glomed right on without even thinking about it. Where's that big breaking story now? Just as dead as those who tried to push it into a story are going to find their careers soon. Maybe some folks should pack up and move to France and help that mamby pamby apply his 26k euro make-up purchases or shift over to the UK and carry May's banner while she stumbles around trying to figure how to do a business deal without screwing the entire country. After 2 decades in office the only thing people can say about Putin is "Ukraine" and "Crimea". NAFTA was a bad deal and the American people have had to bear the brunt of it because those that made it and those that followed but didn't understand it just let it ride hoping the next guy would fix it. Well, the next guy is here and is trying to fix it. Alright, stalkers, flamers, and all those who are sure that they're 100% correct about everything have at it. Just don't drop any rocks and crack your own house.
  7. Smoked American BBQ Finds New Home In Charoen Krung

    Good luck to her but it isn't only the style of cooking but the quality of beef being cooked/smoked that makes it worth eating.
  8. the dangers of Beach Road traffic

    I'm not going to read through 4 pages but wanted to pass along: My wife (Thai) told me when I complained about trucks and such driving like asshats and was going to get a few rocks and just toss them in front on their windshields to use 1 baht coins instead. Apparently in Thailand, you can NOT be attacked by money. Works like a charm. :D
  9. Remark on non-b visa

    My post was based on your OP - you said this is the 2nd time in a row that the exact same thing happened. You're either the unluckiest sob in the country or you're not coming completely clean. Why does it have to be "some lady (Thai)" that is "lazy" and chose to let you blow in the wind out of a cruel heart? You were told (and ubonjoe can back me) that there is no problem AT IMMIGRATION and the LABOR DEPT. in applying for a WP. NOBODY said the school and staff were/are 100% versed in the art of paperwork for foreigners. In fact, many schools have such a low amount of dealings with other government offices outside of Education that I'd wager nearly 50% can't figure it out. Now, if you're picking low end schools with pipe dream benefits then either 1 of 2 things is possible: You're an uneducated git that is trying to scam so free time in Thailand or: You have the proper education but lack knowledge of working in Thailand. Perhaps some background information will better equip us in helping you. :)
  10. You need to reread a few decades of history. Nothing but UN resolutions and empty hot air was ever done for decades UNTIL President Trump was elected. He's the 1st person in history to step up and outright threaten to kill the little fat man or his father or his grandfather.
  11. He called him after to say; "Hey, you probably noticed me slapping you in the back of the head and here's why..."
  12. All this is is showmanship - The US sends bombers on a routine flight and the world reacts - Russia sends bombers on a routine flight and the world reacts - China sent bombers on a routine flight and nobody really cared so this time they're making a big blustery announcement 1st hoping someone takes them seriously.
  13. please pm this part to ilostmypassword.