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  1. Just to put an end to this discussion, General John Hyten has no say so anyway. "POTUS has a card, commonly called the "biscuit," with the nuclear launch codes on it. He also has a briefcase, nicknamed the "football," carried by a military aide who is never more than about 15 seconds away from the President, with the equipment and the information needed to launch a nuclear strike. The National Command Authority (NCA), POTUS with the consideration of the SecDef who must agree, can do the first step." He is not part of the NCA. https://www.quora.com/Step-by-step-what-is-the-process-required-for-the-United-States-to-launch-a-nuclear-weapon "Only the President can direct the use of nuclear weapons by U.S. armed forces, including the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP). While the President does have unilateral authority as commander-in-chief to order that nuclear weapons be used for any reason at any time, the actual procedures and technical systems in place for authorizing the execution of a launch order requires a secondary confirmation under a two-man rule, as the President's order is subject to secondary confirmation by the Secretary of Defense. If the Secretary of Defense does not concur, then the President may in his sole discretion fire the Secretary. The Secretary of Defense has legal authority to approve the order, but cannot veto it." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Command_Authority Then NORAD - Then the ships and submarines commands.
  2. you're thinking of Bill Clinton.
  3. I truly do not believe there is a way to denuclearize N. Korea that does not involve swift, relentless, unannounced violence. The waiting game is a very dangerous game to be playing with Un. It could be true that he feels his grasp weakening and that's why he's playing the friendly leader riding tractors and smiling at workers in hopes his own people won't revolt and assassinate him. That could prove devastating because he just might launch starting a war hoping it unifies the people to his side. On the other hand, a preemptive strike could have the same effect but would not kill as many people in other countries. History shows us that when we dropped "Fatman and Littleboy" on Japan, it completely took the fight out of the rest of the country. Many people died but many more were saved by ending the threat. They finally got over it and are now US allies. I lean towards preemptive because retaliatory would cost the most lives throughout the region. I don't envy President Trump's position and the predicament his predecessors put him in with N. Korea by being weak.
  4. Makes you wonder how they could have carried out such a sophisticated hacking and meddling job with people like this at the top.
  5. EU signs defence pact in decades-long quest

    Those governments legally bound themselves 70 yrs ago and call it NATO which resulted after 2 failed attempts at creating a European army (WWI and WWII) and most of them STILL haven't honored that agreement. Why does anyone believe it will be different now? Seems we've come full circle so the US should start gearing up the weapons and military vehicle factories again. Should be a profitable future.
  6. EU signs defence pact in decades-long quest

    you mean like WWII?
  7. The best thing would be to remove all power from everyone except the Supreme Court when it comes to anything done by the federal government. As it stands, if the 9th says yes and the 4th says no then it's ALL been a big waste of time and taxpayer money and will go to the SC anyway. Cutting Hawaii loose wouldn't hurt the US economy in the slightest.
  8. The funniest (and saddest) thing is going to be when RT sues the US government, twitter, facebook, etc. for constitutional violations of censorship of the press and freedom of speech and wins while their counterparts in Russia (the US versions) will just have to lump it or leave.
  9. Trump offers to mediate on South China Sea

    My eyes must be worse than I thought. I could have sworn I wrote "Trump-Hating" which, of course would be quite the opposite of an "ism".
  10. Trump offers to mediate on South China Sea

    You, of course have documented proof of this. I was completely unaware of your physic abilities or that you had a personal wiretap in President Trumps pocket. Seems you missed the story where the test walls were up and being wholeheartedly supported. Also, it seems that I missed the news story where President Trump said; "I'm sorry base, we'll get a wall but you'll have to pay for it".
  11. Trump offers to mediate on South China Sea

    Many on here remind me of a democratic, Trump-hating version of the KKK. No matter what anyone else has to say, if it's not inline with your beliefs then it must be wrong and draws swift attacks with name calling and condemnations.
  12. You guys think you can keep this up for the next 7 years and 3 months?
  13. China media praises tone, outcome of Trump-Xi summit

    sure ya can - the new services are doing it all the time.
  14. In the end, does it really matter what a "Former" anything/anybody thinks as they are no longer in the loop and really have no idea what's being discussed in the loop.