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  1. Maybe, because the Saudis are presently putting together a Mid-Eastern "NATO" to help shut down and eliminate terrorist groups that are spawning from their area and Cuba is just a small little man's self absorbed dream of continued dictatorship that Obama made a deal to start funding? Just a guess.
  2. An Update: Apparently he got the original Non-B Visa in Naples, Italy (?) and had it extended at the new Prachin Buri office. Since that office doesn't cover anywhere except the city of Prachin Buri, I passed along UbonJoe's information that he get a post-dated letter of termination from his old school, take that to the Prachin Buri office, then go to the Labor Dept (also in Prachin Buri for the old school and our school) put in the application for a new Work Permit and head on over to Chockensao Immigration which covers our school to apply for the new extension of stay. Instead, he is insisting that his "friend" who "knows someone in some immigration office" is more correct than all of you and is flying out to Malaysia tomorrow. I'll get you all a new update when he returns in a couple of days. ETA: Our office boss is still trying to convince him he's wasting everyone's time and his money.
  3. You should careful, working as a "shrink" without a valid work permit might land you in trouble. Other than that, you're so far off base that you're playing on a different continent.
  4. Thank you both for this information. He is on an extension of stay at the moment. He arrived in Thailand from Cameroon a little over 2 years ago on a Non-B Visa sponsored by the school he left to come to work here. It sounds like Ubon Joe has the correct path. I will check to see if the old school is in the same province as here. Again, thank you. :)
  5. Ah, OK, I'm following you now. As for them being a pushover, I think the US could literally crush them militarily and economically if push came to shove but are hoping they will use this "soft power" more aggressively on North Korea (which doesn't seem to be the case at the moment) They are either stalling or it truly is a weakness.
  6. I've been struggling to get my head around all this so I thought I'd toss it in here to see what the experts say: We have a new teacher at our school and the staff here and the new teacher are trying to figure out what all needs to be done to get him completely legal. These are the facts as I understand them: He still has an active Non-B from his last school as the contract and WP are still active until the 30th of Sept. but he works here now. Apparently he is still on good terms with the previous director who has agreed to let everything sit while he gets stuff together for my school. He is being told by friends (?) that he needs to go to Malaysia because he is from Cameroon. (he said this when I asked about Laos instead as we are NE of Bangkok) He is being told that it will take 1 month to approve or disapprove his application for a new Non-B visa (get application receipt and return to malaysia in a month for the Visa to be applied to his passport.) Apparently there are some new, strange rules for people from Africa. He is under the impression that he needs a re-entry permit before flying out to Malaysia. He has a B.ed but never applied for his teaching licence from Kruesapa until I told him he might qualify given his degree. He has now done this I believe. Any advice and/or steerage would be greatly appreciated.
  7. and you've not shown where China was in the OP but I cut you some slack.
  8. You'll need to elaborate here. I don't recall any ISIS terrorist attacks in China or originating from China. I DO recall them capturing, imprisoning for decades and executing though.
  9. "Soft Power" over the last 2 decades is what has given rise to terrorists. They KNOW nothing will happen to them except a lot of tongue wagging. You can't sanction them, they don't have a country, government or GNP. The world has gotten soft and they are making that very clear to all who are paying attention. What "Benefits" is Putin currently enjoying? The sanctions? The new sanctions coming? People need to wake up. The "Commie Hunters Train" left the station decades ago.
  10. There's a new set of really poorly composed text books being pushed this year for Mattayum Your Space 1, 2, 3 and Eyes Open 1, 2, 3 for M1-M6 respectively. Complete with small British children speaking in incomprehensible local slang on a series of audio and video CDs. Even the Thai teachers at my school find them nearly unusable.
  11. WHOOSH! Obviously that went over your head. I won't bother with the history lesson. So I either have to be a part of the school or homophobic to believe that everyone has a right to chose how they want to live without having some minority group coming along claiming they don't like YOUR choices and YOU need to change YOUR choices to suit THEM?? Not sure what planet you're from but it might be time to return. Or maybe you could invite me over to your house so that I can start pointing out all of your missteps and making a list of things you need to change to better suit me. According to your point of view this would give you the opportunity to practice what you're preaching.
  12. Someone pull your chain Mary? I'm defending the right of the school and the rights of the parents who chose that school for their beliefs to NOT have to kowtow to activists groups. Newsflash: Not every school is a full time boarding school.
  13. Be that as it may, it seems to have prompted you to change your avatar. You fight for those you do not know (or maybe you do?) but how would the situation suit you if it were your son or daughter being forced to shower, sleep and eat with people who find them sexually attractive? If the school forced both females and males to use the same bathroom and sleeping facilities you'd be up in arms. How is this any different? Impressionable adolescents have a delicate enough psyche without being forced by an outside entity to do things against the wishes of their families.
  14. The origin of "Deviant" is much like the origin of "Queer" which simply means different from the accepted norm.