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  3. Not surprising since they haven't gone on sale yet. Sent from my SM-T715Y using Tapatalk
  4. Is it still the case that no proof of finance is required in Vientiane for a single-entry non-o based on marriage? I know it is possible in Savannakhet, but Vientiane would be more convenient.
  5. According to Lazada, you can use this place for Meizu repairs: Service Center - Chiang Mai District No. 244 Wualai Haiya Muang, Chiang Mai 50100 Tel. 053-201-901-3 Fax. 053-273-677.
  6. Their holidays are listed on the website:
  7. This idea that you can only book two weeks ahead keeps being repeated, but as I mentioned on another thread: Booked on 25th March for an appointment on 23rd April. I could also see dates for May and I think June too.
  8. You can see appointments more than 2 weeks ahead. Booked on 25th March for an appointment on 23rd April. I could also see dates for May and I think June too.
  9. I'm sure he will be surprised to hear he is dead.
  10. You can now apply year round.
  11. I used Sadao just over a week ago on multi entry Non-O visa based on marriage. Nothing was said on departure, but on returning I handed my passport over at the booth and was sent to the office. For the first time ever, I had taken a copy of my marriage certificate and my work permit, just in case. I was briefly questioned and advised it would be better for me to apply for an extension. At no point did they threaten not to admit me, but I will probably avoid using that border in future.
  12. If so, when it comes to the part where they ask the details of the accompaying passenger, in this case, the infant, how did you navigate the bit where ask about the date of birth? You contact the airline, in the same way as you would if you were booking 2 seats for an adult. From their website: "Should a car seat be used for an infant, the adult shall pay for the seat on which the car seat would be placed upon"
  13. Pointing out that you didn't read the OP properly is not being a keyboard warrior. You can book an infant as an adult but to actually use the seat you would need to provide your own carseat.
  14. Who asked about 2 infants flying with one adult?