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  1. Sad no matter who killed her. Some @&!hole. Deserves a slow death.
  2. Post 10, the Americans don't support The Shins, they support democracy. Snap out of it.
  3. 45slap

    PM Prayut shrugs off US diplomat's 'snub'

    Like Obama said, when the shit hits the fan nobody calls Beijing or Moscow; they call the Washington!
  4. Should have given up the phone. Then could've tested the 'find my phone' feature. Hahaha!
  5. 45slap

    Drones fitted with cameras to be banned in Thailand

    People cannot control a land vehicle with wheels. You don't worry when the same clowns are trying to fly things over your head?
  6. Same in USA: everybody doing anything puts a tip cup on counter. Right!
  7. What a waste of time. Immigration/labor dept/cops have nothing better to do. The cops need to actually do something productive. Immigration needs to learn to stamp a passport on the first empty page, not randomly stamp in middle of passport. The Labor Department needs to issue work permits in conjunction with a work visa, not make people with s non-B visa wait and not be legal to work for a month or two until they finally get around to issuing a work permit. Try streamlining the operation. Obviously, fewer people would make a buck off the deal, so screw it. You want "World Class Standards Schools"? Try delivering world class standards visas/work permits.
  8. Who the hell cares about this guy and his car? I am more concerned with the right to pee anytime/anywhere. See, if the police can stop me and demand I piss on the spot, then shouldn't I be allowed to whip it out and piss when I really have to go?
  9. Wow! They brought the karaoke bill down to 40k baht. Must have been half of Malaysia singing.
  10. Classic rock can also alleviate the heavy metal contamination that has occurred at all of the International Music Festivals. Bring on the acid rock!
  11. What an idiotic comment. Though perhaps you feel that you have surpassed yourself. Well, Jujube Boy, you need to tell the two ladyboys you are servicing to wait a moment. Then, drink a few dozen large coffees. Now, keep quiet and listen: if a Thai goes to your country and complains about everything being done differently than Thailand, is your country going to change everything to satisfy the Thai? No! Your fellow citizens would tell the person if they don't like it; pack up and go home. It works both ways, kid. Why should Thailand change everything to satisfy one <deleted> from the UK? Like the Europeans are clamoring about with Islamic immigrants: integrate or leave. Same-same. Now go practice your jujitsu. NEXT!
  12. Jujitsu boy, do not return to TV Forum until you graduate middle school. Next!!
  13. What an idiotic comment. Though perhaps you feel that you have surpassed yourself. How is that an idiotic statement? If you don't like the place and have so many grievances, then leave. I guess it is idiotic because you, karate kid, cannot leave. You are running from the law in your homeland, or have a menial general labor job at home. Now wake up and go for a long swim...one way.
  14. Jungle Jim, I don't know if that is the answer. I treat everyone with respect. I don't know how others treat people. I think there are scumbags everywhere you go. Don't kid yourself about doing just fine without tourism. Can't rely on rice exports to support the economy.