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  1. If you check Google Sturgeons have been around for millions of years. Oppps sorry wrong entry
  2. Bangkok to brace for more thunder showers today

    Please keep the pictures of flooded Bangkok coming. We do not wish to gloat only give thanks to our present northernly position at half the rent and lower food costs and less traffic only as a statement of fact and thanksgiving and again not to gloat.
  3. Yes I agree listen to the electorate which in the majority are the poor the old and the struggling. When you want to cut benefits to this class and give to the rich hmm is she listening to the majority or the polls. Politicians are canny beasts testing the air constantly for a change in the winds. I think this change turned into a bit of a hurricane.
  4. I agree humans are cannon fodder for the defense industry. Their product must be used up so that they can replace it and of course charge the government. Its a vicious circle where humans are expendable. Humans are targets. Without humans the defense industry would collapse. Today with some humans its like shooting fish in a barrel.
  5. Akarakit “Benz Racing” pleads not guilty

    Just a baht top up?
  6. Trump attacks 'fake news' following Kushner reports

    I will see your fake news and raise you 2 fake news stories. Fake news poker.
  7. Give me a break I am not a life newbie I have heard all this tough talking crap before only to have it end in hand shaking back slapping and positive press. Its a game folks to game the politician and of course you the voter.
  8. Bangkok to brace for more thunder showers today

    I must take a refresher course on why one would want to live in Bangkok.
  9. Akarakit “Benz Racing” pleads not guilty

    Walk yes undignified to run.
  10. I am sure they would not find drugs there unless they appeared by divine intervention.
  11. I thought for sure under the circumstances he went up the mountain like Moses and brought back the 10 or so commandments that we must all live by but then they have been already pronounced to the people in one way or another. I wonder if the word Democracy appears on the tablets. Yes Prawit looks exhausted they must have been heavy.
  12. Guess acting like a Jacka** doesn't count. He was asked to step out of the vehicle not unusual police proceedure and refused and wanted the army to come. Looks a bit like Rasputin.
  13. Yes they cannot let this run to far back into history as there would be just to much fall out and there can only be so much cover up. You revealed a new slant on things that I did not consider silly me thinking that the exposure was made by Thailand rather their hand was forced.
  14. Yes your right of course but Thai's are not noted for long memories or future planning.