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  1. News update Trump just did another U turn on canceling NAFTA at present. I wonder how this is now.
  2. Do you have any one government in mind or all of them? Bang there is a shot over their bow to. We aim to please. I am truly happy you follow my posts so closely good on you.
  3. Atta boy now your shining.
  4. Really how nice of you to form a conclusion for others
  5. I see we did not make the cut in Chiang Mai
  6. Baby steps first.
  7. Whenever I hear reminders of when I was a teenager a grin breaks out. Those were the days my friend I thought they would never end. STOP your getting to sentimental.
  8. Was pre-occupied in England now there is a new excuse for people who want to avoid the law. Catch you later alligator.
  9. Issued yes served? I have me doubts. Have they contacted Interpol yet or like the Tourist police did they get a busy signal. I am surprised they keep this revolving joke going what an embarrassment to all involved.
  10. Much like the motorbikes parked on our sidewalks here in Chiang Mai.
  11. Serve it at the cabinet table if non die its good to go.
  12. This clown will be fast tracked to the top of the heap.