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  1. Give me a break. No harm in asking, right? If I need your advice, I'll ask for it thanks.
  2. Are there any rooms available there at the moment?
  3. I follow an old saying (maybe Confucius) that goes something like this: "Don't dwell in the past, live for the present and dream of the future"
  4. It's a sad indictment on society when a hand on the chest can be considered assault. I would calmly remove the said hand and ask what he wants. I consider the American guy, in view of his violent actions, to be 100% in the wrong and should be severely dealt with accordingly.
  5. 1976 and I split up with my gf so, feeling depressed, walked into a bike shop and rode out on a Honda 750cc (K6 if I remember correctly). Loved that bike; dragging off show offs in their souped up Torana XU1's at the traffic lights with ease. It took me 4 years to pay the bike off on outlandish hire purchase. The month after my last payment, someone stole it from my carport. THAT was a very sad day
  6. Stop breathing too, that'll do it!
  7. I hope she drives better than she films!
  8. Wow! With some of the sophisticated, logical solutions to the carnage on the roads, I feel a Supertramp song comin' on......
  9. ebonykap

    Visa credit cards now accepted at all 7-11 outlets

    I wonder, does that include foreign Visa Debit cards?
  10. ebonykap

    How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    What I always say is "Mai ow krab, kob khun krab". Krab alone does not mean thank you.
  11. "Junkie - someone who is addicted to illegal drugs", so the poster is somewhat correct. Who's to say whether this guy is addicted or not. Nevertheless, he was in possession of illegal drugs in Thailand, hence the arrest.
  12. Recently, my doctor said I should stop smoking (light smoker about 8/day). I said what about the pollution in the air in Bangkok, should I stop breathing too? He gave me a wry smile.
  13. If your friendly 7-11 cashier doesn't understand "Mai ow tung" (not take bag), try saying "Mai sai tung" (not put in bag). It's the Thai way
  14. Unfortunately, this attitude is entrenched in Thai culture. Perhaps, temporarily, they should employ a motor cyclist to escort ambulances in serious situations. At least until/if a drastic change in attitude. Even if it saves just one life, it would be worth it.