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  1. ebonykap

    its not all one sided

    Could you please tell me where you ordered the motorcycle dash cam from? Thanks in advance.
  2. 500baht = "Who's a naughty boy then? Now off you go and please don't do it again." Jeez, be real!!
  3. ebonykap

    Lost Tax Disc

    Did this about a month ago at DLT Chatuchak, Bangkok. No need to go to police first. Rode my bike to DLT and went to Building 2 (I think). Found someone who speaks English and she filled out the form for me, gave me a number and sent me to get photocopies. Five minutes later number called, disk given at a cost of 20 or 25 baht. Take your passport and Green Book with you.
  4. I can think of only 2 words for this imbecile...Brain Dead!
  5. South Australia is usually the State 15-20 years behind the rest so, indeed, that surprises me. And I agree, congrats Thais!
  6. ebonykap

    Shun plastic, public urged

    I get your point, but hopefully it might teach some of them to look, listen and learn, rather than ignore. I'm sure quite a few were aware of Environment Day but thought they would try their hand. I'm happy they lucked out. I don't shop at Tops very often, but I will go there more often in the future considering their strong stance with this.
  7. Plastic bags in South Australian supermarkets/ department stores were banned more than 15 years ago. Hard to believe the other States are that far behind?
  8. ebonykap

    Shun plastic, public urged

    I did some shopping at Tops Central Rama 9 yesterday. Out of a small sample of 4 people being served while I was waiting, all were surprised when told no plastic today, and no plastic bags were available for them. Good job I say! However, I think their alternative cloth bags had all gone so the customers had the option of either leaving their items or carrying them in their arms. All my items fitted nicely into my back pack
  9. ebonykap

    Thailand gets serious about plastic bags

    Is that a Big C policy? At Big C Rachadapisek I just walk in with my backpack every time no question. At the checkout I just say "Mai sai tung" and pack it myself. If anything, perhaps they should check my backpack when leaving the store (standard procedure in Oz), but they never do.