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  1. Should just fry him. Total.waste of space and money.
  2. Just to confuse things, I recently purchased a Honda CBR300RA which I call my "little big bike"! ?
  3. ebonykap

    Avoiding Bangkok.

    Sorry. You're right, mine was android.
  4. ebonykap

    Avoiding Bangkok.

    Go to Google Play Store, type Google Maps and click update. A motorcycle figure will appear alongside the other travel options (car, walk, etc.)
  5. I agree. However, impossible task No. 1: find a bin!
  6. ebonykap

    90 Day Report Mistake.

    Try doing your report online. I did for the first time last month. Sent on Sunday, approved the following day (much to my surprise and delight). I understand it can be hit or miss, but worth a try.
  7. ebonykap

    Citeria for Thai Driving License

    See how you go next time.
  8. ebonykap

    Citeria for Thai Driving License

    Yes, sorry. Med. Cert. required also (no more than 30 days old). No tests whatsoever. Naturally, O/S licence must be current. Certificate of Residence also required (30 days also)
  9. ebonykap

    Citeria for Thai Driving License

    I just got my Thai licence. Showed my passport, copies etc and my Australian licence. 10 minutes later, had Thai licence in my hand. No IDP required at DLP Chatuchak and no tests (theory or practical) to take.
  10. Give me a break. No harm in asking, right? If I need your advice, I'll ask for it thanks.
  11. Are there any rooms available there at the moment?
  12. I follow an old saying (maybe Confucius) that goes something like this: "Don't dwell in the past, live for the present and dream of the future"
  13. It's a sad indictment on society when a hand on the chest can be considered assault. I would calmly remove the said hand and ask what he wants. I consider the American guy, in view of his violent actions, to be 100% in the wrong and should be severely dealt with accordingly.