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  1. USB splitter should do the trick. Cost maybe 100 Baht.
  2. During my research on making the perfect Yorkshire I remember reading that eating them with cheese (non blue) has been tried in the U.S. before with some mixing it grated into the batter. It is a testament to what happens when an unusual foodstuff is introduced into a location/ country. People look at it with fresh eyes rather than tradition and heaven knows what they will try. One fella (think it was a fella) tried to make a sweet variant by adding honey or maybe maple syrup but the extreme heat made it catch fire.
  4. Never tried in a round dish but see no reason why it shouldn't work. I have time on my hands and during the rainy season even more so I hit a particular recipe with passion and Yorkshire puds was one from a few years ago. I didn't mention that the dish needs to be super clean with no spots of carbon as it can catch or drag and the fat should be virgin or super clean as particulates can also cause failure.
  5. Don't know if you mean... or The first type I have not tried but see no reason why not and the second is what I used during testing in any case. The actual recipe is very simple with equal parts whole egg, self raising flour and milk along with a good pinch of salt and a smaller pinch of turmeric. It's all in the method. You need a ceramic or glass (Pyrex) dish for the purpose of maintaining a steady heat when you need to pour the batter in. You also need an oven that is as close to level as possible because otherwise the batter tends to flow to one side and you get an uneven rise that can drag the opposite side down. The batter needs to be fridge cold so it's a good idea to chill everything including the mixing bowl and flour. Slowly bring the roasting dish and 2-3 tbsp. of animal fat up to 225C before adding the batter and closing the door/ lid in the shortest possible time. Do not open the door/lid until you can see it is ready. The Pyrex in the picture is 350x225mm and 4 eggs is about right (depending on egg size) but for a smaller dish you need to reduce the amount of batter (which is based on the volume of egg) to 3 eggs or maybe even 2 for a small dish.
  6. You could always get someone to make them for you, under your supervision.
  7. Aye, they say a meal tastes better if you had to work hard for it. It's not only how to make something because that is a few taps away but actually finding the stuff can be a nightmare.
  8. Roast leg of NZ lamb, roast potatoes cooked in lard (a real heart stopper), creamed mash, carrot and swede, two type of cabbage, fine green beans, steamed cauliflower, a huge Yorkshire pudding and real homemade gravy. Was aiming for exactly 18:00 but I don't cook stuff early and then keep it warm so precise timing is needed. 18:01 so was 60 seconds out.
  9. Should take hom mali with you for a friend or as something to barter with. I've been bringing back 25-30kg top quality hom mali back to the UK for my sister and her family but they are getting quite a stack in the pantry. They just eat very very little rice so I've taken to asking her friends if they want a 5kg sack of jasmine rice and they have all jumped at it. I give it away for nothing but over the years it has paid me back. One chick who works for the local council actually does Thai curries at home then sells them as lunch boxes to people in the office so she was stoked getting real rice rather than the rubbish she was using. I got my sister to give me a lift and dropped off a 10kg bag. I tried one of the lunches while I was there and it was terrible.
  10. Update on the story (in the link)
  11. lol. Austerity in the UK has hit people hard including my sister and her family so I've devoted a lot of effort into showing her how to get much more for her money out of the food shop. I also take back 25kg of rice with me each time but they don't really eat it as it is somewhat bland. I've shown her how to make basic versions or tomato rice (jollof), jambalaya, Persian style butter rice and Hainanese chicken rice and biryani among others. They like them and it's all written in a specific notebook and she is a master at taking notes. They still eat very little rice which suggests to me it us due to idleness more than anything else as without the passion, cooking is a chore. I dunno mate, passion or not it seems to me that if you want to put a couple of quid aside so you can go out on a Friday night for a couple of jars then you have to do something and if that 'something' involves free rice then you are half way there.
  12. Pottage: Sister in the UK can't cook a good stew for <expletive> because when she was off playing with her dolls I was in the kitchen talking to Mom. Every year when I visit the UK she seems to remember some dish we had in our childhood and so far I remember how to make all of them but for me there are two that I have no idea how to make. Anyway, everybody dies and I'm not getting any younger so perhaps I should video how to make them and upload it to YT
  13. You mean exculpated? Is there a 'vibe' button to be found in some sub menu that members need to click on?
  14. They will likely fine them a little bit allowing the countries to just roll with the punch. France has been doing the same thing (rolling with the punch) for what must be 2 decades by over subsidizing their agriculture industry. The cost to other nations such as Belgium and the Netherlands is worth billions of Euros so it makes perfect financial sense to just pay the 60 million Euro fine. They have tried a couple of times though not for a long long time but the Farmers and truck drivers go to Paris and shut it down by blocking all the roads after which the government back down.
  15. I would put LAX as worst and MAN a close second.