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  1. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Not bad pizzas to be honest though you need to order it Thai style rather than farang style. Double cheese, double pepperoni and double fresh sliced chillies with a side of som tam to cool the mouth down. Guy (or his missus) don't charge me for fresh chillies. Traditional cod in batter with chips went well down well tonight and some sort of a semblance of a Thai dinner tomorrow. I got some semi-dried mackerel for the Kaeng Som Prik Sod and minced pork shoulder for the Kua. When my sister asked me the other day what we were having on Thursday I said Thai and then corrected myself and said maybe Sino Thai. I planned to also serve a half roast duck with pancakes that I got on the cheap frozen and assumed it was of Chinese origin but when I got it out the home freezer and looked, it was of Thai origin and packaged in the UK. Thai dinner tomorrow including the rice.
  2. Samui seems to be running out of green bins insofar that they have a high attrition rate
  3. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Local know better Tusti. I get it all the time if I go into town, ladies saying they are hungry and turn their noses up at 7-11 instant noodles when I offer it. Rather than write a he said she said I'll just write and let other figure it out....... I'm hungry Johnno. Eat something. No money. You want money for go buy noodles 7-11? We want pizza. We? You said YOU were hungry. My friend is hungry too. What you want (as in what on the pizza). Pizza Boy. Pizza Boy is a vendor who do pizzas almost exclusively for the girlie bar market and is only 230 Baht or so. Would have got it from Tropicano just down the road at maybe 400 but they prefer Pizza Boy. My latest from last week I think. Was going to have pizza again tomorrow (dam n my extended family like pizza) but I got some fresh cod off of a fishing boat who was waiting for them to raise the bridge to sail through to dock. They raise it for anything big but little boats, which are not actually that little, have to wait and shoot through with them. River Mersey leads out into the Irish sea.
  4. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

    Headline should be 'ex-judge says Yingluck likely to get away with it'
  5. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Terrible bit of gammon from the local independent butcher it turned out. Need a good fatty piece for a traditional boiled bacon, cabbage and potato dinner but that is just taking the p1ss. Scousers.
  6. Beautiful but big !!

  7. What are you eating? (food porn)

    The freezing process trashes the yeast and it also breaks the gluten bonds that give bread its viscoelasticity which is why I mentioned earlier that over time it turns into something like shortcrust pastry. Still fine to eat though the result is more akin to a biscuit texture which is why the product (ASDA pizza base) is sold chilled rather than frozen. It's interesting to note that the issue with the yeast getting trashed only really matters when the dough is going to be used for a loaf or for rolls but this can be offset a little by doubling the amount of yeast and using dry active rather than fast acting yeast. That being said... I'm certainly no expert in bread making as such but in the storage of foodstuffs including dough for the food industry.
  8. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Gotta make it yourself and then keep it cool like this stuff from ASDA which is not sold frozen but can be frozen for a short time. Problem here is that freezing it reduces the longevity of the dough so what's the point.
  9. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Sorry, mentioned some pages back that I was in the UK and figured is was OK to continue to post since I spend most of my time on Samui and what I'm eating is things I miss when in Thailand. Tenuous argument but got away with it so far. I've not found frozen pizza dough in Thailand but then I've never really looked for it. Creating various dishes for my sister and her family while I'm here and figured pizza early in the week because it can use up leftovers kept from the weekend. Cheap meal. Unroll the base which is rolled in grease and oven proof paper and it's about 16"x10". Good product. If you need pizza dough then maybe go to the nearest pizza joint, buy some balls from them and freeze them. Dough freezes well but you don't want to leave it too long. Couple of weeks or so the bonds start to break down so in the end it would be like shortcrust pastry. It should also be noted that you can keep dough for quite some time in a sealed cool environment. I'll stop now as there a lot of better bread makers on this thread. Yea, we are pretty fortunate down here on Samui as far as farang foods are concerned. Got a smokehouse up the road a bit... Couple of Russian fellas with their wives and they put out some seriously good stuff. We also have seafood which is both abundant and cheap though ultimately you pay extra elsewhere such as the cost of living here. I've friends up in the deepest darkest parts of Isan who live just as well as myself at half the price.... better even. We got two Makro, two Tescolotus and a Big C and wherever you are on the island, one of them is going to be maximum 30 minutes away. Good thread this and is indicative of what people are willing to go through to get the taste they really want.
  10. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Knocked out a pizza again. Cajun chicken leftovers, pork and chorizo sausage leftovers, mixed bell peppers, onion, mushroom. Sauce was just a generic I made in 20 minutes and used ASDA brand pre-made pizza dough (£1).
  11. What are you eating? (food porn)

    The spices essentially last a lifetime but will lose their potency. Even then, when kept in a suitable fashion, 7 years should not be an issue. Aye Tutsi, I remember. To a large extent they have gone as a speciality curry-house but most restaurants still offer them as part of a wider menu. Not as good.
  12. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Bit shy with the chops.
  13. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Is that some of that fake fish stuff?
  14. What are you eating? (food porn)

    No bread?
  15. You only hear about 2-3 individuals but the true number is in the 100s. Don't know what the figure is right now but it put at around 600 people some months back and these were just people who had appealed to the EU for another judgement.... which takes years longer.