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  1. This error (?) is down to years and years of NRA propaganda poisoning the minds of people and is sadly all too frequent. Comedian Jim Jefferies highlighted it with his 'DON'T TAKE MY GUNS' observation during a show some years back showing it was based on a slippery slope fallacious argument. This same basis of illogic has been successfully used by some states to allow blind people to have a gun! On the whole, it's a damning indictment on our species as it really does show just how gullible we are and therefor how easily led. I gave another example of this mental malpractice earlier with reference to the 'guns don't kill people, people kill people' by simply using 'nukes don't kill people, people kill people'. Not the same logical fallacy granted, but it is an example of how easily led we are even in the face of absurdity.... how willing we are.... how susceptible we are.... how able we are to believe all manner of things (which in this case is NRA propaganda) while looking into the eyes of preposterousness
  2. Sorry. Was trying to pre-empt some of the usual so called arguments that come up on threads such as this. NRA has said (and have often been repeated) that more guns reduce gun crime so arming everyone with a minimum of 2 should make the figures drop like a stone. The figures must have been so high before the gun was even invented that it is a surprise we did not go extinct. I was going to mention that the facile 'ban knives, cars and or hammers' had not yet been brought up but it has since.
  3. Mandatory gun ownership (2 of) for every man, woman and child would lower gun crime... obviously. Restrict the manufacture and sale of ammunition wouldn't work because people would simply club each other to death with empty revolvers.
  4. Every pro gun argument has been shown to be utter rubbish yet people still use them constantly which suggests there will be no change. One of the most topical would be 'nukes don't kill people, people kill people'. To be perfectly honest, I'd rather argue with a Creationist.
  5. Runner Beans

    Had some (fresh) over the summer while I was in the UK which was lush though my niece wouldn't eat them. I used to work in the food industry buying ingredients and one of the products was a mixed vegetable pie which needed runner beans but nobody sold them frozen. I managed to source them from a company in France but the price was prohibitive so eventually they just stopped using them.
  6. Kansas would be a good example.
  7. Help us to clean Koh Samui beaches

    The incinerator is indicative of a larger problem while also providing a very bad example for people to follow.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khlong_Ngae_Railway_Station
  9. No idea on the train I'm afraid. It's been a couple of months since I really looked into the out-in issue but I believe it reverted to previous methods when the 2 land entries (visa exempt) per year rule was introduced. Even so I am quite sceptical at this news because a friend on a retirement visa has no issue a couple of weeks ago on a same day minibus trip from Samui to PanangBesar and another fella had to do the same thing on a work permit maybe 6 days ago but I don't know him very well. Something to do with having to do a bounce because he was not earning enough? Something like that.
  10. I understood it was only with regard to visa exempt entries
  11. Help us to clean Koh Samui beaches

    And I can't even report the post.
  12. Help us to clean Koh Samui beaches

    I say the whole concept is disgusting and am surprised (not these days) that TVF will allow such a thing to remain posted. How low will TV go to get their bucks? Well, at least this low and it is despicable to the extreme.
  13. Help us to clean Koh Samui beaches

    It's unbelievably stupid and offensive this thread. It's akin to charging 70 Baht for a burger but 80 baht if you want to eat it.
  14. Help us to clean Koh Samui beaches

    I've loved it her since '99 but it is so belligerent when it comes to anything environmental so to complain about so called farangs is actually intellectually offensive. Really gets my blood boiling because it shows just how inept the system is and rather that accept fault they just blame someone else... In this case it is farangs but it could be anyone else. No personal responsibility at all. Save face, save face, save, face. Like Yingluck a couple of years back where most people in the entire <ing> world knew she was a <word> but she believed she was saving face. Textbook narcissism