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  1. There's a place in Lamai called Dirk's pizza garden that has a very good reputation. I think he does (German chef) a huge BBQ one day during the week and a general buffet on a Sunday and they are both very reasonably priced along with being very good. Lot of residents and frequent holiday makers that I know have given sterling reviews and I trust them. Never been there myself but I have eaten his delivered pizza at various places around the Lamai area. El Dorado also in Lamai does an all you can eat BBQ on a Thursday for 400-500 Baht. No idea again but the restaurant has been there longer than I have and I've known the chef Noi for maybe 18 years. It'll be good in my opinion. Drinks included at a venue... Well... It's just a question of negotiating a price from the get go but if you go to a resort setting then you haven't a chance of changing it if it's not included in a huge ticket price.. If it's a small business then just offer a price and go as high as you are willing to go? Take what you want with you and pay for corkage maybe? Tell you what... I've been in Europe for a while but I'll be back very shortly. You tell me what you want and I'll give you a price on it myself. Hold on... let me go check TV rules..... https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/terms/ Oops. Send me a PM or something and I'll give you a heads up the next time I'm cooking in town. Every few weeks I take over a commercial kitchen and cook for a group of friends, for free. Done all sorts like a Chinese take-away served in foil trays and a brown paper bag to an Indian served on a banana leaf. Good fun. Anything left I package up and give it to local people to eat there and now of for breakfast.
  2. notmyself

    Is Samui rabies free?

    You are quite correct. I don't work and would not work for such a body. I've been here a while and have a good friend who happens to engage is such behaviour. I'm a guest here and act as such. I should add at this point I try not to get into ethical matters such as this but since I commented and you were kind enough to reply, I should respond. It's the 'doing what' in an effective manner that matters. Beside the human intervention in nature...unless you can control the system (closed system) it causes harm and suffering with no goal in mind. Yeah people don't think and such, so while they think sterilisation is good (it is) they don't think of why it is needed. Wouldn't it be great if even sterilisation wasn't needed! What does that mean? Idiots. Go on Google Earth journey or whatever it's called where you jump from place to place on Earth with uploaded pictures... Different animals but same data. Don't get me wrong, I know it is given as a noble gesture but with most every **** having close to the entire collective knowledge of mankind at their fingertips via a smartphone, there is no excuse. If someone wants to sit there with their thumb up their **** while ******* off to a picture of whatever then have at it horse. Your life and do what you want. It's all about a compromise between good and bad but don't object if I refuse to subject other animals to suffering just because I like one or a few, in particular. In Europe last week to see a friend and got this picture.
  3. notmyself

    Is Samui rabies free?

    They are doing because of love of dogs to such a degree that is causes suffering. Shall we go back to 2005-6 where a real plan was implemented and then abandoned because? …. putting a suffering dog down was un-Buddhist. Not my country and people are free to do what they wish but I would not donate a single Baht to groups who support the (same word) suffering of said animals. You small that stench up in the hills where the smell of dead animals is not covered by human activity? I personally find the activity of keeping animals for little more than entertainment to be disgusting. I heard something quite some years back that is on a unrelated subject but the logic (on topic) is exactly the same..... 'If I could stop a person from being raped then I would, that is the difference between me and your god'.
  4. Mine was on a Saturday too. 3bb are a business selling a product and I personally am more than happy with both the product and the service to support the product. If most other things I deal with were so easy I would have a better life. That being said... you do have to keep on top of them and always have a reference, date etc. Errr. Whatever system they use seems to be very efficient but, or so, you may have to guide them through it.
  5. Rule of acquisition #231; Always have a time or date. I've always loved 3bb because I very rarely have an issue and if I do it has always been solved the following day at worse. That being said, you do have to pressure them.
  6. Took 2 days for me but that was 10 months ago.
  7. notmyself

    Cheese for baking.

    You may find this link of use... https://www.finecooking.com/article/the-science-of-melting-cheese
  8. notmyself

    Cheese for baking.

    What they call American cheese or mozzarella would be the best bet along with a small amount of Parmesan for flavour. If you want to see if any particular cheese works then put some on a slice of bread and grill it (cheese on toast) and see how it separates.
  9. notmyself

    Cheese for baking.

    Or Cheshire.
  10. notmyself

    Time to rethink prostitution ban, say experts

    Yep... either way she is obviously corrupt.
  11. notmyself

    Time to rethink prostitution ban, say experts

    If a lady refuses money then I walk away because she has obviously been bought already... sold out.
  12. notmyself

    Party leaders promise economic reform

    How long have they already been in total charge again?
  13. He's avoiding the S******** that is going to go down after the mid-terms. Sort out huge tax breaks for the rich then back off and take anything bad as an occupational hazard … with half a billion in his pocket. Hubbard said that starting a religion would be a great way to make money and Trump said many years ago that if he did run for President, he would run as a Republican because they will believe anything.