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  1. Anyone know where I can get a teaspoon of caraway seeds from?
  2. Last time I passed, 'New hut' it was there and could see they still had a number of the old wooden A frame type huts.
  3. French bread and Tescos finest.

    .... information they would already have at hand due to EU regulations though new products certainly would have to be approved first. The only real issue would be where a particular product has an annual import quota limit (exceeded) and that that product is part of a larger consignment which would likely be the case with Tesco finest etc. ranges. You can bet your bottom Dollar that they are not shipping over a 40' container filled to the gills with a single 'specialist' product.
  4. French bread and Tescos finest.

    It's not that hard for a multinational who would have a department who only do this work. https://gain.fas.usda.gov/Recent GAIN Publications/Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative_Bangkok_Thailand_8-14-2009.pdf
  5. French bread and Tescos finest.

    Yes... doesn't seem to be any discernible pattern though it doesn't mean that one does not exist. Maybe it is just sending over treats for a limited market? Name recognition or some such? Very rare I buy anything but always have a look and occasionally see something and think 'oh cool' and get one just for old times sake. It's also the import duty which pumps the price up to a level where it's going to reduce the sales significantly. Take baked beans as an example (little bit off topic unless I mention beans on toast). You have Ayam brand which is ASEAN produced so duty free and Brooks along with SPC which are both Australian so covered by a separate low tariff trade agreement.
  6. French bread and Tescos finest.

    If you are heading back from Laos and happen to stop in BKK then it may pay to see what you can find there. There is or was a quite large supermarket close to the centre called 'world of food' or something like that who stock items that would generally be unavailable elsewhere such as UK manufactured chocolate rather than that made in Malaysia. I don't eat chocolate but many people have told me that it is not the same texture because of being made for a warmer climate.
  7. French bread and Tescos finest.

    Long ago I would bring over tea but stopped drinking it because I didn't like the milk. I figured I'd get used to it so persevered for a number of years before just giving up completely.
  8. French bread and Tescos finest.

    Makro have Twinings tea of as a recall Assam, Earl Grey, English breakfast and some kind of fruit or mint tea but are in bag form rather than loose leaf and a box of 25 costs a whopping 235 Baht. I imagine Samphet would have a selection but I've not been over there since before the immigration office moved. I've a friend who needs a few things so will go along with her on Wednesday and let you know
  9. French bread and Tescos finest.

    I serve them within 4-5 hours. [edit] Sorry, that is so dismissive of me. To do that you need to control not only the temperature but also the humidity and that is not easy even in a confined space.
  10. French bread and Tescos finest.

    No question though it is the type of bread rather than the country. The business after the bridge don't bake their baguettes to order but they do bake to stock level. If you keep it cool and in a damp environment (cover in a wet cloth) then the dough will keep way way longer than after it is baked.... certainly until the following morning. Problem in this part of the world is that the only way to keep it cool is by using aircon which extracts moisture at an alarming rate but the balance can be managed. If cooking in town somewhere and need 20-30 baguettes then I'll pre-order and get them made as the (or part of) last bake of the day.
  11. French bread and Tescos finest.

    That's the place whose name escaped me. They don't have a huge selection of breads but what they do have is all very well made. There is also an Italian bakery on the opposite side to La Fabrique who bake very good breads.
  12. French bread and Tescos finest.

    Very close to the Lamai temple is La Fabrique (Address: 105/1 Moo 6, Ban Lamai, Ko Samui 84310 Phone: +66 93 601 1770) offer a good selection of various cakes and breads though I prefer another bakery which is around 500m further away (same side of road) whose name escapes me. Has a blue and red flashing beacon outside.
  13. Durian fruiting on Samui?

    Likely from Malaysia.