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  1. notmyself

    Frying french fries fast

    I was joking going to ask in my previous post if you were a secret sponsor not paying TV to advertise. Will likely be a franchise, as you say. I wonder where they get their potatoes from.
  2. notmyself

    Frying french fries fast

    Some hungry people out there lol
  3. notmyself

    Frying french fries fast

    Keeping them crispy was spoken about here These (as in what is found in Makro etc) type of frozen fries are almost totally cooked so the last fry is just heating them up and creating a crisp finish. After they are chipped they get immersed in an oily liquid with various flavours before being coated in sugar of some kind and then fried and flash frozen. All that is required is to fry them with the only variables being in what oil, how long for and at what temperature. Any oil you have mentioned will do and not really affect the outcome. How long depend on heat penetration which for frozen shoestring fries should be 2.5 - 3.5 minutes. Temperature should be between 170-180C and you need to be careful to keep the oil pretty close to that range because if it goes too low the fries absorb the oil and get leathery. If it gets too hot then the fries just massively overcook on the outside which gets chewy. Appliance integral thermometers are notoriously unreliable so maybe check with a kitchen thermometer? If that doesn't work then it's the product itself so try another product. Try out a couple and give them away for free one day to see which people prefer? Might be worth a punt and if the missus puts it down to market research it could be tax deductible. To keep them crispy (in addition to above link) means keeping them away from moisture both in the atmosphere and the steam they will be emanating after being deep fried. Using a wire rack helps with the steam and something like an oven suspended over a few coals will give a dry and warm environment. Something about fries in general. Fries are a huge market with huge investment yet you still often have to wait for fries in a KFC or McDonalds. Even they, with all their backing, can't keep fries crispy for long.
  4. notmyself

    Frying french fries fast

    I wrote lots last evening but managed to lose it all.... here we go again. I researched chips a few years back for a friend with a stall at the local market. She wanted to do pretty much the same as your partner though obviously in a static environment which makes it easier. Anyway. Most of the potatoes found here have a very high water content which needs to be reduced and the best way I found was to steam the potatoes whole, and in the skin before cooling them for 24 hours in an airconned room. This helps maintain the structure while also slowing down the blackening. It also allows the spud to be peeled by hand meaning you throw away less of the flesh. What else? Take care of them because bruising can be an issue and avoid cooling to below 5C because both can cause blackening. Errr. Only hand peeling the skin leaves more of the cortex which contains much of the flavour and is why baked potato skins taste so yummy. Using the method/s suggested by member KittenKong along with above will make smashing chips but is there a market for them? Seems to me that most SE Asians prefer the shoestring type fries as found in KFC or McDonald's. On another note... I drive a saleng myself and wouldn't fancy sitting next to a pan of heated oil. TiT
  5. notmyself

    Frying french fries fast

    Yep and you also get a better result when the potatoes have a high water content like most found in Thailand. When dump all the fancy words and can't do this and can't do that, you realize it is just an example of food preparation. Take rice as another example which is almost always parboiled rice. Is it precooked or simply prepared?
  6. Not really so sparse but they are expensive. If the cost is down to high prices for airfreight then fine but if local ingredients are used along with generic curry pastes then not. Most just serve 'tourist food' but you do have some that are authentic so you need to go in and ask. Go ask who is in charge and have a chat with them. For the most part, when they see that you know Thai food as in the general article they will make pretty much anything you like for a negotiated price. Find out where the chef is from and order accordingly... aim for Isan food if that is where they are from. Was in an Indian on Samui a few years back with a number of friends. Waiter handed out menus and brought a couple of drinks. When he later returned to take the food order he asked if I was English. Why, I asked. I saw you never opened the menu because you already know what is in there and if it's not then we can and will make it for you. Only English people do that. Very funny I thought.
  7. notmyself

    Anyone tried this Salami product?

    80/20 soi Ekamai 22, Sukhumvit 63, Klongton Nua, Wattana Bangkok, Thailand. http://vivinmaison.com/about/
  8. notmyself

    Mental hopsitals

    Aside from this topic being somewhat disrespectful to those suffering from mental issue.... You don't want to be going into any establishment of this type because the kingdom has a very rocky history involving treatment of patrons.
  9. notmyself

    Keeping french fries warm

    Wire in an inverter maybe? Doubt a standard m'bike battery could supply enough which would mean using a car battery that requires recharging every night. Seems somewhat excessive just to sell some chips though. Old veg oil can over some coals to act as an oven perhaps.
  10. notmyself

    Outrage as Malaysian man, 41, marries Thai girl, 11

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-44709556 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarthyism And from the same quote posted above... Bigotry exists as part of our nature, it will not be eradicated and so we live with it in full knowledge but within narrow constraints while also trying to better ourselves. Religion, with veto in hand, comes to us (humanity) in an ingratiating tone asking or rather expecting to be treated with more compassion than others. No, go stand in line with everybody else. If that doesn't work the 'veto' is played which is used to 'spam' people so often that they forget to look in their spam filter from time to time. It worked with the topic subject as far as I've seen. Authorities got involved and said he had to legally marry the child or else... while not defining what or else means.
  11. notmyself

    Fish with crispy crumb coating?

    Related to fresh and frozen.... On the picture above you will see 'chicken Kiev, mash and peas' (which could also be fries or real chips) B220. The Kiev is also made to order using a whole chicken breast which is stuffed with frozen home made garlic butter (not marg or some such), paned with panko breadcrumbs and deep fried before finishing in the oven. Takes 25-30 minutes but she sells loads allowing her to always have fresh chicken breasts at hand, unlike fish. Nothing goes out of HER kitchen without her approval which was or maybe could have been an issue when I basically said I'm using you kitchen 10 days from now having only met 2 or 3 times in passing. I don't go out much and am not known personally by many people but I have been here since '99 and so my name is well known. At the start I kept it very British to keep with the ethos and then went to a traditional Chinese take-away served in foil trays in a brown paper take away bag. She trusted my judgement by then but couldn't figure out why I was serving it as a take-away if people were staying. [special fried rice, prawn foo young, chicken chow mein, deep fried pork balls in my sweet and sour sauce, mixed veg in oyster sauce and one other which I forget] ahhh [chicken with cashew nuts]. Next time I done an Indian with the same attention to detail though served on banana leaves. No picture of the Indian at hand but everything was made from fresh and not frozen. Some things can be frozen so perhaps I'm a little anal but once you freeze fish it is like I said earlier.. some are least worse then others. [edit]
  12. notmyself

    Outrage as Malaysian man, 41, marries Thai girl, 11

    Nothing of any real worth will result as religion, which in this case is Islam, has a veto on it along with just claiming Islamophobia at any and all criticism in exactly the same way the state of Israel cry wolf (anti-Semitism) all the time. The action or rather inaction of Malaysia in this particular case, with not be unusual.
  13. notmyself

    Fish with crispy crumb coating?

    lol It doesn't work full stop though it has to be said that some are less worse than others if you know what I mean. Much depends on how the fish is frozen (blast freezer) and the type of fish as some, such as Basa, loses almost all of its integrity and turns out as a fish sludge. It should also be said or noted that some people like it and thus there is a demand. My friend Sow who has a restaurant on Samui serving only 'British' food refuses to serve it but if you order fish the previous day then she will make it fresh for you. It has the potential to be a good earner because fish is cheap on the island but it also has a short shelf life causing wastage. Cares about her food does Sow to the point where if you want chips (alone or with something) then you have the choice of frozen fries or fresh chips which are peeled, cut and fried to order. Impressive which is why I use her restaurant, kitchen and staff when I host a dinner party for 20-30 people every few weeks. She doesn't make anything on the food and nor do I because it's all free but she does sell a good few beers etc. and it's also on a Thursday which would otherwise be a quiet night.
  14. notmyself

    Fish with crispy crumb coating?

    Awful huh.
  15. notmyself

    knife repair

    Can do it yourself.