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  1. Never liked Merkel and this is a perfect example of why. Now you've had your little temper tantrum and stamped your feet maybe you should sit down and have a lolly. Wilfully ignorant, arrogant and condescending along with being intrinsically foolish. There is something called 'no <word> Sherlock syndrome' which is akin to the phrase 'can't see the wood for the trees'. She can't see why the UK decided to leave the EU and I know this because otherwise she would see just how devoid of reason and logic the statement (quoted) is. To be fair she is not alone in this as most of the other members of this <word>ty little unrepresentative body of useless biomass feel the same..... He might want to sit down on the same bench as Merkle and have a lolly too They just don't get it for some reason, why the UK voted to leave the EU. I'm not surprised to be honest as they didn't get why countries such as the Netherlands and France strongly rejected the EU constitution. The same constitution that was renamed the Lisbon treaty (after being run through a spell checker) and then imposed on people without a vote. I don't know who the <word> these people think they are but they need to wind their necks in. One thing I do know is that they believe is that EU citizens work for them and not that they actually work for the citizens. The word Muppets springs to mind.
  2. It's always good to scroll down a little to see if it has been mentioned before. People need to remember that the site has been sold so the ethos has changed as it has changed many times. Many many years ago the ethos of this site was to help other people who happened to be here in the Kingdom or passing through and that ethos of help has changed to service. My birthday next week so will get a hotel room in town (might get it for free as I'll be 50) and they know to never approach me... leave me alone. They know because of personal knowledge so what do we find now on TV? TV sold out years ago (2006?) but always kept a modicum of personal responsibility until present. It's all about extracting as much money as possible for the lowest outlay now........ it is. Worst front end on a forum of this size which I shall check... 4000 total online in the last hour. Yep. Dunno where these new owners got this software from but it is crap and actually isolates people. Long time member.... remember when it was introduced etc. ...... At some stage (I was in the UK at the time so August last year? While all these 'this isn't working' and 'this is the wrong place' things were going on, I thought, if they can (I was doubtful) get this running then what does it mean? I'd say the new software is reflective of the new owners in that it is so very very impersonal.
  3. I remember you asking about internet which turns out to be some 4 years ago.,,,, did you ever use wifi on the can? As for throttling... 3BB does seem to have a dip from time to time between the hours of 00:00 and 02:00 by somewhere in the region of 10-15% which is essentially nothing for most users. If I wished to I could still stream HD. Tell you what mate.... we all use service providers for all manner of things and if they were all as efficient as 3BB then my life would be so so so so much easier. I could go off on one here but I don't want someone to article 44 my sorry posterior.
  4. Which is the crux on the entire argument. To a large extent the EU forced the hand of the British over one single issue... sovereignty. All this supposed xenophobic nonsense pilled onto the backs of UK people is just that, nonsense. The EU will likely disintegrate after the UK leaves but by that I mean in its present form. I voted Brexit because I'm unwilling to be told what to do by a bunch of unelected people whole sole purpose is to look busy and pass legislation for no rational reason in an effort to look, as said, busy. I'm sick of these pro EU stalwarts who said nothing when the Lisbon Treaty was foistered on people yet bitch when down the line people complain.
  5. You sit........ your read........ you think........ then you <deleted>.
  6. Good service huh Jim?. I've been with 3BB since '09 and don't actually remember the last time I had an issue. When they installed it they put the cable low to the ground , I told the fella to put it up higher because otherwise the dogs will have it. Over the next year or so I had to call them out to fix it maybe 5-6 times and they would generally turn up within hours of the call. In the end one chap just moved the cable above the window rather than below it and I've not had one single problem since then. 4 years..... maybe 5. I'm on the same package as you and find it to be what I pay for and stable as Hell. I don't know what my 'net usage is but it must be over 1TB as torrents alone account for 650-700 GB a month.
  7. Very interesting and thank you for the post. I'm British, we do effectively offer this service and it costs a shedload. Really good at saving lives but bad at getting paid for doing it. The health sector generates a good income for the UK but you are always going to have a percentage who don't pay so you factor that into the business model. Think about what that means in a social construct insofar that many of the people couldn't pay, rather than being unwilling to pay. Universal health care in a True sense of the word universal.......... People here on holiday would be insured through their credit card anyway wouldn't they?
  8. Thus creating a den of iniquity.
  9. No money in it mate. I'd like to know who these people are... tourists or ex pats or what?
  10. That would depend on the data. I worked for myself and would include relative risk in the price.
  11. Another word for taxation.... You wouldn't happen to be a Republican by any chance?
  12. I'll give it a crack. My Dear Sir, what are you on about. If anyone manages to make it to UK hospital in a state of disrepair then they are treated. Are you American?