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  1. It was given last December 12th apparently. Not heard that news. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/julian-assange-ecuador-citizenship-citizen-naturalised-london-embassy-wikileaks-asylum-uk-sweden-a8153986.html
  2. Just pointing out the timeline. Never said it made sense!
  3. Somebody mentioned it on the first page.... full diplomatic immunity only comes into effect when re-entering the country. That is why the UK said no.
  4. He was given political asylum but not citizenship. When the UK said they would not recognise it they gave him citizenship anyway.
  5. Some interesting comments. Doesn't seem like a clever move to me. The embassy has been under surveillance for years but a after so long things becomes lax and an opportunity may open to be able to run for hills. After this announcement I expect surveillance will be stepped up.
  6. Christmas in the tropics

    Is there snow in Jerusalem at this time of year?
  7. I told her to just give me a kiddies size and she knows I don't eat large volumes so she gave me this. Should have taken a picture of one of the other plates as I took a few friends with me. English guy and his missus who never have any money and her friend who is down from Isan for a week or so. Neither of the ladies had eaten turkey before. Sow gave me some lamb and some beef and she was still doing all proteins and she brought out a separate gravy for me because I was having dark meat. Making two large pots of gravy is dedication and attention to detail. I use her restaurant every so often when I'm making dinner for a group of friends and she acts as my sous chef. I get her to do the presentation too so I'm going to push her this Thursday as I'm doing a full on Indian and I want it served on a banana leaf, not a plate. Was in Penang last week so picked up the bits I needed for a chicken biryani, fresh veg curry, masala shrimp and a few more sides, poppadums and naan. This is table service... silver service. Small place Lamai and she will know that I have hired someone from outside which would not be unusual to serve it, but have not told her. Just playing games. No way is she not serving the food that comes out of her kitchen and her restaurant.
  8. lol You were lucky to get it for 200 as it's generally 300 minimum charge. I actually switched to this forum just now because I watched a new item on Uber and their business model. Interesting. It's Christmas so lets talk about taxis while I sip on a Sam Song Coke zero with ice. It's quite easy really because it's all down to over supply. There is not enough (nowhere near enough really) demand so the drivers have no choice other than to not use the meters and even then they are barely breaking even. Too many people sipping from the water bottle so everyone is thirsty. I imagine people have heard of 'papering over the cracks' and this is an example. Until the over supply is addressed, every action taken is doing just that. So why are steps not taken to solve it? If you force the taxis to use the meter then the drivers would not have enough to live on and politically that would not go down well. Well that's one answer but another is that the powers that be may be generating income by way of kickbacks so you would be shooting yourself in the foot by taking action. It's quite funny actually because that IS exactly what is needed. You would achieve equilibrium by way of attrition. Good luck on that one. I'll carry on for the same reason as before. Taxi business model lol .. I've never worked in Thailand and I certainly wouldn't want to as the most of the entities I'd have to deal with are corrupt and dishonourable.... to be fair... I'm from London so I can live with that but they are also hopeless or inept, take your pick. I couldn't be doing with that. Hard enough going to immigration (I hate that trip) where you have to talk to some gormless Gollumesque character dressed in a uniform that always seems a little small. It's like having to go visit Medusa... don't look into their eyes mate.
  9. First time I tried her roast was as a take out that a Swedish guy got me. Was so impressed that I went down after eating and thanked her. Nice lady and we have become good friends. Usual price is 360-400 but she says it will have to be 600 because turkey is so expensive this year.
  10. Some idea of the area would be good but anyway. My friend Sow is doing xmas dinner on the 25th and can tell you she is a damn good cook. Spoke to her last night while out doing laundry and what not... she was bitching about how much turkeys cost this year. UK style you want? Her husband of 12 years is British and her restaurant only serves 'British food'... there is no Thai option and she doesn't even serve rice with any dish. Lasagne chips and salad... scampi (shrimp but home made) and chips... pie and mash.,, lamb chops - pork chops and whatever. It's all very well having that on the menu but whose making it? Who is actually making it? She does and she don't play no games. She does a Sunday roast every week of lamb, chicken, pork and beef and sells 60 or so with a lot of take outs as the restaurant only seats 18, or 24 if you include the bar area. Place is called Codwhoppa, is located in Lamai and that would be my recommendation
  11. I voted leave (postal vote). None of the remainers should be working on this issue and of that I have no doubt. DC had some scruples, I'll give him that, but May doesn't have any at all and will hand over any benefits we could make to other corporate whores. Brexit means Brexit she said. really? What happened with EU law and its relation to UK law at the beginning of April? Given the choice again I would vote remain, not because I think it's a good idea but because I don't want to get mugged. Over the years I've had to deal with a huge number of businesses on a personal level i.e. who's in charge. Met a lot of interesting people ....focussed, driven, hark working.... sometimes you come across one and think who the **** put you in charge. Enter stage left Ms. May.
  12. Penang Consulate

    From what I've been told (going there in 2 weeks) you need to throw in the occasional visa from your home country.