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  1. The Greatest hits of Enigma 1990-2010 In A Join Mix
  2. 1 hour chillout relaxation meditation music mix by Daniel Eder
  3. Danny Glass says he has not been charged with reckless driving and has contacted the Thai police and the British Embassy and they also are not aware of any charges of reckless driving.
  4. Two hours ago on Sun Fruit Dan youtube account Danny Glass posted this video:- He says he is not aware of any charges being brought against him. Neither do the British Embassy. What is going on? Fake news?
  5. Nonsense. In any area where there are violent air updrafts that air must also come down. In hilly terrain there will be some tornados every now and then. I was born in a town in western Massachusetts and last year there was the first ever small twister seen there. Again hilly terrain. The hilly terrain cause masses of air to be pushed up to go over the hilly area. And due to gravity that same mass of air will fall and on the way down it may be concentrated in a spinning blob, and cause a tornado by gaining speed as it descends This happens all over the world. Some places it is more common then others, but there is nowhere in the world which does not obey the same weather rules. Nonsensical. We're adding energy to the atmosphere by trapping heat with greenhouse gases, and tornadoes are the very picture of terrifying atmospheric energy. Linking any particular weather event to climate change is always tricky, because weather is inherently random. But weather patterns can speak to a warming planet.
  6. Two female passenger's. Wonder who they were or where this policeman had picked them up from? Could they be working girls, bet he was getting a free ride there also. Now you know why some people back in Blighty call police by the word "Filth". "Had the filth round today. Nicked a tank full of petrol, dirty, filthy, pig"
  7. Global Warming has changed Thailand's weather. Expect more of the same.
  8. Just shoot the crocodiles. Skin them and barbeque the meat. What's wrong with these villagers?