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  1. What a strange question? Hmm? There is only one way to answer the question. You'd obviously be very angry and maybe use violence on the guy.
  2. The Yaka Hotel A.K.A Baan Tulip https://www.traveloka.com/en-th/hotel/thailand/yaka-hotel-1000000460614
  3. 'Elvis Presley: The Searcher" The new documentary "Elvis Presley: The Searcher", a three-hour, two-film presentation focusing on 'Elvis Presley' from his childhood to his final 1976 'Jungle Room' recording sessions.
  4. Nick O'Brien is the hard-drinking leader of the Regulators, an elite unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Ray Merrimen is the recently paroled leader of the Outlaws, a gang of ex-military men who use their expertise and tactical skills to evade the law. O'Brien, Merrimen and their crews soon find themselves on a direct collision course as the criminals hatch an elaborate plan for a seemingly impossible heist -- the city's Federal Reserve Bank.
  5. Wait for a good copy to come out! Or go to the cinema and watch it! I have seen about 30 minutes of this and it looks really good.
  6. Anyone been watching this? I saw season 1 and 2. The first season was excellent but the second not so good.
  7. In the video the Surasuk was blocking the American with his arm. The American said something like "Excuse me" why are you blocking me and after a long flight was all het up and had had enough. Judo threw him Putin style to the ground. He's then in a room being interview by 3 hardened Army boys listening to some wet drip Muslim woman talking to them both like naughty school kids. Absolute Southern fairy nonsense by the authorities. Well done to the American! As for you lot, you've all gone full Thai. What a shock you'd all have on a night out on the p1ss in the Jolly U.K up North that is. You'd be sucking your thumb and shouting for your mummy, wet blankets.
  8. Yes, but this is an expat forum, of course we would be more interested if the bus was carrying tourists. Why state the obvious, as for human lives lost, of course people care, come on why do you think we don't? R.I.P
  9. He enjoys criticizing Thailand, just Thailand as he said nothing on his facebook about animal cruelty when he visited Cambodia. Every country has animal cruelty, why doesn't he concentrate his efforts on stamping this out in the U.K before bringing world attention to Thailand's problems.