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  1. Did you ever here of the phrase "If you've got nothing good to say, then say nothing at all" Karma Chameleon.
  2. A true patriot. Bravo. Of course the poor, famished, peasants should sacrifice their infrastructure for the good of the armed forces. Just think when that rice has been harvested the low society folk can make loa cow out of it. Chin up citizens of the elite. Servants of the state. Herr leader is proud of you.
  3. Thai's stealing from Thai's isn't going to improve the country's economy only the personal bank accounts of some. Foreign money is what Thailand needs. What is the PM up to? He shan't get my vote in 2018.
  4. Old Mcprayuth had a farm, E,i,e,i,o And on that farm he had some peasent workers, E,i,e,i,o With 30 baht healthcare, Poor education and welfare, Old McPrayuth worked his charm, E,i,e,i,o One nation's future in his palm, E,i,e,i,o WIth his rule of fear, And his ban on beer, Old McPrayuth is now calm, E,i,e,i,o Attitude adjustment can cause harm, E,i,e,i,o Complete control he brought this man WIth soldiers and tanks, And heavy police ranks, Old McPrayuth rules the farm, E,i,e,i,o If you like facebook he'll stab you in the arm, Borrows billions from the Chinese land, Spends the national budget, causing no alarm E, i, e, i, o
  5. Two hour old news report from a British broad sheet newspaper. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/elise-dallemagne-latest-updates-thailand-koh-tao-police-cctv-image-belgium-backpacker-dead-murder-a7830596.html
  6. Well there you go I though he had decompression sickness when in FACT he died of a blood disorder, sepsis.
  7. To try and explain, if you watch this video it is mainly points of view rather than fact. People listen to these views and not the facts. Just like gossip, it's just talking about something with your own ideas and conclusions without the facts. Most of the assumptions that are made are told to the viewers but the viewer might think these are facts. So when writing an article for the news, the reporter must only report the facts. When commenting on a forum or blog the person can then add their points of view, ideas and assumptions. So is the Samui Times wrong in labeling koh Tao as death island? Not if you read their article properly. A.k.a 'death island' is stating that some people refer to Ko Tao as death island.