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  1. zeekgarcia

    Hernia repair

    if you had this done in Chiang Mai, which hospital and what doctor did you use?
  2. zeekgarcia

    Hernia repair

    Can you find out the details of your friend's operation, if it was open or laparoscopic and if he had mesh put in? Thanks
  3. Recommendation wanted for Hernia Surgeon, Thanks
  4. zeekgarcia

    Food allergy testing, where?

    Where to get food allergy testing done? Thanks
  5. zeekgarcia

    What was your biggest medical bill and why?

    If you would you rate your hernia repair as a success who was your doctor? And how long did you have to wait to get the repair done? And any other info you can share here or PM will be great. Thanks
  6. zeekgarcia

    Which Gov't hospital to repair hernia ?

    Can you recommend a surgeon in Chiang Mai for hernia repair? Do you know which government hospital is best for hernia repairs? Are there any other hospitals with similar cost to a government hospital that would be better to use? Thanks so much
  7. Hernia doctor recommendation wanted + cost of surgery and at what hospital did you use and does your doctor have their own clinic? Thanks
  8. Looking for someone near Koolpuntville 9 that can repair some wooden cabinet doors in our kitchen. Can these wooden doors to the standard Thai concrete counters in kitchens be refinished? It looks like the finished side of the wooden door was somehow attached to the wooden door. Or where could I buy these wood cabinet doors for Thai concrete counters and about how much would they cost? Also where can I buy the door knobs as one is broken, as you can see in the picture.
  9. Looking for good Car audio shop with reasonable prices.
  10. zeekgarcia

    Android car radio/dvd player recommendations

    Already have a factory dvd player with monitor for the passengers but it doesn't work like it should and have been told that its not worth fixing since its already about 8 years old.
  11. Can anyone recommend an Android car radio/dvd player?
  12. zeekgarcia

    where to get a gold ring size increased?

    US gold
  13. zeekgarcia

    How to get patchy lawn to grow?

    i tried to message you about another topic but TV is saying you cannot receive messages. Can you check your settings. Sorry for interrupting this topic.
  14. Best Android Box for less than 6,000 baht???????
  15. where to get a gold ring size increased?