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  1. Retirement visa

    I am sorry Mattd but using the correct terminology is in no way pedantic. Using the incorrect terminology is often misleading to many people and can and does lead to unending confusion. There is no Retirement VISA there is only, when talking about retirement, a retirement extension, nothing more, and it is not an extension of a visa which cannot be extended.
  2. Retirement visa

    There is no such thing as a retirement Visa of any kind. I can never get my head round why people like you, and many others, when given clear knowledgeable advice from people who know what they are talking about ( ubonjoe ) you just completely ignore it and keep making stupid statements that are blatantly incorrect.
  3. Phone from Lazada

    I suppose you could buy a manly colour cover for it lol.
  4. Phone from Lazada

    Neernam I don't know if it is relevant or not but that price for the S8+ at Lazada is almost exactly what most shops are charging for the S8 minus the plus??
  5. If anything perhaps I should have added for the better.
  6. Does Anyone know

    What are you trying to say? The sale of alcohol is banned everywhere on the 26th. Bars and liquor stores included, Nothing discretionary about it.
  7. More blah blah blah Jack it is what it is and it is not going to change because a few visa dodgers don't have the wherewithall to get the correct visa for their purpose of stay and think they are hard done by. Give us all. and yourself, a break Jack. What is it you don't understand about " it is their country and therefore their rules " written or unwritten?
  8. Does Anyone know

    As things stand today there has been no official government notice requiring any businesses to close on the 26th but as a mark of respect My wife, and I suspect many Thais, will be closing her/their business on the 26th to honour the memory of the late King. Some businesses where we are have closed today to mark the anniversary of his death. So as they say in Thailand up to you.
  9. If what you say were true Jack people with a history of multiple exempt/tourist visa entries would not be having the problems they are would they?, because they do not have the appropriate visa for there stay in Thailand they are being taken aside at immigration and quizzed on the reason for their frequent use of tourist/exempt entries. BTW Jack where can I find these RED ( rouge ) IOs? perhaps you mean rogue? It is their country Jack and whether you like it or not they can use any rules they see fit, you, or anyone else is not going to change that and the sooner you take that on board the less grief you will give yourself, and everyone else.
  10. "creating a sense of fear, uncertainty, and doubt hanging over Thai tourists." Genuine tourists have absolutely nothing to fear it is the correct visa dodgers who need to fear, no one else. If anyone wishes to stay long term in Thailand get the appropriate visa and you will have no problems, simple as that.
  11. It is for tourists Jack, but for long stay the correct visa would be Thailand elite or something along those lines If they cannot afford it it is not the fault of the Thai government but it is the rules, and they are not flexible because of age.
  12. Jack for goodness sake the guy is asking whether he will be Ok visiting Thailand on visa exempt entries several times in one year but you take it as an opportunity to jump on your ever boring soapbox and spout your nonsense on the Thai immigration system, when will you learn this is Thailand and they make the rules and certainly will not be changing them any time soon no matter how much you go on, and on. and on.
  13. You and your friend sound legit, I don't know, but unfortunately too many correct visa dodgers have caused the immigration system to go to high alert to catch those that are staying/working long term in Thailand on tourist visa/exempt entries and trying to fly under the radar, these are the people responsible for the problems you and your friend are having now, and may have in the future. It is always the would be smart Alecs' that cause problems for the ordinary person doing the right thing.
  14. This has been a requirement at Phuket immigration for at least the last 2 years, not new.
  15. The op is about whether Patong imm. office is open or not, not about inane pointless questions?