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  1. Jim the documents required for your first and any subsequent retirement extensions is exactly the same , but be sure to check for any additional requirements that immigration may have come up with in the year since your last application. The only thing different is the seasoning for the money in the bank, it is 60 days on your initial extension and 90 day on all extension renewals after that. This difference does not in any way affect the required documentation for any extension. I am not 100% sure but I believe some I.Offices will accept applications up to 45 days early but I don't know which ones. You can also wait until the last day of your current extension is you like life on the edge.
  2. Jim the requirements for renewing your one year extension of your permission to stay on the grounds of retirement ( it is NOT a VISA. ) are exactly the same as the requirements for your initial application which is also not a visa. So just retain all the paperwork from your initial application and you will be good for any subsequent renewals.
  3. I'm sorry , if you think Makro do not provide plastic bags then you do not use Makro very often or are decidedly unobservant. All of the locals and many expats, including myself, go straight to the veggie/fruit section to pick up as many of the large plastic bags that they think they may need and pack their purchases in them at the check out. Have a look around you if you ever actually use Makro? It is not a plastic bag issue it is a litter awareness education issue.
  4. Refuse to Cook, Seek X-Mas Day Buffet in N Phuket

    Guess you'll be havng a bleak Xmas dinner 555.
  5. My account is SCB Phuket branch Jim.
  6. Some of the more aware supermarkets are already using biodegradable plastic bags.
  7. You are both correct this is not a plastic bag problem it is a litter awareness problem.
  8. http://www.allaboutbags.ca/papervplastic.html This is just one of many websites that dispell your myth.
  9. The difference in cost, and to the environment, of paper versus plastic bags is enormous, look it up you will be surprised.
  10. Jim you don't appear to have a grasp of either the procedures or the terminology. Uj has given you all the relevant info you will need but you seem to be adopting your own interpretation of things. After your initial 30 day entry you will apply for a non 'O' 90 day visa, not a 90 day extension. then during that 90 days you can apply for an extension of your permission to stay on the grounds of retirement, more commonly referred to as a retirement extension, it is NOT a visa, there is no such thing as a retirement visa and visas cannot be extended. Once you have obtained your initial retirement extension you can re-new you extension year after year using the same procedure as you did for your first one, it really is that simple.
  11. I have been using an FCD account in GBP for my retirement extension at Phuket office for the last 9 years no problem.
  12. Ignore lists -what's the average?

    What an inane comment to make, but it does indicate what kind of person you are and how feeble your intellect must be to have to ignore someone you are unable to deal with verbally on an anonymous forum, strange really.
  13. Ignore lists -what's the average?

    None, If I put someone on an ignore list I would consider that a failure on my part.
  14. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    I too have gone nowhere since 2011 and also do not know why they are asking for this now, the io just said next report I would need a new certificate of residence????
  15. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Sorry all this thread is actually about doing 90 day reports at Phuket immigration , not about online 90 ,day reporting which is I know a pain for many but there are also umpteen threads on the subject, so can you please use any one of them, thanks I did my 90 day at Phuket immigration today, must have been the fastest one ever in and out in less than 2 minutes I kid you not. No paperwork required just my passport. I was informed that I would be required to submit a fresh document for certificate of residence on my next visit and issued with a slip of paper with the necessary instruction on how to do this.