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  1. Right enough marriage and divorce is unique to Thailand. Get real.
  2. What utter rubbish, 99% of the people who come to make a life in Thailand to retire or for other reasons have little or no problems whatsoever, I suspect you must have had some bad or poor experience in your 31 years, possibly with some girl? , but hey you're still here and you keep right on coming back................. Don't you?
  3. CAT stuck a device on the wall.

    I'll tell the wifes landlady to get her crowbar out then. She looks about 70+ so it should be interesting.
  4. CAT stuck a device on the wall.

    That was one of my first thoughts also Crossy, no wires, no solar cells, batteries don't last long in this heat and I doubt if anyone will be rushing to check or replace them......................, once the envelopes are in the right hands of course.
  5. CAT stuck a device on the wall.

    Having read what I can on the subject I have found nothing to substantiate such a belief, but as everything I have been able to find is really sketchy on specifics who knows??
  6. CAT stuck a device on the wall.

    Thanks Crossy, unfortunately the guys who came were in CAT jackets and told the missus, as far as I can gather, that it was like google maps or some such locator device, and she said OK. After reading what I can find, and your link, I am not really sure if it is good or bad or neither? I really don't know what to make of it?? Is what they are saying true or is there some other motive for this device?? I don't know............
  7. CAT stuck a device on the wall.

    This thing has appeared on the wall outside my wife's shop, anyone have any idea what it is?
  8. Immigration Volunteers make life easier

    Well either the training is abysmally poor or the volunteers don't learn too well or are extremely dim??
  9. Immigration Volunteers make life easier

    I don't entirely agree with the op I suspect he is a budding volunteer lol. Volunteers are for the most part helpful for tourists and the like but little more than a hindrance to long term expats doing their umpteenth retirement/marriage extension. Thankfully they have to a degree separated these tasks at Phuket. In the past I often shuddered when I heard some of the completely wrong advice being proffered by, often, long term volunteers. Many of them have at best a sketchy knowledge of the immigration regulations sadly, not entirely their fault as I don't think volunteering involves much in the way of training?? Now if we could just get a 90 day dedicated desk/room life would be much improved.
  10. 800k but not from overseas

    For an extension the money has to be in a Thai bank for the requisite time, it does not have to be in Baht it can be the equivalent amount in a Foreign Currency Deposit account but it has to be in a Thai bank.
  11. This is the guy you already quoted, no money no onward ticket and multiple tourist, exempt entries for 3-4 years, what did he expect? Another case of abusing tourist/exempt entries nothing more.
  12. I honestly have no idea Baz but all I can think of is that it is proof that you had the original visa required to give you the eligibility to enable you to apply for the initial extension?? The original non 0 is already used the moment you enter the country with it. When I obtained my new passport they transferred my original, 8 year old non O into my new one. That is all I can come up with Baz.
  13. You will require all the same docs you needed for your last extension of your permission to stay on the grounds of retirement your original non 0 no longer is valid and has nothing to do with any extension any more. You can if you wish do your renewal early on the 1st Nov. with your 90 day or you can do it anytime up to 30 days before the 28th, or you can do your 90 day when due and your extension when due, they are not connected.
  14. I totally support everything you say and more, I have had many a great time with ladies that many would consider of dubious character but I have always found them, with the occasional exception, to be good honest fun and enjoyed every minute that I have had the good fortune to spend with all of them. The fact that I did not marry one was purely circumstance rather than choice. I was unfortunately responding to an unsavoury comment by another poster who implied that being married to a hooker was something to be ashamed of which is not something I agree with. There was no offence intended, especially to hookers, in my post.
  15. They have always required maps, pics in and around the house for marriage extensions, and always been strict seasoning rules for the 800k and there is no 30 day under consideration stamp for retirement extensions you are talking utter piffle. Come back when you have the slightest idea what you are talking about.............