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  1. Actually it was often said to have meant Rough Engineering Made Easy in my day. And for those who don't know it actually stands for the Corp of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the British Army.
  2. You need to read the recent thread in this forum " Loud Neighbours What to do? " before you rent.
  3. Sorry Frank your op is not possible. Something that does not exist cannot expire.....................
  4. I see. You didn't spend any money or much time but think about someone who has to make 2 or 3 or even 500 km round trip to get to his required immigration office only to find the info he gleaned from you and people like you wasn't quite correct and had to return home that day and re-do all his paperwork and make the same long and expensive trip to his nearest immigration office . How would you feel about that villa? When you use the incorrect term marriage VISA it is not a problem for me and others who understand that the selfish thickos on TV could not give a toss about anyone but themselves and their massive egos, but it can, and often is, quite a problem for people who DON'T know and NEED to find out. Unfortunately some people are not as clever as you ( think you are ) or perhaps as well educated. So please don't try to be a smart a$$ because you are not and some people do give a ****!
  5. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You. Just when you think all is lost a little bit of sanity/common sense shines through, you Sir/Madam have made my day.
  6. The pole behind the one in question looks like it IS slightly protruding on to the road, he might have had a dubious case had he hit that one. Thankfully no major hurts.
  7. I stand corrected Joe thanks.
  8. It is hard to be certain as your info is sparse but it looks like No 1. Is what is called a long stay or 1 year O-A Visa based on marriage, and to be eligible for this I believe, but am not 100% certain, that you will require, a. A medical certificate, and ,b. A police report. If this application is successful it can give you up to 2 years stay in Thailand, after which or anytime during you can apply for an extension of stay on the grounds of being married to a Thai national. I may be wrong but I am not aware of any requirement to border hop on this visa. No. 2. Is exactly as glegolo says above I believe.
  9. I'm sorry Dale but if you knew " the rules " you would most certainly know there is no such thing as a retirement VISA, so the answer to your op is no you cannot renew a retirement VISA with or without a passbook because there is no such thing.............
  10. Yes it's funny until you are the person getting the duff info!!!!!!!!! then it becomes not so funny when you have invested much time and money on the info you thought was good only to find it was nonsense.
  11. I cannot dispute your claim but I can tell you I have been doing retirement extensions and 90 day reports for the last 10 years at 2 different immigration offices and I have yet to come across or every hear any I.O. refer to a retirement or marriage extension as a VISA so I would have to say based on my personal experience your claim is at best flawed. Is it not better to use the correct terminology when you can or is it better to use the wrong one because someone else is even if they are wrong?? I suggest the I.O.'s you have come across are just being lazy, but that does not make them right does it? By following the lazy I.O.s you are also being lazy and perpetuating the problem for people coming on here to get correct information.
  12. Then be prepared for a possible shed load of grief if and the IO next year is not happy with what occurred this year, but as they say here up to you.................
  13. If it wasn't for the R.E.M.E./A.A.C. none of these special forces bods, British that is, would have any transport to get to these secret jobs.................. Before the KB warriors get going it is a lighthearted post to cheer my old Corp mates up.
  14. An extension of your permission to stay in the Kingdom on the grounds of marriage to a Thai national. More commonly referred to as a marriage extension and easier to remember...... The other common one is an extension of your permission to stay in the Kingdom on the grounds of retirement, more commonly referred to as a retirement extension. Sadly to my constant dismay both terms are often misused and ignored to the point of causing utter chaos to people trying to glean info here on TV. I thank you for trying to get it right, cheers.
  15. BTW OP there is no such thing as a " spouse VISA ".