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  1. Fair enough happy hunting.
  2. I would guess Tesco in Pattaya will have the same selection
  3. Don't know how large you are looking for but Tesco has loads of different sizes.
  4. Just in case anyone is looking for one there are numerous Gas and Electric work top and work top inserts 2 and three ring gas and 2 ring electric hobs at very good discounts below Home works just outside KFC. There is a stand alone 4 ring gas cooker with oven for under 6,000 baht if your interested. ( it was still there yesterday ).
  5. If the thread closes the info will not go away eisfeld it will still be available for viewing should anyone wish to do so.
  6. As I recall from your post # 2176. "Well I did start up a business with $100k in seed capital and build into just under $2 billion in 7 years, including seeing it through the "Tech stock crash" of 1999, so at least you are right about one thing! " I struggle to find anything in this post that says it was not your money or your business lying by omission is still lying From another of your posts on 28/5. "Really not interested in putting up with your drivel anymore, so will press the ignore button on you." Please feel free to do as you please but don't come on here telling porkies about what you said previously because as you can clearly see it is all on record on this thread. There is nothing vindictive about the truth, you just think it is because you disagree with others points of view, so to you they must be wrong. If you think that Patong is such a failure what are you doing here preaching your doom and gloom incessantly? you are free to leave whenever you wish. I happen to like where I am living and it pisses me off when people like you who contribute little to the well being of the place continually put a downer on it. Take your negativity back to where you came from please. Press any button you like who the hell cares, I surely don't.
  7. This is not an assumption then, this is what I was referring to. " then they are fairly public knowledge surely! " Not a part of any of my posts.
  8. Now who is making assumptions??
  9. I don't know but perhaps " Patong is dead " may not have been the correct title for the OP?
  10. NKM there are businesses for sale on Phuket all the time and at the beginning of low season there are usually more than at the beginning of high season, does that help you? I have never said there were not any businesses for sale I have said that I don't believe Patong is dead or any where near dying and I have nothing more than the facts of how our businesses are doing, which I have relayed to this thread, which after all is what the op is about no? You can choose to accept what I have posted or not up to you it is what it is.
  11. Wrong again NKM I posted the location and number of our ventures the nature of our business has no relevance whatsoever and I have claimed nothing other than the facts pertaining to this thread and my wife and I's businesses. I you do not wish to accept what I say as truth then that is your prerogative good luck.
  12. So now you are telling us it is one guy selling all these properties/businesses then? and why can't you name him is he a dodgy dealer? or are you now telling us your information is from a property salesman because everyone know how honest they are, so exactly where is your information coming from? If what you say has any truth to it surely it would be the exact opposite he would want everyone to know who he is, how else could he possibly expect to sell something by keeping it secret?? The only thing sad about this thread mate is that there is one poster who thinks he is so superior to all others that his opinion is the only valid one and anyone else's opinion means nothing, unfortunately his opinion has no factual or credible substance, only anonymous input from second hand sources. Just because someone claims to be very good at something doesn't mean they are.............................the proof of the pudding etc,etc,.
  13. I think they know an easy touch when they see it, still it is sad that she was bullied to that extent. Touch wood we have never to my knowledge been approached for tea money but we were ripped off once only by the "excise " police, made sure it will not happen again, their second try they left empty handed. Sure they will be back to try it on again vigilance is a basic necessity daily. It may be that my missus has one of those " don't even think about it looks " anytime they appear, well that's what I put it down to, it scares me lol.
  14. Tea money is not quite the same mm2 it is what is often referred to as protection money or a monthly brown envelope to the bib to turn a blind eye to anything dodgy that you may be up to, as I said in a previous post, if you are paying tea money you are probably doing something illegal? Like everywhere that such practices exist once you start paying it can only get worse. Basically it is bribe money.
  15. I don't actually know the answer but I would guess that there is a rather large clue in the name of the visa ie. 90 day single-entry non immigrant O visa. But stranger things have happened??