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  1. Ignore lists -what's the average?

    What an inane comment to make, but it does indicate what kind of person you are and how feeble your intellect must be to have to ignore someone you are unable to deal with verbally on an anonymous forum, strange really.
  2. Ignore lists -what's the average?

    None, If I put someone on an ignore list I would consider that a failure on my part.
  3. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    I too have gone nowhere since 2011 and also do not know why they are asking for this now, the io just said next report I would need a new certificate of residence????
  4. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Sorry all this thread is actually about doing 90 day reports at Phuket immigration , not about online 90 ,day reporting which is I know a pain for many but there are also umpteen threads on the subject, so can you please use any one of them, thanks I did my 90 day at Phuket immigration today, must have been the fastest one ever in and out in less than 2 minutes I kid you not. No paperwork required just my passport. I was informed that I would be required to submit a fresh document for certificate of residence on my next visit and issued with a slip of paper with the necessary instruction on how to do this.
  5. I must say I agree but unfortunately the wanabee wine connaisseurs and wine snobs ( boring lot ) wish to force their dubious knowledge down everyones throats, please leave people alone to make their own choices.
  6. I have the distinct feeling that someone calling themselves toyboy is unlikely to be anyones sister
  7. I believe that it is possible to convert from a visa exempt entry to a non imm, "O" at most immigration offices and then apply for an extension of your stay based on marriage to a Thai national. I see UJ has answered, he is far more knowledgeable then myself so his advice is solid.
  8. Chommper to help you understand the procedure you will need to apply for a non 'O" 90 day visa, this is a stepping stone to applying for an extension of your permission to stay on the grounds of marriage to a Thai national, it is not a visa. The last 30 days of your 90 day non imm "O" visa you can apply for your marriage extension, providing you have the necessary funds/evidence of income and all the paperwork required. There are many threads on the paperwork/finances required to obtain a marriage extension, good luck, it is,by all accounts, not that difficult, but does take time and patience, just take it one step at a time
  9. Retirement visa

    I am sorry Mattd but using the correct terminology is in no way pedantic. Using the incorrect terminology is often misleading to many people and can and does lead to unending confusion. There is no Retirement VISA there is only, when talking about retirement, a retirement extension, nothing more, and it is not an extension of a visa which cannot be extended.
  10. Retirement visa

    There is no such thing as a retirement Visa of any kind. I can never get my head round why people like you, and many others, when given clear knowledgeable advice from people who know what they are talking about ( ubonjoe ) you just completely ignore it and keep making stupid statements that are blatantly incorrect.
  11. Phone from Lazada

    I suppose you could buy a manly colour cover for it lol.
  12. Phone from Lazada

    Neernam I don't know if it is relevant or not but that price for the S8+ at Lazada is almost exactly what most shops are charging for the S8 minus the plus??
  13. If anything perhaps I should have added for the better.
  14. Does Anyone know

    What are you trying to say? The sale of alcohol is banned everywhere on the 26th. Bars and liquor stores included, Nothing discretionary about it.