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  1. The problem of stereotyping various races is because of lack of exposure to them other than the dregs of their society. Most of the foreigners you encountered in Thailand are ,I would say, of the lower rung of their society . The upper class of their society would pass over Thailand as their preferred place of abode or holiday for a more conducive environment.
  2. Iran before the shah was the most liberal and progressive country in the Middle East. Women were accorded almost equal status as men and the women were well educated as well.
  3. Hai mehrk, I would like to give my two cents worth of advice here. But first I would like some clarification from you. You mentioned that you are 36, earning enough passive income from home and single. You are not planning to earn some money working at the side. Have you thought about the future when you set up a family with somebody? I once was also free and easy. But now saddled with a family, the expenses seem to be flying off the budget. Do you think your passive income is going to be on the upward trend and able to cover future bigger expenses ? I have heard a number of hard luck stories of foreigners who had to cut short their retirement plan due to unforeseen circumstances like falling exchange rate, health insurance and bad investments. Always hope for the best and expect the worst. Assuming all are rosy , then I would like to give some information for my missus’s 20 year TE visa. My missus ( rather girlfriend) is a Myanmar chinese . She used to obtain various guises of visa be it Education visa, work permit for past 10 years. She is now 33. I find that the authorities are getting more and more stringent in the visa department. It is a matter of time that they closed up all the loop holes for long stay here in Thailand. So I decided to buy her a 20 year TE visa. The cheaper version without the frills at 1 million baht. TE is a whollly owned company of TAT so it may be a statutory board of TAT? I think TE is not going to disappear in future because the thailand government is committed to welcome ‘rich spending foreigners’ into their country. It is to their advantage to honor the contract too because the so called rich folks can relocate to any of the ASEAN countries if they wanted to. Given the economic growth of the competing neighbors, there would only be more competition for quality tourists. 90 days reporting can be handled by the TE office for Bangkok, chiangmai and Phuket areas only if I am not mistaken. Last week of the 90 days, passport must be submitted to the office on Monday or Tuesday and collected on Friday. You would also be given priority in opening bank account as well as credit card application. Credit amount of credit card is collateralled with the fixed deposit you put in. Platinum card can be obtained. Many posters had given the pros and cons of 5/20 years package so I would not dwell on that. my final parting advice is if you can afford to part with 1 million baht with little pain, then it is the way to go. You will enjoy many years of convenience it provides. By the time 20 years( 21 years if use extension after the final year) is up, you are already 56/57 so time to use retirement visa . if you were to decide to cut short your stay in Thailand and had to write off the money invested in TE visa, I would think that the balance of the small amount is the least of your worries. You would have more important issues to deal with then. Life is a gamble. Who can foresee the future? But the price of the 5 years TE visa( though fully loaded) is already half the price of the 20 years no frills TE visa. Take a gamble and roll the dice...
  4. My father in law came to Bangkok from Myanmar for a gall bladder removal upon the advice of his doctor. Went to a well known hospital in Bangkok and conducted a preliminary test. With the results, was told by the doctor who spoke excellent english that the gall bladder got to go. Using key hole surgery. No guarantee that the surgery will be successful if keyhole method so follow up open surgery may be needed. Cost of preliminary test with scans 40000+ tb. Surgery cost 660,000 tb including room and board ! Excluding follow up open surgery if needed. Went to the Siri Raj hospital , open surgery cost less than 120,000 with room and board. Professional service too.
  5. Thailand has become a tourist medical hub for middle eastern countries as well as neighboring countries. I know a couple of medical tourist guides who handle medical tourists from Myanmar and Bangkok hospital is doing good business attracting such customers and providing a one stop shop including managing the processing of visa and visa extension . so any news that put Thailand as a medical Mecca in a negative light is not conducive. That said, I would get a second opinion preferably from overseas doctors in Singapore or Malaysia in cases that needed extensive surgery.
  6. Medical malpractice is a serious offense. Medical professionals are registered. If found guilty of malpractice, maybe strikes off. If found guilty of criminal offense ( unauthorized removal of a healthy kidney for financial gain) , criminal charges be pressed. There should be no two way about it. General corruption is one thing but medical practice should be enshrined not only in Thailand but worldwide.
  7. Ctkong

    PM declares stance against corruption

    No awards for them.. ! That will teach them. Next.
  8. Ctkong

    PM declares stance against corruption

    They should get some awards for recognition to actually putting into practice the stamping out of corruption.
  9. Ctkong

    PM declares stance against corruption

    Thailand like various Asian countries work for the betterment of social cohesion than rule of law. The plebeians will always be plebeians in the elite’s mind. Somebody has to stay at the bottom of the pyramid power /status structure. They would use the grease of corruption to complement the rule of law and order which is a western invention anyway.
  10. Ctkong

    Two guys have most intense middle finger fight you will ever see

    Boys will be boys... my middle finger is larger than yours !
  11. It is well known that many Thai owners would find some excuses not to pay back the deposit.one way is to work the deposit amount into the total lease whenever you budget your rental amount. So a 12 months rental is actually 13 months payment.. a 24 months rental is 25 months payment. This way of thinking would give you a lesser headache dealing with Thais.
  12. Ctkong

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    Thai engineering for all the world to see? Remember that historically thailand is never conquered by western foreign powers so no trickle down technological transfer. Only homegrown engineering .
  13. Ctkong

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    Thai engineering for all the world to see? Remember that historically thailand is never conquered by western foreign powers so no trickle down technological transfer. Only homegrown engineering .
  14. Ctkong

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    Thai engineering for all the world to see? Remember that historically thailand is never conquered by western foreign powers so no trickle down technological transfer. Only homegrown engineering .
  15. Picking mushrooms sentencing maybe a warning to all potential pickers (poachers) on government property. Aggravated by maybe no brown envelopes. It is a miserable life in Thailand if you are not rich or powerful.