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  1. Especially when the supposedly logical point you are trying to make is unfathomable. They would have to wait and see? Not sure if you have a firm grip on how I/O's operate. Waiting to see something isn't their typical modus operandi.
  2. My home is a condo and I truly own it. It didn't say "house" owner.
  3. Yes. Have been doing extensions based on retirement, the 11th done three weeks or so ago, at Jomtien. Have never been questioned about TM.30. I recall about 5 or 6 years ago our building manager notified everyone staying here that Jomtien wanted them to collect information about all foreigners residing in the building ... just passport and current permission to stay photocopies ... with the comment that we would be unable to do any further extensions if the information wasn't submitted. There wasn't any distinction made between owners or renters. That seems to have been the first and last time they showed any interest in that sort of thing, at least as far as it affected me. They used to want some proof of address when doing the 90 day report, but for a few years you just hand over the passport with the last report, nothing more. I have never been asked about the report and in other threads that seems to be a fairly common experience at least amongst those doing annual extensions. Agree that some others have had the opposite experience.
  4. Retirees in Thailand

    And asked and answered, in one way or another, over and over again for years and years. Nothing new or revelatory this time around. I guess we'll have to wait in eager anticipation for another week or two when the next attempt is posted.
  5. Smog or fog [emoji780]

    Fog isn't what is making me cough and keep clearing my throat, all of which stops if I close doors & windows and turn on A/C with indoor air recycled. On ground level it isn't that visible, but from my 15th floor condo, it's thick and obscuring. It cleared for a few days after the recent heavy rain, but it's back worse than ever.
  6. Retirees in Thailand

    Put another way, why do so many retirees not want to carry on in their own countries?
  7. Trump has given a kick start to new ads for travel to Zambia. "Visit Sh**hole Zambia where the only stars and stripes you'll have to see are in the sky and on zebras."
  8. roosters in temples and near monuments?

    No. It will be the year of the dog. Try to keep up.
  9. Companies that profit from infrastructure and materials world wide, if done selectively, are considered a decent sector in which to invest. Generally speaking you'll find CNBC and Bloomberg more informed sources for consensus investment sentiment and debate than the Cartoon Network. To the O/P, you might look through some of the ETFs offered by Krane or something similar to find what you are looking for, either the ETFs themselves or by looking at their portfolio holdings for individual stocks that fit what you are looking for. https://kraneshares.com/ One Closed End Fund (CEF) that does invest in companies that will benefit from infrastructure globally is the Voya Infrastructure Ind & Mat:IDE. (just a suggestion for further investigation, not a recommendation) https://investments.voya.com/Investor/Products/Closed-End-Funds/Profile/index.htm?psc=847&p=172&tab=Overview
  10. Dust and smog

    In Pattaya it isn't very visible from street level, but looking out from my 15th floor condo everything is shrouded in a white smog, as it has been for several weeks. Following the heavy rain we had recently it was much improved, but today it's worse than ever. I've taken to running the A/C set at 29° or 30°, and I dislike air conditioning generally, because it recycles indoor air rather than pulling any more of the gunk from outside.
  11. British expats charter flight to France to enjoy takeaway curry

    You have to hand it to Sky News for making a fascinating story even more spellbinding.
  12. That's hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. I'm sure Thais (and others) will be pleased to know they can easily get visas to travel to anywhere in the EU and I'm sure people of different races and religions will be greeted with open arms.
  13. Non-Imm O and New Passport

    As Ubonjoe said, you just show both passports when entering. You'll be stamped in in the new passport, and if you get an extension or re-entry permit while in Thailand those stamps will go in the new passport, but you'll need to produce both passports. On the other hand, if you have the time to get the new passport while you're in the US and before you get the Thai visa, why not get the visa in the new passport and make it that much easier once you're here?
  14. ... and the rate used. Assuming the money remains in the account, a monthly payout may be offered by the bank that costs them no more in total, and possibly less, than they would dish out on the same balance in a quarterly or semi-annual account. I hold several Closed End Funds, some of which make distributions quarterly and others monthly. I prefer the latter because it helps smooth out cash flow of income that I use for expenses, but obviously the more frequent payout creates a higher expense to the fund that ultimately means there's less money available for distributions. And of course, as Einstein said, compound interest on debt will kill you.
  15. Even if he uses an agent in Bangkok to facilitate a dodgy extension the agent's "connections" might be with an immigrations office elsewhere or the stamps put in the passport could be totally bogus.