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  1. There is no right or wrong

    It's also amazing how many people feel the need to announce their departure and then justify their reasoning by blaming Thais and Thailand for being Thais and Thailand.
  2. Thai Airways should print up that message on cards to hand out to arriving tourists. Certainly the delusion of innate entitlement motivates many of the posts here at TV.
  3. Hardly a concern unique to Thailand ... and the introduction of infrastructure to support such tourism is often a significant cause of the problem. Of course, per usual, farang feel a loss of face if they're believed to be held even partially responsible or minimally accountable for anything gone wrong ... assuming also that they alone are designated as tourists. It's a bit unfair to single out Thais, as if farang are blameless ... unless it's Thais who flock to such places as the Easter Islands, Venice, the Galapagos, The Valley of the Kings, Mt. Everest, etc https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2009/sep/06/mass-tourism-environmental-damage
  4. Kicked Out of Hotel Today

    That was my feeling when I read another thread you started. I have a feeling the owner of the hotel and the other guests came to the conclusion that they were being selfish keeping you all to themselves for three weeks and wanted you to spread joy somewhere else for awhile.
  5. And a whole lot of people who thought that was a foolproof way to make money ended up losing everything.
  6. Time to invest?

    There are about 1400 different cryptos. Some will keep going down to zero. Some may find a bottom and head higher. Some will tread water. Hard to generalize. For some, the only way to buy them meant you first had to buy one of the major coins, like Bitcoin, and then use them to purchase, for example, Ripple. As more of them become available for direct purchase with "cash," the volume of trades in the likes of Bitcoin is bound to reduce in size. Supply and demand will be a factor. You really need to keep in mind that this is a highly speculative gamble (not an investment in the usual sense). Seeking advice on a message board isn't much different from boarding a bus and asking the other passengers for a show of hands if they thing cyptos will rise or fall from here.
  7. I have a fair number of Thai neighbors, none of whom is noisy. Have been here for nearly as many years as you. Possibly the problem is that you're renting condos ( or bed-sits) with a high proportion of short term renters compared to resident owners and you've sought out buildings that suit low budget renters, both farang and Thai. Paying rent for that long would have amounted to more than the price of the condo. And when I die my heir will be able to sell the condo. Even if it's sold for less than what I paid (other units in my building have recently sold for more), it will still be more than a rented condo would be worth to ones heirs when the renter dies. Even taking the example of a low end rental of Baht 10,000 a month for 20 years, you'd have spent 10,000 x 12 x 20 = Baht 2,400,000 and have nothing to show for it other than some receipts.
  8. Who is "us?" What do "us" have to offer other than money? If you came to Thailand to find a woman, what exactly were you looking for that you couldn't find ( or found but couldn't have) back in Farang Land? There are certainly a lot of farang in Thailand, at least many of those who post on Thai Visa, who I would not want, even only as a friend, even if their "friendship" came with a substantial monthly stipend. It's sadly amusing how many farang come to a developing country because they think their money will get them what they can't have at home and then think they're the ones being exploited.
  9. Yes, I just print it out and mail it in. Getting the electronic filing to work (for me anyway) always adds frustration to an already unpleasant task.
  10. Why would it probably be a farang?
  11. Not long ago there was a plan to have defibrillator paddles available in numerous places in touristy areas about Pattaya so that if someone suffered a heart stoppage, s/he could be resuscitated by any passerby who had watched an episode of ER and who fantasized himself to be a hero-in-waiting. Thankfully that idea fizzled out or numerous inebriated tourists passed out on the beach or fallen off a bar stool would travel back home with arrhythmia as a souvenir of their holiday in Thailand.
  12. The need to leave the country or not depends on the labor office you deal with. If your labor office would allow you to get a work permit while on a retirement extension, there would be no need to leave the country. It's more likely that they would not be willing to do it, in which case, if you still want to work, you would need to leave the country to get the appropriate visa, as detailed in UJ's post.
  13. It's one way of doing it, but no more accurate than the other suggestions above.. Or, depending on his situation, he could get a non-imm O or non-imm O-A and avoid the need to do the conversion at immigrations. If he obtained a non-imm O-A he could, with proper timing, stay for nearly two years without needing to do the conversion or apply for an extension of stay. Alternatively, he could also return using a visa exempt entry and do the conversion to a non-imm O entry at immigrations. He would get an extension of his permission to stay, not a visa. The difference is important since , without a valid visa, he would need to have a re-entry permit if he wanted to travel out of Thailand and back.
  14. Why would You?

    Louise probably obtained a restraining order by now.
  15. Why would You?

    Have I missed something? Are you referring to someone in particular who did this or is contemplating doing it? Your description of debonair doctor and wifey is pretty specific. Is this one of those "I have a friend who ..." posts? Maybe most attractive, socially graceful women would see you for the pompous windbag you are and would want separate bedrooms or even separate residences. As proof that money can't buy happiness or compensate for your life long battle with unrelenting flatulence?