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  1. Apparently you didn't read what UJ (and others) wrote. The expiration date on your tourist visa is irrelevant. The expiration of your permission to stay is the date that matters regarding your legal presence in the country.
  2. No immigration office is going to issue you with a new visa. You have a permission to stay and the immigration office will (hopefully) issue you an extension of the permission to stay. Nothing to do with your visa. If you entered on a single entry tourist visa, it was cancelled when it was used entering the country. As others have said there is no point in waiting until the last minute to get an extension. The extended permission to stay will begin from the date the current permission ends whenever you apply. Nothing will be lost by getting the extension days before your permission to stay ends and nothing to be gained by waiting.
  3. All three are dodgy. Under ideal circumstances they could share the same cell.
  4. Combination method is only permitted for retirement extension.
  5. The reason there is a two or three month seasoning rule is because people were "loaning " each other the money for few days when the extension application was made. I doubt an agent is going to put baht 400,000 in your account for two months or baht 800,000 in your account for three months, especially if you hire the agent a couple of weeks before your current extension expires. Clearly it's not legal what they are actually doing.
  6. Suradit69

    How many visa exempts?

    It would only take 3 visa exempt entries plus extensions to approximate 6 months. Arrival by air and then two border crossings would do it. Assuming that there was nothing otherwise suspicious about the purpose of the visits, I would think that was easily doable. Assuming your friend's experience was for a stay of 6 months, there would be a certain amount of hassle/expense connected with obtaining the second and third visa exempt entries with the border crossings plus the visits to immigration for extensions. Doubt getting a tourist visa or two would be that much of a hassle in comparison. Repeatedly?
  7. Yes, but you seem to have jumped to the conclusion that you and your experience applies to all farang., which is obviously not the case. Possibly you, your circumstances and your approach to people (rather than just the fact that you're a farang,) are what weighed against you. My experiences dealing with officialdom are from 20 years ago, 10 years ago and last week. I was a farang in each time period.
  8. Wanting to hold onto farang teachers simply because they are farang is ridiculous. Maybe thoughts on how to retain well qualified, talented, dedicated, effective farang teachers and cull the useless space-fillers would be worth discussing. Most likely a high percentage of those who leave, especially after serving only one year, aren't worth bothering about and came here because they thought it would be a good way to have a cheap holiday. Lunches and stuff. The main concerns of dedicated teachers world-wide. Maybe add in lockers to store beach gear.
  9. And obviously there are things about your home country that drove you to pack up and leave for Thailand. Hopefully you moan about those things back in Farang Utopia and have made it clear that if they want you back (and surely they were devastated when you left), changes will have to be made.
  10. No more infuriating than people anywhere else in the world. So I disagree with the premise that there is anything about Thai people that is uniquely infuriating. And in most cases the sense of irritation experienced by some farang is directly proportional to the farang's sense of entitlement and the devastating consequences of farang loss of face when he realizes he isn't the center of the universe.
  11. Suradit69

    Einstein’s Travel Diaries Reveal His Shockingly Racist Views On Asians

    Now all the serial Thai bashers will claim they have something in common with Einstein. "Racist" tends to be applied to those who generalize negative characteristics to all people of one race. On the other hand it also implies that the person making the comments believes that he belongs to a superior race and is qualified to judge anyone of another race. So assuming that one race is superior is as racist as assuming one race in inferior. Therein lies the problem. If you have a negative experience with people of another race and, based on that, make blanket comments on the entire race. That is the very definition of prejudice ... pre-judging millions of people because of a negative experience with a few. Many threads on TV start out with something similar to "Why do Thais ..." and then describe some experience the poster had with some individual Thais and from which he then convicts all Thais of the same trait or behavior. People who spent most of their lives as members of a majority race in their home countries tend to see race (or nationality) first when they end up as a minority in another country. That's at least racialism and often racism since they feel compelled to see only differences rather than commonalities. Nazis were as much racists for glorifying supposed Aryan traits as for wanting to wipe out everyone they saw as "other."
  12. Suradit69

    Over-manning over here

    You see what fits your preconceptions and prejudices. Western nanny states have long buckled to ridiculous, uneconomic demands of labor unions. As shown in the photos, experience in leaning on a shovel or placing hands on hips while pretending to care are important qualifications for employment in Farang Land.
  13. Suradit69

    Street fighting !!!

    Pretty sure farang who suffer loss of face just post about it on Thai Visa, "sharing" a highly creative, edited, fictionalized version of events ... and of course the Thai Visa chorus whine in unison as a show of support for the implausible one-sided tale of woe.
  14. Regardless of the theme, a foreigner isn't a citizen. I was responding to the assertion of the other poster that a foreigner would be treated as a second class CITIZEN. He also seemed to imply that only foreigners faced unwarranted dismissal. That's certainly not the case. I should have added that both Thais and foreigners can avail themselves of assistance from the Labor services ... again something he implied was not an viable option for foreigners. I don't think what I posted was contrary to the general theme of responses, excluding the usual nonsense from Thai bashers. Perhaps you should read the entire post to which I was responding.
  15. If he's a foreigner, he isn't a citizen, first or second class. Thais get dismissed fairly easily too, with little concern for their welfare.