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  1. Jobs in March

    You're best off looking for work in a summer camp while you look for more permanent jobs which would start in April/May.
  2. Setting up internet...

    Hi, Thanks for all the info, I feel like I understand it a little more now.. I've had my husband contact the companies mentioned, at the moment I've had zero luck... I live in a village in Cha-Uat sub-district, Nakhon Si Thammarat. The answers I've received thus far are... TOT said no. They have internet available up to a house 500 meters away from me but won't connect us. 3BB said if I can get 10 houses on my street interested they would set it up - extremely unlikely I can do this! CAT I am still waiting on to see if they can do anything or not. True have the 4g pocket wifi up to 1MBPS available, but this isn't fast enough. I've been playing around with different cellular data options on my phone (3g/4g AIS). The fastest speed it goes up to is 6MB. It's not reaching quite that, but it's a decent enough speed, but I haven't used it for an interview as of yet as I know they will test my internet speed before offering a job and most of the schools require a minimum upload speed of 7MBS... Hoping to find another 'school' which might be lenient/accept less, in the meantime, could someone explain what muratremix mentioned a little further and in layman terms!? It sounds like an interesting option/alternative... Thanks :)
  3. Setting up internet...

    I live in a small rural village in Southern Thailand. As far as I am aware, no one in my village has set up internet, everyone just uses cellular data for their needs. I want to start working online (teaching), so I don't think that a cellular data hotspot would be enough (please correct me if you think I might be wrong!). So, what I would like to know is : A. Which companies are generally available throughout Thailand & offer a decent speed / price / not too much of a set up fee B. What type of internet package should I be looking at? There are so many options these days and I'm honestly quite clueless. Thank you
  4. Thai baby girl name ideas

    I've had students with terrible names in the past... Airbus, Ferrari, uefa, man-u..... Urgh! I would like her to have either a Thai name & more western 'nickname' or a shorter & pronounceable western name without a nickname... Husband really wants her to have a traditional Thai name, hence asking for some advice, all of which is much appreciated :) some very nice suggestions so far.
  5. Thai baby girl name ideas

    Looking for names over nicknames right now... Porn is great, so is Rat, but doesn't work so well in the UK so unfortunately not ??
  6. Hello, I have searched Google and through these forums a bit and discovered a few baby girl names, but I am still yet to find a name I love, hence being interested in hearing any suggestions you may have? Thank you :)
  7. It seems bizzare that the old immigration office doesnt need informing, but suits me just fine! Thank you for the advice.
  8. Hi I have on a non-o marriage visa from Krabi immigration, however I am moving to stay with my husband in his home in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Am I correct in thinking that I can supply all the documents required to Nakhon immigration office and don't need to inform Krabi otherwise? If so, can I do this the same day that I next am due for my 90 day report, or is it advisable to do this in advance. Also, can I check the documents required are as follows: 1. Completed TM28 & TM30. 2. Passport + Copies of; - Passport homepage. - Last Visa. - Last extension. - Last entry stamp. 3. TM6 Departure Card + Copy 4. Map pinpointing and detailing place of residence. 5. Copy of House owners Tabien Baan. 6. Copy of House owners ID card. Thank you
  9. Thanks for all the info. everyone :)
  10. Hello, I married my partner (he is Thai) almost 3 years ago and took his surname at the amphur, however I never registered the marriage with my embassy (I am British), but seeing as we have a baby due towards the end of this year I would rather like to do this, along with changing my surname officially... Can anyone advise as to how I may go about doing both of these? Many thanks :)
  11. Finding a dealer

    Hi :) I'm hoping to buy a car within the next few months but I was looking for any advice as to the best way of finding a suitable dealer and the best financing options? I'm also trying to decide as to whether I should just get a rather old car paid entirely in cash, or look into financing options on used/new cars... Any pointers in the right direction greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
  12. Day trip question - Krabi and Lanta

    Hi Sunny, As far as I am aware you can only go on the 4 island trip from lanta, or join one from the Trang islands... I think it is too far for a day trip from Krabi, although there is a '5 island trip' which departs from Krabi, albeit an entirely different set of islands! I've not been on the Krabi '5 island' day trip so I can't tell you much more than that, but I have been on the Lanta 4 island trip quite a few times and highly reccommend it!