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  1. Hello, I married my partner (he is Thai) almost 3 years ago and took his surname at the amphur, however I never registered the marriage with my embassy (I am British), but seeing as we have a baby due towards the end of this year I would rather like to do this, along with changing my surname officially... Can anyone advise as to how I may go about doing both of these? Many thanks :)
  2. Finding a dealer

    Hi :) I'm hoping to buy a car within the next few months but I was looking for any advice as to the best way of finding a suitable dealer and the best financing options? I'm also trying to decide as to whether I should just get a rather old car paid entirely in cash, or look into financing options on used/new cars... Any pointers in the right direction greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
  3. Day trip question - Krabi and Lanta

    Hi Sunny, As far as I am aware you can only go on the 4 island trip from lanta, or join one from the Trang islands... I think it is too far for a day trip from Krabi, although there is a '5 island trip' which departs from Krabi, albeit an entirely different set of islands! I've not been on the Krabi '5 island' day trip so I can't tell you much more than that, but I have been on the Lanta 4 island trip quite a few times and highly reccommend it!
  4. Thank you - I don't ever plan to attend later than I should but was just curious to know what the consequences were!
  5. So I just realized that I need to visit immigration for my 90 day reporting on 21st Jan - being this Saturday obviously I know that I can hold off until Monday if needs be, but am I right in thinking that I am allowed to report up to 7 days after the reporting day stamp? If so then I could attend any day next week? Thanks just out of curiousity - if I am correct and I have the 7 days after to attend, what would happen if I went later than this (not that I intend to do this - just wondering!!!)
  6. Birth Control Pills in Thailand

    Hi Ladies, I apologise if someone has posted this question before, but I didn't see it while reading through this thread... So perhaps some of you can help to advise me as to what I should / shouldn't do!... I used to take microgynon 30 contraceptive pill, I never had any troubles with it, but I stopped taking it about 6-7 years ago as I wanted to give my body a rest from taking the pill for a while. I would like to start on a contraceptive pill again, however I am easily able to get to a doctor and the 'clinics'/'pharmacies' where I live are questionable (I'm fatally allergic to certain muscle relaxant drugs and anaesthetics, it's incredibly rare, but lucky me, I have it! I always tell my pharmacist clearly when I'm buying something, my husband will also re-iterate in Thai - but she always reassures me that there is no way anyone could be allergic to what she is providing... Twice I have trusted her, luckily only struck by a fairly bad allergic reaction, since then I have certainly learnt my lesson now I always google each chemical component in anything I am prescribed!!!) anyway, apologies for the side story! Back to my actual question.... I remember back in the UK when I was going for my microgynon prescription always being asked whether I smoke, and I remember having a blood pressure test every time. Back then I was a social smoker, now, unfortunately I am a daily smoker, trying to quit! So, given everything I have mentioned above, I would love to hear back from you ladies with some advice as to whether you consider it wise to just start taking microgynon 30 again without seeing a doctor, or incredibly stupid. If not microgynon 30, is there a safer alternative that perhaps I could start myself on for now, or is that not a good idea either? Any advice welcomed :) Thank you x p.s. please don't tell me to step smoking - I hear that from myself enough times every day!!!!!
  7. RIP - another sad story I hope that we can all have some respect for this young mans family and friends. Wikipedia has a big long page on the etymology of the word 'farang' - although my husband is adamant it derives from the work 'farangsayt' (French) All of Southern Thailand!? Seriously? What about the incidences, reports & bad news from the rest of the country - or world? Comparatively Southern Thailand is pretty darned safe I would say.
  8. Chulalongkorn Day

    Yikes - I'm glad I checked... It's a long boring day of travel to get to my local immigration office, so it'd be pretty irritating to get there and find out it was closed! Thank you very much for confirming this elviajero.
  9. I was planning on heading over to immigration in the morning, but I wanted to check whether anyone knows if they will be open tomorrow or not due to the observed holiday of Chulalongkorn Day? Thanks!
  10. 90 day reporting

    Woops! I really need to update my profile location - I'm no longer in Chonburi! Sorry to waste your time, but hopefully it helps someone else - and thank you anyway! I assumed as much, next year I'll definitely be taking him both times to be sure... But do you think in your opinion that I should bring him along to the 90 day reporting as well?
  11. 90 day reporting

    Thank you.. He didn't come last year when I collected the visa approval so I assumed he wouldn't need to this year either - hence my confusion... But as far as I can remember (I've not visited for a 90 day report in ages as have been doing them online!), when I go for the 90 report I don't go through to the officers at the back, it's the front desk who manage it, so surely his being there wouldn't even be noticed? If I remember correctly that is!
  12. I apologise if my question sounds dumb, but I would just like a second opinion before going to immigration for my 90 day report (non O based on marriage visa). So, last time I was at immigration (collecting the visa extension approval stamp) the officers told me that I shouldn't do the online 90 reporting, and that next time I should bring my husband with me... Perhaps he was referring to collecting the approval stamp rather than attending the 90 day check-in... So, my question - do I need to bring him to immigration with me for my upcoming 90 day reporting, or not? (It's a long trip hence his preference for staying at home instead!!!!) Thanks [emoji4]