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  1. fin5prtw

    Yellow Book

    Thank you. I'll let you know how I get on
  2. Hi I'm a British woman, married to a Thai man. We have a 7 month old baby that was born in Thailand. I would like to apply for my yellow book soon (Tabien Baan for foreigners). Can anyone inform me of what I need to do/bring with me to apply for this? Do I apply at the local amphur? Many thanks
  3. fin5prtw

    Tourist extension

    Perfect, thanks. I'll let her know.
  4. My friend is currently travelling in Thailand and asked me some visa/extension questions, and I'm not terribly clued up on tourist visas etc these days. My friend is from the UK. She entered Thailand on a 30 day exemption stamp. She would like to extend this, if she goes to immigration and pays 1,900 baht will she be able to get a 30 day extension? What documents would she need? Many thanks
  5. fin5prtw

    Farmed Prawns vs. Wild Prawns

    Also if you look closely at the she'll markings on the prawns, the wild ones are likely to be more distinctive, the farmed ones more plain, and the wild ones are likely to be a mix of different markings/patterns and sizes whereas the farmed ones should be much more similar. When you have the prawns at home the entrails are the dead giveaway as wild ones will have varying size and colour entrails whereas farmed will all be the same size, texture and usually a darkish brown/grey colour... The taste is very different too, wild ones are so much better in my opinion