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  1. For the past few months, I have been watching Lifetime Movies which I download from Youtube, I take a note of each movie I watch for obvious reasons. I am finding out regularly that some movies have different titles. Quite regularly, I settle down to watch a movie and find out that I have seen it before, and the movie has a different title. Anyone know why Lifetime movies are doing this? Are they trying to annoy me so I will take out a membership? They are definitely giving different titles to the same movie deliberately, as it happens too often to be a mistake.
  2. Ignore list.

    Yes Joe, I followed your advice about this before, and it worked fine, but you are probably right in what you say, will just hope this particular posters name now stops cropping up.
  3. Ignore list.

    Why am I still seeing posts from a poster who is on my ignore list and have ticked all four boxes?
  4. Drinking Very Cold Water.

  5. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    I have had very few sore throats in Thailand, had more when I was back in Scotland.
  6. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    No. they are too busy messing up all you can eat buffets.
  7. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    No. I will take this with a pinch of salt.
  8. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Sorry about that mate.
  9. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Was it not mentioned somewhere near the beginning of this thread?
  10. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    I could never survive here in Thailand without a fridge, now there's something for another topic.
  11. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    I have always drank ice cold water in the twelve years I have lived in Thailand, and hardly ever have I had diarrhea.
  12. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    I am not a drinker, but don't they put ice cubes in beer?
  13. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Yes, that is very true, in the UK I was always told that ice cream was good for sore throats. Mrs Possum was horrified when I told her I was going out to buy some ice cream. When I was a kid, my parents were always complaining about me complaining of sore throats.
  14. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Good advice, but who are the people giving advice who believe in superstition and amulets and base it on their medical advice? I would imagine Thai doctors and nurses would act on what they are taught during their training, and a lot of them are trained in Western countries.
  15. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Thanks Sheryl, spoken to my wife again. She meant that you should not take cold water along with these pills you get, as that is what her doctor told her.