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  1. No he is not, he is speaking for the majority of the people. I would love to see all excessive noisy motorbikes crushed at the side of the road.
  2. This is Thailand, they love making up rules just for the sake of it. ie, why can't marriage extensions have the combination method the same as the retirement extensions?
  3. What about the very ugly ones with the facial hair?
  4. What about all that tea money they collect? Anyway, how is a policeman allowed to be so overweight as he looks in that photo?
  5. Yes, if he was working then good riddance, but you cannot be sure about that.
  6. What sort of food. what happens if a farang cannot eat Thai food? Unlimited booze?? That can't be true.
  7. Thanks, I will archive this post and look into it after I get home from this motorbike road trip I'm on just now,
  8. Thanks a lot for that information, I did have calibre, and found it too complicated to use, I will try it again.
  9. Be very careful buying a Kindle, I bought a Paperwhite about 3 years ago and now cannot use it, Amazon stopped me buying anymore ebooks, the first time it was password problems, now it's payment problems. I am left with a Kindle which is now no use to me once I have read all the books I have left. Shower of incompetent swine.
  10. My best meal is always my evening one, I am also partial to a cup of tea and biscuits about 7 or 8 pm.
  11. Never use any restaurants or hotels that cannot be upfront with their prices, or use small print.
  12. I sure love my food, always have a good appetite except as I said early in the morning.
  13. I have no appetite at all in the morning, I am up, been out riding the bike to the exercise park, then home to my computer, my breakfast is not until I have been up for more than two hours, then it's porridge oats, then one big thick slice of grain bread, sometimes toasted with a boiled or scrambled egg, and a cup of tea.
  14. Who are you kidding? Champions of what? Drinking alcohol in the morning is a sure sign of a drink problem, or one about to develope.
  15. Don't wish to hi jack the thread, but how many of you go from breakfast to evening meal without eating? I do.