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  1. That might be it, it comes to where you are asked what the money is for, I put living expenses. Then it says "continue", I click "continue", then nothing happens. I will wait the ten hours and see what happens. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have done just as you said, but just before you click to "confirm", it says "Value length must be no more than 8 characters".
  3. Good, I hope your right. Thanks.
  4. I have never been refused any free drinks of orange juice.
  5. No, they never asked, after I filled in my details, name, address, UK bank account number, a notice came up saying 'confirm", I clicked on it. and that was that.
  6. Where do Transferwise send the money too, they never asked for my Thai bank details.
  7. Someone gave me a link to Transferwise, but unless I have missed something, I'm not sure how it works, I gave them my email and a password, but have not heard from them.
  8. Don't you get all the non alcoholic drinks you want free? Id I just ask the nice cabin crew people.
  9. I have already been in touch with my UK bank, they have a new chatline facility which is great, but my UK bank would not have released the money which they did originally.
  10. possum1931

    Gen Prayut confirms Thailand general election in Feb 2019

    "The one thing he does very well is lie". Well he is a politician, isn't he? Oh! Wait!
  11. possum1931

    Scaring pigeons away from the balcony

    Do not work. They just get wise to it, same as Just like fake birds, I had a fake kestrel, and after a couple of days, there was a pigeon sitting on top of it.
  12. I agree, but have to be 100% certain.
  13. Thanks to all who have replied to me. I tried again yesterday (Sat) with putting my name in the appropiate place, the money has left my UK account, but has not been returned by the Bangkok bank like yesterday. I am taking this as a positive sign It is now 8am Sun and the money is not yet in my Thai Bangkok Bank account, I am hoping that it is because it is the weekend. Previously, I got it within a few hours.
  14. Not Italian, Scottish.
  15. I have never had a problem with Amazon when buying anything, all my problems have been when ordering Ebooks for my kindle, it has been problem after problem, with dreadful service, it would take all day to write about it.