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  1. Motorbike Parking in Lopburi.

    What about motorbike overnight parking at Ayutthaya train station, no monkeys there I don't think, is there? Is it safe? Thanks for any help.
  2. Motorbike Parking in Lopburi.

    Thanks Dave Boo, nice to hear from you again, I don't think my bike will be safe there, I will have to look for an alternative, maybe Authayai, pardon the spelling.
  3. Lopburi Train Station.

    Thanks, do you think my bike will be safe overnight? Is anyone watching it?
  4. New Honda PCX : how much ?

    I would say it was, fuel won't always be as cheap as it is now, I can remember when it was around 40 Bt per Lt.
  5. Lopburi Train Station.

    Anyone know if there is secure motorbike parking at Lopburi train station? Thanks.
  6. Have tried the motorbike forum with no success so far. Anyone know of motorbike parking at lopburi train station? and it it secure? Thanks.
  7. Anyone know of motorbike parking at Lopburi train station? and is it safe? Thanks.
  8. Looking for a seat cover for PCX

    I bought mine in a shop in Pattaya, but it has closed down now, there is a place in Chang Rai where I bought one online for my Forza, can get delivered, great price, great service.
  9. New Honda PCX : how much ?

    I agree with you about the new PCX being overpriced, I suppose it is what matters to you most.
  10. New Honda PCX : how much ?

    If you are thinking about a Yamaha over the PCX, check the fuel consumption, the PCX is really excellent on fuel.
  11. Getting Rid of Internations.

    Anyone know how I can stop all these emails from Internations? I don't even remember joining them. There just does not seem to be any boxes to tick to unsubscribe.
  12. I lost 2Kg in one month - its not much ?

    How tall are you?
  13. I lost 2Kg in one month - its not much ?

    You are a bit overweight, but remember, muscle weighs more than fat, I am not that skinny, nowhere near lanky, just about the right weight for my height, I do like my grub and I'm partial to biscuits and a cup of tea about three hours after my main meal, and I'm a life long nonsmoker and non drinker. I don't know what my bodyfat percentage is, and I do not have a sixpack, I'm a size 36 in trousers.
  14. I lost 2Kg in one month - its not much ?

    What height is the OP? ie, I am exactly 6ft tall and around 77K. I do non stop exercise for about 40 mins a day, 5 days a week which includes cycling, and using the machines in the local park. I am happy to keep a slim figure and not become muscley.