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  1. Sorry, we will just have to agree to disagree.
  2. Sorry, but if I don't agree with a certain thing I will not respect it, and there is no law in America that says you must tip. I do not hold any disrespect towards the workers, but I am not paying more for a meal just to suit these capitalist restaurant owners who will not pay their workers at least the minimum wage.
  3. I don't agree, the Japs have got it right.
  4. I was going to America with my girlfriend, and was reading a book about it, the book said that you should allow 20% of your spending money for tips. Well me being be, I never tipped once in the three weeks I was there, and no! I did not use the same restaurant twice, we were traveling.
  5. Not yet?? and sometimes you sing in public? You must be better than I thought.
  6. To tip or not to tip?

    That's because he was in a hurry to see if he would get his tip.
  7. What Laptop?

    Looking through everyones advice, I have decided that what I want is a 2-1, at least a 14 screen. and have a budget of up to 30.000 Baht, and will stick with Windows 10. Anyone help?
  8. I know it is hardly going to happen in Thailand, but when driving and riding, you have to think of other road users as well as yourself.
  9. Not just Thais ride without helmets , drive the wrong way on bikes or drive cars at speed. I’m guilty myself of speeding on the highways. I’ve seen many expats riding motorbikes with kids and no helmets. There are 2 who regularly dro "I'm guilty myself of speeding on the highways". Nothing wrong with being maybe a little bit over the speed limit on an empty highway, but just how much over the speed limit do you drive? Can you seriously say you are not a danger to other drivers like most Thais are? If not, then????????????
  10. Surely the food cannot be worse than British Airways.
  11. Great post, I cannot disagree with any of it.
  12. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    It would be impossible to do a worse job.
  13. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    What do they do when their 24 hour crackdown finishes? Go back to their inactive posts?
  14. I cannot see what could stop him, as long as he does not do any work, even just bringing in the stock.
  15. The Only Farang

    I am the only Farang in my village, my nearest friend stays 30 Ks away, there were plenty around when I first came here nearly 13 years ago, they have moved away because of marriage break ups, or died.