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  1. The one with the D on it, what does that stand for again?
  2. I am not a drinker or a clubber, and I do see where you are coming from, but I think the majority of mongers and night clubbers are decent people who just want to come here on holiday and enjoy themselves. Why should they suffer because of the drunks etc. Let the police do some work and lock up the misbehaving loudmouthed drunks until they pay a big fine.
  3. If they come here for a two or three week holiday and party all night, it is perfectly normal, it's just that the Thai authorities are two stupid to see that. Or maybe there is some way their pockets are getting lined by closing the bars and nightclubs at midnight. Then you get the biggest clubs that will provide the big thick brown envelopes.
  4. Lots of tourists will be saying it's a great time to quit holidaying in Thailand, and the authorities will only have themselves to blame, they just have no common sense at all, surely it will benefit Thailand a lot more if there was good occupation in hotels and guesthouses. as well as other businesses.
  5. I would bet that Mixx and brown envelopes are very compatible.
  6. Big change according to Steven100 s posts.
  7. Sex?? What about the drink that you say makes you plastered by tea time?
  8. I hope the same applies to debit cards.
  9. Good on Krung Sri bank, I hope they keep on doing that when they change bosses as bank branches do from time to time.
  10. I hope any posters reading this will not use that branch of Index unless they have the decency to answer the OPs email Please let us know whether Index answer your email or not OP.
  11. Oh Gees! and to think I used to be an English teacher. "I'm away to stand in the corner".
  12. Yes they all have to act like soldiers, little soldiers in the schools, right down to the haircuts, the police all lining up in front of their Lt Gens etc outside the police station and shouting in unison. All the uniforms in the offices etc,etc. Just like the military. "Militilistic".
  13. That would be before you take your daily walk to the 7-11 for your daily carry out which will soon get you plastered, eh Steven.
  14. They are more concerned about appearances than actually teaching, forcing young boys to have their heads shaved is nothing but bullying. I know personally a teacher who had a more senior one come into his classroom with a pair of scissors in his hand, he picked out a girl, took her on to the floor, and cut her hair in front of the class because it was a little bit below her ears, that was just pure assault, so I ask, is there a method to that madness?
  15. Thailand is a very militilistic country, this is not Thai bashing, it is their country and we have to accept that. I was an English teacher here for three years, and one day I arrived in my class to start lessons, the first thing I noticed was that about half of the boys were missing, why? They were sent to get their hair cut.