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  1. Heavy metal music???? Music??
  2. Allowing bigger bikes, say upwards of 250cc on to all the motorways and other roads you mention is far too much common sense for the Thai authorities.
  3. Yes, if they really want to, but then a lot will depend on the tea money collections. and you are talking about your own town, city, or province. This is about the whole of Thailand.
  4. Three days? Don't you mean 24 hours?
  5. I see there is nothing mentioned about underage riders, our village/small town is full of them and right under the polices noses. Lets face it, there is going to be very little change if any.
  6. Be wary of what you are or are not covered for. Also be wary of rises of premiums and maybe even getting cut of in future years. I got health insurance from a local Thai company and paid for two years, I asked Sheryl for advice about it and told her it was in Thai, she advised me to ask them for it in English, they kept humming and hawing about it so I cancelled it. All I am saying is be careful.
  7. So the UK pensioner who is living in Thailand on 25.000 Baht per month, and comes back to the UK because of serious health problems is going to get a bill for their treatment? and when he cannot afford to pay it, what then? I know, he has to join the sleeping in the streets brigade.
  8. You may be right, but if anyone is a UK state pensioner living abroad, then flies to the UK for serious medical issues, there is no way any UK hospital would turn them away.
  9. The first paragraph, if you return home to the UK for medical treatment, how does the hospital know that you were even staying in Thailand or any other country. If you are an expat pensioner, and have paid into the NHS all your working life, then you have every right to free medical treatment. If you do not tell the hospital you were living in Thailand, how are they to know, you are not cheating anybody for reasons already mentioned.
  10. Good luck to you, but keep your mouth shut about it.
  11. It is mostly about money, why do you think most of the politicians want to stay in.
  12. possum1931

    Don't drink and drive

    Would you say that to someone who has a family member killed by a drunk driver, or even someone who is over the limit? I wonder.