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  1. Changing British Pounds to Thai Baht.

    Thanks KhunBENQ.
  2. Anyone tell me the best place in Pattaya for changing 3000 GBP to Thai Baht and how does it compare with Ever Rich in Bangkok? I presume you will get less at Ever Rich at Swampy.
  3. Immigration Office.

    Thanks for your good wishes, I got a new passport here in the UK, It came without my old passport which had my re-entry permit on it, it is now too late to get my old passport back.
  4. Immigration Office.

    No. I got my new passport here in the UK and flying back to Thailand on Sunday. I phoned the passport office and they more or less just told me to hope it comes before Sunday.
  5. Immigration Office.

    My old passport number is mentioned in my new passport, and knowing how bad Thai immigration can be, I expect I will need to start again with my retirement exts, but thanks for your good wishes.
  6. Immigration Office.

    I'll keep that in mind JT.
  7. Immigration Office.

    I don't have to go to Bangkok, I just got a new passport which arrived without the old one, and will need to start all over again.
  8. Immigration Office.

    Ubon Joe knows all about it.
  9. Luggage Storage at Mochit Bus Station.

    Thanks everyone for all your help.
  10. Immigration Office.

    I will need to go shortly to Pattaya Immigration to see about a non emigrant visa as I did not get my old passport back with my new one, and my re-entry permit was on it, so I will have to start again. anyone have any tips on this? What would be the best time and day to go to avoid long queues? Thanks
  11. Anyone know if there is any luggage storage facilities at Mochit bus station? If so what is the cost per day?
  12. Football.

    Thanks mate
  13. Football.

    OK thanks.
  14. Football.

    Anyone know of any place showing the Celtic- Hibernian game live this Saturday in Bangkok?