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  1. possum1931

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    My sleep pattern has improved a lot, I am exercising and eating the same as before, and also have the same good appetite.
  2. possum1931

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    I have not used the melatonin yet as it has not came from Lazada, I did get a good sleep last night, so I will wait and see what happens tonight.
  3. possum1931

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    I can't see jetlag developing into serious health problems, otherwise how does the airline cabin crew cope with it?
  4. I agree with you, I really do, and you are right, but Thailand should also treat decent tourists and Expats more fairly if they have genuine respect for Thailand, and taking people and families out of poverty, and contributing well to the Thai economy.
  5. In your'e last paragraph, you should have said it's "not "all" the overstayers fault. Although I have no time for overstayers and illegals, I have to say that this post is very true.
  6. Overstayers are part, I emphasis part, of the reason why decent expats and tourists have to jump through so many hoops.
  7. "or some type of anti corruption unit." If any individual ever tries to interfere with certain income streams, then I do not fancy their chances of continuing in the job.
  8. Why should he not be that silly?. As if we didn't know.
  9. These "dodgy" visa services are greasing the right palms which is why nobody will need to go home.
  10. If Thailand really does get rid of all these illegals and overstayers, surely they should do the right thing and make things easier for all the decent expats and tourists instead of making them jump through these unnecessary hoops. But when does Thailand ever do the right thing?
  11. possum1931

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    I do see your point, but why suggest a checkup? I know what is wrong, it is jet lag, that is now three weeks and I still wake up about 3am most mornings, then fall asleep through the day.
  12. possum1931

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    Western males.
  13. possum1931

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    I do not drink coffee, never have done.