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  1. Not just the government, all the bosses and people who work in Immigration offices, banks, police, schools, hospitals etc, have the power to do what they like and make up their own rules, and we never know what's coming next, until it comes.
  2. No it won't, because IMO, about 80% of driving is more common sense than rules, and most Thai drivers and riders just do not have that.
  3. More double pricing on the way.
  4. I cannot download songs from Youtube to my new Huawei smartphone, I had no problem with my previous smartphone. When I try to download this notice comes up. "Cannot Copy Item". "The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected". It has not been disconnected, so why should it stop responding. At first I managed to download three movies no problem. So what's changed, can anyone help?
  5. I would not do that, there is every chance he might just shoot you, not knowing that a bullet is supposed to go right through a ghost and have no effect.
  6. Only one reason. Big financial advantage.
  7. Very true, but the OP should try and get someone who will recommend a decent lawyer from experience, as a high percentage of them are more interested in the money than providing a decent service, maybe even a Thaivisa member can recommend a good lawyer from personal experience, depending on where the OP lives.
  8. No it's not, but a driver coming up the wrong side of the road and flashing his lights telling you to get out of his way is bullying at it's worst. Nobody bullies me and I don't let them know in some way is just not going to happen.
  9. A headstone in Thailand????
  10. I have said nobody bullies me.
  11. There are no bad people working as football officials in Scotland, or so the media would have us believe, they are all honest.
  12. Another victory tomorrow Celticbhoy? Barring of course the officials "honest mistakes".
  13. Aw Dark Lord, I agree with almost all your posts, but I have to say, I have come up with honesty here in Thailand all the time, OK most times their mentality sucks, but there is lots of honesty.
  14. Any Thai driver that flashes his lights at me to tell me to get out of his way, get's the middle finger, because I am never in his way anyway, yes I know he may do a u turn and come after me, maybe even with a gun, but I won't be bullied by anyone, besides riding a motorbike, I can go places where he can't.