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  1. Any sharp tools in the thaiShed?
  2. The semi enclosed kitchen attached to the back of the house is even hotter. See pic for my "ceiling fan". Did that to help blow some of the heat out. Using laser temp gun at around 1pm on hot day the insulation measured about 52C with no fan on. Turn on fan and drops to around 44C or less. Still hot but makes room cooler. This proved it worked so bought a couple exhaust fans to blow each direction. und them with a bit wire so can remove easily if and when I leave.
  3. There is no AC in the main lounge/dinning area only in the 2 bedrooms which cool adequately. You can see where there was a split AC unit in the area but for some reason was removed. I had a 9000BTU portable and very under rated. I sold itv and bought a 12000BTU which handle the job much better. But it seems the fan solution might be best. Owner is reasonably happy for improvements as long as they don't have to pay anything.
  4. I could do it myself being an electrician but as mentioned in my original post it is a suspended ceiling and i am too big and heavy. Secondly I am only renting the house. Owner can get it done. I wanted insulation for my comfort while I am staying here.
  5. I had treated cellulose fibre blown into my last house in Australia. Worked great.
  6. I have lived in both cold and now hot climates and I don't agree insulation is a waste of money but you have the use the correct insulation. Foil really only stops a bit of radiation and not conduction. I my last rental was a townhouse and I decided to insulate the bedroom. Checked in roof cavity and all timber used (old House). I just bought the 10mm foam with aluminium foil on one side. I didn't thing would be too effective but heap and relatively easy to install. I did the job myself but in no ways profession. Just laid it across the beams and overlapped slightly. The next day around 1 pm I used my laser temperature gun and aimed at ceiling in adjacent room then did the same with the insulated room. About 4 C less. Does not should much but does make a difference to end overall AC usage.
  7. Actually bought a couple bags the other day for a small job. It is a long way from roof access to end of house and the lounge area has a raised bit (not sure what called and maybe difficult to get around. I am also concerned at that insulation being encapsulated in aluminium foil because of the electrics. The house is relatively new and when i first looked into the roof cavity wiring in conduit, all goto junction boxes, but the the disappointment, all the junction boxes had no lids and cable sticking out of all of them. They all looked taped but if only tape is easy to drag something across it and expose bare wire. This coming in contact with insulation could liven the insulation up. But I will keep in mind about your man. Thanks for the input.
  8. Makes a lot of sense, thanks for the input.
  9. Hi, Can any one recommend or know of an insulation installer in Chiang Mai that can install insulation onto a suspended ceiling? I would do my own install but a bit heavy and clumsy for suspended ceiling. Only rating house so need someone not going to damage ceilings. House is an oven. Have AC in 2 bedrooms and portable for rest of house but battles to keep temp down.
  10. ok
  11. Ok, thanks for that.
  12. Did take the carbs off and spark plug out to try clear the cylinder off fuel.
  13. Been there done that. It won't start. As mentioned in my original post I can't get a kick at all from it. But I am ready to kick it across the road.
  14. Technically not totally isolated if connected to the grid.
  15. I worked for 10 years in the control room of a 1000MW power station in NSW, Australia, way back then the summer peaks were reaching the winter peaks due to cheap split AC units and their installation.