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  1. They must be farang imported cats as Thai cats would not be that lazy.
  2. Drove down past the airport today and noticed a jet with big red covers on the 2 engines. Never seen before in CM. As I drove further I could see it was a Lion Air jet. Wonder if the guilty jet?
  3. Oh, yours is the only right way and everyone one else crazy?
  4. TX valves are generally not used on domestic split ac systems.
  5. No. I usually run it at 24 but as it was not working I had remote set to 18 in case there was a discrepancy in the remote/unit settings. Have seen that happen once before and remote needed a reset. Obviously not the problem and after clean remote is back at 24.
  6. Problem here in Thailand is to find a good tech. Read so many forums posts about having the refrigerant topped up every time the tech came. If it needs topping up there is a leak. I had an AC in my bedroom 19 years and never needed topping up. I installed an inverter and moved the old 19 to my shed where it still ran another few years up until I left. In Australia now (well when I left 5 years ago) you have to account for every gram of refrigerant. If you report you topped up refrigerant you have to show invoices where you checked for and repaired any leak. Supposedly those few grams are very important to the contributing to global warming. The stupid thing was that I worked in an oil refinery and as part of one of the processes there was a huge refrigeration unit which contained 22 tonnes (yes tonnes) of R22 and they used to top up hundreds of kilos at a time.
  7. When I saw the pic I thought no one could be that stupid, but....... Photo looks too permanent to be a setup but could be. Also saw another where the outdoor unit was inside and indoor unit out. Maybe they wanted heating inside.
  8. His is an inverter so many capacitors under the cover.
  9. Yes I know. I was just saying to your comment that specialised equipment is needed where as I mostly found by oil. I didn't say he could fix it.
  10. Most refrigerant leaks occur at the piping connections. Usually 2 at indoor unit and 2 at outdoor unit. Oil travels around the system with the refrigerant so a leak can often show up as oil on the joint or soaked into the insulation. I had a refrigerant leak detector I used in Australia but rarely used it on split AC systems as the oil leak usually showed me where the problem was..
  11. Exactly. I am renting a house for just over 1 year and the bedroom AC gets a lot of use. Recently it did not seem to be cooling I had thermostat set at 18 and took ages to cool and definitely not 18 degrees. I cleaned the filters and used a spray can of cleaner to try and clean fins on indoor unit. No better. So I called agent who had husband and wife team to come check. They pulled covers off out door unit and used high pressure water blaster to clean fins. It is mounted just under the eaves (single story house) and the dirt that came out and ran down the wall was amazing. Did the same with indoor unit. Yes used high pressure blaster on indoor unit. When finished ran it and checked refrigerant pressures. All ok. Runs great now and it quite in running. 700baht.
  12. Dazinoz

    Australian Lottery Website

    The Australian one sends me an email the night I have won and tells me how much. I don't know if they do the same for a BIG prize but would be nice to find out.
  13. Yep, great idea. Lived here 5 years and now in my 5th house. Moved for a variety of reasons.