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  1. You will probably get someone tell you the deceased needs to attend in person to close.
  2. Didn't know there was a discount for dash cam. Will try my insurance company. Probably don't want to give me on my 50% NCD. Anyone know what the max NCD is. Was 60% in Oz and policies I have had.
  3. Not sure if I am allowed to mention on here so have sent you PM.
  4. Oh, here we go. Another expert on what people do and think. I am not an expert on anything and I am not from Tasmania and I got the information of the calculated population of Tasmania website. You made the comment "Nobody in their right mind wants to live there anyway." I just put roughly 517,000 most likely do. Some would not want I agree. Just because you may not like somewhere doesn't mean others don't want to.
  5. They won't have to invade. As per last part of your comment they will have bought everything and just "own" Australia.
  6. I have visited Manila a couple of time but to very poor areas of Pateros and Tagig and agree with everything you say especially the last line. Found them much more friendly.
  7. Well there goes my thoughts on moving to the Philippines.
  8. I have a Honda Jazz and the have been insured with a particular company for 3 years and this renewal will be 4th year. The premiums have been around the 12,000 baht. Obviously the insured value goes down each year but premium roughly the same. Received my renewal last week and insured value dropped by 50,000 but premium went up to over 16,000 baht. Thought oh well thats insurance companies for you. But then I was looking closely at premium renewal details comparing to last years. Last year my No Claim Bonus was 40%. This year It was down to 30%. I had had a small accident which the police told me to call my insurance company but I did not make a claim. This was detailed on the renewal notice. So I emailed my broker who had issued the renewal notice and asked why NCD had dropped when I had not made a claim. Next day received a new renewal notice. NCD gone to 50% and premium down to just over 12,000. Pays to check.
  9. I came to CM a fews weeks before moving here to find a house to rent. Went to Honda dealer to ask about what I needed for buying a car. Was asked for passport and was told I could buy a car. Walked out of dealers having ordered a car to be ready the day after we were due to arrive in CM. 3 weeks later arrived in CM went to dealer and paid for and picked up car and drove off. No plates at all and was told red plates in about 2 weeks. They told me if I was fined for no plates prior to them arriving to bring receipt to dealer and they would reimburse fine. Plates arrived and they installed. Got log book but was told nothing about it. Was told normal plates due in about 6 weeks. Went back in 6 weeks. No plates. kept going back for 6 months. Still no plates. At the 6 month visit I enquired more and insisted to find out why no plates. I was asked who sold me car and I told them who. Oh she has left now. So they checked up as to the progress. Car had not even been registered, she had not done the paperwork. So they got me to sign then and had new plates soon after. Good thing is they did not back date rego so drove around for free rego for 6 months, albeit illegally.
  10. Probably only long thing he could pull from his underpants.
  11. Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon.....No matter how good you are, the bird is going to shit on the board and strut around like it won anyway.
  12. i made that comment because I have done a number of posts on here sharing experiences and its amazing the number of people that instantly know what you are like and comment to such. Like "its obvious that....", etc etc. When its not obvious at all. The world is getting a sad place with these people who feel they need to berate others for sharing there experiences. Sometimes people just feel the need to share without being berated.
  13. You know NOTHING about my life. If it was just the bank issue not a problem but there are many others. One is trying to share my experiences with others and Trolls like you make me out to be a nasty, negative person. And I am to people like you. Have a nice life hounding others.