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  1. Buying condos for investment?

    Has always amazed me that when people tell me they lost/gained money on their shares, land, bullion or whatever and when I ask when did you sell it, oh I haven't yet. It just a paper loss/gain. Not an actual loss gain until sold.
  2. Buying condos for investment?

    Lived in a small mubaan behind Think Park 3 years. Got used to the planes.
  3. Buying condos for investment?

    I was looking at buying one when I first moved here about 4 1/2 years ago. My real estate agent told me not to unless I wanted to live in it as there were so many being built in CM that there will be an over supply and thus lower returns. Having said that I was stupid enough to buy a Fractional ownership of a unit in a great complex in Patong Beach Phuket. Turns out a BIG waste money and I would have been better off buying a couple of condos for the money I out layed.
  4. Help With Setting Up dd-wrt Router on 3BB

    I tried to set up VPN on my computer, did not work.
  5. Help With Setting Up dd-wrt Router on 3BB

    Ok thanks for that. Hard to know what you are asking for when you don't know. Just basically said what was in the support email from the VPN provider.
  6. Help With Setting Up dd-wrt Router on 3BB

    I have not tried any other solutions. Like I said I know very LITTLE about networking so if one doesn't work I am not going to try another one and I ask for help, hence the post. I don't know if they ran any diagnostic tools or not. Just went by their email and when you don't know anything its very hard to ask if they have done this or that. I want to be able to access Australian online TV stations and anonymous browsing so I guess I want on my computer and Apple TV. And I can't be bothered educating myself on these things and again thats why I asked for recommendations for help.
  7. I am on 3BB optic fibre on the 200mb download plan. I received a discounted offer from a VPN provider last month. I had a look at the website and at their non-comparable ISPs and 3BB was not on the list. So I subscribed for a year. Could not get it to work so emailed tech support. Very fast to get back to me and said I should try their SmartVPN option. Tried that and still no good. Emailed support again then came back with the answer that 3BB is apparently DNS hijacking and suggested I use a dd-wrt router and redirect DNS from port 53 (I think) to port 54. All very interesting if you are a network engineer. I know very little about networking so can anyone recommend someone who can help me or someone who could come set it up for me (paid of course). I live near Big C Hang Dong in Chaing Mai. I would also like a recommendation on a router. Previously I had tried a TP-Link TL-MR3020 who my neighbour set up and it worked ok. But then he went back to Australia and left me no contact info so this thing is useless.
  8. Turned ground when he should have turned sky.
  9. Noisy Karaoke Bar Shutdown

    My brother used to teach science at a Sydney (Australia) school. Sydney's water supply came from Warragamba Dam. One day he was teaching and said that Sydney's water cam from Wogaramba Dam. One of the kids corrected him and said don't you mean Warragamba Dam sir. My brother replied you obviously haven't been there on a Sunday. Well he would not get away with saying that now and he would have to think up an Asian reference. Maybe Wallagamba Dam.
  10. Noisy Karaoke Bar Shutdown

    I live in a house. And if you did live in a condo in my country it would probably predominantly chinese, they are buying the country up.
  11. Propane, butane, propane/butane mix are all classed as LPG. And as I previously posted: At 70f (21.1C) the vapour pressure of propane is 110psi while, at the same temp, butane is only 17 psi, hence the thicker walled propane cylinders. A mixture of the gasses results in lower than propane and higher than butane pressures.
  12. Noisy Karaoke Bar Shutdown

    I said technically not realistically.
  13. Noisy Karaoke Bar Shutdown

    So technically you could have 100% farang occupancy.
  14. Noisy Karaoke Bar Shutdown

    I knew it was only 49% Farang ownership. Does that apply to occupants too? If a Thai own a condo room and rents it to a Farang. How does that figure in?