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  1. Expat cops

    Actually there are a few farang in uniform at a police station in Chiang Mai. Not sure what rank they hold but mainly used for translation purposes. I know at least one American and one Australian. Have also heard there is a French guy. I have had dealings with the American guy.
  2. Suvarnabhumi Immigration

    Chiang Mai told me I can't do original, only renew existing.
  3. Suvarnabhumi Immigration

    I wasn't fined, the owner was.
  4. Suvarnabhumi Immigration

    You as a farang can not file the first TM30 but can update when you leave country and return to same residence. I know this because I have done it. I went to immigration with a Thai friend and she asked about the TM30 and was told owner of residence has to do and I can't because he assumed first time. But when he saw I already had previous one he renewed. If not done the owner gets a 1600 baht fine as did my previous landlord. The problem comes for you is that immigration won't renew your visa extension without it. Well at least here in CM.
  5. Cost of new meter - Double 'for farang'

    Australia has several choices of electric company. Thats probably one reason why Australia has one of the most expensive power costs in the world. I did see recently where someone said it was the most expensive in the world but can't confirm that.
  6. Its an individual preference. Personally from what I have read I have bought gold here hoping it will increase significantly. I live in Chiang Mai so can't say about bangkok but should be plenty reputable gold shops around. I am fairly sure you won't get a discount on the gold itself but can often negotiate the commission fee. Gold in bars and jewellery has a spread price posted each day and sometimes several times a day if world gold is changing enough. Those listed prices is what you pay or receive if you sell. Jewellery usually has a spread of around 1000 baht from buy to sell price. Bar only has 100 baht spread and is better to buy for "investment". As far as I know all jewellery has a buy and sell commission which can vary significantly from shop to shop. I have been buying bars in 5 baht and 10 baht and find there is no commission on 5 baht and above bars to buy. Not sure if commission on selling because I have not sold yet, but assume there will. Suggest you get a Thai Gold app and you can check from your phone (assuming you have smart phone). Here I have the physical gold but I have paper silver in Australia. Again I have done this from all I have read.
  7. http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/new-lottery-tickets-september-1-draw/
  8. From an earlier thread:- BANGKOK: -- New size of lottery tickets will be put on sale for the September 1 draw at 80-baht apiece instead of 80-baht for two pieces in one ticket as is the case of the current lottery.
  9. Like I mentioned maybe you did but I don't think they would be valid. Did you check date on ticket?
  10. That wouldn't happen in Thailand. Interesting if you won on those if they paid up. I could image scams using old tickets.
  11. Actually the tickets are now single tickets. One equals six million first prize. This changed 1st September. But back in August they were doubles.
  12. Doctor Rip Off.

    Yep. His mother wanted and agrees for me to get his Oz PP for his future. I have no intention of taking him out of Thailand without her permission. He actually died on the way to hospital at 6 weeks of age. Because of the time taken to revive him he suffered brain damage. So she is considering having him adopted out in Australia as a "special needs baby". Australian passport then very necessary. There is more to to that part of the story that i care to go into here but suffice to say in his case the Oz passport is the best way to go.
  13. Doctor Rip Off.

    Before the baby was born it was suggested that we use a Thai lady to say that it was her baby when registered for his birth certificate. This way he would have been registered as a Thai and have all the benefits such as cheap medical. Obviously this required payment as is illegal and the mother refused to consider this and I agreed. In hindsight would have been a good idea but I like to keep things above board as they say.
  14. Doctor Rip Off.

    Actually it does. Under Thai law she is the sole responsible person for the baby. I have no rights over him as it stands. She has agreed and wants him to get his Australian Passport. There maybe other ways as some suggested but very hard to do if you don't know about them. I did research and came up with what I am doing.