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  1. His extended Thai family( about 75% Thailand) are currently trying to contact him.
  2. CAT stuck a device on the wall.

    Probably nothing. I was visiting a friend who had just bought a shop. A van pulled up and 2 guys got out and started hanging an advertising banner on her awning. Forget who it was for. She asked them and told them she didn't want. They said they were told to put it up. She then asked them how much she get for that. Answer is obvious.......nothing. Told her I would cut it down after dark if she wanted. She just left it there.
  3. I have sent them several emails explaining the situation. I also have written to the Minister for Immigration in Australia but no flexibility. My next is like what you suggest and contact the current affairs programs on the main Australian TV channels.
  4. Don't know if not going to Bangkok was good or not but baby was admitted to ICU at Chiang Mai RAM Hospital last night with pneumonia and infection.
  5. Do you know if done for travel by train?
  6. In the rules to have a test done for immigration purposes states:- Costs for DNA testing Applicants for migrant visas or Australian citizenship by descent must pay the full costs for DNA testing. The department pays the full costs of DNA testing for refugee visa applicants. So exactly what you are saying. They list 8 labs you can have it done in Australia all of which are about the same cost which is another rip off. Cost for Peace of Mind DNA test is about $300. Double that to $600 if it is a legal test required for any courts, etc. If for immigration like what I need, double that again to $1200. Then add the costs of travelling to and staying in Bangkok. In Bangkok they use Global Doctors to do the sampling which is simply two swabs taken from inside the mouth of myself and my baby. Cost for this?.......4500 baht each or 9000 baht total, no discount for second or subsequent sample. Add all this and costs become significant. I have ask to have sampling done in Chiang Mai say at a reusable international hospital such as RAM Hospital. Can not do.
  7. This was with Air Asia. I handed my ID and my gf pink ID. She held up the pink ID and asked for something, I assumed the letter. When handed the letter she was happy and printed out the boarding passes for the 3 of us. But then for some reason she must have checked the letter, asked the person and the next counter and then made a phone call and talked a lot with my gf and then refused us. I explained that baby had a medical appointment next day in Bangkok but said thats the rules and she can't go.
  8. Unfortunately I don't think the Australia Government believes he is mine even though I provided them with a DNA test result. They want another one done in Australia with sampling to be done in Bangkok. Hence this situation. I think if that is done he should be granted Australia Citizenship by Descent and then will be easy to get passport.
  9. She was not born in Myanmar and I think maybe difficult to get passport. She had a copy of some work permit from when she first come to Thailand. She used this to get issued with the Non Thai ID. On that states she is from Myanmar. So hence the Myanmar Consulate issued the letter. I am sure things like this happens a lot in these countries why record keeping is little or non existing.
  10. What I don't understand is this "letter" is issued by the Myanmar Consulate. Her Non Thai ID is issued in Thailand. How can the Myanmar Government issue a letter for their citizens to travel within Thailand? Maybe its an agreement with the Thai government to save some paperwork for them.
  11. I had already checked with the airline at the desk with the papers and they were confirmed ok and as mentioned he was not a problem. Previously his mum flew and got a letter. I checked that the same way before flying, no problem. This time the letter appeared exactly the same so I did not check. It did not emotion Bangkok so she could not fly.
  12. Baby appreciates that. He gets very hot.
  13. Actually i just checked that on the net and probably my best option. Just waiting for new doctors appointment date.
  14. The child has a birth certificate. I already mentioned that. He was no problem. It was his mum.