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  1. Correct. See full aticle: "As for entitlement, people who access the UCEP rights must be a member of one of the three government national healthcare plans: the National Health Security Fund, Social Security Fund or the fund for medical welfare to state officials."
  2. Not really, and it doesn't really need a dietician. He simply needs to: - cut out all junk food and sweets (especially soft drinks and sweetened coffee/tea drinks) - limit rice portion to 1 serving per meal And the weight will come right off. Sodas/sweet coffees/teas and junk foods are the usual culprits with teens and children. Their metabolisms are fast enough that minus those it would be very rare for them to be overweight. And of course being more physically active will help.
  3. As there have been many, many threads on this, you might like to do a search first. Be aware that your wife and her parents already have complete health cover under the government system. The only value added to a private policy is choice of hospitals as under the government system they can only use the government hospital they are registered at or higher level facility it refers them to. With private insurance they can go anywhere -- however this is of little or no advantage if they live way up country as in that case the government hospitals are often the only reliable place to go. Small upcountry private hospitals are usually best avoided. It will be quite expensive to get them private insurance, rates are high here since there is so little market for it.
  4. Copy your visa extension, and also if you them: house lease, income tax returns showing foreign address. Send them all that along with relevant passport pages showing absence fro mthe US
  5. She should go to the hospital where she is registered under the government health scheme. With a history of excessive bleeding, she does indeed need to have the extraction done in hospital, and this would also be the place for thalessemia work up. If the hospital is unable to do what is required they will refer her to a higher level facility.
  6. Exactly. Immigration officials in particular, the world over, are never welcoming of anyone. And immigration rules are not created by popular vote, in fact most citizens have no clue what they are. So I would hardly infer from those anything about the attitude of the country as a whole. I feel perfectly comfortable where I live. Certainly no one minds having me here, and everyone is friendly enough. But I should add that I live in a rural area with virtually no other foreigners around...and I don't, as far as I know, do or say anything that would make me a problem or liability to have around. So I do not feel in the least "unwelcome" though I also don't feel that the people or the country are actively seeking to have foreigners like me here, rather that like anywhere, people judge people on a case by case basis. Every once in a while i come across someone who is hostile to foreigners per se, but most people are quite willing to give me a chance and will react according to how I am. As for the government, I'm not looking to them to "welcome" me, I'm just glad that their rules make my stay here possible. Some people may have unrealistic expectations.
  7. A yellow book does NOT require ownership of a house or condo nor permamanent residence. It is however usually necessary for the person who owns the place where you are staying to go with you to the Ampur, bringing along with their own tabian baan, for you to get it. Worth the hassle, though. Immigration offices also often ask to see it. Only some amphurs issue the pink ID card (which has nothing to do with the pink migrant worker registration cards, those are entirely different) but presumably one that is asking for it would issue it. from what I gather, easy to get once you have a tabian ban as the yellow tabian ban plus passport are the main requirements. But indeed, neither should be required for SS. What is legitimately required is proof of identification (passport) and some sort of proof of where you live.
  8. Again, I suggest you see Dr. Wicharn. He typically treats pain from a protruding disk -- if this is what it is (bear in mind protruding disks are a temporary condition, they do not persist) with a mixture of short term steroids and Lyrica, the steroids reduce the swelling around the nerve while the lyrica helps the nerves recover. This is IMO a better approach than just trying to mask the pain with codeine (he may or may not also give a temporary supply if pain killer, I really do not remember). While an epidural steroid injection might work, you can likely get the same effect, more safely, with a short course of oral steroids.
  9. Simvastatin, which is in same drug family and chemically quite similar to atorvastatin, is very cheap here and available everywhere. Atorvastatin is basically just a newer brand of the virtually the same thing - pharm companies do this when a drug is going off patent. Typically at that point small scale studies funded by the pharm company come out showing the new drug as better in some respect and, typically, later independent studies with larger sample sizes come out showing little or no difference but by then the pharm reps have succeeded in getting most doctors to which over. This has been the case with simvastatin and atorvastatin See as to where in Samui to buy, go into Nathon and look for a large pharmacy (NOT a Boots or Watsons - a Thai pharmacy). Near the government hospital would be a likely place.
  10. To have the surgery privately would run at least 1 million baht, maybe more. So best to go where I mentioned. Once the child has been seen, if there is medical urgency the hospital will expedite accordingly.
  11. Applying vinegar with a cotton ball and letting it dry is also good, it deters fungal growrh. Ordinary cheap white vinegar is fine.
  12. Yes. Both are regular human insulin.
  13. OP, even though the driver was not in fact at fault, it may be that under Thai law he is considered so, in which case his insurance should help pay the hospital bill. Even if all he has is the compulsory 3rd party cover, it should help.
  14. First of all, are you enrolled in it now? Unless you are already enrolled into it with monthly payroll deductions, you are not eligible. (Private schools are, for some reason, exempt from the requirement to have their employees enrolled in Social Security.) If you are enrolled, then as soon as you finish working go to the SS office and discuss with them what you need to do to maintain enrollment on an individual pay basis. As coverage is specific to one hospital based on where you live, you will need to enroll where you are going to be living. But there is a limited time period available to maintain coverage - so talk to your local SS office first about how to go about it.