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  1. Regency Assurance

    The people who had trouble getting paid had submitted claims related to pre-existing conditions. That will cause problems with any insurer. If you can afford to set aside 4 million and replenish it as needed self insuring is a viable option for you. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Regency Assurance

    They seem to cover up to $1 million US which is fine. OP - nothing that has been said here casts a negative light on Regency - their policies re pre-exisitng conditions are normal and common to all insurers. Does cast soem doubt on the quality of advise yo uare getting from your broker, though. NO INSURER is going to cover your ulcertaive colitis or anything directly related to ti. Most insurers will also exclude diabetes but if it is very well controlled and you have had no complications related to it, some might. Any insurer will put in exclusiond for someone with poorly controlled or sever hypertension or who has already experienced complications related to hypertension. Some will not put in exclusions if the hypertension is mild, well controlled and there have never been associated complications. As to self insuring the question is: are you really able to do it? Contrary to what many TV members seem to believe self-insuring is NOT simply going uninsured, planning t pay out of pocket and just hoping you will have enough money. Are you able to put aside at least 3 million baht solely for use in paying medical costs, and replenish it as it is used? , well controlled hyoertension
  3. Where to get help for depression

    It is the nature of depression to take a negative view of all suggestions and focus on reasons why you can't follow them. This condition is destroying the quality of your life. Find a way and do not listen to the depressed voice in your head. The costs of therapy are per session, and even 1 session a month will be far better than none, so adjust the schedule to your ability to pay. Unless you are truly living in poverty (as in, nothing left after paying the rent and buying cheapest food possible) this is possible. If you are that poor, you've got more problems than how to pay for treatment of your depression, and should be considering a return to your home country. As for the "I tried medicine once and it made me feel worse" that too is your disease talking. There are many different medications. It takes time for the body and mind to adjust to them and often takes some trial and error with different drugs to find the best one. It will be useful if you know the name of the one you tried before so as to avoid it. This is the catch 22 of depression and many other mental health problems. The disease itself makes people unwilling to do what they need to to get get better. You need to pull a small, rational part of your mind out from how you feel and put it in charge. Let it, not how you feel, decide what to do. When negativity arises just say to yourself: "this is my depression talking....ignore it" and carry on.
  4. Eye test USA dr. Bangkok

    He IS listed and I have given you the direct link. Click on "appointment" under his picture. When you get to the appointment fields, under doctor scroll to his name. Note that all names are alphabetized by first name not last name. So he is under the N's for Nick Walters.
  5. Regency Assurance

    This is not making sense to me. Did you complete an application for Cigna and get a response? If so how exactly are the exclusions worded? They would be more specific than what you have listed here.
  6. Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery in BKK

    It doesn't warrant an overnight stay but check your policy as to whether it covers day surgery (most do) and, if so, how day surgery is defined. And let me know which insurer you have as some of them have peculiarities in terms of defining day surgery making it important how the hospital describes it to the insurer. However, while the IPD/OPD issue may be resolvable, your will still need pre-authorization many insurers are not going to cover laser surgery for grade 3 hemorrhoids unless more standard options have already been exhausted: first, conservative management (fiber, fluids, stool softeners etc) then if that fails next step is usually rubber band ligation. They may want to know why laser treatment is considered necessary in your case. Bets colorectal doctors in Bkk are: https://www.bumrungrad.com/doctors/Chucheep-Sahakitrungruang https://www.bch.in.th/en/doctor-th-4/surgery/item/584-doc22.html (same doctor, different hospitals. He can also be seen at Chulllogkorn after hours clinic) https://www.bangkokhospital.com/index.php/en/find-a-doctor/doctor-profile/?id=1875&doctor=Dr_ART_HIRANYAKAS
  7. Prostate Cancer Test

    Stress test a good idea in men from mid 40s onward. Doesn't need to be annual. Get one now and if normal, again in 3-4 years.
  8. Regency Assurance

    No. None of them do. But there can be differences in interpretation of someone's medical history and definition of what is considered pre-existing condition. And some insurers, for some conditions, will waive the exclusion if the condition is fully resolved and remains so for X years. You really do not know until you have completed the application process, what an underwriter will decide in terms of exclusions. but I can assure OP that absolutely no insurer will cover him for his bowel condition or anything related to it since it is a current and still unresolved issue. Cigna BTW in my experience is one of the most reasonable with regard to pre-exisitng conditions, as long as it is something that has fully resolved or is well controlled. So I do not understand what OP means by "loads of pre-existing conditions".
  9. Prostate Cancer Test

    You need a PSA AND a manual prostate exam. (The doctor has to put a finger up your rectum and feel the size and shape of the prostate. Not fun, but only takes a few seconds. Repeat yearly. It is nto necessary to get a high end check up package just for one test not being listed in the cheaper packages. You can add on the one test and it will cost a lot less. (At age 59 though you should think about getting an exercise stress test, too...) At large hospitals will get same day result for PSA.
  10. Mental Health

    The referral to Udon was correct process in terms of the network of facilities in the government system, but Udon can and should refer her to the pysch hospital in Khon Kaen since there is no pysch hospital in Udon and she obviously needs hospital admisison. However it would likely take time for them to first conclude that she is not responding to their meds and isn't manageable as an outpatientetc. They aren't going to refer right off the bat since from their viewpoint she is a new patient. Given how resistant she is to care, paying out of pocket for an an inpatient stay (at government psych hospital) for stabilization is probably the best course of action. If they are able to get her stabilized, at discharge have them write out her recommended course of treatment and bring it back to Udon (not your local Community hospital - they will not have the meds and are not the appropriate level of care for psych issues !). -Since you already got a to Udon and she has been seen there should not be a big problem to continue treatment there for free, and the pysch dr there will probably listen to what the pysh hospital recommended, even though he did not particulalry listen to the family. If for some reason there is an issue of payment with Udon, call the NHSO. A psychotic patient cannot be managed at community hospital level as they have no psychiatrists, she has to be cared for at a higher level where psychiatrists are available.
  11. Mental Health

    Udon should have a proper psychiatrist, so as you were able to get a referral there, try it. BTW when there are issues with a government hospital (refusing to giove letters of referral or other) under the 30 baht scheme can complain to the NHSO https://www.nhso.go.th/eng/FrontEnd/index.aspx But as you did ultimately get a referral go ahead and see what happens with psychiatrist at Udon. If it is nto satisfactory then call the NHSO hotline and explai nthe problem (long standing mental illness and local hospital refusing to refer to the nearest government pysch hospital)
  12. Regency Assurance

    I haven't had on feedback on them yet, as I think they are fairly new. Has the broker explained to you why he recommends this policy for you? And given you a chart or list of various policies with comparison points so you can see the differences? If not, he should (if he doesn't, change brokers). Some points to determine: 1. Do they have direct billing arrangement with most Thai hospitals? 2., Is lifelong renewal (assuming you make the payments) guranateed? 3. Are premium increases based only on age or will your state of health and claims history be a factor? Let me know what you find out, I will be interested
  13. Eye test USA dr. Bangkok

    http://www.mission-hospital.org/en/component/k2/item/54-dr-nick-walters.html Call and make an appointment, then show up.
  14. worried about my INR.RANGE

    Good choice. There is no known interaction between Keppra and warfarin. As I am sure you know, you need to carefully monitor your INR now as warfarin need may change.
  15. Where to get help for depression

    The best approach to depression is counseling, with or without medication - if the depression is major then usually medication will also be needed at least for a while, but it is not a good idea to rely on medication alone. With depression the best treatment is therapy (such as cognitive behavioral therapy, i.e. short term counseling, not years and years of psychotherapy). Medication may also be needed, at least for a while, if the depression is severe but it is not a good idea to treat with medication alone, which is what will happen if you consult a psychiatrist. The best first step is to find a good psychologist and start counseling. S/he will refer you to a psychiatrist for medication if it seems advisable, all counselors have psychiatrists they refer to. You will be more likely to get the right prescription using this approach as opposed to going straight to a psychiatrist - depression is sometimes mixed with anxiety, for example, which alters what medications are most advisable. And anti-depressents take time to work , and sometimes it is necessary to experiment a biot before the best drug is mind. It is important to have a counselor helping you through that stage and helping yo ukeep things in perspective. It has been known to happen that people with depression start medication and then, when it does nto quickly make them feel better despair completely and even take their lives - one's sense of proportion and of time is skewed in severe depression. There are a number of western therapists in Thailand, mostly in Bangkok. Please see this thread. If he has time available I would suggest first trying Dr. Ben Weinstein at PSI. http://www.benweinstein.com/contact.htm He is not available, or if you see him and it soesn't "click" (the individual chemistry between patient and therapist is important) then try one of the others. People vary but with counseling and, often, medication, most will feel noticeably better within say 3-6 months. Even before that, as soon as you have started therapy with a counselor you feel supported and understood by, you will already feel more hopeful as you will no longer be struggling with this alone. You may get a lot of well meaning but useless advice from people who have never suffered clinical depression, there has already been some on this thread and no doubt will be more. Kindly overlook it. Because the word "depression" is also used to describe mood states that everyone experiences from time to time, people sometimes do not understand that clinical depression is an altogether different thing, a real disease which people cannot simply snap out of through positive thinking, exercise and the like.