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  1. Why is everyone discussing the deceased as a "pervert"? From the article, the men he was in the habit of bringing back to his apartment were adults...in their 30's. There is not the slightest suggestion of pedophilia, so I am also nto sure what his being a teacher has to do with anything. If the fact that the men he brought back to his apartment were much younger than himself makes him a pervert, then there are quite a few heterosexual perverts on this board as well. Some people might consider an older man having sex with sex workers much younger than himself (though still adults) to be unseemly, but by no definition I know of is it a perversion.
  2. He made very clear that he meant pedophile in subsequent tweet. Someone challenged him for having called Vern a pedophile (spelling the word out in full) and he replied "Betcha a signed dollar it turns out to be true". There is no doubt about what he meant by the term "pedo". He also made it clear the basis was that the man lived in Thailand, labelling that suspicious. But, he has since apologized and indicated this was just said in anger, i,e. essentially retracted it.
  3. He did more than make the original call, he was actively involved in the rescue effort throughout. This effort involved hundreds of people in many different capacities. While the expert cave divers played the most dramatic and obvious role, the work of others was also critical. One does not have to have been a diver to be a hero IMO. This man worked very hard, 17 days straight, under difficult conditions, and contributed to the success of the mission, that's enough for me. Agree re point 4, the mother likely has no experience dealing with journalists, someone shoved a mike in her face and asked her to react to her son being called a pedophile and reacted predictably.
  4. Sheryl

    Itchy Feet at night

    Swelling of the feet/legs can be an indication of cardiac problem or venous insufficiency so yes, should definitely see a doctor
  5. Actually variants of "stick it where it hurts" are commonly used in the US: "stick it where the sun don't shine" and "shove it up your a**" or simply "shove it" All well understood nto to be literal or in any way sexual, just an emphatic and blunt way of indicating that the thing in question is of no value or unwanted. There was even a popular C&W song once called "Take this job and shove it". "Should be shot" "string him up" etc are also common phrases in the US and likewise understood to be in no way literal. And while we don't usually say someone ought to have their mouth taped we have equivalent phrases e.g. "put a sock in it". There is really no doubt or misunderstanding about any of these phrases in terms of what they actually mean and that they are not literal. They are blunt, arguably rude, but they are not references to anything sexual nor are they serious calls to violence. Calling someone a pedophile, on the other hand, is not a phrase or expression in use. Just a very serious criminal accusation. Vern has made no further comments since the one made immediately after Musk called him a pedophile and prior to Musk's apology. It is unlikely the media haven't tried to get a comment from him so I think we can assume he is choosing not to say anything further. Musk has been similiarly tight lipped except for the apology. So in fact it is all over except the media keep trying to stir the pot. In this instance, resorting to an interview with the elderly mother. Let's all give it a rest, like the two protagonists already have.
  6. What was perhaps OTT was the newspaper interviewing the mother to seek her comment on it.
  7. Sheryl

    Testosterone replacement in Bangkok

    Sounds like Bayer Testoviron is out of stock. Alternative brand of same thing is Depo-Test 250, try asking for that.
  8. Sheryl

    Purple color skin

    She needs to be evaluated for possible venous insufficiency as well as cardiovascular disease. Blood tests per se are not likely to be very helpful. I would suggest she consult a cardiologist - and avoid wearing tight watches. If heart checks out OK next stop would be a vascular surgeon (not that she needs surgery, but these are the specialists who treat vascular disease). They will likely do doppler ultrasound to assess the blood vessels. Does she have any known chronic diseases? On any medications?
  9. That may have been before the change in policy. Pretty clear they will no longer accept foreign bodies.
  10. Sheryl

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    references to illegal activity have been removed
  11. Sheryl

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    Have you actually been recommended to have surgery by a spinal specialist? Do you actually know he odds of waking up paralyzed (extremely small)
  12. Defamatory posts/statements have been removed.
  13. Sheryl

    buying meds at a pharmacy without a/c

    I doubt thode who said this were actual pharmacists. Partly because a true pharmacist eould know better and partly because a pharmacy that doesn't invest in a/c is unlikely to invest in a pharmacist. More often than not in Thailand the person behind the pharmacy counter is not a pharmacist; sometimes they have no training at all. It makes a big difference. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Sheryl

    buying meds at a pharmacy without a/c

    It is always best to buy from a pharmacy with a/c as exposure to heat can inactivate medications prior to their mormal expiration date. Whether this will hsppen depends on the duration of time that the medication is exposed and the temperature. Confitions during transport and in the stock room are at least as important as those in the atea where the drugs are sold but you have mo way of knowi g these. However a shop with a/c will usually have a/c store room. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. Sheryl

    Testosterone replacement in Bangkok

    What sort of pharmacies did you call? I ask because not so easy to call most Thai pharmacies. Any really large Thai pharmacy (NOT a Boots or Watson's -- a thai shop selling primzrily pharmaceuticals as opposed go cosmetics and tpiletries) should have this. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app