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  1. Not unusual for there to be online ads for places that don't exist. Once you call, they say it's already rented and offer you something else, at higher price. Even a one room place without real kitchen will run double that.
  2. Thanks! Sciencebiz also seems to not have chemistry sets bit does have some models of human anatomy that I think he'd like.
  3. Need a cheap gastrocopy...

    It is inconceivable that a pyschiatrist would have decided you need a gastroscopy, much less overrule the judge of a GI specialist on this matter. Your prior posts clearly state it was a gastroenterologist who said you needed one and, that the pyschiatrist was surprised by this/expressed doubt it was really necessary. "he shook his head in disbelief when he heard of this request by the gastrologist" .
  4. Hi, Christmas time is nigh so "Santa" (AKA Grandma) is shopping for gifts for the grandkids. It used to be easy, and still is for the 6 year old, but the 13 year old boy (bright and advanced for his age) is more challenging. Does anyone know where in Bangkok I could find a chemistry set for kids and similar?
  5. Moved to visa forum for best information
  6. New roof advice

    Thanks, those look very interesting for the windows facing south and west. The big glassed in porch area facing south, will need roll-down shades of some sort.
  7. Need a cheap gastrocopy...

    So the 33K was for gastroscopy, not fee for treatment by Dr. Pichai? What does that have to do with clonidine? 33K is about what Bumrungrad charges these days for gastroscopy and indeed it can be done for much less elsewhere. But I still don't understand the connection between this and treatment of your addiction.
  8. New roof advice

    Correct. You can see the RB installation in my post #493. It is behind the rafters so rafters and purlins are between it and the roofing. By the way, noticeable difference now in the worker's house since we installed RB and attic ventilation there. Well worth it.
  9. New roof advice

    Thanks, Wayne, I was thinking of those too as they seem more durable. As mentioned the weather where I am is extreme and the part of the house that most needs this faces south which is where the storms all roll in from. I've started observing other houses, none in the area have bamboo blinds but I do see the heavy vinyl/?rubber things around. I am also wondering if it would work to put up awnings over the windows? i'd still need a roll down device for the front middle area (glassed in porch) but going around and feeling the temperatures what seems to heat up the most are the metal frames of the screens and the metal guard grills (or whatever they are called - the stuff to keep out thieves). These are really hot to the touch. There is some warmth in the walls but nothing like what is happening at the windows.
  10. Long-time homeless American deported

    I have never known the US Embassy to do this. What they will do, is help locate friends/relatives back home who can send money. Even in emergency evacuation of its citizens from unstable foreign countries/places at war (and I've personally been in some), people have to pay their own way. In some cases they will be allowed to sign an agreement to repay with the govt fronting the costs. And they will come after people for that money.
  11. Need a cheap gastrocopy...

    I do nto understand the 33K part. That is obviously nto the cost of his consultation with you. What was 33K for?
  12. New roof advice

    Where did you buy them? Brand? Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Ah, if only there were a Medicare Advantage plan that covers care outside the US!!!
  14. Need a cheap gastrocopy...

    I'm a little confused here as I already referred you to Dr. Pichai who is a specialist in addiction? Are you seeing him regulalry? Have you discussed the racing heart etc with him? Keep an eye on your BP on that enalapril.
  15. New roof advice

    The regular .5 x 1.2 panels are 59 baht each. The flashings etc more of course. So about 10 baht a piece more than say conventionally colored Oran tiles. Entire supply for a 300 sq m roof with 5 gables came to 35,000 B Less than half the cost of Colorbond. When the first shipment arrived from factory they held back some pieces that they said had failed the Quality check and supplied them later, I took that to be a good sign. My workers tell me the tiles are very good quality.