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  1. Similar thing was suggested for curing a laptop battery not charging or a finicky on-board graphics card issue. Something about clearing BIOS/ UEFI hardware persistent memory. So one might need to do this if you get into issues because you boot different operating systems on occasion. Why the device drivers don't do this as part of their normal routine baffles me.
  2. Wild looking D-link router

    Do any of your current devices support 802.11AC? Do they support not just 20 but 40MHz or 80MHz channel bandwidths? Do they support dual-band 2.4/5GHz or tri-band 2.4 /5GHz + 5GHz radio operation? Do they support MIMO beamforming? Hey look, it's got more antennas than the previous model being sold! What is 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and how much faster than 802.11n is it? extremetech.com | By Jamie Lendino | August 22, 2016
  3. Check Int Roaming Status True & DTAC prepaid?

    While my service will automatically into Laos when I'm near the border I'm pretty sure neighboring countries is the extent of the automatic roaming option. If you are planning a trip abroad and wish to continue using your Thai provider mobile service you'll need to actually call the provider service line and have them add roaming authorization. You may even need to select a 'roaming' package if you want cheaper than piracy Voice, SMS or Internet Data. See links: DTAC International Roaming, Rates and Packages also check the dtac roaming Traveling Abroad link to the .pdf manual at bottom of page TrueMove-H Traveling Abroad
  4. An ELCB/RCD save lives, yes, but not if it's disabled after the first two "nuisance" trips.
  5. Send who a bill. It was an act of God. You do believe in God, don't you? More likely, several 'who' will be sending the family a bill for the response and putting things back to status quo.
  6. Compass app on android

    The lower-end phones don't have many of the sensors. If your device has a GPS chip, it will show direction but only when in motion over a distance.
  7. Electrical current from unknown [origin?] ...yes, I've been told that Thai electricity is different so they'll probably never know/look where it came from.
  8. FINALLY I'll now be able to go out and buy electronics and alcohol without bothering to wonder if it's real. ...I don't bother to wonder if it's fake any more, lost that innocence long ago
  9. Why does the headline not match the storyline?? As finding this many lost tourists, along the way, in a single evening ... just an odd coincidence?
  10. Smartphone in Thailand

    Since the primary goal is to retain the number, even if you are not physically in Thailand, you need to be aware of the mobile provider's "Term's & Conditions" for maintaining the account (and therefor the number). Basically, with a PrePaid account, this will be maintaining a positive balance and days of validity. Placing monies on a PrePaid account is accomplished via a "TopUp". I'm not aware of an automated method of doing this, but it's usually possible to use a credit card online to transfer monies to the mobile account. While basic service is really cheap (I think I use about 30 THB a month!) the Data Internet promotions/packages you might choose and have auto-renew could easily run you 800-1600 THB / mo ... and having that automatically deducting from the account balance, along with other accidental/random charges, could send your account balance to zero ...potentially having the SIM (and attached phone number) flagged as abandoned. If you are away for, say, 8 months do you really want to be paying for something your not using (though, as you say, it may be better business to pay for 12 months service to maintain dedicated number availability even if only used for 4 months out of a year). TrueMove-H is very good about allowing you to purchase a years-worth of "Validity" up front ... so that's covered just by purchasing validity days ahead of time. The last is account "Activity", (adding funds, using mobile internet or outgoing call or SMS activity). As many SIM Cards are pre-associated with phone numbers, the mobile providers need a way to know when a number has been abandoned so they can recycle them to new customers, so Validity and Activity are closely tracked. Some people on ThaiVisa have said they make sure to send at least one SMS using the SIM Card within a 45-day time period. Some take the SIM Card with them and do the SMS thing via a compatible roaming agreement network. Other's have written they've never done that and still have the number. So best to have first-hand reports (both from people who have retained their PrePaid number over several years, and those that have lost their PrePaid number for whatever issue). Surprised other's haven't chimed in yet.
  11. 3BB users get dynamic IP or Shared IP (CGNAT)?

    I'd try to do something about the 'lag response time' on your end, if the date stamps on these posts are any indication.
  12. I wonder what the average hourly wage is for a 7-Eleven staffer. If they work 40-48 hours a week for, say, 8000THB/mo... maybe 40THB an hour?
  13. best 5ghz router ??

    If the router has external antennas try laying them down flat and see if that helps. Or if it doesn't have external antennas (but has internal antennas) then try laying the WiFi Router on it's side to produce the same effect.
  14. best 5ghz router ??

    Generally, fiber optic modem/routers can't be replaced. They do 'conversion' from Fiber to Ethernet, encrypt and decrypt your local traffic between you and your service provider, and is electronically assigned to your billing account. So that piece of gear has to stay. But you still have options. As Forkinhades wrote, you can add an additional Wired Access Point (WiFi Access Point). This would be an additional WiFi point cabled back to your Internet Provider's fiber router. It could share the same WiFi name/pass of the original or have a different WiFi name/pass. Whatever, and where ever, you need to put it. You could add a Wireless Access Point/Extender. Similar to the above, but it uses an existing WiFi Access Point to receive and send-on the wireless WiFi traffic (...usually at a cost of decreased speed, as the same radio channel is used to receive and retransmit again the original signal in both directions). Yet another option would be WiFi "HomePlug"/"Powerline" adapters. These typically use your existing electrical wiring as a 'bridge' to convey Ethernet LAN signals, allowing you to place another WiFi Access Point anywhere you have an electrical outlet. If you really want to ditch the built-in WiFi that comes with the Internet Provider router you can disable it and connect your own WiFi Access Point -- be it a 2.4, 5 GHz, or even dual-band device. One having external movable antennas is usually better. If you feel you really want or need total control of the router functions you can usually have the Internet Provider disable their router (by placing it in Bit or Bridge Mode) and connect your own high-end router to do whatever you need ( WiFi, VPN, Port Forwarding, ...whatever) But as already said, just moving to 5GHz won't typically improve your WiFi coverage (unless your existing 2.4GHz coverage has issues from local network congestion, interference from neighboring 2.4 WiFi, 2.4GHz wireless cameras, 2.4 GHz etc, etc. and 5GHz is the only alternative to those.