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  1. RichCor

    Re-Entry Permit (Multi)

    Um, please see this thread: Validity of re-entry permits By KittenKong, January 14, 2017 in Thai visas, residency and work permits So even if you apply for and are granted an additional Extension of Stay, the previous Re-entry Permit may no longer apply, the previous Extension of Stay now being superseded by the new stamp requires a new Re-Entry Permit also be applied for and issued.
  2. RichCor

    Pool electrical issues

    As the remote is designed to be a replacement for 4 standard light switches, it should function fine to engage the latch function of a dedicated relay. If it doesn't hold a relay closed, and subsequently doesn't keep a light bulb lit in a separate test, then time to replace the receiver.
  3. RichCor

    Pool electrical issues

    It indicates that your remote has some strange properties. Using a 'remote' will not be the same as manual activation. When pressing a button on the remote, that button assignment needs to be conveyed to a receiver to actuate its own contactor to simulate a manual button press. How the 'remote' unit conveys two, three or more simultaneous button presses will vary by the design of the remote. You'd need to find out how your 'remote' works. And usually the only way to do that is to take it out of circuit and set up a test circuit and run it through its paces. How many simultaneous buttons can be pressed / what combinations. Length of allowed button press. Response to multiple rapid presses. If the remote is doing analog->digital then transmitting digital 'tokens' over a single radio channel to represent a button press... simultaneous button presses are gonna be confusing. (think about how a TV remote deals or doesn't deal with simultaneous button pressing). Simultaneous actuation of 4 dedicated buttons should be doable. But the remote needs to be designed to do it.
  4. RichCor

    Roll your own VPN

    I've been playing with SoftEther VPN SoftEther VPN Project develops and distributes SoftEther VPN, An Open-Source Free Cross-platform Multi-protocol VPN Program, as an academic project from University of Tsukuba, Japan
  5. RichCor

    Incoming LINE voice call not ringing

    Same happens to me. Incoming LINE call might ring, might just get a notify, might not get anything for over an hour. Just know, this isn't like an actual phone call where the VOICE network is handling the call. Voice apps like LINE utilize whatever DATA or INTERNET network is available, and are running as a 3rd-party APP. So the App is responsible for continuously checking back with the member server for notifications but trying to do it on a schedule that doesn't run the battery dead. Some data networks allow messages to be passed directly to the LINE app, but many networks don't allow this so it's up to the App to do 'polling' inquiries. Another issue deals with the phone manufacturer giving preference to their voice apps, causing other 3rd-party apps issues when they need it. My google-based voice apps work fine. Others I find hit-or-miss.
  6. 90-Day registrations can be done at the same office you obtained your current extension: in person, you walk it in; place receipt in passport 3rd person who can present your passport on your behalf; place receipt in passport mail (you keep passport but send copies of documents along with self-addressed envelope to return the receipt to your in-Provence place of residence; place receipt in passport online registration, if accepted, print and place receipt in passport optionally, acquire a re-entry permit, do a border out-in and reset the 90-day clock; put the new paperwork in your passport
  7. I'm guessing they have no close-by facility to pull or drag it up on the hard, or the owner can't afford it so the risk just sits there. Sound very Thai to me.
  8. Only 2 pins. NC (Normally Closed, jumper in place), NO (Normally Open, jumper removed [or only covering one pin to retain the jumper for later reuse])
  9. I assume you'll remember to set the new remotes up with the correct matching transmit code on the 8-pol/3-position dip switch before trying them out?
  10. RichCor

    can't connect to websites directly

    You might also want to verify what DNS your ROUTER and/or COMPUTER are using. DNS is what the Internet uses to change the url you type in (thaivisa.com) into an addressable IP ( or There have been some issues in the past there HACKERS have gained access home routers (via known backdoor methods) and manually set the router's DNS Server entry to issue rogue DNS IP addresses to connecting devices. A quick test to see if you are experiencing DNS issues it temporarily change your Internet Connection setting from Automatic and manually set it to use the public GOOGLE DNS IPs of and
  11. I think this is more about whistle-blower backlash, where anyone remotely associated with the whistle-blower issue would rather not have publicity affect their current or future status. Might as well try to find something nice to say about Yingluck Shinawatra, rather than be constantly negative, then get bashed from all sides for attempting to do so. Better to keep quiet (at least that's the thinking behind these types of actions). Especially as this might not have gone the way it did, as the different entities invariable investigate themselves and find no wrongdoing, but then sue the University for slander.
  12. RichCor

    Electicity Problems Nonthaburi ?

    Breakers usually only open on overload (too much current being drawn or high heat on the circuit). While it's fine to 'reset' the breaker, be aware that an event occurred that triggered it's safety mechanism. That event may have been a one time thing, or potentially an ongoing issue still to be rectified. Breaker circuits are known to open during rain storms (high humidity), insects and small 'critters' in sockets and switches, and blondes using hair dryers, but usually not Thai ghosts. A visual inspection of the troubled circuit wouldn't be a bad idea if you don't immediately know what caused the breaker to open, looking over all plugged in devices or wired lighting on that particular breaker connected wire run looking for anything out of the ordinary.
  13. RichCor

    Tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10

    I'd be surprised if running DISM and/or SFC resulted in speed improvements, as these utilities are designed to find/replace corrupted or missing protected system files with a known good version. And to improve pc performance, the website link you listed gives better actionable items (with expandable instructions): Make sure you have the latest updates for Windows and device drivers Restart your PC and open only the apps you need Check memory and memory usage Check for low disk space and make some room Restore your PC from a system restore point Disable unnecessary startup programs Check for and remove viruses and malware Check for corrupted Windows system files Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows Adjust or turn off OneDrive sync Reset your PC
  14. ...so a data breach they were unaware of and had to be told about, "We receive information from different sources about potential compromises of card details. This information comes from within the financial services industry and from law enforcement agencies." Nice.
  15. Probably an honest mistake. I can't recall the number of times I've mistaken other ThaiVisa members for wild chickens, or they me.