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  1. Getting Skype to run on new computer

    The may be an issue with your computer (or 3rd party Security Software) firewall not allowing the app access to the Internet. Unable to connect to Skype support.skype.com
  2. Is this another ThaiVisa advertorial??? Poorly done if so.
  3. Fine. I have no idea why all of these items were being carted off to a building with large water pipes going in and large steam extractors on the roof. Your desire to be pedantic between decontaminate and sterilization has earner you an immediate place on my ignore list.
  4. From what I saw: food trays, containers and utensils, bedding linen, towels, gowns and other cloth Not everything comes as a hermetically sealed single use item. Unfortunately.
  5. A couple of the hospitals in Chiang Mai are located right next to a water treatment plant. Not sure if that's good or bad. They also use a LOT of water in their sterilization procedures.
  6. Tile Cutting Wheel

    Just came to me I THINK it's Nana Screw Try Google Try doing a google search, he said. Um, no. Maybe a 'map' search, but even that might not be safe.
  7. Router setup

    OK. This tells me you have Fiber Optic line connected to 'something' that is doing 'media conversion' From Fiber to Ethernet, but does not provide the PPPoE credential authentication. Since you have successfully configured your Apple Time Capsule to act as the Gateway Router, but don't really want to use it for this function, you'll need to similarly configure the Tomato Router to be the Gateway Router. So completely IGNORE my previous post. Normally an ISP will either provide you a STATIC connection data (consisting of IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS, etc) -or- dynamically issue this data electronically via an automatic DHCP request from the Gateway Router. So long as the Gateway/Router has the correct Name/Pass credentials you should then have Internet (as you do now with the Time Capsule). You'll need to either reset the Tomato Router -or- connect to it and manually set it up with the data provided by NTT. Some ISPs will auto-configure newly connected Gateway/Router equipment via TR-069 provisioning protocol ...but It's probably easier to just enter the Tomato Router's web config and populate the required settings for the WAN port, just as you did with the Time Capsule you're wanting to replace.
  8. Router setup

    Are you trying to replace the already installed ISP provided 'Modem/Router' with the tomato router, or are you connecting it downstream, as another device hanging off the existing ISP provided Modem/Router? I'm assuming the later. Short Directions: You need to manually reconfigure the Tomato Router so it has a WAN IP address in the same range as the ISP Modem/Router/Gateway. Long Rambling Directions: What is the 'Gateway' address your computer gets when connecting to the Modem/Router? That would give an indication what subnet (IP address range) the Tomato Router WAN address needs to be configured for in order to work with this service. Most Modem/Routers will use a 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x (where X is 1-255, the Modem/Router reserving "1" for itself ). The 'Gateway' address is almost always the Modem/Router. The computer's DHCP dynamically assigned IP address will be in the same 255 nuymber 'range' but from the Modem/Router's DHCP 'Pool' of reserved IP addresses (usually 100-200, but can be anything in the 2-254 range). If you had setup access to the ISP Modem/Router all this would be displayed in the configuration settings. Lacking direct configuration access, we have to make educated guesses. So knowing the 'Gateway' and the PC's assigned 'IP' addresses you know know the ISP's Modem/Router LAN-side address (aka: Gateway IP address) and your computer's IP address will be a good indicator of what addresses the ISP Modem/Router/Gateway has reserved and using for the DHCP Pool of addresses. You can then try to manually reconfigure the Tomato Router be setting it to a UNIQUE WAN IP address that's in the same x.x.x.1-255 range (but the x.x.x.1 Modem/Router/Gateway address or in the predicted DHCP Pool address range). Take a guess, set it to -or- and see what happens. Or try -or- ...it just has to match the first three numbers as the Gateway IP address given to your computer.
  9. I have to login every 15-30 minutes again.

    For giggles I just downloaded and installed an Android version of ThaiVisa. There are THREE versions of ThaiVisa Connect on Google Play. O The free & paid version of ThaiVisa Connect by 'ThaiVisa Expat Group' was last updated February 12, 2015 The latest free version of ThaiVisa Connect by 'Tessanet Limited' was last updated April 14, 2017 So downloaded each. The older ThaiVisa Connect appears in 'Devices' as FIREFOX The newer ThaiVisa Connect appears as Chrome 46.0.2490.86 (the embedded android mobile version) Yea, it still needs some work by the developer.
  10. I have to login every 15-30 minutes again.

    The menu choice is supposed to appear under Settings: Account Settings of the Control Panel. My Account Settings didn't display the option the first time I opened, and only updated the available left-hand menu selections after I chose 'password'. This odd menu rendering is the reason I included the ThaiVisa direct link in my original post. Yea, unless the location database being used is GPS-location based the information will only be as accurate as the ISP/Telco has reported when they originally took on the block of IP addresses. Since Mobile Carriers utilize CG-NAT along with a deep pool of private IP addresses associated to one of several NAT/Proxy routers that 'physical location' I don't know how that can ever be accurate. The information is really about the associated login security token currently in play. Though, IPS should be asked why the device and browser types aren't reporting accurately. That's not good.
  11. I have to login every 15-30 minutes again.

    What does the new ThaiVisa setting 'recently used devices' in forum/settings/devices say about your browser types. Have you tried deleting and letting it recreate the security token?
  12. Return Seagate USB HDD - data security?

    If the problem is that you cant turn the drive on at all then it may be just the power supply that has failed. Worth checking it before you send it back as a replacement external power supply should be cheap and easy to find. Many smaller drives are just powered from the USB connection. If the drive doesn't spin up when connected, and the USB port isn't the problem, then the drive needs to be replaced.
  13. CAT Fibre - Router Password?

    If the box is 'branded' then those credentials are made part of the custom firmware defaults written to the device. Usually the credentials are included with the provisioning paperwork sent when you initially sign up. Otherwise you can just ask CAT for the setup credentials when you want to go in and change the WiFi settings. You can also then change the setup password on most boxes. The ISP has other methods for changing or resetting the box remotely, if they choose.
  14. New Site Feedback

    It appears a simple patch, scheduled to happen over the weekend, that was supposed to fix a couple of bugs turned into a much larger and unexpected system upgrade project. The commercial forum software authors seem to have made some not-so-minor changes to different parts of the software code and CSS descriptors controlling how they get rendered. It will take quite a while for TD to go through and find all the 'changes' and correct the CSS code. I'd make some suggestions, but at this point he's more likely to throw something at me (and have it actually hit me).
  15. New Site Feedback

    My Win10 Chrome Browser is correctly rendering the 'Bell' notifications popup read status. The "View all notifications" page view, as VBF stated, is only showing bold, regardless of the read status.