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  1. I think everyone is referring to the the mostly top 10 topic posts of the ThaiVisa Audio/Visual Forum that are already discussing the current "KODI" issues (actually the "Plug-in" and "Repositories" that pointed to streaming questionable media content).
  2. I used to hide under the table when I was a kid. But you're probably a bit big for that.
  3. It may be you have one of the few devices that can't disable the internal router functions. So it's back to being a 'stacked' router configuration. I noticed a few setup videos from NETIS on YouTube, but it was for setting up the Netis as the Primary Router, no instructions for alternate configurations online or in any manuals ...even if the cover of the retail box indicates otherwise.
  4. Nearly finished the roofs and into the wood next. Well it nearly looks like the picture. Um, I'm not seeing a cinderblock stick and rope safety barrier. Don't you follow Thai building safety guidelines?
  5. Yep. Recently found some rechargeable ones sold at Tesco~Lotus. Plastic and very light weight too. So light weight that they keep floating away into other people's bedrooms.
  6. What browser are you using? Though I usually try to avoid complications, Google's Chrome Browser lets you have 'multiple-users'. You can then click and select the associated account for the newly opened browser window to reference.
  7. You could probably 'bridge' to another medium (other than Fiber) for less money, if you don't need Gb speeds. Powerline Networking (HomePlug Ethernet Bridge Adapters) Coaxial Cable Bridge (500meters) Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge (0.5~15km) for less money. (Images are example product only)
  8. Can't find much on that particular model. I keep finding CLINTON and HIER badged units. You could also try unplugging and letting the water completely drain. Though that's usually only a temporary solution.
  9. I was told being smart is what would get you into trouble. But then sometimes being smart would keep you out of trouble. It's so confusing.
  10. RC, How does one go about tracing the origin of an infection? Realizing when and how an infection was invoked may give the user some knowledge of preventing the same in the future. Most systems don't 'journal' system changes. But the files that are part of the installed malware may have similar date/timestamping that will indicate when it was installed. The user may be able to mentally recall what actions they were doing around this timeframe. For system administrators there are tools provided by many of the AV companies to trace though system logs to find the date/timestamp, and if a network share issue the IP of the source machine. (ex: Sophos source of infection tool (SOI): How to download and use).
  11. no issues with the multi-level marketing scheme. Good to know.
  12. The NETIS won't respond because it's been accidentally 'islanded'. But if connected LAN to LAN with the ZTE it should allow connected devices to get DHCP connecting info from the ZTE and connect to the Internet ...unless it's built-in DHCP server wasn't really disabled. Also... You can connect to the NETIS router's web config it you manually configure your connecting device to have a 'peer' IP Address (same subnet). So if the NETIS has an LAN IP address of then manually setting your laptop to will allow it to connect and enter the web config setup. The other option is to press the reset button on the NETIS (10~30 seconds) and you should be able to connect directly and reconfigure.
  13. Matching the image to a google search for "GFCI push to test"... GFCI circuit breakers feature a "test" button on the front that you can use to test that it's working properly. This is the same sort of feature you find on GFCI receptacles. After you press the "test" button you will have to reset the breaker to turn the circuit back on. The curly white wire pre-attached to a GFCI breaker must be tied into your breaker panel neutral bar. A GFCI circuit breaker will have two load terminals: One for the Line and one for the Neutral feeding your circuit. Note: Text and image stolen from the Internet @funlovinkid, can you take and post another pic showing the connections of your "GFCI". And, carefully, verify what the white pigtail wire is connected to (if anything).
  14. Really? Because then the Neutral output would be to the split common bus running under the breaker? I would imagine it the other way around.
  15. The signal issue can be from the phone constantly bouncing between towers (balancing call congestion vs signal strength), or possibly localized interference. If neighbors would also need to be 1-2-Call subscribers for their reporting to be useful. Again, a new replacement SIM Card couldn't hurt ( ...unless they find the old account needs to be 'updated' to a newer billing schedule -- ugh). Should just be a simple SIM swap, with subscriber verification (Thai ID Card or Foreigner Passport).