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  1. Suthichai is the Thai equivalent of Larry King. No wonder he gets lots of well known and interesting faces to interview as he simply sits there and gives them the platform to wax lyrical about how good they are for 60 mins. Never asks a difficult or contentious question. I suppose it made Larry King an immensely rich and successful public figure. Personally i like my interviewers to ask the difficult questions (like Paxman for all his faults), not just let them talk about themselves glowingly for an hour with the interviewer fawning over them.
  2. No doubt lots of people fighting for a piece of that advertising buy and all that goes with that..............
  3. What a complete waste of time and resources on an utterly meaningless, wishy washy, 'Social Contract' whatever the hell that even means.
  4. I worked and lived there 2-3 days a week for 4 years.
  5. Is there no end to what people will complain about here. I need something from the shop- i walk to the appropriate shop, walk inside, greet people inside if opportunity is there, approach goods, seek what i require, find what i require, take to till, place on till, take money from pocket, pay for good, say thank you and walk out. Its really not difficult- i have no idea how people can have a problem with going into a shop. If the person in the shop is in a bad mood or doesn't say hello, i quite frankly could not give two hoots. I dread to think of the type of life people have that this is becoming a big issue for them.
  6. As others allude, they don't seem to concerned with the current monopolies. I wonder who is pushing this guy forward to make comments like this? Does he hold Non Executive or Advisor roles at any large local companies?
  7. Another 'probe' by the NACC what happened to the previous one? NACC should also be 'probed' as should those who allowed multiple postponents and other parties. Not just the police. No comment from Prawit or Chakthip? Its not just the police in this case who need to be probed. Everyone is on the go slow or stop. Plenty has no doubt been going around all areas
  8. From my experience i think many are just completely blind to their own bias. They can point out the other sides failings, but seem to have an inability to recognize that most of the faults of one side are the same as the other. Whether this is because they do not see it, or just choose to gloss over there own sides faults i am not sure. Probably a little of column a and a little of column b. Like in any country though with social media you always tend to see the more extreme views on each side, who are less likely to moderate their views and recognize the side they support also has failings. Hopefully all countries have the silent majority who recognize the faults of various protagonists and make informed rational decisions whilst acknowledging faults of there own choices, we just don't hear these opinions as much as they do not have a need to publish them to anyone and everyone. I have found in the recent UK and US elections that the views you read and see on TV also seem very reluctant to acknowledge faults with their own choice extreme one way or another, so its not just Thailand.
  9. How about the last 80 years. The only reason it has come out into the open is due to the media, internet etc. I dread to think what was going on 30 years ago and before. One military general (Sarit) managed to amass over $100 million in assets as leader and this was in 1960. God knows how much that is in todays money. The system has been developed since the beginning, and only with the rise of the digital world etc is any of it coming to light. Prior to that it would go on completely unchecked and unfettered. If anything it will be less now than previously.
  10. Hong Thong whiskey
  11. Pot meet kettle......
  12. So in a country where no person in any Government organisation ever takes responsibly, is dismissed, is promoted on merit over seniority, you think the Thai Judicial System has suddenly got a case of meritocracy and passed the most senior judge based on his qualification? Lol.. your a dreamer.
  13. A bit naughty but hardly something to get outraged about. A lot more civilized compared to what some see at home on a daily basis. Glasses, ice, soft drinks, food, sharing and socializing. Could be a lot worse. The onus is on McDonalds to request they leave if they are breaking their rules. I dont think i have ever seen a sign at mcdonalds saying no byo liquor. Probably because few in their right mind would consider it.
  14. Or the soon to be new owners let those at the bank know in no uncertain terms where their bread is buttered. Funny how they suddenly found a load of money after the new owners came in for many projects at the whim of the new owners with no 'budget' in sight. For such studios fella's who stopped lending due to going beyond the limit of an agreed loan, they certainly had a change of thinking quickly.