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  1. Philly Cheese Steak

    I grew up in the US. Just south of Tampa.
  2. Corruption’s escape routes closing one by one

    Not to much to worry about. They only intend to use the law once, that is to nail TS and his family, then the law will never be used again. Same as YS being charged for not stopping corruption, it will never be used as a precedent for any other case in Thailand again.
  3. Self-checkout in TOPS

    To the OP, I used the self service in TOPS this morning, and there was a 'back' option if you pressed cash instead of card or vice versa. The back button is on the bottom left of the screen. There is a little red help question mark on the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Is SCB in trouble?

    Those with a valid work permit also qualify a resident accounts (so myself for one). I doubt many people who are not working here are holding large cash deposits in the banks anyway. I presume most make periodic transfers on a quarterly or half yearly basis rather than transferring large amounts.
  5. Beer in Bangkok

    Go away you troll.
  6. Thats true, but i am unsure whether they cause acne. I thought acne was for the most part genetic.
  7. Is SCB in trouble?

    "You've got FDIC insurance for the first 100k in the US. How about here? Good luck with that. LOL." The above was your quote. You are protected for nearly 5 times that amount. You are protected for that amount in 3 years if you separate it into 3 banks. 3-5 years is a long time. So your comment was "How about here?, Good luck with that. LOL" Well here you are currently protected for 15 million................
  8. Is SCB in trouble?

    Stick to the topic. You made an uninformed comment, you were pulled up on it. Up to you if you want to keep your assets abroad. I was just pointing out that the Thai Government and banking was no less sound than anywhere else.
  9. Is SCB in trouble?

    Currently deposits of up to 15 million baht are protected under the Deposit Protection Act. Do you have any clue about things in Thailand?
  10. Who drives the Condo's Tuk Tuk?

    The most cost effective solution is to let people find their own way to the bts, mrt etc. They are a handy service, but will always be an ongoing issue with crashes, staffing them with responsible driver, insuring them, making them road legal etc. If all done 100% properly the cost gets to a level where people who do not use the service would start to question its necessity.
  11. Is SCB in trouble?

    Thailand is one of the only countries in the World that the Government has never defaulted on Government bonds. How many banks have gone tits up in Thailand in compared to say umm America in the past 10 years. America has had 526. How about Thailand? Where do you keep your money?
  12. RBSC or Polo Club?

    Personally i put the membership into the bracket of nice to have rather than necessity. I have all the facilities available at the Polo Club close to where i live, and there are many other sports clubs available with those facilities. For the golf, i am a weekend player and want to play on proper courses, i don't consider the RBSC a proper course. In addition since most of my activity is in the early morning, evening or golf at the weekend, the last thing i want to be doing is traipsing into central BKK. I think most sport clubs through the week are generally quiet in office hours so the people you tend to see will be those who are not at work which probably tends itself to be children and elderly. The key point for me when considering joining clubs is the membership and player ship numbers. I have looked at some fantastic clubs here in BKK which would lovely to join but in reality the most important part for me is the playership. My main weekday sports are badminton, tennis and squash- as such one of the important parts of joining is to assess the numbers of members who regularly participate in these sports. If there are strong numbers it makes it great as there will always be groups to join and people knocking around at all hours for a game. Its great joining a nice club but if there are limited players etc its difficult to get regular game time. If you live in the area and having somewhere nice to relax and play a bit of gentle golf, swim a little and use it as a country club lifestyle choice then RBSC is probably the one to do. However for me for all round sport options there are better alternatives around. I thought once you are a member of RBSC you automatically have access tot eh Polo Club anyway, so you would have the best of both worlds.
  13. Rights of First Refusal are common here, especially when you have someone leasing land and they inserting a ROF refusal if the landlord decides to sell the property. In most cases if the landlord decides to sell then they need to inform the tenant and give them X amount of days to confirm their intention to activate their right. There are a multitude of ways terming the Right with regards they are provided with the highest offer and they need to match of beat that, they have to enter a tender process etc etc. Paying for it is just another version whereby you are buying that right to perhaps have first option to acquire the land. This would perhaps be in cases where the land was highly desirable and the tenant wanted first right to negotiate with the owner prior to it going to the open market. As with all these things its up to negotiation, there is no set price. How much is that right worth for you and them. If they proceed to acquire the property can they get their ROF refusal money back etc. Speak to a lawyer about drafting the appropriate clauses into the contract.
  14. Philly Cheese Steak

    I prefer Subway to the more authentic versions. Really very overrated food.
  15. I think its no different to any other country. Some people have acne, some don't. Maybe its more noticeable on darker skin than the whiter western faces, or the acned face is more likely to be attached to a nice body you are looking at, and the make a mental note of the acne.