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  1. smutcakes

    Kerry Express

    Which financials? Kerry Express is their door to door operation. At a Group level i am sure they would be making money, but not on their Express side. They have Kerry Ocean Freight, Kerry Logistics, Kerry Trains, Kerry Seaport etc etc. As a group no doubt they make money, but not on the door to door Kerry Express side. In August there was even a comment by the head of Kerry Express Thailand in the BKP saying in 2018, Kerry express MAY make a profit for the 1st time in 13 years in Thailand.
  2. smutcakes

    How did I get here?

    Just follow whats in your address bar. Go to the main forum page. At the top of the page below where it has tabs for classified and insurance, there is a small table called online users, which i presume you clicked.
  3. So the Sam Mit have been visiting villages and meeting electorates for 5 months says a member of the PPP party? Is this not a straight up admittance that outside party members are effecting a party?
  4. smutcakes

    Kerry Express

    Like many of these last logistic companies they are losing money hand over fist. They are throwing money at outlasting their competitors and having the nationwide 24 hour door to door capability. At the moment the only other ones to do this are Kerry, Thai Post, and Nim Express (sometimes) DHL say they can do it, but i am skeptical. Once they have the network set up and have outlasted their competitors, they will increase the price or try and be bought by Cainiao, (Alibaba Logistics arm) JD or the alike. Kerry is owned by The Kuok Group, so they are unlikely to run out of money fast.
  5. I still shout 'were in' now. As does my brother who has run a charter fishing boat in Thailand for 20 years. Seems to never get old.We still have a giggle at those memories.
  6. Wilson Wilson (In high pitched voice as he strikes)
  7. He and his wife were based just outside of Chumphon for the past decade or so. They had been trying to sell the house (grounds and well stocked lake) for a year or two so possibly they had been aware that we all get older and our health deteriorates. Used to love waking up on the weekend and settling in for fishing led by John Wilson, Rex Hunt and Matt Hayes. RIP John.
  8. smutcakes

    Renewing 5 year driver's licence in BKK

    The one just down past Ban Chak BTS.
  9. smutcakes

    Renewing 5 year driver's licence in BKK

    One piece of advice i can offer as i made the mistake. Dont go in the afternoon thinking you will miss the morning scrum!. I turned up at 1.30pm and flew through all the tests, feeling very happy with myself thinking i would be done and dusted within a couple of hours until they informed me i would need to come back in the morning to watch the safety video. Last showing is at 1pm. (God knows why) The whole place always looks a complete mess and completely disorganized, however it gets completed so there must be some method to the madness!
  10. So how does long leasing a villa get you away from poor workmanship from the developer and ineffective management and committee?
  11. Report it to the Management and the Committee verbally and in writing. Its possible they are aware already and are taking action on it.
  12. Thai agents i know spend years after the leasing helping the tenant out. This is especially true when expats come over with companies and families. The agents show them around schools, neighbourhoods, 10's of properties, hospitals etc. Even after the leasing is completed and their job complete they continue to help (normally) the lady of the house do everyday tasks for years after. As in any country there are good and bad in all professions.
  13. So the NACC fact finding panel needed 15 days to conclude their investigation from the 18th October. Now about 20 days later has this case been given he broom under rug treatment?
  14. I would not laugh to hard, Suthep is no mug, he will have multiple back up plans, and no doubt is privy to too much information to be cut out. He will get his cut of the loot one way or another, he did not lead the protests for moral and ethical reasons against amnesty and corruption, that is for sure. He has plenty of chips to cash.
  15. You moved out not the 1st November. Most contract stipulate that the deposit should be paid within 15-30 days after vacating the unit/end of lease. This would give the landlord time to clear the electric, water bills etc which would be issued after you leave depending on the billing cycle.