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  1. I doubt he will have an arrest warrant issued.
  2. You should tell that to the 100's of thousands of long term Japanese expats who live in Thailand who eat out at restaurants daily, who seem to enjoy the Japanese food. There are many excellent western restaurants as well, expensive yes, but some compare to top restaurants you get anywhere in the world.
  3. Foreign investors can already own land freehold in many areas on the eastern seaboard.
  4. I am 99.99% sure this had nothing to do with the General. I would bet good money he was not even aware of the Plaques existence let alone its significance until the story broke.
  5. Join the Racquet Club on Soi 49, adjacent to Samitivej Hospital. Gym, Swimming, tennis, badminton, climbing, football etc
  6. I think it is fairly clear the General had zero to do with this. I think its fair to see by the reactions of every agency, police and the General himself that this is something they do not want to touch. I am sure they all know what happened to it though.
  7. Would be interested to see the reaction if someone tried to remove the new plaque!
  8. Lots of Condo take Co-owners to court to recover debts, none that i am aware of have ever seen the unit be claimed and auctioned off. Please give me one example? It would be news as it would have massive positive repercussions for many condos, with many condos suffering because of this.. (Positive to) I have discussed with many of the International law firms in BKK as well as many local and regional companies and none of them have suggested this is an option. through my work in a related sector i have good knowledge of at least 70 condos through Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, many of them with similar problems, many of the take legal action, not one ever has seen this type of thing work. Your link proves nothing other than there is a debt recovery process in Thailand. You said you knew a couple of condos where this has happened, so this discussion can be simply put to bed by just giving one example of a condo where this has happened?
  9. It quite clearly is not a simple matter, and i would challenge anyone to provide either in PM or regularly, which building this has happened in. Banks repossessing definitely, but JPM challenging in court for a debt and being able to auction off the condo, i simply do not believe is happening. If it was a possibility it would be well known in the market, lawyers would be aware of it and Condo's all over Bangkok and Pattaya would be doing it. They are not. I will be delighted to be proved wrong, but other than 'hearing' about this and that from 3rd parties know one seems to know any specific of this happening. What are the parameters for it? How long the debt is overdue? I simply do not believe this has happened, but as i said would be happy to be proved wrong. Waiting........ Cases like that would be in the news, management companies would obviously be very aware of them, lawyers would know about it etc etc, but they dont.
  10. How do I know? Why does anyone who commits a crime not stop and wait for police? Not really sure the relevance of your question to my post.
  11. I am sure that would be the case, the issue for me is that it's even possible and so so blatant and in your face. I believe in most countries fancy lawyers etc can very much do damage limitation for wealthy and connected but for the most part even they cannot get them off completely (there are the odd one) I think that fact alone makes cases like this far rarer on other countries where people know the justice system is far more equitable and even trying to affect it could land people in major trouble.
  12. I would be very interested to hear about this. Please can you PM a bit more detail. How long did it take? What did you have to show the court? What law did you do this under? 2 years is not a particularly long time compared to many debt in condos. Even which lawyer was used? We have spoken to many lawyers, including many of the well reputed ones mentioned on here, and not once has any of them even suggested this was a possibility or legal. I think your case must be the first of its kind.
  13. I think everything in your post is incorrect, are you looking at the New or Old Condominium Act? Section 18 of the Act stipulates quiet clearly that late penalties are paid at 12% then 20% depending on their lateness. I don't believe there is anything which stipulates 10%, and the 20% penalty quite expressively states commences when arrears under the section are unpaid for longer than 6 months. Perhaps these are per your own condo regulations which have not been amended to meet the new act. I also don't believe it is practical or every been carried out under the New Act that anyone has had a condo auctioned due to late payment. Even under the old act i think people tried, but it never actually happened. Banks repossessing units, yes, but a JPM taking action and seeing a persons private unit auctioned due to unpaid amounts i dont believe has ever happened. i would be very interested to hear where you have seen this happen. There are condos where people are decades late but this has never been actionable. I very much doubt you would find any willing JPM who is non paid or not a lawyer to try and take individual action against other Co-owners, especially even contemplating trying to have their unit auctioned. It would just be far to risky for any individual non lawyer or paid JPM to even contemplate trying, especially farang ones. If a Farang JPM did it, you can bet your life there would be work permit questions etc etc, no one would want to risk it.
  14. I noted that Bestlin group were one of the bidders expressing interest in the new Micro Transport vans which are soon to be ordered on mass. Would live to know the faces behind some of hear companies.
  15. I presume effective delivery of the vehicles is only achieved once customs is cleared. From what I have read Bestlin tried to avoid import duty by falsely claiming they were produced in Malaysia, where in actual fact they were made in China then shipped via Malaysia. I am sure there is more to it than the above though.