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  1. Who are NK carrying out these proxy actions for? I believe they are doing this on another countries behest to see how far they are allowed to go. It makes zero sense for them to do this otherwise.
  2. They were warned at the time it was a complete waste of money, as have been with the submarine. Will those who approved the purchase be held personally liable for the losses?
  3. Let’s see the junta’s exit strategy

    The problem with your theory on changing Governments investigating outgoing Governments comes to a crashing halt because: 1) No Government can investigate military Governments 2) Even if one was brave/stupid enough to try the 'independent agencies' 'graft busters' have all been filled with their friends and supporters 3) They have given themselves past, present and future amnesties 4) Democrats/Bhumjumthai would never investigate the army So in affect only one party to the Thai political mess is ever going to be investigated. Once they are forced out there is literally going to be nothing to stop graft, corruption.
  4. I note there was no issue with the PAD holding numerous conferences recently.
  5. Red Bull will be being informed days and weeks prior to any of this happening that its about to happen, and I presume they are receiving advice on what to do and taking steps accordingly. I still stand by my opinion that he will be back soon by choice as its far easier for him to take his 'chances' with the Thai courts than risk the publicity of him actually being detained overseas. I would not mind guessing that soon in a flurry of publicity and waiing, the prodigal one will return in a carefully choreographed media stunt.
  6. The numbers and situation sound similar to JPV. It was not a simple situation and mostly down to the developer rather than any investor. I think the poor elderly British women who lost her house was the mother of the developer!!
  7. Not necessarily. Each person is different.
  8. Its perfectly understandable, and I am sure even Halloween understood it. He just jumped in trying to be clever again and came out looking a bit of a tit again. Instead of just backing down, he decided to dig.
  9. Nimit Langsuan is 95% sold, which is their other development, why not use that as an example? In my opinion Sathorn is not the prime condo area anyway. Its a ghost town at weekends. Many other high end condos are still selling, this one it seems may have missed its mark to some extent.
  10. This was nearly a month ago.
  11. Funinsun is very keen on quoting CBRE. If he went to the talk he will be aware and just choosing to not say it as it does not fit his agenda that whilst some projects are not selling well, other 300K+ projects are selling very well.
  12. People who like it, want to live there and can afford it?
  13. Thaksin’s son accuses Prayut of witchhunt

    A cursory glance at a World Bank report from 5 years ago tells me that Bangkok generates 25% of the country GDP but receives 72% of expenditure, in comparison to the Central region which contributes 44% of the GDP and receives on 7.2% of expenditure and the north east which contributes 11.5% of the GDP and receives 5.8% of the expenditure, despite having 35% of the population. Seems like you and the 'people' you have been having your conversations with are grossly misinformed.
  14. Thaksin’s son accuses Prayut of witchhunt

    Lol of course you have What are the figures on tax income and proportion spent on the various regions? Also of that tax income, how much is from your middle class BKK, and how much from rural people who work in BKK. Given your arguments on tax spend, i presume you have these numbers available. I was always of the impression that historically that BKK saw a huge proportion of the spend anyway.