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  1. What a ridiculous comment. Why don't you give us less informed a breakdown of the meaning of article 157 and how he was in breach of it? I presume you are versed in Thai law.
  2. You know exactly what the relevance is.
  3. He is probably lucky that Prawit's brother was National Police Commander in Chief at the time.
  4. Can someone clarify if this is freight or passenger? Who would take a high speed train from Bangkok to Korat? It is only a 2.30 hour drive and mostly it is Hi So Thais who go there in the Khao Yai season, and they are never going to lug their families to a train station instead of driving (you need a car when in Korat anyway to get around). Workers going back to Korat or deeper Issan would not pay for it and will just get cheap buses the once or twice a year they go home. So who exactly is going to use this train?
  5. Easy 100K + + per month plus perks for doing nothing for the next 20 years to go alongside all the other 'positions' being held. Will be great continuity in this when the heads of the armed forces/police change every year or so. Maybe retiring heads will be kept on advisor's.
  6. I presume like most things this will just die a death. This is probably because the OBEC are quite happy with the flow of donations upwards.
  7. Condominium's are required to submit annual building audit to the relevant Government bodies. There are a small number of companies who are qualified to carry out these audits. The audits are followed up year to year. I believe in Bangkok all Condo's are supposed to do this, but in Pattaya it appeared that only the larger ones are required to.
  8. I believe if something goes wrong with this project, be it deaths from negligent or non existence safety procedures, mass corruption, abandoned half finished project, not financially viable on completion etc etc that the people at the top will be willing to accept personal liability, both financially or any other means for their use of section 44 in circumventing the current laws to push this project. Laws are presumably there for a reason, to try and minimize the aforementioned problems. Removing these laws in order to push the project through could have long negative (or positive) repercussion for Thailand. What is the point in even having the laws if they can be bypassed.
  9. And there are people on TVF who actually believe the army came in to reform Thailand........ its laughable i think you will agree.
  10. In the murky world of Thai/military police work and obfuscation, we will probably never know.
  11. Trouble to frame him? They claim they found a clock with Thaksin on, and he has a red shirt, thats a right framing that. lol
  12. Well considering they have been searching for one single link from Thaksin to any of the goings on for the past 10 years using every known method, plus probably many we are not aware of, yet they cannot find one single bank transfer, deposit, Line message, ,sms, mms, email or anything. I imagine they have put a fair amount of resources on it to. It really is quite bemusing....
  13. You cannot buy this type of publicity. Her management company must be loving it.
  14. Of course, if it was a mix it would favor Conner. There is no way to make it a fair fight, Conner has been chasing it because he wants the money, so the only way he would get it would be to accept its boxing. PBF gets $100 m for a low quality sparing session.
  15. The tracker sounds good, and 6% low risk with very significant capital appreciation sounds great. I suppose i just am more comfortable with something i can see and understand. I am happy with relatively low returns in something i deem a safe investment, which the property i invest in i believe is. There is stagnation, oversupply in some sectors, but they are not the ones i would invest in anyway. I am a firm believer in only investing in properties i would be happy to live in myself, should everything go pear shaped. Just edit to add, in the UK these days, if its an investment property, is there not 3% stamp duty? So costs in the UK once you take legals, surveying fees into account probably run up to 5%