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  1. Well used tactic of just lumping case upon case and charge upon charge until the whole thing is a whole tangled mess of cases, court appearances, postponements etc etc until it slowly drifts away.
  2. Best bank

    Yes, from memory when they tried to give me the new one, i requested the Visa. They said i could still get but i would need to go to the Bangkok Bank HQ in Silom to get it. Seemed like they were trying to phase it out, but realised that some people would still insist on Visa.
  3. Phuket Condo Management Company

    Why not speak to your Condominium Committee with your concerns? I presume if your condo is going to raise rates it is necessary to do this in a General Meeting. If that is the case there must be budgets, projections etc which would have been presented to the Committee. Normally any fee raise would be agreed with the Committee before calling any General meeting. It would be highly irregular for a Juristic Person Manager to call for an General Meeting without having the buy in of the Committee. There is so much Chinese Whispers in Condominium's normally emanating from small cliques with grudges, or with vested interest themselves. Seek out your Condominium Committee and try and get proper information, rather than listening to Condo gossips.
  4. My two cents on ex-police chief Somyot 

    No he is not. It is pontificating excusing nonsense. There are editorials which call a spade a spade in the other paper and no one has been arrested.
  5. its all a carefully choreographed dance co-featuring the NCPO and the 'independent' NACC.
  6. My two cents on ex-police chief Somyot 

    That is one of the worst articles i have ever seen and if the author cannot see the excuses he is making for Somyot are complete nonsense then Thailand is in real trouble, if this is a view of an educated Thai, then they are doomed. Yes the system is at fault, but that is the system that people like Somyot and his predecessors across the bureaucracy, military, judiciary and police have created, and the attitude of the author foster and allow to develop bu excusing it. You should not really expect much different from Tulsathit who is a well established, long term mouth piece for status quo in Thailand.
  7. Not sure if you are trolling?? I don't think anyone has a problem with people having expensive watches if they have the means to buy them. As you should know Khun Prawit declared his total assets in 2008 & 2014, declared no business interests and no luxury watches, the total amount of which would be about half the value of all his assets. The issue with Prawit, is a) he did not declare them, when any assets of value in excess of 200K THB need to be declared The value of 20+ luxury watches far outstrips what he would be able to afford on his declared salaries and assets, and no business interests. This is not to mention his cash assets somehow increasing by 30 million between 2008-2014.
  8. You would not get me in and LPN shoe box for love nor money, but by all accounts they are well constructed, well managed and good value for money.
  9. Would be amusing if the Chinese grabbed them and publicly offered them back to Thailand! The Government would go into meltdown, they simply would not know what to do. Could be a good negotiating method for the Chinese. Get what they want on the trains etc or they are going to make the Thai Govt squirm by publicly arresting and offering them back to Thailand.
  10. When Farangs Go Native

    If you happen to have had a shovel handy to kill it with.
  11. When Farangs Go Native

    It is fairly important in being able to identify or explain what it looked like so the correct medicine can be administered. Anyway its a pointless discussion. Some will learn the language, so won't, for a variety of reasons. Personally i think living here, working here and being relatively young, it is beneficial for me both personally and professionally to learn Thai. If i was retired living a quiet life in the burbs, i perhaps would not bother.
  12. But it is not state agreements, it is investment by private companies which are not controlled by the Government. Unless you are suggesting that if Thailand defaulted on a loan to the Japanese Government, then the Government would tell Japanese private firms not to invest in the EEC. I think that is a bit far fetched.
  13. Amazing that all of the PDRC anti corruption supporters seem to have suddenly decided they don't actually mind corruption at all.
  14. In the other paper it is reporting that someone very important is giving the officials support in the investigation. This could get ugly for Premchai if that is an indication of where the prosecution may have verbal support from.