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  1. Not really,... Sydney Swans is my only real sydney team i follow anymore
  2. SYdney v Perth I'm sure the more sophisticated Sydney boys will show those country bumpkins from the West how it is done
  3. Sleeping naked with no sheet is enough to keep Chimps away
  4. Alex was looking forward to meeting Joboss, until he saw where Joboss put the trophy! What happens in the cockatoo bar stays in the cockatoo bar...Unless Chimpy is there with his phone camera P.s Good to see Alex has lost a few kilos
  5. Truer words have not been spoken on this thread...
  6. I have been hanging on to it and using it every Tuesday and Wednesday for 'Date night' I bring the trophy to a different santa fe each time , waving it in the air, shouting "VIP"... "Free" and mixing the key words with unintelligible rantings... Has worked a treat every time so far. No Thai person has been game t challenge me or ask for payment. Anyway...it will be staying with me come end of 2017 I would expect
  7. It was the 3rd best international T20 bowling figures of all time MOST ECONOMICAL T20 BOWLING FIGURES OVER FOUR OVERS 4-2 Chanaka Welegedara 2-2 Chris Morris 3-3 Mitchell Johnson 1-3 Shoaib Malik 0-3 Sunil Narine 2-3 Zulfiqar Babar http://www.smh.com.au/sport/cricket/big-bash/mitchell-johnson-on-fire-as-scorchers-skittle-stars-in-big-bash-league-semifinal-20170124-gty1mk.html
  8. Does Boof drink at nights ??? Seems like he going out of his way to publicly air his grievances recently...I think KP makes it three players/ex players in the last month???
  9. Coincidence for sure that i posted it I had no idea he had won the medal when i wrote that
  10. Davey warner The guy goes from playing strength to playing strength I have to admire how he has turned around his onfield antics to become a seriously better player than he was before. He looks superfit. Keeps his concentration for the most part, and continually takes the game from the opposition. Our boy Maxwell could take a few leaves from the page of Warner self improvement
  11. be interesting to see comparitive viewing figures
  12. U are talking specifically when they are using the on field microphone i assume. I say once u open up the microphone, anything they say in the commentary box is fair game for on field Overall i don't like the onfield microphone. It makes the game more novelty than serious...like a celebrity match
  13. I just can't see any reason not to allow the type of comment he made. Any stat is in the public domain...why not ask the Captain why he is or isn't utilising his players to the max. The likelihood of that information influencing a game is remote, when you consider all the tens of thousands of statistical variable per game. A supporter could shout the same information from the crowd, or what about stats that are flashed up on screen? It's an over reaction in my mind.
  14. All those stats are readily available and teams are always sending out messages. I can't see the difference between that and a commentator bringing up some hard stats that are fact based. Something that is OUT of the public domain would be different...or something not factual. "HOdgey, we heard that Watson is carrying a groin injury and cant move quick between the wickets" That's speculative/hearsay/private knowlegde, whereas a stat is just basic research
  15. I dont see the big deal. Do BBL not have access to detailed stats and do their homework? Should the commentators be talking about Beef pies and hot chips? Pigeons in the outer? CA should give BBL telecast rights to Channel and that should ensure some well worn commentary