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  1. This is the new thread for 2015 and beyond. All AFL supporters, regardless of which Country you live, which state you are from or which team you support. All are welcome! We had a good solid core of regulars last year, but this year we are hoping for a few more to join us. Ripstanley is our resident tipping organiser Chooka is the Dream team organiser and expert Don’t forget to ‘Follow this Topic’! The previous thread can be found here: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/687514-australian-rules-football-2014-tipping-chat-the-dream-team/
  2. The concept of anonymous Likes is a good one. I'm not in favour of any dislike button though.
  3. BookMan

    State Of Origin Games 1, 2 & 3

    ANother reason I'll have to start following...
  4. BookMan

    State Of Origin Games 1, 2 & 3

    How many is that in a row for Queensland? 5? Can anyone tell me why Queensland dominates this series so much? I would have thought with the smaller population they would be at a disadvantage
  5. BookMan

    Ashes Cricket On Cable 2013?

    Thread on the 2013 ashes series running here: 2013 Ashes Series Anyone looking to watch the ashes live, try this site: Watch Ashes live on computer
  6. BookMan

    State Of Origin Games 1, 2 & 3

    I knew there was a reason I should be watching State of Origin!
  7. The West Tigers merger didnt make a lot of sense from a Fan point of view. Having Wests as a standalone Campbelltown club, servicing the area made sense. Penrith and Campbelltown can both support their own clubs. The focus there should have been for Rugby League to lock in these areas which are historically Rugby League land..Lots of young families, new housing, plenty of scope for juniors. They need their own individual clubs with local identity. It would have made more sense for Balmain and Souths to have merged and have become the Inner West Club
  8. The reasons Manly stayed in the comp and not the Bears were quite a few. Larger crowd numbers, globally known (within RL stakes), financially better off, far more succesful and lets not forget the team everyone (besides us Manly supporters) loves to hate! This hatred alone (began by Roy Masters and his Wests), still lives on and is great for the game. I am all for the Central Coast Bears! I have voiced many times in polls and to others how I wish this was the next team included. Big area, big Rugby League following. Alas, looks like we are heading for another Brisbane team. I like the idea of a Papua New Guinea side too. Talk about passion. This country has its highest amount of beheadings around Origin, grand final time depending on which team they support, crazy! The North Sydney Bears were one of the least supported and least successful clubs in the NRL. They also attracted very poor crowds to their home games (the exception being with Manly). Where they are located, it is not a Rugby League area, rather it is wealthy and the catchment of juniors was very very low. When I was at school in the seventies almost no one supported North Sydney (or Penrith). The Bears were all ready to relocate to the Central Coast, plans well underway, when the superleague war ended and their relocation plans became part of history. Basically they were insolvent around this time. So instead of relocation they did an ill advised merger with Manly , becoming the Northern Eagles, that joint venture lasted 2 years. The NRL has been a tad neglectful in not having a Central Coast team, or have one relocate. The area is League mad, with about 4 games currently being played at the stadium in Gosford, but having Souths or Manly come for a local game is not the same. You will struggle to find any AFL game showing at a pub or club on Rugby League game day. In Sydney proper venues will show both. They use the same stadium for the local Soccer team, Central Coast Mariners, and they get reasonable crowds and have been very successful. They do run on a bit of a shoestring though. North Sydney added the name the 'Bears' after a sponsorship deal with the local shopping centre at Neutral Bay called the Big Bear
  9. BookMan

    Age Difference In Relationships In Thailand

    GottaGo has already Gone
  10. Sterling work george!
  11. Folau to sign with the doggies?? http://www.foxsports.com.au/league/nrl-premiership/canterbury-bankstown-bulldogs-close-in-on-nsw-waratahs-star-israel-folau-report/story-fn2mcuj6-1226655284172
  12. BookMan

    Ashes Cricket On Cable 2013?

    Australia will be hindered by several issues. Mainly lack of team harmony, lack of depth, lack of decent form. Michael Clarke also seems to be a divisive Captain, while his form the last couple of years has been very good The suspension of a few of our top players for an entire test match was back in only March. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2013/mar/12/shane-watson-pat-howard-australia
  13. BookMan

    Ashes Cricket On Cable 2013?

    The Ashes series should be interesting this year. My only concern is if Australia will win any match at all. With so many English and Australians on the ThaiVisa board there should also be some entertaining banter.
  14. Is it a case of they would rather have a woman, any woman, over having no woman at all? As such they are willing to accept, (or perhaps justify to themsleves is a better term) such infidelities?
  15. I wish people would stop quoting this durex condom survey. It has no scientific basis whatsoever.