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  1. And how would they do that? It would be quite a job for a profiler to week out people that get pissed, pick up a bar girl, get into a fight.....
  2. Lucky he is in LOS, could have ended a lot worse in many other countries.
  3. Really, how likely is that? I am pretty sure one BKK person can tell another one.
  4. Some of those are available in LOS:
  5. According to HBW, it is Fulvous-breasted.
  6. That is the way I see it, too. If I was sitting next to someone barreling down a street the wrong way, I would tell him to either turn around or get the hell out.
  7. Well, if it wast the pick-up going the wrong way on a one-way street then at least the right people paid the ultimate price.
  8. Not much graffitti in Singapore.
  9. Here in Vietnam I think I paid USD 125. Not sure as my company takes care of it.
  10. Vietnam has become fairly tough on visas. Companies can only employ a certain number of foreigners, I believe it is 3 foreigners for as 100 local staff. At the moment I can only get a 3-month multiple entry visa though I do not know if this only applies to Cambodia.
  11. I have lived in Vietnam for 15 years before moving to Cambodia. There are many parts I love but I hate HCMC. Traffic is horrendous with people riding their bikes down sidewalks and traffic lights being largely ignored. The noise levels are terrible, the Vietnamese share that trait with the Chinese. Having said that, the food is great and if you can stay in one of the more affluent districts, life is good. I do not agree that nobody speaks English but it would be wise to try and learn some Vietnamese quickly.
  12. I am sure he was quivering with fear:-)
  13. About time, too. Last week no power for three days as a truck driver again took out a pole of the single line supplying electricity to Siem Reap.
  14. I am supposed to be sitting in Hua Hin right now but then Michelle Obama decided to come to Siem Reap. Very inconsiderate;-)