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  1. blorg

    Pattaya banks not stocking USD anymore

    They give you change in USD. I've never had any issue paying for that visa at the Friendship Bridge with a $50 or a $100, you don't need exact change.
  2. Import duty and VAT applies to everyone. It's not inherently a matter of "robbing". With bike parts specifically there is a special 1% duty I believe you can get if you are a shop and registered with the Thai Cycling Association but the regular 10% (+7%) applies to everyone else. The issue is that this particular item has been misclassified, and I need to know how to go about appealing this. "Refusing" and "demanding" isn't going to get me very far, the post office neither knows no cares about it, from their point of view I can either pay what is written on the package or have it sent back, it's a binary choice. So really, what I am hoping for here, is practical feedback as to how the process works from people who been through the customs appeal process, more than "refusing" and "demanding" and calling them stupid and liars which isn't going to get me anywhere.
  3. I can get the invoice, and a manual, or something explaining it. It's available in Thailand as well for that matter, I can refer them to a webpage in Thai from the Thai distributor that pretty clearly shows it's a racing bicycle part. What process did you go through exactly to get it changed? Who did you contact?
  4. Well the other option is I can just send it back. The shop is sending me a copy of the invoice, the post office I think is going to get me the customs document and I'll send these to the customs email that I already got and see what happens. I have the correct HS code for a bicycle crank, "Pedals and crank-gear, and parts thereof : 8714.96.10 - - - For bicycles" and confirmed that is definitely 10%. If it's a no, I'll just get them to return it and get a refund- the shop already confirmed that was no problem and they will refund my card when they get it back. Hoping to hear from people who have gone through it. Helpful to hear about the getting an invoice, I will get the invoice for customs so. What process did you attempt to deal with it? Laxatives are drugs, this is a bicycle crank, not a controlled substance.
  5. I saw that page, thanks, hoping to get some feedback from someone who has actually gone through the process. >To dispute a tariff classification decision, the importers first discuss the matter with the Customs officer who has made the decision in the Customs House at the port of entry/exit. For example, how to actually do this? This sounds like there is a quick informal, "just ask" the guy who made the determination to look at it again, but how to contact him in the first place. I think to be honest if it went beyond that, I would just have it sent back. But I do think it is a misclassification, so maybe it is just a matter of asking the first guy to look at it again, and explaining it is a push bike part, not a motorbike. But I don't know how to get in contact with them (I have been in contact with customs though, so maybe that is the first step).
  6. This is what I'm thinking, it might be the easiest. Return shipping won't be much, it's not large, I think maybe 100-150B. I don't really mind about paying that if it makes the whole thing smoother. The only hiccup I could possibly forsee is I think there is a lithium coin cell (CR2032) in it and I know Thai Post don't allow them in international airmail. So who knows what they do then. Just hoping someone might have actually gone through the tariff appeal process and could give me some guidance on it.
  7. I think the post office mentioned 30%. It's *EXACTLY* 30%+7%, to the baht, on the value they assessed it at. It's definitely 30%. It's not "near", it's exactly that, down to the exact baht. You calculate this by multiplying the assessed value by 1.1 (or 1.3 in this case) and then the result again by 1.07 for the VAT. So you pay VAT on the duty, I know this. Shipping is included already in the assessed value. The post office adds a 20B handling fee to that at the end. I forgot to mention- I picked up another package today, same seller, both packages were there in the post office, arrived same time, were processed through customs in the same container within five minutes of each other, the other package was correct, 10%+7% exactly. There is no GST here. VAT is 7% and has not gone up. I am really pretty certain this is a misclassification after they opened it to inspect it. It's written "bike derailleur" on the packet and it's not, is another bike part. So really wondering what the process is to appeal, if anyone has done this. Customs on the phone were not unhelpful, they just need this piece of paper I don't have yet.
  8. I don't believe so, no. I have received plenty of other bicycle parts and they have always been charged at 10%+7% as per the HS code on the box and that tallies with the Thai Customs website tariff lookup. There is a special 1% duty on bike stuff I believe that does require you to be a shop or otherwise registered but the standard 10%+7% is what is charged to regular people. I have ordered plenty of bike things, and they have all been charged 10%+7% according to the HS code. Other than the stuff that was charged only 7% as duty free electronics. I am 95% sure that what they have done here is misclassified the item as a motorbike part. Using the wrong tariff code. That would line up precisely with the figure I was charged. Pedelecs I know have a high rate of duty. This is not a pedelec, or a pedelec part, or in any way related. It's a crank with a sensor on it.
  9. Does anyone know what the process is for appealing a customs tariff decision. Item was sent EMS and is at the post office. It's a bicycle (pushbike) part- specifically a bicycle crank with power meter. More exactly, a Ultegra 6800 4iiii Precision crank. They have valued it correctly in THB (12,000) but are applying 30% duty. From everything I can see this should be 10% (plus 7% VAT). The post office guy with the package doesn't know about customs or appealing, my only options from the post office as far as I can see are (1) pay or (2) have it sent back. This is Phra Sing in Chiang Mai. I've asked around the rest of the office and no-one knows anything. It was declared as "cycle parts" with the HS code (8714.99.50) for a bicycle derailleur- which it is not, but it is a "cycle part", and they are all 10% as far as I can make out. Certainly a bicycle crank (code 8714.96.10) is 10%. From Googling various HS codes applied to bicycle power meters, they are also all 10% on the Thai customs tariff search. So whatever they classify it as, I am pretty sure it should be 10%. The impression I get is that they opened it and don't know what it is and are classifying it as a motorbike part or something like that. Motorbike parts are under 8714 as well and I know many of them are 30%. This is NOT a motorbike part, it's a pushbike part. But it has the word "power" in it so maybe that is where they were going. It measures the power put in by the rider's legs. There is no documentation or customs notification. Phra Sing never send me the notifications, I follow the tracking and go down there when it says "custom hold". From talking to the guy at the office I think the documentation may come later, in a few days. But even if there were, ones I have got in the past do not have reference to the HS codes or what they determined it to be, just the duty. The total due scribbled on the label is definitely exactly 30+7% though. There is something scribbled beside the valuation (12,000) that looks like a HS code- it starts 8714 and then something and there is a 3 in there. I have paid duty before- it has always been 10%+7% on the bicycle parts, and usually just 7% with no duty if they are electronics (like a Garmin bike GPS). I have called Thai customs and they gave me an email to send to [email protected] but I think they need this "notification" form (I think this is the white form with green printing on it) that Phra Sing don't have. But maybe they will have it in a few days. I'd have a strong preference for replies from people who have actually gone through this rather than speculation or about Thai Customs being X or Y. It is what it is. My other option, which is likely, is just have them send it back. Can I volunteer to pay the shipping costs in that case? I think the original sender/seller will reject it if they are not paid. I don't mind paying these, should be minimal, it's 400g and small. I'm thinking, it might be least hassle just to get them to send it back and order the thing again and try a second time (and tell them to put down "bicycle crank" with the exact HS tariff code this time). The seller has a liberal no problem return policy for any reason including "just changed mind" so that shouldn't be a problem. I don't need this in any particular rush, I'd prefer to save the extra on tax if I can even if it means I have to wait another month.
  10. @VonDutch I read recently on Reddit an account of a guy who did a year in prison here. The good news is that he had a load of valium on him and they let him keep it and take it into prison. And he was using that recreationally, he didn't even have a prescription for it, but they let him keep it. So I think they will let you bring in your medication. If you are actually looking at a prison sentence though, I don't know about how you might get more. There are hospitals in the prison system and there is psychiatric care. In theory at least. So hopefully if the worst comes to it you will be able to access that and get a diagnosis and get your meds. Lithium is a cheap medication, as far as I am aware. The bad news is that his crime was also a really stupid drunk/drug induced theft incident, and if anything even more minor than yours, also by his account "unintentional" but he still ended up doing a year in prison over it. I think it might be worth reading as it sounds like this guy was in a VERY similar situation to you and he also gave the impression that really key to the whole thing was the initial handling of it, and that if he had handled it better at the start that he might not have ended up in the situation he was in. I'd suggest you register on Reddit if you don't use it and send the guy a personal message to talk about it with him, I think he might have valuable advice for you here. Good luck!
  11. 1,600 is definitely the fine for not having a TM30, I know because Chiang Mai is one of the immigration offices that do care about it and that is what people are fined here if they haven't done it. You can just do a search, TM30 fine, there are reports all over the web as well as here on Thaivisa and it is definitely 1,600. I've also talked to people complaining they had to pay it! For sure it is 1,600. And anyway that is specifically what the article SAYS they are being fined for, "for not reporting the whereabouts of guests", aka not filing TM30, and and from the phrasing it seems to be the hotel that is being fined, which is also consistent with it being a TM30 fine. As to the calculation, 1,600B x 166 people (as reported) = 265,600, so it appears they are rounding that down to the nearest 1,000. The other article says "more than 250,000" which would also be right. You can try to contort yourself into believing this fine is for something else, but I am telling you, this is what the fine is for, not filing TM30s, not for working or anything else. http://www.chiangmailocator.com/wiki-the-tm-30-form-all-you-need-to-know-about-it-and-why-it-matters-to-you-p172
  12. 1,600 THB is the fine for not filing a TM30, the registration of a foreigner's accommodation. It's meant to be done by the hotel or landlord but a lot of people get stuck with this fine, if they live in a province where immigration cares about it (many immigration offices including Bangkok don't), and they haven't reported for whatever reason. A retired person who owns their own condo but doesn't file a TM30 every time they come in to Thailand will be fined this. It's nothing to do with working or not working. "Earlier it was reported that the Zara Double Tree was a hotel and that fines totaling more than 250,000 baht would have to be paid for not reporting the whereabouts of guests."