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  1. There are several official distances for triathlons, such as sprint and olympic. I understand they are having both these two in Pattaya this weekend. The 9 hour event you are referring to is likely to be classified as a full Iron Man. That's a 180k cycle, full marathon run, and a 3.9km swim. A quick google tells me that the world record for an Iron Man is 7 hours 44 minutes.
  2. It's a high school diploma, not a degree. Degrees are obtained when graduating college or university. All the same, good on the young fella. If he maintains this enthusiasm through out life, he could go far.
  3. But if there was democracy, there would be no bombings. Me thinks someone's logic is flawed.
  4. Yes, because rather than the enormous death and suffering, the real news is whether the 'pop star' cancels her Bkk concert or not. 😕 Seriously?
  5. Wow. This is fantastic. I'll sleep much easier knowing this stuff is off the street. Full credit to Customs for using their resources so effectively and making Thailand a safer place for all.
  6. Why would any sane person vote 'yes' to giving away their democratic freedoms?
  7. "Take action against every culprit".... several months later the only action is the transferring of several officials to inactive posts, and life goes on.
  8. Everyone can make all the jokes they like, but I am sure if it was your sister/wife/daughter you'd be taking a rather different tone. This is a shocking thing to happen to a person in any situation, especially when under the care of government officials. I hope this woman gets justice should the allegations prove to be true.
  9. “I personally think the soldier involved did not use excessive force. He just fired one shot at an arm but the bullet happened to be fatal.” .....They actually said this and think that is Ok? Unbelievable. So they have CCTV footage. Let's see the part where he is holding a hand grenade. #notholdingmybreath
  10. Can he also get the optional 'sport' package and the auto-climate control upgrades?
  11. So they still have their freedom, millions of followers, and billions of baht, but they've lost their fans. Ooooh, I bet they're really hurting.
  12. It doesn't matter whether people believe what the Government says or not. Or whether the weapons charges stick or not won't matter. The 2nd charge always does stick, and cannot be discussed. Game over. Might be better to lock this thread for that reason.
  13. This reeks of a cover-up. Teenage anti-drug campaigner gets killed by a soldier (who of course have never been involved in any illicit trades) and lo and behold, suddenly some drugs are found under the bonnet of his car. They said he had a grenade in his hand too. I call 'bullshit!' This is why Thailand struggles. The bad ones, for their own self interest, eliminate the good ones that would see their country rise to greatness. R.I.P. amazing young man.
  14. Wouldn't make much difference if he was unconscious at the time of entering the water. Chances are we will never know.
  15. It's all but impossible for us to know what the real truth is in a case like this. Probably somewhere in-between. Again, we'll probably never know.