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  1. Using those things will be like standing in an oven. A really smoky oven. I almost feel sorry for the smokers. Almost.
  2. Yet another 'pie in the face' moment for officialdom
  3. New Mazda CX3

    The top petrol model I believe. I also have the same. Super fun car to drive.
  4. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    No quick fix..... well it's only been six years since the 2011 flooding.
  5. ‘No release of water’ from northern dams

    The reservoirs in Nakhon Phanom feed in to the Mae Khong River. They don't come down to Bangkok. It's the waters from the North and North West that can contribute to Bangkok's woes.
  6. Single party elections?
  7. Just when we thought it was over, they start hoarding water in the dams above the 80% level and *BAM* here comes the rains. Back to water management 101 for the umpteenth time.
  8. While the choice of GIF is unfortunate, I can't even begin to imagine how it feels to be an officer informing a month, father, son, sister, etc that their loved one has died in an accident. And they don't just have to do it once, but potentially countless times over their careers.
  9. "Cancelled after approval process put under scrutiny"... Everything you need to know in one sentence.
  10. I've always found it fascinating how the original crime is always considered less important in the eyes of the law than is the words of those who draw attention to it.
  11. Nice distraction from the reality of the everyday problems facing your average Thai.
  12. Elections most likely in 2019: PM Prayut

    Elections due in 2017. Elections due in 2018. Elections due in 2019. Is anyone else noticing a pattern here?
  13. Settling Down In Isaan, Any Advice Guys?

    Loei stands out by far as the most beautiful province in Isaan if you want mountain scenery etc. Visually, it's got more in common with the North of Thailand than Isaan.
  14. Food looks good, and is probably well priced. Might have to wander over.
  15. Chiang Kaen in Loei has a nice promenade. Perhaps 1.5kms in length. The entire region is lovely and a jog to run in. Both Chiang Khan and Loei have annual super half (25km) runs, with shorter distances also being available.