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  1. Models wanted at the Four Floors.
  2. As is any provider. You really think a husband in the west looses his good job, the house and the car is going to be wanted by the spouse? maybe for a short haul but not for long.
  3. I use a lotion, works well. If you think about what a shaving cream is intended to do, soften the whiskers. A lotion does this job quite well.
  4. The time will come when the people are totally dependant on the gov. for all our basic needs.
  5. The som tam vender still has job security.
  6. 6000 ml bottles of water at Makro for 28 bht. That's our route. Couldn't get the wife to drink the water out of machines if I tried.
  7. If you read correctly, everything was worth 100K bht. Don't see what's so unusual, not exactly a large amount. Nothing fishy at all.
  8. Call it what you wish. Price of land has gone crazy here. Everyone is thinking the Utapao Airport expansion will take prices way higher. Gonna be interesting.
  9. Jealousy perhaps.......
  10. Different strokes, whatever floats your boat. Doing Kardashian is a scary thought, enough ass to hold my beer while she's standing.
  11. Some posters need to be spoon fed humor.
  12. There it goes again, right over your head.......whoosh...........
  13. I'm assuming you mean in relation to the BHT. With tunnel vision one can put Trump to blame, but it also means the Thai economy is doing well.