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  1. And, some folks are too easily upset. Someone dug this old thread up out of the bin as I thought it was put to rest.
  2. Trump condemns 'hate' after protest violence in Virginia

    The thread is about Trump, not his lineage.
  3. You know what they say about opinions.
  4. Certainly the Police deserves a large portion on the blame. The insanity of not controlling the permitted rally is astounding. it's almost as the officials wanted violence.
  5. impuberal......Now where did I put my dictionary. I'm failing to see a glimmer of humor........yikes
  6. Ban Chang round Table (virtual reality)

    If the Round Table fellas got together they could lease a small spot for cheap and have like a club house. The problem with the bars is that they don't open till afternoon. If they opened sooner and slashed beer prices they could expand their beer sales.
  7. And, who would decide who the good people are? Oh right, the "Good People" would. yikes
  8. And you sound as if you have "daddy" issues.
  9. If all the illegals stuck with picking seasonal crops this whole "Build the Wall" crusade never would have happened. I worked on a large dairy through my high school years in the early 70's as some white kids did. No Mexicans needed. Now, only Mexicans have these jobs. Little by little the illegals moved from the fields to construction, warehouses, slaughter houses, manufacturing. Punishing employers outside of hiring seasonal workers for hiring illegals most certainly is the answer. Big business has certainly thrived on paying smaller wages to illegals. It's not until now that a President has made such an issue out of illegals. I'm not going to respond to all but get one thing straight. Illegal aliens and "Immigrants" are not the same. Immigrants went through a stringent process to be granted the privilege to enter the US and work. Where as "Illegals" did not. We are a land of "Immigrants" who had to prove we were healthy and not going to be a drain on the American Society. These people whose defense of illegals is saying we are a land of immigrants live in a bubble world and have never had to compete for jobs with illegals. The fact that crops are rotting is unfortunate but will work itself out eventually.
  10. What only Mexicans can do this work? Time to get the lazy, stay at home, healthy Americans who would rather wait for a handout out in the fields. The farmers will have to pay a little more, produce prices will rise a bit in the stores. Machinery will evolve to eliminate man power. We'll figure it out. But, having open border policy because the price of lettuce will go up is absurd.
  11. And, Trump hasn't even built any of the Wall yet. Problem solved.
  12. Weak....keep on trying. The crazy left drool over these meaningless polls.
  13. A handful of people are polled and headlines read "All Americans" hilarious reporting.
  14. Yet "they" gave Crooked Hillary time to destroy 30,000 emails and all her phones with hammers. Nothing biased here. Nope.