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  1. Wrong thread, You do understand the wall is not a new idea. In 2006 Obama and Clinton both voted in favor of a Wall. But now Trump wants to do it and all the supporters are racist and all kind of phobes. The far left has gone off the deep end with hatred. No longer do you see things with a clear head.
  2. The French have their immigration policies working just fine. Amazing how the entire world wants to chime in on our immigration problems when they themselves are busting at the seems with waves of unstoppable illegals.
  3. thehelmsman

    Beer pricing in bars

    The "Round Table" spot started at a time of no other bars in the area. But, today it exists simply because it's cheaper. It offers everything a drinking man needs with exception of music. Cold beer, condoms, right in the center of a busy round-a-bout. If you go to a bar in the afternoon, the chances are you will be the only customer and that's if.......they are open. So for all the good natured ribbing that is directed at the "Round table" guys, I'll be submitting my application when I stay there full time in the near future. Are their any requirements to be met?
  4. thehelmsman

    Beer pricing in bars

    Selling beers for 45 bht is what 10 bht profit....maybe a few bht more. Can you sell 100 btl/day plus the odd mixed drink. Mighty slim $$.
  5. thehelmsman

    Trump condemns 'hate' after protest violence in Virginia

    If the Klan handed out food to only white kids? What would be said?
  6. thehelmsman

    Trump condemns 'hate' after protest violence in Virginia

    Which bunch of activists chanted about killing Cops? Could some of you smart fellas help me out.
  7. I thought we were supposed to leave Obama out of things. What happened??
  8. thehelmsman

    Players Pool Tables

    The downside to owning table with 3 pc slate is it's a pain to move.
  9. thehelmsman

    Beer pricing in bars

    Sounds like you're gearing up for start up, will you be having some music to go along with the 45 bht beers?
  10. When people meet going in opposite directions, both parties bear responsibilities in avoidance. If the fellow zoned in on his phone makes no indication of being aware of his surroundings, does that put all the burden of avoidance on the fellow meeting him? No... So, if you get shouldered by me as you're walking by. Som num na.
  11. Not transmitting on AIS does not mean you don't show up on the other's radar. An AIS target usually is seen as a triangle. The merchant ship should have seen a blimp on their radar and acquired it.
  12. Sounds a tad bit racist to me. Shame...shame
  13. You give these 800,000 a pass and you watch, it will just be the beginning.