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  1. Bronson never used one of those sissy looking boxes. Ahahahhaa
  2. You understand this vicious cycle in neverending, me calling the WP fake news is quite possibly just talk, Possibly....Now I'm asked to name a fake article which if given the time I probably could. Then you would supply evidence to contradict my statement and on it goes. The liberal news agencies use this tactic against the Conservatives and to some extent so does FOX. All the while we're glued to our Tv's listening to all this crap and to some extent regurgitating the nonsense to each other here on TV.
  3. I seriously doubt whether most foreigners are making plans for 20 yrs down the road. Basically you're saying build shophouses now, let them sit MT for 20 yrs and then what??
  4. You'll have to further explain yourself, Cannot make much sense out of your post.
  5. Sorry, thought the subject was fake news aka WP, MSNBC and so forth.
  6. They sell sensationalism not 100% truthful news. We know which side they are on. For truthful news you need unbiased coverage which President Trump never has had nor will he ever. Absolutely what ever good he does will be spun into a negative by the far right news.
  7. An hour south of Pattaya 2 floor shophouses are selling for 3 mil bht and rent for 12,000bht for a new one. 3 floor shophouses go for about 4 mil bht. The ground floor is open with 1/2 bath and the other floors have 2 rooms plus a bathroom. A lot of wasted space with the staircase. Many have an outside area in back to use for Thai style kitchen.
  8. Perhaps venture over to Jomtein beach, just a few minutes south of Pattaya. The color of the water also has to do with the sea floor. If it's a mud, then water will have more of a brownish tint and so forth.
  9. If you want to be happy for the rest of your like, never make a pretty woman your wife. Or, so the song goes.
  10. Leaves you more $$$ for getting pissed.
  11. Unless you're thinking of having kids. Why would you want a real relationship? I know there are some foreigners who have burnt all bridges with kids from the home country and have no one to leave an inheritance. This is sad.
  12. I'd be interested in knowing percentage of non-yank posters who are against Camp Trump.
  13. Simply a truthful statement. Those who have jobs locally are not about to give newbees a leg up. Rice bowls are to be protected.
  14. It's posts such as this that makes the Dems a joke.
  15. Thanks, will go looking for it as I cruise around.