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  1. It is good that you are not a lawyer and I hope nobody is taking your advice! There is no legal age of consent in Thailand for prostitution. Prostitution is not legal in Thailand at any age. 18 is the legal age of consent of have sex. 15 is the legal age to get married, but only with parental consent. It is a common misconception of foreigners that 15 is the legal age of consent to have sex in Thailand., it is not true. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse and this misconception can get you into a lot of trouble with the law, or blackmailers, or both. Why not just grow up and have sex with adults?
  2. Not true, but a common misconception The legal age for marriage with the consent of parents is 15. 15 is not the legal age of consent for having sex with an adult. 18 is the legal age of consent. If you are after youngsters, you need to know this. In Thailand many women in their late 20s look like they are in their teens...so <deleted> was he thinking?
  3. Your Jesus was not a Christian, he was a Jew who was born and lived his entire life in Isreal. I think that would make him an Israeli and not so smart as well. Just like you. Why did you even post such a stupid racist statement ? P.S. He was also the very first tall, light skinned , brown haired European ever born in the middle east. Think about that as long as you like, but don't hurt yourself trying.
  4. It is interesting that some here equate illicit. recreational drug use with drug addiction. I smoked marijuana daily for over 30 years. When I moved to Thailand where the drug laws are pretty severe compared to my home country, I stopped, "cold turkey" and have not even seen any marijuana for over five years. No problem, I do not miss it at all. I was never addicted to marijuana, I just enjoyed it. There is a huge difference between use and addiction. Now, let's think about tobacco. Tabacco is not illegal but it is proven to be more addicting than heroin. A tobacco smoker is an addict, a pot smoker is not. Do you get it now?
  5. With your arrogant and stupid attitude, you will start to care the day you get locked up. Have you ever seen "The Bangkok Hilton" ?
  6. I agree. it is also bad that they were so blatant about breaking the law. So much so that it was obvious to others and others complained about it. Thailand can be very lax about enforcing many laws, but if you are stupid enough to be obvious about it, it shows disrespect for the country and it is an insult to law enforcement, so they are compelled to act and not ignore the crime.
  7. They should be glad they are not in the Philippines. They could all be dead by now!
  8. The Thai laws on marijuana were strongly influenced by the U.S. DEA in the Vietnam era when Thailand was a good source of pot for GIs and a lot was being smuggled to the states by GIs. Remember Thai Sticks? Unfortunately, now that the U.S. has relaxed about marijuana and is changing their laws, Thailand has not followed suite. The U.S. no longer has the influence on Thailand that it once did. Maybe Thailand will adopt Chinese or North Korean drug policies in the future ?
  9. If they are dumb enough to travel to foreign countries and blatantly break the laws and expect to get away with it, yes, It may solve the problem. Thailand is known worldwide for having very strict drug laws. " I didn't know" is no excuse. Keep in mind, all 18-24-year-olds are not this stupid, and some much older than that are. It has little to do with age, but a lot to do with maturity and attitude.
  10. The fact that they were smoking pot is not the big issue. Most people these days agree that smoking pot is pretty harmless. The issue is that they are stupid and disrespectful enough to smoke pot in a country that still considers it a serious crime and can be pretty harsh about enforcing the laws. You can not fix stupid, but you can lock it up and keep it off of the streets.
  11. You all need to stop and ask yourselves.. How many laws in Thailand are actually enforced? Very few and not often. The odds of having a problem as a result of this regulation are slim to none. If you do have a problem, it will cost you 4000 baht..that is only about $120 USD...not very much at all. If $120 usd is going to break you, you are already broke! This topic is nothing more than bait for complainers on ThaiVisa, where the complainers thrive.
  12. Visa Extension at Korat Immigration Office

    I do not have a copy on my computer that I can share with you, but Immigration has a list of what you need and the order it should be in. Maybe you can find it on their web site, or stop by the office for a copy. Unfortunately, if I recall, the list is written in Thai and I always have my wife translate it for me.. But...when you arrive at the office, there are assistants ( college students, I believe ) who will go through your forms with you and put them in order for you before you sit down with the Imm officer.
  13. Should I be amazed about how many people are upset and complaining about a regulation they obviously have not made any effort to understand? or should I just write it off to the fact that this it ThaiVisa, where the uninformed come to complain, just for the sake of complaining? Maybe 10% of the posters here even know that if you stay in a hotel, you do nothing. It is the hotel's responsibility to report it. Hint: That is why they ask for your passport!
  14. Yes theer is. The name Thailand means free land or free country. I feel I have more freedom here in Thailand than I did or would in my home country of America. For all of those who whine and complain about how difficult immigration is here in Thailand.. Try to get a visa for a foreginer to enter the U.S.. It cost me over $4000 usd to get a visa for my wife to enter America, and it took almost three years for approval. Yes, that is three years after we were married! Thailand is very easy and very inexpensive compared to that If you haven't figure it out yet, yo do not have the right to live anywhere in the world you wish..no matter who you are, or where you are from, you must qualify and follow the regulations if you want to live here. It is not really your personal playground...grow up!
  15. . " Foreign lady" ??? Do you mean those big, white, rude, monsters I see in tourist areas? Ewwwwww! I would never touch one. Not even if it was for free!