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  1. willyumiii

    Trust, not in Thailand

    You had no contract. You were working toward selling your trees.Did you have a licence for this kind of business? I believe growing anything for sale is against the law for anyone who is not a Thai in Thailand. You were working ,if for pay or not, Then a work permit is required. Did you have a work permit? Her son is a high ranking officer too? You have made yourself very vulnerable by not covering the required bases. And now you are advertising it on the internet. You think only farangs follow the content on these sites ? Thai law enforcement uses Facebook to find suspicious activity. It is a great law enforcement tool. This is no secret. My advise? Learn your lesson and consider this a cheap one. Follow the rules in the future. Keep a low profile. Keep quiet about this. Don't hang yourself! Good luck!
  2. willyumiii

    Trust, not in Thailand

    Face, face, face.. Always so much concern about the loss of face in Thailand. You say you fear your wife's family has lost face cuz you got screwed by a money hungry land owner. Why doesn't the person who has screwed you worry about losing face over what they have done to you and your family? Do you think if you made it well known to everyone she knows it might change her actions? If only good people worry about losing face it only makes good people good. Almost like locks keeping honest people honest..a dishonest thief breaks in anyway! Still baffled by the concept of losing face in Thailand!
  3. willyumiii

    English-language course a hit

    When Thais call me Farang, I reply that I am not a farang, I am a pineapple. They usually laugh! o.k.? lol
  4. willyumiii

    English-language course a hit

    Ditto! That's my story to the letter, except with me it was 8 hours per week.. Same reaction from the students, teachers and the public. My nick name became " Teacher Jai Dee" and still is in the local Tambon. Like you, I have great hopes. Make it fun and interesting and the Thais love to learn.
  5. willyumiii

    English-language course a hit

    TV, always so negative! On occasion, I assist the Thai English teacher at my local school. His English is very good, better than most Thais I know who live in the USA, and I know quite a few there. He often asks me to proof read his lesson plans and comes to me often with questions about correct pronunciation. It is rare that I find errors in what he has me review. It seems most TV members are full of criticism for just about anything Thais do or attempt to do. I wonder how much actual hands on knowledge they have about what they criticize. Also, I know that many students do pretty darn good with conversational English if you make the effort to teach them and make it interesting for them. I see this in the school and also with the children in my village. If they are interested, and want to learn, they work very hard at it and do well. I have hands on experience with Thais and the English language...I know! Please post about what you know...like your Chang Classic vs Import and refrain from the beer soaked rants about what you don't know!
  6. willyumiii

    Cost of a buffalo?

    On the contrary ... there has been a big return to the buffalo due to rising fuel costs. As for the meat ... I love it, and so do many others. The milk is a good low fat alternative to cows Real Mozzarella cheese can only be made from water buffalo milk. Italians bred water buffalo to increase their milk production a long time ago and until recently had the only herds suitable for producing cheese in quantity. Recently some Californians have started breeding them with high mil / cheese production as their goal. It is working but will take time to get high production herds there. With all of the Kwai in Thailand, I think it is a good possible future industry here. " Thai Kwai Mozzarella Cheese Company" .
  7. I call them "Euro Myths" negative fantasies about the USA.and other non Euro countries. Guess it makes them feel as good as they think they are in Europe. I know of a family who suffered a major medical emergency in the USA soon after becoming unemployed and losing all medical insurance that they had had for decades. All needed treatment was received! The family had to show what assets they had, (savings, real estate etc.) and what debts they had,( including, but not limited to medical expenses,) and current income. 100% of several hundred thousand dollars ( US D, not THB ) of medical expenses were dismissed. The USA does not abandon those in need without medical coverage. They receive the best treatment possible and financial assistance if required. STOP THE EURO RUMORS AND MYTHS! THANK YOU. I know that... but I also know from personal experience that US hospitals will NOT treat you until you have paid upfront for the treatment... and that is the big difference, in Thailand you DO get treatment before you have shown money... You are mistaken. Completely mistaken. US hospitals, if they take any government money, must give you care until you are stable. Every hospital takes government money either in the form of grants for equipment or additions, or something as simple as treating patients who are covered by medicare or medicaid so it's virtually all hospitals. "Stable" includes any emergency surgery and a hospital room with great treatment if necessary. They aren't even allowed by law to ask if you have money or insurance before you are stable!!!!! Yes, you owe for the treatment but if they can't collect they are out. That applies to citizens and to foreigners. Every hospital has a government sponsored "charity fund" and at their discretion they can pay your bill from that. The US has a mighty strange reputation generated by foreigners who don't understand the system. Do you think the US just lets people die in the street? Gimme a break!!!! Now, I have heard that Thailand will let you lay there and die without treatment if you can't pay, but I don't know if it's true. I hope not.
  8. willyumiii

    Cost of a buffalo?

    Didn't know they were that expensive. A very cute "Buffalo girl" who grazes her animals near our village has offered to give me one for free a few times! She must like me more than I thought!
  9. willyumiii

    Ghosts in Buddhism?

    I've been told that the Thai's belief in ghosts comes not from Buddhism, but from Animism. Animism is the reason for all of the spirit houses and other rituals tp appease the ghosts or "Pee" Probably the most popular ghost in Thailand is the female head with intestines hanging from it that floats a few feet above the ground....see attachment. Am I incorrect?
  10. willyumiii

    Can someone identify this snake?

    I can identify! His name is Som Chai. He is old keelback with drinking problem. Som Chai mow again! Not " just eaten" it is beer belly. Som Chai loves Leo and Lao kao., If you still have him, please, give him a drink, point him south ,and send him home. His family and I have been worried about him. Thank you!
  11. willyumiii

    best way to make money ( little bit ) in isaan

    Agree! In the village close to my smaller village, every time someone has a fresh idea and opens a shop, be it internet cafe, smoothie shop or whatever, within two months there are 8 - 12 copy cats opened up. As a result, none, including the first get enough business to stay in business and with in 6 months, all are gone. Thailand does not promote original or creative thinking.. It's monkeys see, monkeys do, and monkeys fail! Also, If you are in a really "remote " area there are probably few Farangs to cater to. Things like English movies with Thai subtitles and western sports on TV would not only be wasted on local Thais ( probably your big customer base) Thais may be offended that you would expect them to take an interest in them. The snooker is a good idea, but as stated before, if there is a yaba problem in your area, it will be a disaster. Yaba is a problem in all of Thailand......too bad they can't smoke pot! Then you could just sell munchies! lol Choke Dee! If your neighbors think that you are making a "little" money, there will be two or three similar businesses opened near you selling exactly the same thing. Since my wife opened her restaurant 3 years ago there have been 3 others opened near her, one next door and one across the street. They have all closed, most likely because the families that owned them were not willing to subsidize the business to keep the prices competitive.
  12. willyumiii

    Police looking for English speaking interpreters

    I have been treated very well by the local police since moving here about two years ago. I live in a very rural, farm area in north east Thailand where there are very few farangs. I'm guestimating about 10 of us within a 50 km circle.. Not the rude eurocentric, egotistical farangs of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and so on. Most are here do to marriage to a Thai and try to respect the local customs and people. I've had higher ranking police buy me lunch and beers in a cafe, for no real reason except to be friendly. The same officer recently asked me to help teach English to his men. at a very good rate of pay. I've had police officers insist I join them at parties I have not been invited to and then had them poor whiskey for me and offer to take back stage photos of the dancers for me! I'll admit that I once paid a fine for no helmet and one for no DL, but I consider both fines warranted and reasonable. Most police I have met here seem so be pleased to meet a foreigner who is respectful and considerate. I think the way you are treated by Thai police has a lot too do with how you behave and respect their culture and has a lot to do with the number of farang scum bags in your area and how they have behaved in the past.. If you have a problem with Thai police, maybe you are the problem! Or maybe you are just in the farang tainted part of Thailand.
  13. willyumiii

    History of the Middle-Finger

    Thai school children use this expression a lot and do not seem to have a clue as to what it means in the western world. Anyone kn0w what it means to them??
  14. That must be Thai logic. It happens cuz people admit it happens? Then I guess denial would stop it? "just don't think about it" How many times have you heard a Thai say taht? It makes no sense at all! About as young as the youngsters in your country, I guess. That's exactly why its so difficult to stop in Thailand, because foreign parents openly admit to sending their 7 year old's to buy tobacco and booze.