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  1. Hi All I am planning on taking out health insurance and have narrowed it down to Regency and Pacific Cross as the provider. Trying to decide between the two which is why I want any feedback anyone may have on either company. Pacific cross is offered locally and having a friendly broker and face to face contact has certain benefits whilst Regency is internet based provider whom appear to be cheaper and offer better coverage. I have often found internet insurance companies cheaper for house / car insurance with less overheads than high street brokers but this is the first time I have considered health insurance online Any feedback appreciated especially on the Regency for expats provider.. Regards
  2. Hi All After recommendations for breakdown cover. I recently found out that in the small print within my existing policy ( MSIG ) it only covers up to 1,500bt which would not be much help if I breakdown in Chaing mai and need recovery back to Pattaya. regards
  3. Hi all Looking for any recommendations as regards moving several crate/box loads of mainly books and pictures and other personal effects from Pattaya to the Philippines. Thanks Riki
  4. Hi All... Wondering if any new Ranger users have had battery problems. Mine is a second hand 2012 model I bought second hand last week. It has a new battery but it is not cranking well especially when left over 24 hours. I read on a few forums that this could possibly be down to the ''smart charge'' system the vehicle has fitted. Has anyone had there smart charge disabled here in Thailand ? Regards
  5. riki48

    Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Tdci

    Hi All... Smart charge Wondering if any Ranger users have had battery problems. Mine is not cranking well when left over 24 hours, I read on a few forums that this could possibly be down to the smart charge system the vehicle has fitted. Has anyone had there smart charge disabled ? Regards
  6. riki48

    Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Tdci

    Hi all Just became the owner of a used 2012 3.2 Wildtrack. 1.Just been out at night and when I have the headlights on I lose the display lighting on console illumination so no GPS etc.! any tips on what to do ? 2.Also when the lights are off the GPS navigation is working but in Thai language, any advice or tips on how to set to English would be greatly received.
  7. Hi All I am looking to buy a new car this week. The vehicle is 4 years old, the seller has the blue book to hand and the car has chon-buri plates on it. 1.So am I correct in assuming that because the seller has the blue book to hand that their is no outstanding finance on the vehicle? 2.Can anyone advise of the time it will take to transfer the ownership if we both go to the transport department in Banglamung? 3.Can anyone advise of the cost of doing the transfer? Thanks Riki
  8. Thank you all for the replys folks I will apply for a new retirement visa/extension of stay ( based on retirement ) call it what you will but I think we all know what we are talking about here in late October with a multi entry at the same time. Thanks
  9. I understand I have an extension of stay ( every 90 days ) until November 19th when I need to renew my retirement visa and pay the THB 1,900 fee. Are you suggesting I make a new retirement visa in late october as I am thinking I will need to do and purchase a re-entry at the same time? Regards
  10. Hiya All I plan to be returning to uk around November 1st for about 4 weeks returning Thailand early December. I have a retirement visa which expires 19th November. ( so expires whilst I am in UK ) What are my options? Do I just need to apply for a new retirement visa before I leave Thailand in late October and get a single multi entry at the same time? Regards
  11. Hi All I am looking for factual accounts of any farang being stopped by the police when over the drink driving limit. Not so much involved in an accidents whilst over the limit but just a random road side stop What was the outcome, as in was it settled at the roadside (ie, via a trip to an ATM ) , Or has any member been through the system and processed through the court and what was the outcome. Thanks Riki
  12. Have a nice 48meter studio for rent in building VT/2A on the 10th floor form mid October if your interested. A lot quieter and huge swimming pool.
  13. Hi Yes, you are supposed to register and declare. I found that registering at Jomtien revenue office was very easy. Photocopies of my passport and a half-hour of my time. The pleasant staff did it all for me. They also fill in my yearly return for me which I use for getting my deposit withholding tax back. Whats this deposit withholding tax? Regards
  14. Hi again and thanks for the reply. Next question is then can I use the blue pipe and solvent weld/ glue the joints for the hot water feed?? I thought the blus pipe was only for cold water.. If I can use the blue pipe it will make my life easier, also have found that they sell 1/2'' copper pipe and yorkie fittings in the air-con supplies shop around the corner. Can I use the blue, if not will go down the copper route and get a blow torch and solder the joints. Regards Riki
  15. Hi All I have a condo and the hot feed (and the cold for that matter) to the mixer shower is in what looks like 20mm steel pipework. The pipes run in the concrete condo floor. The condo below mine has notified me of a leak, I have carried out some explority work and discovered the leak is from the hot feed to the shower which is fed across the bathroom floor from a water heater under the bathroom sink. So I now have to re feed the shower and intend to go up into and across the false ceilling as I don't want to rip up the tiled floor. If in uk I would use speed fit but don't see it here? Can anyone give me some options on an alternative to steel pipe? ps I have seen some green plastic pipe stocked in homepro etc but it requires a special tool I believe which is expensive. Regards Riki