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  1. The answer to the simple question of whether the water that comes out of the dispensing machine is easy to reach. Just ask yourself, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW ANYONE CHANGING THE FILTERS IN THESE MACHINES. The answer is NEVER. Buy your water at the store, not at your corner machine.
  2. I have a solution for the Judge. Remove the head of HHS, Alex Azar. Charge him with kidnapping, blackmail, and hostage taking. Order the budget for this organization to be increased to reflect the cost of reuniting deported parents, returning the kids to the point of entry and arrest. Offer psychological help to those affected by the separation, and allow those illegally separated to sue in Federal Court for damages. Trump-what an idiot. Take a non problem, make it into a big problem, then offer solutions that don't correct the problem fully. Ass.
  3. ehs818

    Physiotherapist, chiropractor in Pattaya

    I've used Siam PhysioTherapy in North Pattaya, not far from the Bus Station. Located at the Diana Inn. They are professional, effective, and a caring staff.
  4. ehs818

    Taken at Tuk Com

    As in all things in Thailand for Farangs, remember "Buyer Beware". Know what you are buying and from whom you are buying it from. If the price is just "too good to be true", it's probably NOT true, not original brands, and is a copy. That said, whenever I buy USB flash drives or other memory devices, I like to have them plugged into their laptop to show me exactly how much memory they really have. In the past I've bought some without checking, but usually from a friends sisters shop. When I did have a problem with a 16GB Micro card only having 1GB memory I took it back to her immediately. She checked it out on her laptop and sure enough, it was NOT as it should be. She has now stopped buying those products from that supplier. She wants to protect her customers and limit her liability. She's concerned about her reputation. Most shops in TukCom think this same way, but remember, they also are constantly faced with scammers and cheats trying to screw them over by returning used items as new, etc..... Again: BUYER BEWARE.
  5. Didn't see the video, but explain to me how this is more offensive than what Trump himself is accused of, plus his comments in the EHollywood video.
  6. I live on a quiet soi in Pattaya. No thru traffic, lots of kids, etc. A new Pool Villa home is now offering stays online at all the major sites. Problem is that the guests are noisy late at night (2:30 in the morning!). This wakes the neighborhood up. My question is about whether his type of rental is legal, is a hotel license required, etc. I note that reported in the BKK Post it is illegal to rent out thru AirBnB. Not sure about the other sites though. I really just want quiet at night so we can sleep. We get up early each day for work. Any suggestions? I haven't approached the owner/manager yet, but I will once I know what his requirements are, and what he's able to do to keep his paying guests quiet. Love to hear any suggestions....
  7. Sounds like your coolant has leaked out. Have your unit serviced, for about 500 baht. There is a small fee to recharge with coolant, perhaps another 300-500.
  8. ehs818

    Lat Krabang Laos

    It's a lovely city, unspoiled by throngs of tourist, except for holiday weekends when zillions of Chinese invade the town. Waterfalls abound nearby, good small restaurants in the town center, reasonably priced accommodations. Many tour companies to offer you things to do.... Definitely a great place to visit.
  9. I've got a wedding to attend next month. The Thai lady is a dear friend I've known since she was a young student. Her fiancee is British. They are both about 35 years of age. I'll be attending the wedding in BKK, and want to know what is appropriate for me to give as a gift. They didn't 'register' at any store or site. So I'm assuming the right gift might be money. But how much? And how do I present it to them? To her or to him, or to someones parents? Any advice for me. THANKS....
  10. On a serious note, I do like that the cost of a phone call is borne by the one who makes the call, not by both parties. Seems reasonable to me.