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  1. The first thing I observe, simply from body language, is the aggressiveness of the man in the blue T-shirt. He was already looking for a confrontation. As anyone who lives in Thailand knows, confrontation and aggressive behavior is not welcome here. It's a cultural thing and helps members of a poor society coexist with limited resources and living space. The second point to note is that the attendant appears to me to be about 15 years old, not 10. Thais are smaller than Westerners. The man in the blue T-shirt seems to be unhappy with the toilet fee of 10 baht. In some places it's only 5 baht. Maybe he was going to pay for his friends to use the facilities, thus it would be perhaps a 20-30 baht expense for him. As for the friends in attendance, they seem to have no idea that he's going to get violent, they moved away from the violence, probably to avoid getting caught up in it or hurt. As to what the attendant pulled out from under the desk, I can't make it out. But unless it's clearly a gun (I don't believe so), it may well have been a knife. I would have no problem with the attendant stabbing that <deleted> over this. It was self defense, although delayed by 20 seconds. No guarantee that the blue T shirt man wouldn't return to cause more trouble and violence. Tough situation to deal with. I hope the blue T-shirt man is apprehended and given a bit of time in jail to appreciate the seriousness of his inappropriate actions.
  2. None of this will happen, with perhaps the exception of the June meeting, because today a sealed indictment against Trump, Manafort, and Flynn was revealed thru a leak. Looks like Impeachment time will come within a few months when even the most ardent Republican will have to accede given the amount of pressure that they will be under from their constituents. Sad times!
  3. I would suggest NOT living in the Nimmanhaemen area. Too much noise from airplanes. But do rent a house or townhouse for more space at a lower price. I used to live in CM, near CMU, so I know. As for internet, I used TOT Tiber. Excellent service at about 800 baht a month for FAST service. You don't need an international drivers license to rent a bike. But you should get a Thai drivers license for that if you plan to stay on. Cheaper than renting is to buy a used bike on Facebook or Craigslist. You can sell that off when you depart and you'll pay way less this way. Good luck to you!
  4. So, the tough guy caves again! No surprise!
  5. Haha! And so did you give the same support to Obama when he ran and won? Somehow I doubt it. I'll be you have been one of those fighting him all 8 years. Showing no respect and speaking code words to show your racism and hate for blacks. He's shown no grace or humility in his win, only vindictiveness. What poor manners he has. Afterall, he won the office to SERVE all Americans. And now he's spending time assembling his gang of liars and cheats for his cabinet and they will take away the protections you currently have. And now he has the gall to ask everyone to unite behind him, the biggest divider and hater around. Balls!!!
  6. Liar liar, pants on fire. Come on Kellyanne. Trump himself says he hasn't been taking those meeting because he thinks he doesn't need them. He's so smart, right? This reckless man is going to create his own problems, deal with them in an irresponsible way, and get everyone killed. After he takes away their freedom of speech, their money, and the remaining self respect they have. Oh, I'm so gld to not be living in the US now.
  7. I have a new, sealed, unused ORIGINAL OEM System Builder Pack version of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit available that I'm willing to sell. Price is 3500 baht. Contact me by email if you are interested in it. I'm in Pattaya. Eric
  8. If you look closely at the picture in the article, you'll notice that there are no Rubbish Bins available to put the trash that tourist generate. This is true in most of Thailand. Most foreign tourists are quite aware of the need to put trash in a proper disposal area. But there are none in most of Thailand. And for the record, most of the tourists that go to Bang Saen, ARE THAI.
  9. I've lived here a long time. I've never seen a dolphin in the ocean, and don't understand why they build an underpass when an overpass would have been faster, cheaper, and less disruptive. I for one hope they don't build additional underpasses in town. These do nothing for the in town traffic, which is where all the problems are. Seriously, keep the big buses off the sidestreets, repair the damage they have already done, park those buses closer to Sukhumvit, and force the songtaews into a route that includes Third Road.
  10. Here is yet another example of Thai thinking. They believe that any amount of money asked for is "small money for you, farang". Wrong. If Farang tourists are their target market, it will fail like so many started and stopped projects here. If they expect Thais to pay that price, well that's simply not gonna happen. They'd do better by having a full boat at 500 baht, rather than a 15% filled boat at 1200.
  11. The majority of the electorate did not vote for Trump. In fact almost 75% of eligible voters did not vote for Trump. Of those that did vote, about 1,800,000 more votes for Clinton have been counted so far, with more mail in ballots and provisional ballots still being counted. He did not receive a 'mandate' from the voters. In fact, he did not even have a plurality, much less a majority. He is only the 'winner' due to the form of voting that exists in the USA. The Electoral College meets on December 19 to cast their ballots. Still time for an upset as some US states require the Electoral College members to vote for their states winner, while some certainly do not. While it's possible that an upset may still occur to benefit Clinton, it's highly unlikely. You think the Democrats are 'sore losers'? If that turnabout were to occur, you'd see real violence from Trump supporters if enough of the Electoral College voters were to alter their votes based on the information that the poplular vote went to Clinton and not to Trump. If allowed to vote freely the results could be reversed.
  12. I didn't bother to read any of the other replies to your question. I'll just give you this advice, based on my having lived here for 14 years. Ready? GET A NEW GF.
  13. That's right Melania, STAND BY YOUR MAN. Same as Hillary did when her husband blew it. Ten years from now they'll all be making fun of you for this decision, if not sooner! The thing you might want to remember is that your husband cheated on wife #1 with the soon to become wife #2. You are wife #3. Seeing a trend there?
  14. TT has the best rate in Pattaya. These are the yellow shops with the TT sign.
  15. Nonsense. I just topped up using a slip I purchased from Family Mart.