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  1. ehs818

    US income tax preparation in Pattaya

    I found that using Turbo Tax software is efficient and easy. You can purchase it online, download it, then use at your convenience. Cost for software is about $40 online. Try www.frys.com
  2. ehs818

    snake in my garden

    Two days ago I came downstairs in the morning and went into the downstairs bathroom. There was a 10 inch baby snake slithering around. I'm assuming it came thru the floor drain with those tiny holes in the metal plate that covers the drain. Less than 1/4 inch wide, black with yellow stripes. I looked it up after I killed it. Poisonous. So I told my next door neighbors who have a little daughter. Always expect the unexpected here?
  3. Why doesn't someone look at the license plate and locate him that way?
  4. I'm from Los Angeles. The first things I crave are: 1) Tommy's Chili Dog. 2) Reubin sandwich from a good Jewish Deli. 3) Beef Tri tip roast. 4) Red Liquorice. 5) Stuffed Pizza (Chicago style). I get back every year and always enjoy the food there!!
  5. More distraction from this administration. Money would be better spent on dealing with current problems rather than create a space spending race internationally. Idiots.
  6. A similar thing happened to me. Here's what I know for sure. Thais don't like any type of confrontation. They work hard to avoid it, but you'll not see that on their faces. They just feel it's better to cut off all contact rather than having to explain, face to face with you, what changed. It doesn't matter if she's found another guy or not. In their minds it's over and there's no need to invest any more effort or time in you. Chalk it up to experience as I did. In my case it turned out that she had been seeing more than just me, and this is a nice girl with a good job from an international company, a good education, and a great family. At the end of the year that she had cut off contact with me, I sent out New Year greetings to everyone I know, including her. About 6 weeks later I got a reply from her, totally unexpected. She said she hoped that I would be happy for her and that she'd gotten married in December. I never replied back to her email.
  7. ehs818

    Dizziness and nausea !

    Sounds like vertigo to me. Look on google and watch a video about "Epley Maneuver". Start on left or right side and do the maneuver. If it only helps a little, do it over again, but start on the other side. Give each position 20-40 seconds each. It will help you!
  8. I bought a new Click in December and struggled to get the Owners Manual in English. I finally got it from the main office in BKK. It's attached, in case you would like to have yours in English also. You are welcome!! Click125iOwnersManual.pdf
  9. ehs818


    There are just two outstanding pizza places in Pattaya. Pizza Big in Naklua, and Hauf House on Beach Rd, at Soi Post Office. All others are a waste of time.
  10. I hope that Trump will accept Putins invitation to come to Russia. If the timing is right, pehaps Trump may be convinced to stay on there permanently. If Trump were indicted while overseas, what are the odds that he'd come back to the US to fight things. My thoughts are that he'd cut and run rather than fight in court a battle he won't win. Plus he'd never agree to serve time in prison. Please Donnie, go to Russia.
  11. The results of this poll prove a serious point: Americans are under educated. I don't want to see his finish this term in office. I don't want to see him even finish this day. I don't care how he's removed. This garbage needs to be taken out! Remove the smell.
  12. I'm not much into fashion trends. That said, good riddance to this spawn of a loser! Now she'll have adequate time to help in her fathers defense in court.
  13. The US Constitution guarantees a free press. After all of his lies, and those of his spokespeople, it's time for the entire WH Press Corps to BOYCOTT this administration. Ignore his statements and report about his lies. Where are his taxes? Let's see more stories on what he is doing that is inconsistent with his Constitutional Duties. Boycott this trash.
  14. Just exactly how successful was this endeavor in actually? If it was really worth anything at all, someone would have offered to buy it. But no one did, so it's probably not worth the cost of the paper used to show their logo. The fact is that consumers do know when they are being had, when they are being lied to, when they see the hypocrisy right in their face. "Make America Great Again" but her products, and those of her dad, are made overseas, NOT in America. No one likes to be played. Come November I'm hoping for a huge rejection of all things Trump!
  15. ehs818

    Physiotherapist, chiropractor in Pattaya

    As for Siam PhysioTherapy in North Pattaya , their charges usually involve multi visit plans. I don't know their pricing, but something like 8-10 visits for 8,000 baht or so. Again, I don't know about their actual pricing as it's been a few years since I was there last. AGAIN, they are great people and very effective.