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  1. Laptop has slowed to near stop...Help

    FIRST, save all your important files to an external drive. Next, take it to a shop and do a fresh install. Keep using Win 7 if you like it. Then put those files back onto your laptop. You will lose all programs when you have the reinstall done. But for about 300-500 they can do an install and include all major programs too. Office, Photoshop, whatever you want. Just tell them. If all that does not help, buy a new one and do this process on it. I hate computer problems. Makes me feel powerless. But take the first step now. Do a backup.
  2. Don't forget about companies with Tunnel Digging technology. There will be a boon in underground access! Coming soon to a border state near you!!
  3. No Water Coming To Our Soi-What to do?

    Here's an update to my situation. I took someones advice and actually went to their office. After 3 visits the chief superintendent came to the soi and saw the problem. They dug up some pipe, installed a new temporary pipe for the soi and we've had water for 10 days now. Today they are burying the pipe so it's going to look very nice shortly. FYI, not one Thai person on my soi even bothered to call the Water Dept about it.
  4. That shop, Union Science, is a great find. They carry many hard to find items and their pricing is quite reasonable. I bought some Boron there for an ant problem and was thrilled to see how many other interesting products they carry there.
  5. TMN Cable TV channel changes?

    I subscribe to Sophon Cable in Pattaya. Yes, FOX is gone, and I don't care as I haven't watched it for more then 12 years. But Star World is also gone, just when their new shows were going to air next month. Sad. To my knowledge, BBC news is not broadcast currently in Thailand. I miss that channel.
  6. No Water Coming To Our Soi-What to do?

    When I talked to the people at the Water Dept office, non of whom speak English, I've explained in Thai the problem. And also told them that other people I've spoken to at their office promised to send a technician, a supervisor, etc., and NO ONE SHOWED UP OR CALLED ME BACK. No response except, "sorry". I'm at my wits end. All my neighbors just accept this. I don't. I guess the only thing to do is go to their office and do a sit in. Sigh. How stupid and frustrating this is....
  7. I live in a townhouse off of South Pattaya, midway between Third Road and Sukhumvit. This area has not had a water supply for 6 days already. I've had to buy water from someone in a truck, who's making a killing off of this area. I called the local water company phone number, plus their Call Center. Nice people, caring and concerned. Yet no one has come to inspect, explain, or bring us water. I'm talking about 40 households or more! Is this a regular scam, with the company simply turning off water in specific areas, then unleashing those trucks with water to sell? Why do I feel like I'm being victimized, like this entire area is being victimized? Is this some sort of scam, an organized scam? Or is this simply Thai incompetence? After speaking to 3 different individuals, there's no water, no change. Any suggestions?
  8. Best Seafood Buffet

    I'm looking for a good value seafood buffet, something under 700 baht. For food I'd like to see shrimp, prawns, squid, crab, assorted fish, side dishes, and Thai food. I'd love to find something about 300-400 baht. Can be in Jomtien, Pattaya, or Naklua. But not outside the general Pattaya area. Only in the Pattaya area please. Thanks for your suggestions.....
  9. Unique Gas

    As far as I know the only way to get an empty tank refilled is to trade it in to a provider, and they give you a different tank, filled. Cost about 400 baht.
  10. Sports Physiotherapist needed

    I would also recommend Siam Physiotherapy at Diane Estates. Great caring staff and highly successful in results. Pornthip is my favorite there, but K. Pop is also great. Reasonable rates, vry professional, and very nice people.
  11. I'm going to exchange motorbikes with a friend that lives in Phuket. I'll send him my bike, he will send me his. Anyone have any suggestions for getting these bikes shipped in both directions? And do you have any idea about the costs? I think that this can be done by bus or train. Thanks for your information in advance.
  12. Good areas to rent a house

    Avoid the Suthep area as the noise from airplanes is deafening. I'd suggest finding a place around MaeJo University. It's central, close to major shopping, and is priced quite reasonably for rentals!
  13. My understanding is that the servicing of bikes is all referred to this one location as they have a staff of about 10 mechanics, a large warehouse full of parts, and a staff that speaks enough English to get things done properly.
  14. Many zany ideas get bounced around in Pattaya. Most never come to fruition. In reviewing this map, I don't understand where the Blue Line goes, apart from Sukhumvit. And also I'm confused why the two lines don't connect along the southern part of the map. I won't ever have to worry about it as I'll be dead before it ever gets completed. But it seems like a bit more planning might be called for, or at least the release of the full current plan to review.