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  1. It’s been my experience (I have only hired here, not been hired) that if they want you, they will try to get you. That said, if your expecting manager pay for a supervisor position you will not get it. They should have a range that they will pay for the job. You’ll need to be in that range. I would not go in high. I would go in at what I want. If they want you, they’ll pay it. If they don’t want you they don’t want you. If you get an offer, they want you. If they snatch you up such that you feel you underbid, you can act disappointed and push for housing or car allowance and whatnot.
  2. mogandave

    Buying a gasless MIG welder in Thailand

    Again, anyone with home shop should think about attending the Metalix show at the BITEC in November...
  3. More over the top than the first one, but still good. If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one...
  4. mogandave

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    Had an okay family sized “Fried Platter” at Manhattan Fish, Terminal 21. The fried is good but the grilled (last time) was better. Kid likes the milkshakes, they’re not bad.
  5. Saw “Equalizer 2” with the kid at Terminal 21 this afternoon. Pretty much as expected, a little silly but fun to watch...
  6. mogandave

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    My kid is doing well in one of (apparently) the best schools in the country and he’ll do fine in most any undergrad programs in the US. His social studies may not be up to US standards but his English, math, chemistry and physics is much then most US high school kids.
  7. mogandave

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    I never thought living here was that great. I got moved here for work, and it’s been okay, I always say the big redeeming factor of working in Thailand was the people. Now I’m retired here and don’t think that much of it. Kid has a couple more years of high school and then I think it’s back to the states at least for a while...
  8. mogandave

    Buying a gasless MIG welder in Thailand

    Your unit has a separate power supply and wire-feeder yes?
  9. mogandave

    Buying a gasless MIG welder in Thailand

    If you have a separate wire feeder or spool-gun yes, but if you have an integrated feeder, it is doable, but not that easy. Not sure why everyone is hot for gas-less, a little cheaper to start, but you’ll burn through whatever savings you had in a few spools of wire. Compare the cost of flux-core wire to hard wire. I made a case for a stick machine, but if I could only have one piece of welding equipment in a home shop, it would be an oxyacetylene/oxy/LP. Cut, braze, solder, heat, weld most anything (rain or shine) and light the grill... Easy to learn, attractive welds, light gage, heavy gage, almost nothing that wears out and you need no electricity...
  10. mogandave

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    And the longer you’re away the better it tastes...
  11. mogandave

    Buying a gasless MIG welder in Thailand

    Guys that want cheap welders really should consider just getting an ac/dc stick welder. They are cheaper, more robust and more versatile. It does take a little more practice, but unless you’re welding horizontal inside corners you’ll need practice anyway, and no shortage on free online tutorials. Spend the money you save on good gloves, a decent helmet and some clamps...
  12. mogandave

    Buying a gasless MIG welder in Thailand

    Gun consumables like nozzles, tips, diffusers & liners, not wire.