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  1. A. I still have to go to work most every day, you? B. I had zero deductible before the ACA. I pay almost twice as much now, and my deductible is about $4,600 per person 6,000 family. It also takes twice as long to process claims.
  2. Yes it is, and yes I live in Thailand. The only people truly benefiting from the ACA are the insurance companies. Trump is hardly my hero.
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  4. Adolescent children, is that not redundant? Whatever He ran on repealing, not replacing. Trump ran on replacing, not McLiar. I want it repealed and not replaced. My healthcare as well as most everyone I knows was cheaper snd better before the ACA.
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  6. He ran on opposing the ACA and did everything he could to save it. You can call it whatever you like, I call it a lie. That I see it pointless to continue on with someone that has a fundamentally different understanding of honesty than I do results in a response like whatever. So, whatever.
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  11. Someone that says things that are not true.
  12. Respect has to be earned continuously, not because of something that happened 40 years ago. That he is slowing down the orange buffoon is great, but he is not doing it for ideological reasons, he’s doing it for spite. He’s also a liar and while he may have earned your respect, he gets none from me.