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  1. mogandave

    Issues with my thai family

  2. mogandave

    Issues with my thai family

    The guy touches you ONCE A YEAR? I got the impression it was an ongoing problem. Seriously, it sounds to me like you may just want to abandon your wife and child and you’re looking for a reason to blame her. Grow up
  3. mogandave

    Anyone know a skillfull tree cutter?

    It is tough to find a good tree-trimmer. Lacing out a nice tree is an art. The PEA cuts them free, but they will just (as they say in the biz) “hat-rack” them.
  4. mogandave

    Bill Gates says Trump was really into his daughter when they met

    None so proud and morally superior than we on the left! Impeach 45!! The orange buffoon must go!!!
  5. mogandave

    Moving Out

    Apparently 9 large suitcases full...
  6. mogandave

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    I had a “Mexican Wrap” at “Texas Chicken” Not too bad...