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  2. Confused over Thai girlfriend

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  3. stop feeding street dogs

    How have I changed my position? You like to play fast and loose with the facts. Just because I have a live and let live attitude, does not mean I advocate feeding strays. Dogs (unprovoked) that attack and bite (not bark and scare) people should be put down. People that own dogs that roam free and bite people should be sued. People that moan on about about barking, being chased on their noisyass bike, stepping in poo and being attacked (but not bitten) should <deleted>
  4. stop feeding street dogs

    Assuming the police came I would just give them money.
  5. Hello, does 'Certified Angus Tenderloin (Argentina) x 5 steaks" include the free steak or is there a total of 6 steaks?
  6. stop feeding street dogs

    In the video it looked like at least one women ran out and grabbed up one of the dogs and carried it away. Doubt very much it was a soi dog. If a dog attacked my child unprovoked, I would kill it.
  7. stop feeding street dogs

    How convenient...
  8. Word Association

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  9. stop feeding street dogs

    Your claim that they are not culled/killed is just a lie. Their are only small numbers in urban areas, but because they round them up kill-err-cull-err-euthanize them Pigeon chess or otherwise you can make a strong argument that killing them is what best for the community, but pretending it's something other than what is, is ridiculous. I'm for killing all the pigeons as well.
  10. stop feeding street dogs

    Sorry, I was confused. I thought "euthanize" meant kill, I guess my mom was right and they really are just sleeping. So do they wake up in the incinerator?
  11. Word Association

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  12. stop feeding street dogs

    No, you have not been paying attention: Feeding dogs is cruel, killing them is humane. If for whatever reason you MUST feed them, at least be kind enough to cut their nuts off.
  13. Word Association

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