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  1. dddave

    Where can I get a cast iron skillet in Bangkok?

    Little late for the OP but Lazada has a large selection for reasonable prices https://www.lazada.co.th/products/lodge-lms3-seasoned-3-12-cast-iron-skillet-rest-i166993325-s205691451.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.31.14a46200dpJt Contrary to popular belief, cast iron pans do not distribute heat evenly, though they do hold heat well. Most have hot spots. Put in a thin layer of pancake batter with a lot of sugar and use a medium-hot flame, letting it brown. When you turn it, you will see where the hot spots are. That's why most saute chefs use stainless pans with an aluminum core.
  2. dddave

    British bikes

    Ohh, absolutely. Especially those with lucas electrics. Granted, they still do look great, as long as they are standing still.
  3. dddave

    British bikes

    If I could go back in time and have one summer day on any one of the 30+ bikes I have owned, it would be my RD400. What a perfect screamer it was. I used to love taking it to track days before insurance companies regulated them to death. No engine I ever played with was so responsive to small tweeks. Jet kits, reed spacers, all that good stuff. You could lift the front wheel in 5th gear at 6000. The brakes took a bit of work to make them match the performance and you didn't want to take a 3 day ride on it but dollar for dollar, the most bang for the buck ever. They stopped making them almost 40 years ago and there are still groups that race them.
  4. Just tell him to make sure he has copies of his onward travel itineraries available. He will probably be asked when he checks in for his initial flight to Thailand.
  5. dddave

    Thailand/USA Will questions

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write and post this information which is incredibly helpful. I have learned more reading your post than from consultations with two remarkably uninformed lawyers I have spoken to so far. I have an appointment with my adviser at Schwab in a few days and having your information in hand will make it much easier for me to know what to ask. Again, sincere thanks.
  6. dddave

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    Screws into the wall using plastic anchors. Between the leverage exerted using the expander and the wet environment, stick-on is not really an option. I've never seen one with suction cups but could possibly be an option if you can't drill holes in the wall.
  7. dddave

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    Bought mine at Home Pro. Lazada has them as well. If you're near a BoonThaWan, they have them as well, cheaper than HomePro.
  8. dddave

    Getting through airport screening with my lunch

    Calm down. I never said they'd confiscate cheese, just that they do frequently want to visually check it out, as when I brought half a wheel of Gouda from Holland.
  9. dddave

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    I have one of the extendable shaving mirrors, wall mounted near my shower. If I hit it with a quick blast of hot water, it does no steam up.
  10. dddave

    Valosine SR 75mg

    If ROONG Rote fails to have it, take a taxi down Pattanakhan to Sukhumvit 71. Get off at the corner of 71 and walk about 25 yards down on the even soi side. Two pharmacys close together that are very well stocked and very low priced. They have never failed me for anything legal.
  11. dddave

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    Like PGRAHAM, I shave in the shower with a regular razor, using hand soap which can actually make a pretty good lather. Last year while in the US, I mistakenly bought a package of four, "BIC 4 Blade" disposable razors, thinking they were Gillette. They are the best shaver I have ever used. I get two months comfortable shave from each. I have a medium beard. I'm currently in the US again and have already bought a dozen of the BICs, though both BIC and Gillette now have 5 blade models. Every time I've tried electric shavers, I've always found they take longer to perform a good shave and do not shave as close.
  12. Not particularly easy to get to, no direct entrance from any of the metro train line stations, maybe from the River Express Boat. I hate to see the riverfront turn into yet another upscale retail/condo corridor.
  13. dddave

    Getting through airport screening with my lunch

    I was flying to LAX from Bangkok via Narita as a courier the day after the huge earthquake/tsunami in 2011. Rumor had it that there was no food at Narita for the ongoing flights...maybe no meal service. I bought a ham and cheese sandwich airside in Bangkok to take with me just in case. As it happened, the rumors were false, flights went smoothly, food served normally. As a courier carrying commercial merchandise, I always had to go to line "B" at LAX Customs. It was as I waited in Line "B" that the sniffer dog sat at my feet and wagged her tail. I'd forgotten all about the damn sandwich in my carry-on. Stern faced customs officers removed it from my bag with large, mechanical forceps and dumped it into an armored drum. 30 minutes of X-rays and analyses finally confirmed it was indeed a ham & cheese sandwich...with mayo. I was given a stern, grim faced lecture as to how I was liable for a $1000++++ fine and incarceration. This was serious shit. Finally, after more than an hour, they let me walk. For four of five years after that, every time I had to go through line "B" at any US airport, I'd be questioned: "Have you ever had a problem with customs, sir?" and I if I didn't re-iterate my near criminal importation of that ham & cheese sandwich, they would point the notation in the computer and demand, yet again my explanation for my misdeeds. It took more than five years for me to clear without interrogation.
  14. Friend of mine got hit with exactly the same scam around that same time. It wasn't easy to talk her out of it. I think they involve maybe 30 or 40 women at the same time.