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  1. Not the first time in recent memory: https://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/news/thai-policeman-finally-admits-murder-of-canadian-in-pai/ I'm surprised this has not yet been pointed out. A THAI COP IN Pai murdered a Canadian Backpacker and shot his girlfriend who survived. Conviction took a LONG time as the murderer's cop brethren did everything they could to sabotage the investigation. Only massive pressure from the Canadian Embassy spearheaded by the victim's father kept things going and the cop was ultimately convicted...seems he had also killed his own wife which cost him a bit of support. I wonder if he is still in jail? Anybody?
  2. dddave

    Affordable Smartphone Recomendations

    Don't forget the Poco accepts up to a 256gb micro sd card and with the "P" update, transferring apps and data to outboard (SD) storage will be even easier.
  3. Does your service provider give you wi-fi at various locations like popular shopping malls? When I had the same issue with AIS wi-fi log-in, I stopped by an AIS location and they sorted it out. Never had the issue again.
  4. Bourbon Street on Soi Ekkamai has had a solid reputation for it's Christmas dinners over the years. B899, serving on both Dec. 24 & 25. Check their website for the exact menu. If it looks like what you want, book now because they generally sell out. https://www.bourbonstbkk.com/
  5. Hardly being robbed. Whenever you sell anything to a re-seller, they have to leave their own headroom to make a profit. After all, that is what they are in business for. The trade off for you is that with little effort, you get a fairly decent price for a 33K investment that you have used for more than a year. Sell it privately and you might get around 25K, maybe a bit more but you will have to advertise, deal with callers, lowballers, people who want to take it for a ride and all the other annoyances of privately selling a vehicle. You can do it the easy way or the hard way: up to you.
  6. How about VALATAN, made (or distributed by) Silom Medical?
  7. There are no more direct flights from USA to Thailand. The last one was cancelled more than a year ago. Your friend will have to go through a stopover somewhere. The problem may well be the airline not allowing your friend to board without valid, up to date documentation. There was just an item in the news today about airlines being made responsible for the housing and feeding of anyone they bring who cannot pass immigration and is stranded. I suggest your friend contact the nearest Royal Thai Consulate. (probably not an Honorary Consulate) They will be able to issue him a set of temporary travel documents good only for travel to Thailand. He can sort out a new passport when he is here.