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  2. dddave

    ATM in Thailand

    No. I should have re-read the OP. This is for Thai cards, not international.
  3. Bangkok Christian Hosp. on Silom Rd is reasonable and reputable.
  4. "The justice system is so weak here, that so many cases fall apart due to poor police procedures, evidence gathering, etc etc.. This is why they give 50% reductions in sentence for guilty pleas and force re-enactments to then be witnessed which are then hold as evidence of confession" Yup...They do so much better in the US and UK. ://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/3/1/14777612/trump-crime-certainty-severity https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/17/metropolitan-police-london-rape-murder-conviction-fall
  5. dddave

    ATM in Thailand

    In most ATM's in Thailand, a Mini-Statement is separate from the transaction receipt. It is a special request in the ATM menu and usually details the previous 5 transactions and the balance.
  6. As you say, this guy's just a plain thug. I still can't get over the Denver guy they arrested yesterday who killed his wife and two young daughters and then stood on his front porch in front of a news crew, smiling and begging on camera for his wife to come home. This was no ghetto thug...this was an educated, well employed 30 something. I just can not wrap my head around how a father can kill his own little girls who adore him.
  7. dddave

    ATM in Thailand

    When I use my US ATM card, sometimes it shows a balance, sometimes not. May depend on the ATM parent bank.
  8. I also had a paper route when I was 10 to 14, this was in the late 50s. Sometime in the 70's, a nationwide study was done by some muckraker that showed how many kids on paper routes were injured or killed in accidents while on their routes. The number was surprisingly high. You didn't read about it in most newspapers because they didn't want it to get out that they had been lobbying for years to exempt themselves from child labor laws. TV news stations were only too happy to run the story because they were competing for advertising dollars. Political pressure came to bear and soon states were passing restrictive laws and paper routes went from kids on bikes to guys with station wagons and vans. Probably for the better. In this day, druggies would probably be regularly mugging the kids for their route money.
  9. dddave

    Help to find BKK Clothing Supplier

    My own experience was ten years ago but I think things are pretty much the same now. It is extremely difficult to find reliable suppliers who can deliver repeat orders in consistent styles, fabrics and sizes. Almost all fashion is produced in lots and once that lot run is finished, re-ordering the same item is almost impossible. Sizing standards do not exist and material content labeling is totally unreliable. Many factories here buy end lot textiles and once a particular textile is used up, you'll never see it again. Buying cheap fashion here and exporting it looks easy, but ultimately it becomes an exercise in frustration and futility.
  10. Linguistic studies have shown that kids between 3 and 5 years old have the ability to learn multiple languages simultaneously yet keep them on separate tracks, not confusing them. This ability greatly diminishes from age 6 and on. I saw a perfect example of this. I used to have a multi family house, four apartments. My GF and I lived in one, the ground floor had a Hispanic family with kids and another had a family recently from Israel, also with kids. A Japanese family moved into the fourth apartment; the husband was in Boston for a two year fellowship. They had a little girl, three years old who on arrival, spoke only Japanese. Within six months, that little girl was speaking English with English speaking kids, Spanish with the Hispanic kids and Hebrew with the kids from Israel. It was pretty amazing to witness.
  11. dddave

    Shop that buys second hand macs?

    Pro Corner Computer Repair, 3rd floor, Fortune is reputable and fair. Nick, the manager speaks excellent English. They do have used laptops for sale so maybe worth checking out. I would not expect any reseller to offer any more than 50% of retail value. They are in business to make a profit.
  12. dddave

    Convert vinyl LP to MP3

    A very useful and informative post. Much appreciated.
  13. dddave

    Recommend a competent oncologist

    OP, you will get your best specific suggestions if you state in which city in Thailand your relative will be seeking treatment. Also; if you would be more specific about what form of cancer is involved as there are different specialties within oncology.
  14. dddave

    How much discount from Developer - beach condo?

    Another risk of buying in advance of completion is that once all the units are sold, there is no incentive to fulfill all the promises made. This often shows in the quality of interior finishing materials and fixtures such as cabinets, sinks, doors, moldings, built in lighting and especially tile and electrical work. As soon as developers have all the cash inflow they're going to get, they throttle all the outflow they possibly can.
  15. The real owners can quote Sam Spade: "You're gonna take the fall, Babe. One of us has got to take it."