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  1. Is there a shortage of locally produced intestines and heads in Thailand? That would justify it.
  2. If they (pick-up truck) survived that, then it's a miracle. Assuming the Russians were at fault, who pays hospital bills? Especially if no insurance if forthcoming. Just asking out of interest.
  3. Just shows you need to watch out for the traffic coming the wrong way down a street as well as the oncoming traffic. All traffic rules are optional here. Hope they are OK and the child's parent face the courts.
  4. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    Chiang Mai - just walked up to a booth/shop inside a shopping centre and asked..
  5. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    I took this promotion on - very happy. I had to get new router (free), pay 2000 baht for something. It was all a bit confusing as my wife dealt with them and all in Thai, but we got there quite quickly. Happy high speed times now.
  6. It's pot luck and all subject to daily fluctuations.
  7. Banks suck everywhere - let's face it. Thai banks are just especially xenophobic. Most of their managers are only fronts for Bangkok managers, most the staff just do their job.
  8. Mortgage in Thailand

    I do grant it was emotive sure - I guess as a first time home buyer who doesn't have a wife with a job and/or other property as collateral my situation is slightly different to yours and a few others. Some people have had success, lucky them. We were assured the 90% deal by 2 different banks but HQ vetoed it. There doesn't seem to be any consistency among banks. Right now, foreigners (without a Thai wife with an income/collateral ) are off limits for approvals. Cash is king. I maintain that Thai Banks are rubbish.
  9. Mortgage in Thailand

    I recently tried, a bit more money than your loan request, but similar circumstances. Ultimately (after lots of running around getting letters etc) I was told that because I am not Thai, I cannot get a mortgage. We tried a number of banks. Apparently. I don't have a credit rating - despite paying off a car 100% cleanly. Any mortgage is assessed on my wife's credit. Unfortunately because she has not been working (raising kids) for 3 years, she can't get a mortgage (despite my income). Very jaded for my future here. Thai banks are rubbish.Good luck,
  10. Stage is open for ‘Miss & Mister Deaf Thailand’

    The winners of each category should have a jelly wrestle play-off.
  11. If it saves one life it is worth it.
  12. 15 hurt in crash on Bang Na-Trat highway

    Sounds like a no-brainer for the police to decide surely.