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    Large arms cache seized in Phuket, two arrested

    Well then, that's the Police armory sorted for a few years. TNT!? Really? I wonder what his plan for this was? I guess he and his shooting buddy also like blowing s**t up too.
  2. My daughter is a very good football player (spoken like a true dad) winning awards at school and performing very well in games against other Chiang Mai international schools. She has a talent and could go far but needs the next level of coaching/exposure that is not available in her current situation (no disrespect to her teachers). Does anybody know a way forward for her. She is 15, full Thai, and ready to rumble with the best similar aged girls in Chiang Mai. Does anybody know of any development programmes running in Chiang Mai. Ideally I would like a professional level of expertise - like an academy linked to a national level programme - but any advice on a way forward appreciated.
  3. Sounds about right. Sorted.
  4. How many cars were written-off on the Thai roads? Keeping the balance maybe.
  5. He's 70 years old. Not exactly a security threat I suspect - possibly a village saver! His visa type isn't clear. I hope something can be worked out and some future support provided to help him keep up to date. I don't know the guy but it sounds he is living remotely, possibly in a Thai dependent environment. If immigration authorities are so capable of reading overstay alerts on their computers, why wait 187 days to find him?
  6. Would be interesting to see if the other nationality numbers are decreasing or not - the Chinese tourist numbers are top in most destinations in Asia. Is Thailand really looking for quality tourists or is the quick buck Chinese tours the way forward now?
  7. It is only a complete lack of organisation, communication and maintenance checks that a teacher is put in the position that she needs to bring her students to school. How the rest of the story eventuated is completely unexplained. Poor child, if only you lived in a culture that took these things seriously..
  8. thenewgoo

    Two brothers killed in Korat road accident

    Another sad Thai road story - RIP victims - perhaps a little proactive maintenance could have prevented this? Certainly travelling at speed. Am I hallucinating or is that a creepy gargoyle looking statue sitting atop the wreckage?
  9. The only reason the car driver is still alive or not seriously hurt is that he/she had a bit of space to go 'off-road'. That space isn't always there along Thai roads - lucky car! Well controlled evasive action too.
  10. thenewgoo

    Please watch out for PayPal Fraud...

    Seen lots of PayPal fraud attempts via my email address. You can detect them by hovering your mouse over the senders e-mail address - it shows the address it came from which is usually an address non-related to Paypal. The e-mails try to trick you into signing into your Paypal account - then presto! They have your password. You can report these fraudsters by forwarding the e-mail to [email protected]
  11. Hopefully this will stop the shonky profiteering that has been going on forever. The condo I once stayed in even charged me VAT on their inflated prices - they kindly gave me a discount when I challenged them.
  12. Ban on burning? I guess nobody knew about the ban - the pollution levels haven't changed except for a couple of rain interruptions. Ha ha!
  13. And here lies the next chapter of the problem. Do Thai people think their fines are optional? Classic.
  14. Don't need an app to see how bad it is - there are already a number of such monitoring apps and websites around. It isn't going to change a thing. We can 'monitor' all we like but until the cause is addressed the story stays the same.