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  1. Hopefully they won't be looking at their phones while they are driving around town.
  2. Doesn't matter - weird sickos all the same,
  3. My parents are English immigrants to Australia. I was born in and grew up in Australia. Now contracted in a job based in Thailand. What's not perfectly normal?
  4. Actually, it turns out that Aussies don't need any visa to visit the UK for tourism up to 6 months which should work just fine for my immediate purposes. Interesting what you say about the passports. I'll keep that in mind. Cheers.
  5. Interesting, and not good news. Thanks for your feedback.
  6. Looked good until the £472 bit. I'm actually renewing one, not applying for one. I must assume they are different fish.
  7. Simply getting a tourist visa is the fall back plan. Just as much hassle no doubt. I guess I've never got dual citizenship simply because I never needed to. I'm not sure I can even hold both a UK and Australian passport at the same time. Thanks for your thoughts ,
  8. I am an Australian passport holder living here in Thailand. I have had a British Right of Abode in my previous passports however I now need to get a new one in my recently renewed Australian passport. I plan to go to the UK in July to visit relatives but would like this Right of Abode renewed before I go there. I won't be back in Australia before then. I have my old expired passports with Right of Abode stickers in them. Has anyone had experience with this situation? Any advice about how to renew my right of abode while in Thailand appreciated. I've read some people have just taken their old expired passports and shown this at UK Immigration on arrival without any problems. Sounds risky to me - would rather not.
  9. It's their job!
  10. Both the kid and the teddy bear was four years old.
  11. I know someone who had to pay tax on their kid's teddy bear that was sent from NZ. The land of smiles.
  12. What a bizarre driving behaviour (but not uncommon here). He seemed to start overtaking a good 50m behind the vehicle in front and not react to the oncoming truck. It may be the angle but I suspect he was distracted/not concentrating as he was overtaking. Very sad.
  13. '''to deter youths access'' Why not just ask for ID before selling to the youths. That's the law already is it not. Nobody likes confrontation in this country, all laws become optional.
  14. Was this a parking ticket or an Uber ticket? I can't see why he would be fined for being an Uber driver if there is no licensing restrictions for Uber cars (as yet). Parking in a restricted area however - get your wallet out. I am assuming he thought he could park in a taxi zone, swimming with sharks.