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    Measles claim six in Yala

    Having brought up a child in Thailand, I was always surprised at the cost of vaccinations. I did wonder how the average Thai family, or more relevant the below average Thai family, could afford such jabs. If such vacs are not affordable for the majority of Thai families then such endemics can be expected.
  2. Sounds like see heard the murder, saw the murderer escape, and smelled the rotting corpse. Didn't think anything of it though. Quality neighbour.
  3. I have heard that some Thai consulates in China are so overwhelmed with applications that certain visa types are taking months to process.
  4. How does it get to a point whereby construction of these 'resorts' happens in the first place? Is there any kind of building approval process? A somewhat rhetorical question.
  5. Ha, it probably wouldn't be the first time it has happened. A beautiful beginning perhaps..
  6. Whatever the victim did is somewhat irrelevant as there is no excuse for at shooting people - at a public place like Tesco, or anywhere. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the charges laid against him. If the press follow it? Probably some hospital bills, a few wais and a promise to look for other fish in the sea. A donation to the police will see all those paperwork laborious tasks related to firing a weapon in public. attempted murder etc sorted.
  7. thenewgoo

    Illegal Chinese tour guide arrested

    I guess the days of the quality tourist are no longer the focus - I'm guessing the difference between 'quality' and 'money making' was always lost in translation. The chance to make a buck is an overwhelming opportunity for so many - licensed or not.
  8. So the police are now looking for a fair skinned Indian?
  9. This could be devastating for tourism. The box jellyfish have been around for years but it seems they are appearing in numbers and in the news more and more. If they are indeed the same or equally dangerous box jelly fish that exist in Australian waters you won't make it to the vinegar.
  10. thenewgoo

    Phuket nightclub guard arrested for previous murder

    Yes, it was a joke, I no how to spell write.
  11. Not deep enough to carry tyres in to burn though.
  12. thenewgoo

    Phuket nightclub guard arrested for previous murder

    And probably can't right either.
  13. Finding a car space at Chiang Mai international airport is driving people crazy. They have doubled the flights over the years but the infrastructure remains pretty much the same as it was in 2000.
  14. It may be just my cynical side, but the significantly large transfers were made because they thought it was the way out of something. Just what, who knows.