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  1. Ban on burning? I guess nobody knew about the ban - the pollution levels haven't changed except for a couple of rain interruptions. Ha ha!
  2. And here lies the next chapter of the problem. Do Thai people think their fines are optional? Classic.
  3. Don't need an app to see how bad it is - there are already a number of such monitoring apps and websites around. It isn't going to change a thing. We can 'monitor' all we like but until the cause is addressed the story stays the same.
  4. What about connect-four ? I gamble a lady drink on that sometimes.
  5. No insurance (assumed) and driving irresponsibly. Why do Thai people think you can just pay your way out of it - even when it costs more than you have. It's not about being on a motorbike - a young Thai nurse probably couldn't accord much more - it's about people taking responsibility of their own driving stupidity. If the court fails her then there is truly no justice. I had a near miss with a 14 year boy driving his motorbike irresponsibly recently. It could have been much worse. The family said they didn't have any money.
  6. Seems the ban is being pretty much ignored.
  7. Poor pigs - didn't even make it to their abattoir. One hell of an impromptu spit roast party though.
  8. Incentive increased for having babies

    I remember Australia gave a financial incentive for having kids - it gave birth to the Plasma TV generation.
  9. This will take some getting used to. Culturally those seals are a security blanket that the water is fresh and untampered with. I guess the cap seal is all important now.
  10. Let's hope the taxi mafia don't lynch the bus drivers like they have done to suspected Uber drivers!
  11. Sounds to me like there are some more lucrative beach encroachments to be moved in.
  12. Magnitude 8.2 quake off Alaska prompts tsunami warning

    8.2 at 10km - that's a biggun!
  13. French Tourist charged for beating sex worker

    No buts - it's unacceptable. He made no attempt to solve the situation any other way.