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  1. Don't expect any proactive letters reminding you or giving instructions. I'd be surprised if it simply arrived in the post. Best drop in at a branch.
  2. He is lucky somebody knew CPR - what are the chances of that on a long-tail snorkeling trip. From the full article "It is expected that the incident was more likely caused by the man choking on water before becoming unconscious, than a drowning incident, due to the area of the incident being a shallow water area." - Sounds like a drowning incident to me - regardless of the water depth.
  3. It looks like government employees have found a way to justify being on their phones at work. This will be a great way to keep up with their Facebook as well. Pure genius Thailand.
  4. Oh Supachai, just admit it - you were driving too fast.
  5. Thai baby girl name ideas

    Make sure it's something mum can pronounce - I was going to call mine Claudia but it proved a tongue twister and sounded all wrong when my wife said it. The old 'l' and 'r' problem. Turned out it was a boy anyway. Good luck.
  6. I would have thought you needed to get the visa in your old passport transferred to your new passport at your local immigration office.
  7. Why do they blur his face out? Let's see the creep.
  8. You are probably right sadly, the education might need to start with the professors themselves. I'll be checking my Lassie's pork balls in the meantime. She's a good girl though.
  9. There are better ways to address the problem.
  10. I'd prefer to be warned before not after. I would like to think I already have some common sense though. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!
  11. I'm not a fan of packs of dogs roaming around, but it seems a horribly cruel practice. The perpetrator deserves punishment by pork-ball.
  12. Four technology students surrender over gun brawl

    Kids with guns. What could possibly go wrong!? Blimey.
  13. Four busted in online drugs operation in Bangkok

    Why only two bullets? Not much of a shootout planned.