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  1. Yes, I asked that earlier in the post. Nobody seems to know though. I guess the maximum penalty for offending 'high up persons' is 83 years. Plus 20 for the dirty laundry.
  2. So the maximum penalty for offending 'high up persons' is 83 years. Duly noted. I expect this is only the case when offenders don't end up in a ditch before trial.
  3. Was it even aimed at Ducati? What problem is directed at Ducati out of interest - with who?
  4. Once she gets the hang of it Dad can stay at home.
  5. Sounds like he was having the time of his life! I'm glad he's safe anyway - too many of these end badly.
  6. What! - no drip in the arm!
  7. You're assuming all travelers are sane. they're not - but I agree with you. Out of interest, how many countries insist on this? Big western countries (maybe) who don't rely on tourism and not many others probably. It's time to start looking at a quick one-stop travel insurance booth before customs. King Power are probably already onto it.
  8. Ridiculously misleading headline : 'All foreign tourists will soon need insurance in order to enter Thailand' It think it should read: 'Foreign tourists may need insurance in order to apply for an extension of stay if proposal isn't shot down'
  9. Violence is unacceptable, 10 Baht to take a leak is also.
  10. Probably not the first time. I suspect he didn't want the tourists to notice the admission price board - they may have paid more than 50 B to him.
  11. Hopefully they won't be looking at their phones while they are driving around town.
  12. Doesn't matter - weird sickos all the same,
  13. My parents are English immigrants to Australia. I was born in and grew up in Australia. Now contracted in a job based in Thailand. What's not perfectly normal?