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  1. French Tourist charged for beating sex worker

    No buts - it's unacceptable. He made no attempt to solve the situation any other way.
  2. French Tourist charged for beating sex worker

    No excuse for this kind of behaviour.
  3. On the flip side, un-ban and heavily tax the e-cigarette trade as well. Sounds more profitable - health costs aside.
  4. This sounds like an interesting autopsy result. I wouldn't be surprised if 20 Rai is worth popping the Pop.
  5. Women pinned in car after slamming into parked Phuket tour bus

    oops...wrong pedal again...hate it when that happens..
  6. Man surrenders over clip showing celebratory gunfire

    Let's hope the publicity this idiot received makes some more idiots think twice. Police can't stop this as long as idiots have guns. It was good of this idiot to turn up to police to admit he was an idiot.
  7. If it is paid for, then it never happened. Nothing to see here - please move on. It must be so frustrating (and so much more expensive) to these establishments when victims dig their heels in. Good luck to their pursuit of justice - and change for the better.
  8. "This is because the form of beer gardens is event marketing. Because, let me ask you, who would open beer gardens without a purpose?”.....“We have to take it step by step,” he said. Strange logic - wouldn't all bars therefore be doing the same thing? Is that the master-plan - ban all bars.
  9. The guy committed a random criminal offence, lucky for her he only slashed her. He obviously needs psychological help. If he ends up in the slammer then that's unlikely. A settlement will likely make the charge go away, but then what...
  10. He obviously isn't in a hurry to a crime scene - he has time for a chat. He just thinks he can take the 'I don't want queue like everybody else' left lane overtake move. Just typical of so many drivers on the roads except he is supposed to be setting an example.
  11. Kids, put in a position whereby their fate awaits. A society that seems to accept that. So sad.
  12. It isn't direct to Doha from Chiang Mai as far as I can tell - a stopover in Bangkok. Direct from Doha to Chiang Mai only.
  13. More pigeons and more Chinese - great!
  14. This guy was allowed to drive to the police station and pay off his temper. Not only is he a terrible driver who (like so many drivers here) doesn't have any lane discipline, he is mentally unstable. Then he drove home.