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  1. Tax returns?

    How would one get PromptPay?
  2. It was mentioned in this thread that to cancel an extension of stay, as mentioned in my posts (meaning an extension of stay on non imm B for work), one would only need a letter from the employer to postdate the cancellation and do it properly. Now I went to CW to do just that and I get a form in Thai with list of documents that the company has to submit. The form says " Cancle Non Immigrant Visa Category B". I made clear to IO that I want to cancel an extension not a visa. She insisted that company must submit documents for this. See photo attached. So what happened to just submitting a letter to cancel an extension?
  3. OP, you probably have an extension of stay. A visa, Non Imm F, and any other visa obtained, is a sticker in the passport, whereas an 'extension of stay' is a stamp that includes the words "EXTENSION OF STAY PERMITTED UP TO.....<date stamp>...". I think you should post a picture of the last stamps you got in your passport to clear all doubt. And OP, if you indeed have an 'extension of stay', do know that you need to get a re-entry permit, which is also a stamp, before you leave Thailand. This re-entry permit can be obtained at the airport or at immigration inside Thailand (in your case apparently Immigration Chaeng Wathana Bangkok) As Ubonjoe has advised, your baby will get a 30-day visa exempt when entering Thailand with you and your partner. Your partner will get another 90 days permission to stay upon entering. After entering, you can go to immigration in Thailand to get a non immigrant O visa for your baby, if you yourself are indeed on an 'extension of stay'. He also mentioned that, alternatively, you can get a tourist visa for your baby at a consulate or embassy of Thailand outside Thailand. But you can also get a 30-day visa exempt entry for the baby when you re-enter with the baby, without going to any consulate or embassy outside Thailand. As he said, you can go overland at any border crossing other that the one at Aranyaprathet. You can also go by air.
  4. Will just go with 7 days then. Many thanks
  5. How far ahead (how many days max.) can I get the cancellation post-dated by immigration at CW? 15 days as mentioned in post ID 29? Thanks
  6. Perhaps the Trump administration should offer free unconditional travel visas, granted upon application, to all applicants from all (muslim majority) nations that are not included in the disputed travel ban, to show beyond doubt it is not a muslim ban.
  7. I will await the news reports from the U.S. about protests there against the travel ban now imposed by UAE on a Muslim country.
  8. I was planning on doing the notification at Big C Lardprao, don't believe they do cancellations there also. Perhaps I should just go to CW to do it all there. Thanks!
  9. Thanks BritTim, and yes I will be leaving by air. I do not have a re-entry permit. With regard to item 1, as is detailed in this thread there is the distinction made between the extension becoming invalid, and the extension having to be, formally, cancelled. It is mentioned that the extension should be, strictly following the rules, cancelled as well and from your reply I would infer that although it is not strictly following the rules, it is not necessary to also cancel the extension. So I guess the answer to item 2 is that one does not "have to" go to immigration beforehand to cancel, but one could still do that. Regarding item 4: I assume that you mean to say that if I would go to immigration to cancel the extension, that action on that date, 25th June, would be regarded as notification as well, correct? Thanks
  10. Let's say you are on an extension of stay, and you have a termination letter from the company that says that employment is terminated effective from 30 June. When you then turn up at immigration at Bangkok airport to fly out (on a one-way ticket) on 30 June...: 1. Will the termination letter be enough to get the extension cancelled there and then, or 2. Does one still have to go to CW immigration before that date to get the extension cancelled post-dated to 30 June, and 3. If one goes to immigration before that date, and has the extension cancelled post-dated in that way, meaning let's say you go to immigration on 25 June and the extension is cancelled as per 30 June..........is one then still legal when turning up at airport immigration on that day, 30 June? 4. Also, if one does any of the above and intends to fly out on 30 June, but has a 90 day report that is due on 20 June......does he still have to do that 90 day report on 20 June, even if he will cancel the extension later, say 25 June, and leave x days later on 30 June? 5. With regard to work permit: does one only need the cancellation form and work permit book and nothing else, e.g. letter from employer or anything else? Thanks
  11. Where to rent motorcycle in Ubonratchathani city

    Thanks for the info and webkink, will check them out.
  12. Anyone know of a good place in Ubon Ratchathani to hire a motorcycle for a few day, i.e. a reliable place that will not scam you or overcharge. My question is for a place in the city of Ubon Ratchathani (amphur Mueang), and preferably in the area around Big C there. Thanks
  13.  Hmm, we can't reach this page. Try this Make sure you’ve got the right web address:http://rd.go.th Refresh the page Search for what you want  Thanks, will try again later.
  14. Thanks for your reply. Understand your point, but my question is more specifically on whether that person would be liable for tax in Thailand. As mentioned, the person would be living full time, thus be a tax resident, in Europe, more specifically an EU country. The main point of my question revolves around the situation that one would receive the remuneration for the work in a Thai bank account in Thailand, while living full-time elsewhere (EU country), be a tax resident full-time elsewhere, do the work elsewhere (EU), but send it through e-mail to the Thailand-based Thai (only) company. So the question is not about what taxes one would be liable for in his EU home country (hence why I did not specify which country in Europe), but the taxes one would be liable for in Thailand if done as described above, i.e. hired to do a service for a Thai company, doing the service in while residing in EU all year round, but getting paid for it by bank transfer within Thailand into a Thai bank account. But I do understand that your remark is probably in terms of considering tax treaties and such. I live and work in Thailand by the way, but am just asking the question for if I, or anyone, would be living full time in EU (Netherlands in my case) and doing the above for my current Thai employer. Hope this clarifies