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  1. Anybody happen to know what the requirements currently are for a foreigner to renew a Thai DL for motorcycle for 3rd time in Bangkok (Chatuchak)? There have been news articles in the past few months reporting that there will be changes, more strict also for DL renewals, taking theory and practical test again etc. Anybody have any very recent experience or knowledge of what the current requirements are at Department of Transport, Chatuchak office? Last year May I renewed my Thai DL for private cars for 3rd time. Had to do the colour blindness test, depth perception test, and sit and watch a video for almost 2 hours. But did not have to do any driver's exams. Thanks
  2. So in practice the last day of work as stated in termination letter, is in fact not your actual last day of work, because instead of being at work, you are either at Dept of Labor cancelling your Wp, and then at immigration to cancel your extension of stay and/or then at airport to fly out!? Point being, officially those two things (cancelling WP and extension) should be done on the same day, correct?
  3. Thanks for the replies @ Ubonjoe & Edwardandtubs For future applications of WP and visa/extensions, does it matter if date of cancellation of last WP and cancellation/invalidation of last extension are not the same? Say you cancel WP on 20th May and fly out on extension without re-entry permit on 1st June, does it present a problem when at any time in the future you apply for new WP and new extension of stay? I mean, if later you still have to officially cancel that last extension, you will have to prove the last day of employment with termination letter, and with proof of cancellation of last previous WP, no?
  4. If the extension only becomes invalid when flying out, does it then still need to be cancelled, officially at immigration? I'm talking about a situation where one does not intend to return to work again in Thailand for at least 6 months after quitting job.
  5. Does one have to cancel an extension of stay (for work) at immigration (BKK), or can one just fly out andshow a letter from employer showing a last day of employment? And the mentioned tax receipt presumably is for last year's tax filing, not this year's (when one quits during the year there is no tax filing yet)?
  6. Anybody happen to know what the requirements currently are for a foreigner to renew a Thai DL for motorcycle for 3rd time in Bangkok (Chatuchak)?
  7. Thanks very much for clarifying Ubonjoe !
  8. Thanks! As it is my first time and to make sure it complete the form correctly: I see that I have to fill in date of entry and arrival card number. 1) I actually entered on 5 Oct 2016 on sngle entry Non Imm B visa. I then went to apply for extension in December, and was given a consideration stamp that is dated 28 Dec 2016. At this time they also already stapled a NOTICE card in my passport about 90 day reporting. This card is also date-stamped 28 Dec 2016. The extension was granted and stamped in my passport on 25 Jan 2017, with stay permitted until 2 Jan 2018. That same NOTICE card is still in my passport and says "Date of next notification 25 MARCH 2017" and signed and date-stamped 28 Dec 2016 by IO. So, what date do I fill in for "Entered Thailand on...." ? 5 Oct 2016 or 28 Dec 2016? 2) I do not have an Arrival Card, only Departure card. Do I fill in the number of the Departure Card at Arrival Card? Much appreciated!
  9. Thanks Ubonjoe Anywhere that that TM47 form can be downloaded?
  10. I will have to do my very first 90 day reporting this month, I am on an extension of stay from Non Imm B visa (reason for extension; 'work'). What will be required when doing the first 90 day reporting in my case? What will I have to bring with me to show? I will most likely do it at Imperial World Lad Prao. Many thanks.
  11. The short time hotel this happened at does not have a hotel lobby or hotel hallway. It is one of those short time hotels where the visitor can drive his car to the door of each room and the hotel attendant then closes the large curtains. The guy can just pay the attendant for the room who will then leave. It is very safe to assume that the hotel attendant did not even see the girl at all, as the guy handled getting the room, and girls/women will usually stay in the background out of shyness/embarrassment until the hotel attendant is gone. And aside from the hotel attendant there is almost no one else around. The curtains of the parking area in front of each room will be closed if a room is in use. It is the Peep Inn 2 motel on Thiam Ruam Mitr road, which has the appearance of short of being deserted after midnight. Yeah, I’ve been there, that’s how I know. If someone wants to use a short time motel in a most anonymous way, this motel would be the place. Not too far from RCA if one has a car.
  12. If you take the Thai language approach to pronounnce the word "Tollet", and thus not fully articulate the last letter, you would pronounce it as "Tollee", which in Thai would mean so much as "bullsh@t". No pun intended (seriously).
  13. ^^^That's quite a detour on the return: 65 minutes to fly there and 4.5 hours to fly back to BKK.
  14. Hi, Can anybody tell me how the collection of work permit is supposed to be done in my situation where my employer submitted the application for new work permit (WP 3 form) while I was outside Thailand. I now have the new non imm B visa. Does my employer (who submitted the application) have to go collect (with my passport) or do I have to go, or do we both go? Does one have to make an appointment first? Thanks.
  15. Yes you lost it lol. If he had Baht 100,000 in Baht 1,000 notes, then He had 100 x Baht 1,000 notes and changed it to 1,000 x Baht 100 notes. So after changing he then would have had 1,000 notes. Each note a Baht 100 note. :-)