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  1. Yes this has been debated to death .People see in the video what they want to see .End of .
  2. It speaks for itself surely .Sorry to all for not taking the old Aussie/Brit goats side and automatically not condemning the Thai .A bit unusual for this Forum i agree.
  3. Tropo ,you've gone Tropo .You see something the polar opposite to what i saw .Watch out for Dementia if you are over 60 .
  4. I am waiting for the next twist to this tale .There has got to be something .
  5. That deep state creep ,Kissinger is still around .The US have Iran in their sights to invade .Look up what General Wesley Clark has said .
  6. You wake up .Its America want War WAR .They have 2 Countries left on their agenda to invade ,N.Korea and Iran .( Read up what General Wesley Clark is saying ) .Kim is just defending his Country .
  7. Best automatic scooter ?

    At the moment i am between bikes and using my wife's 3 year old Scooby .I like it a lot .Quiet engine and rides nice .Just use it around town .Large storage under seat .Being a Honda very reliable .
  8. America /USA has proved to be the Worlds number one Warmonger since after WW2 .
  9. Kim is not remotely interested in the UK ,UNLESS THEY STUPIDLY GET INVOLVED LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO .
  10. Not sure that they are any worse than other Nationalities .Lots of bad guys in Amsterdam though .
  11. The photo he showed is 6 years old .