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  1. Yes lets roll out the Thai bashing over one incident ,about which we know zilch . Should we roll out the same opinion about Australians after that horrific driving by an Aussie in a pickup in Udon recently . He killed a Mother and son on a motorcycle and severely injured another young boy .
  2. Their only hope that the engine was high enough not to compress their bodies .Either way it will be a bad injury .
  3. Any flooding in Chiang Mai?

    Please keep us updated ,or otherwise i will have to look out my window .
  4. Not sure about blowing ,but sucking a golf ball through a garden hose ? ,maybe .
  5. Any flooding in Chiang Mai?

    Its easing off already .
  6. bye bye STICKMAN

    He hasn't gone away you know .Stickman .
  7. bye bye STICKMAN

    >>it was noticeable that he reverted in desperation to lowest common denominator content,<< I did not notice any change ,as he always talked about naughty bars from early on .I started reading him around 2002 approx .
  8. bye bye STICKMAN

    Hard way can ruin you financially or emotionally .You still sound a bit damaged .Bless you .
  9. bye bye STICKMAN

    He is far more successful though than a nobody such as you .Suck it up and stop being so jealous .
  10. I am going to try a crisp $US 10 next month .Around B350 .I live in Chiang mai .Also the cost of getting there .Sometimes i use the Green bus ,and sometimes by scooter .
  11. Up to you .I do the border hop every 3 months .Get the last one in just before the M-O expires ,Then at 15 months will do a 60 day extension based on marriage ,giving the same 17 months total .My way works out cheaper plus i get to do some market shopping at Tachlike/Mae sai .
  12. Police Check

    Why the antagonism ?They are usually polite ,and if you have all documents there is no problem .Thats not to say i like being stopped though .
  13. Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

    Yes ,and their selection was far less last time i visited .Anyway i will scout around and maybe something will catch my eye .