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  1. New Fashion Mall

    The outside looks almost complete.Yesterday i could not see any sign of life.I would guess that it will be completed in a rather slow fashion ( forgive the pun ) .Also the German brewery pub behind it a few streets still has not reopened .They had a sign outside it about a year ago saying ''soon to open ''.Now there are so many new Condo blocks in that area they might do well ,if their prices are right .
  2. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    Maybe deep down he wants to get away from people .Well at least the ones he knew before .
  3. New Fashion Mall

    I noticed recently that new Mall next to big C and not too far from Central festival seems to empty of workers and progress seems to have stopped .Its a Yellow color outside and i think it was to be a fashion Mall .Anyone know whats up ?
  4. Buying light bulbs near Loi Kroh road

    LKR ,is not the best place to find a light bulb .Do you never venture outside that road ?
  5. cost of living Chaing Mai/provinces

    10 of us live on B5000 a month . ( B500 a month each )
  6. I walked for many miles around as i was staying a bit far out .It can be interesting in a grim sort of way .If walking there are many aggressive dogs so carry a stick .
  7. The Avalon as mentioned before is hard to beat .
  8. Motorcycle seat recover

    If its a standard scooter of 100 to 125 cc ,you can get a new seat for around B800
  9. No ,as i was not even born yet .On another note my large bottle of Cheers is still B49 and Federbrau still B65 at my local Tesco /lotus express .
  10. Yes this has been debated to death .People see in the video what they want to see .End of .
  11. It speaks for itself surely .Sorry to all for not taking the old Aussie/Brit goats side and automatically not condemning the Thai .A bit unusual for this Forum i agree.
  12. Tropo ,you've gone Tropo .You see something the polar opposite to what i saw .Watch out for Dementia if you are over 60 .
  13. I am waiting for the next twist to this tale .There has got to be something .