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  1. anto

    night market Thepprasit 2nd hand clothes

    Up here in Chiang mai my wife buys tightly packed bales of s/h clothes .Each one weighs around 40 kg.From the labels the clothes comes from Canada .T shirts and short trousers .She sells them at local markets .3 items for B100. The clothes look new and clean but need ironing .
  2. There is a shop there that does .Around B490 for 4 lt if i remember correctly.That was 2 months ago .
  3. anto

    Crashed rented bike prob

    I reckon B10,000 or close .Have rented out bikes myself .With such extensive panel damage its very likely to have also incurred frame and fork damage .
  4. anto

    Honda Phantom 200 cc

    I had to replace the carb on my last Phantom around the year 2011 .Cost B5000 at the Honda repair shop opposite Princes College .HAS GONE UP A LOT SO FOR THAT ITEM at least.
  5. anto

    Foldable Bed Options in Chiang Mai?

    I would not bother .After all you do not want guests overstaying their welcome .In my case the Thai wifes relatives Some Thai though prefer to sleep on bare tile .Its cooler lol
  6. anto

    Foldable Bed Options in Chiang Mai?

    Bought one in Makro several years ago.A couple you years
  7. anto

    Honda Phantom 200 cc

    Thanks .I had one before 2008 till around 2011 before without any serious problems .
  8. The seller does not need one ,only the buyer needs ,in Chiang mai at least ..I just bought a bike in Chiang mai this week ,so its current info .
  9. Just got a 12 year old Phantom with supposedly low milage .Are parts still readily available for this model if needed ?
  10. I was looking out for one at Auction .You can get a one year old for as low as B20,000. Came across a good cond Honda Phantom instead and bought it .The Phantom 200 cc and well proved .Disc brakes front and back ,6 gears and came with top box and panniers and crash guards .Hoping for the best .
  11. He is almost as evil as Hillary Clinton .If you believe in Karma like i do then you know he will be taken care of .Just glad he will be off the streets .
  12. She is beautiful i.m.o ,and was kind to the little lad .Though sad bitter old men wont see it like that .
  13. I don't know about that .If he was cleaned up and wore a leather biker outfit with moustache you might even fancy him ;-)
  14. The Chinese ladies walk around Chiang mai in nice Summer dresses with wide brimmed hats .The place certainly looks better with them around .
  15. anto

    Farewell Pattaya

    Your opening post last year said that the man with the Western clober and gun was gone from Walking St.I was down in that region last month and am pleased to report that he was still on Walking St and doing his tricks.The traffic in Pattaya is now horrendous all day .A t least up here in Chiang Mai its mainly just confined to the rush hours of people going and coming from Work .We moved on to the Rayong coastal area where it was quiet ,as we like it . The main reason i like living here in C.M is the 4 month Winter cool season especially at night .That is over now though .The current Haze will be gone soon also .I am not a late night reveller ,so i like the low level social life here.