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  1. Its not right ,but kind of understandable given their wages .I have seen many clips on how US Police operate which is far more disturbing .
  2. ..and if he just had one less drink ??? still drunk but a different time line .
  3. >>2/3 seconds to stop? << You misinterpret what i said .He had 2 or 3 seconds to react ,not stop as he was going far too fast .
  4. Yes his excessive speed and his not braking at all when he had two or three seconds to do so is to blame for what happened .This Woman's death along with her son and severely injured other child is his fault .
  5. The things you mention seem like miss understandings to me rather than fraud .I have had only helpful experiences and can only speak from my first hand knowledge.
  6. Probably looking in his rear view mirror to check how far the Police were behind .They were chasing him as they turned up very quickly but were on slow 100 cc Honda dreams .
  7. My take on seeing the video ,several times .He was driving too fast but had time to see her ahead and break but did not .
  8. I was in Udon last week .Also stayed on that street at top mansion .Saw guys drinking at 8 am at the bars .This is heart breaking what happened .
  9. I have 3 banks in Chiang mai .Kasikorn ,Bangkok and SCB .All have changed to a system where you no longer fill out a paying in slip yourself .The teller takes your money and bank book .She /he asks you verbally how much you want to deposit .They count your money by hand or by machine if a large amount . They update your book with the deposit added .They hand you a slip with the amount which you must sign .Later they give you back your book plus the receipt slip .I fail to see how a scam can be done ?
  10. The Teller you got fired ,was she scamming or just lazy about giving a receipt ?
  11. You were asking for it ?Did you show him your weapon ?
  12. Yes Hull in the UK used to be easy but now everything must go through London .
  13. She is cute but don't let that deceive you or anyone .
  14. I just got 17 months on the 12th ,12 plus 3 plus 2 .in reality . I f next time i need and Savannakhet goes strict i will just heat to Saigon .Or leave Thailand .