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  1. I think he buys from China .(where else lol ) .Several years ago i bought chrome crash bars from him for my Honda Phantom ,which rusted to bits within a year .Maybe just bad luck though .
  2. Pantip plaza is one ,near the Night bazaar .
  3. A few i know .Boy blues Bar at the night bazaar .The Reggie bar by the iron bridge ,town side .Also players just 50 meters from there .Another one on Thape gate road ,and near T.PG ,whose name i forget .
  4. >> I'm not a fan of waiting 5 + minutes a major intersections.<< Whats your rush lol .
  5. >>Presumably checking the tattoos was not to appreciate their artistic merit- but to check you did not have images of the Buddha on your biceps etc. << Is that against the law ?News to me if so .
  6. Were you applying based on marriage to a thai ?
  7. I like the Coffee at Meechok next to the back of Rimping .It may be called Coffee bus or similar .
  8. ^ You should have made it Walking Street .More believable .
  9. Another vote for .Have transfered funds from Westpac Bank Aus to Thailand that way 3 times ,without a problem .
  10. Thanks for that link GBM. Its the kind of book i need to read ,and will do .
  11. That leads me on to another question.Do most Buddhists believe in the Bible or not ? I would imagine ,that the Bible is irrelevant to a Buddhist ?
  12. I agree with what you say GBM .I think most people have heard of David Icke .He was considered crazy 20 years ago ,but now most of what he was saying and continues to say is turning out to be true.From what i can make out the Illuminati are from another dimension ,but show to us in human form .It also consists of blood lines of certain families ,the Royal family in the UK ,the Rothschilds ,Rockerfellas etc .
  13. Well evil certainly exists .Maybe things get sorted out in the next life .Karma and all that .
  14. Isnt Mara just another name for the Devil/evil forces ? I believe you do get some protection from the forces of good /God by living a good life ,in word and deed . The amount of children abducted /go missing yearly in the US is claimed to be 800,000 .Its a huge amount if only half that .Many of them taken by secret parts of the State ( according to Ted Gunderson ,corrected spelling this time ) ,who are above the law .He goes so far to state that the American Government is controlled by Satanism . Its a sick World with all the Wars and killing going on .At the moment its playing on my mind too much ,and i need to let it go ,as i need to get on with my every day life .
  15. I am more and more convinced that Satanic Practice is carried out by more and more of those in power ,especially in the US .Look up Ted Gunerston former head of LAs FBI division and his expose of such practice in many YouTube videos . I am also convinced that its carried out at a high level in the UK .( look up the Hampstead heath children scandal ). Recently a Satanic ring is being exposed in Washington . Whats the Buddhist teaching on such goings on ?and how can an every day man protect himself and his family from such evil ?