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  1. Going back a long way to my own experiences, I recall that having traveled to and returned from other countries (i.e. not the US or Burma, or probably Thailand in your case) can provide positive evidence to the visa-issuing US consulate, which may help because it is evidence of having a home base to return to.
  2. The reasoning is that contrary to the hysterical anti-gun wingnuts' talking points, the law and most Americans actually do support "reasonable restrictions," and the ones you mentioned are among them.
  3. Well, you did kinda leave out a few key parts of the dialog: You: Can we stop allowing blind people to drive? Me: I could be down with that. What did you have in mind? You: First, all car owners must admit that they and all Republicans are racist, Trump-supporting knuckle-dragging inbred redneck morons. Me: What does that have to do with stopping blind people from driving? You: It would be theraputic in reducing a car culture which fosters blind driving You: Assault cars -- those with a gas tank with capacity greater than 10 gallons -- would be banned. Me: What does that have to do with stopping blind people from driving? You: Stop parroting Automobile Club of America talking points. ... Me: DON'T TAKE MY CAR!
  4. Disarming a law abiding population is an act of enlightened social progressiveness, which creates a violence-free utopia. So how could this possibly have happened? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  5. Is there a comic or magazine collecting scene in Bangkok? I've seen photos of some old Mad Magazine in Thai, would be interesting to acquire. Seems like they're from 20-30 years ago, maybe around 4 editions, possibly some kind of bootleg, but definitely in Thai. How to tap into that scene in Bangkok?
  6. All Nok Air flights between Bangkok and Buriram have been cancelled for May and June (2014).