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  1. Going back a long way to my own experiences, I recall that having traveled to and returned from other countries (i.e. not the US or Burma, or probably Thailand in your case) can provide positive evidence to the visa-issuing US consulate, which may help because it is evidence of having a home base to return to.
  2. The reasoning is that contrary to the hysterical anti-gun wingnuts' talking points, the law and most Americans actually do support "reasonable restrictions," and the ones you mentioned are among them.
  3. Well, you did kinda leave out a few key parts of the dialog: You: Can we stop allowing blind people to drive? Me: I could be down with that. What did you have in mind? You: First, all car owners must admit that they and all Republicans are racist, Trump-supporting knuckle-dragging inbred redneck morons. Me: What does that have to do with stopping blind people from driving? You: It would be theraputic in reducing a car culture which fosters blind driving You: Assault cars -- those with a gas tank with capacity greater than 10 gallons -- would be banned. Me: What does that have to do with stopping blind people from driving? You: Stop parroting Automobile Club of America talking points. ... Me: DON'T TAKE MY CAR!
  4. Disarming a law abiding population is an act of enlightened social progressiveness, which creates a violence-free utopia. So how could this possibly have happened? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  5. Is there a comic or magazine collecting scene in Bangkok? I've seen photos of some old Mad Magazine in Thai, would be interesting to acquire. Seems like they're from 20-30 years ago, maybe around 4 editions, possibly some kind of bootleg, but definitely in Thai. How to tap into that scene in Bangkok?
  6. Data plans are here: http://www.ooredoo.com.mm/en/Personal/Plans/Prepaid/Internet-Pack.aspx Speed test hosted by Ooredoo's own server shows 5-6mbit speeds. International connectivity is variable but seems good enough for usable Facebook and gmaps. At first I was having really spotty connectivity but then I got a text that my "welcome" internet was depleted and after that things got more reliable. I think that initial period was not full 3G service. Service is on 900 and 2100MHz bands. I'm using a Nokia Lumia 1020.
  7. MPT and Telenor have a presence at the airport but Ooredo does not. I wanted Ooredoo so I waited. Bought a SIM at a shop on the street near Sule Pagoda. They wanted my name and passport number but weren't all that interested in the passport itself. The shop I was at had some minimal English proficiency but I also saw lots of Ooredoo SIMs for sale on the street and I think it would be possible to buy a SIM with no hassle if you could communicate with the seller. Once the SIM was in the phone the service self-activated and I got welcome SMS within 5 seconds. Quick and easy! Refill cards come in 5k denominations. I bought 2. Activated 1GB of data by dialing a code. Total cost 1500 for the SIM + 10k refills but I used only 6900 fur the data plan I bought.
  8. Mandalay is now added along with Naypyidaw.
  9. All Nok Air flights between Bangkok and Buriram have been cancelled for May and June (2014).