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  1. One time, my kid, was on overstay for almost 80 days, This time, I wanted go to Immigration, & apply the one-year extension as the kid is Thai Citizen. But I am using the EU passport ( right don't tell me, to use the Thai passport of the kid, as I don't want to have problem leaving Thailand, as I don't have custody under Thai law ) The problem, is that, as the kid was on overstay, and plus the total of stay was more than 90 days, the kid doesn't did the 90 days report. Can I be fined by the Thai Immigration for the 90 days reports not done by the kid. I think I heard here one time that people was fined about this for the kid for 90days report of the kid, don't know is is true, or applicable, even the kid cannot be fined, does the parent can be fined ? If it happened that the kid will be on overstay again, possible they will don't let the kid leave Thailand, if have a big overstay ? What the consequences eventually ? In Nong Khai when we leave the kid on Overstay , the IO told me the next time you will paid the fine, and he was so angry.. I willing to pay the 1900 THB extension but if needed to pay again 2000-5000 THB fine for the 90 days reports, I cannot give so much now.
  2. Hello, for Embassy use, I need to show a Bank statement, as it's not possible to get a new passpook from other province branch. I would like to know, if it's possible to use a Bangkok Bank, where is located in other province, to get a certified Bank Statement ?
  3. My passbook bank saving account, is already almost full, I've been at Mega Bangna, to the Bangkok Bank, to asking renew of the passbook, they told me that I need go where is my Bangkok Bank. So, I've opened it in Pattaya Central, well, I don't want go to Pattaya just for renew a passbook. Is it right that can only renew where the Bangkok Bank are located our bank account or it's just not true, and they're lazy ? I would like go to avoid a long trip to Pattaya just for this. I remembered far ago, when I was with Kasikorn, the another branch renew it without problem, so maybe is different with BBK What about the main office of Bangkok Bank in Silom, may they renew it ?
  4. Re entry Visa @ 1500 Baht

    Do you had the pictures with you ? Or they do it ?
  5. Yes, but being father of a kid, and cannot get a Non "O" visa in some Embassy/Consulates, I don't know what the cultures, economics & politics have to do on this matter
  6. Without paper of custody, etc.. cannot get the 1 year extension even if have the 400k ? So, the 1 year extension is only for father who have paper from the Court etc.. no exception, right ?
  7. Well, normally thinking, each Thai Consulates, should have the same requirements, in the logical way. Exemple only Vientiane, Penang, & Savannakhet are issuing a Non "O" Visa for being father of Thai kid. The other Consulates, you will be turned away, is that normal ?! In my country, EU country. No way to give any kind of that visa on Thai Consulates, if being father of Thai kid. You may even need to wait for 3 months for apply a TR visa, if you previously been in Thailand They're asking even the original of your bank statement, some are asking nothing, some are asking tickets airplane, All kinds of combination Even they don't dare to answer to the e-mail you sent to them, when you're asking some questions especially for the Non-O visa if being father should be fine. When finally reach them on the phone ; They told "you check-on the website about MFA of Thailand".. hmm But the main the problem, is that being of father of Thai kid.. most Consulates turn us over, we don't know even know if they're more Consulate, giving that kind of visa on this situation Sorry for the criticism, but have also the right of comment, on theses random requirements which is kafkaesque and arnachic, because it should be nearly the same requirements for all Consulates, as they're affiliated to the MFA
  8. Ok, nice, I'll ask them if it's again on the clause. then I'll go apply with them
  9. I willing to know, when it's possible to go CW to asking for the extension of the TR Tourist Visa ?
  10. I am gonna ask a Schengen Visa, for my partner, I would like to ask if the Travel Inssurance (30,000euros coverage), is usually refundable, is ever the visa is getting denied. The Embassy is asking the Travel Inssurance during the application, and I don't want to argue to them, normally is need to give them later. As they can be mad
  11. I used to do the same, using EU country passport, even the kid have a valid Thai passport that I carry. I leave Thailand once with the Thai passport, of the kid, then until now, I use the EU passport to enter & exit Until now, no problem at all. I do this because I am not in relationship anymore with her mother. I don't want to use the Thai passport to enter in Thailand, because there's many problem ! 1. If I lose the Thai passport, my kid will be locked in Thailand, until her mother can issue a new Thai passport 2. There's many people said that they're getting in troubles when leaving Thailand that the IO asking for mother authorization, etc.. So as her mother and me, we don't contact anymore. I gonna use only the EU passport of my kid to enter in Thailand, even it's more costly.. Especially I need to pay the visa for the Laos, etc.. extension, but I am in peace of mind
  12. Ok, right, is because I need to give the birth certificate ( sutibat ) with the name of the mother, which is finish by this Litres, to the accredited translator of EU country Embassy. I will submit the copy of the passport with Litres, and the future sutibat with that ลิเทรส ..just hope they will accept that ลิเทรส is a Litres for the another translator ( thai to EU country accredited Embassy translator ) so that translation is for to give to the hospital for they make the sutibat of the kid, which the mother is not thai Anyway the Mattress City is a good exemple, so it sound totally the same ! as Litres
  13. That's much better great, it's myseld need to complete ( เขียนที่ Written at ..... ) BANGKOK ?! ) what exactly need to put for the Chaweng Wattana Immigration Bureau
  14. But in Chaweng Wattana, believe me, especially we're 3, it saves alot of times, to print it, and complete them before. It have a long queue there.. And I have plenty free time to form them now, I am not busy
  15. Yes, the baby will be EU/Filipino I know that, there's no more soil law in Thailand