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  1. French, try enter to Greece, they even confiscated my ID French card, and given this to me inside the bus going back to Turkey ( and to my family member )
  2. Don't try anyway with Greek Border without visa, they're very rude, and they will throw away your family member, and said NO VISA NO ENTRY. I experienced it ( land border with Turkey ) By the way I sended some email about my cases to some Embassies
  3. A thai woman who have kid with EU citizen, the kid also get the citizenship of the father, ( not married ) Do the thai woman still get the status of "Family Member of EU/EEA Citizen" and get easily a free-visa with the respective Embassy or Consulate ? Because I can't found the right answer even on Internet.
  4. Incorrect Visa Obtained

    Great, because, if ever I get the wrong visa like this, I don't know if I will go back to the desk and ask for correction, maybe they will told to go come back the next day to pick up the right visa, which it can be a big pain who don't like stay 1 more night in Laos especially
  5. Incorrect Visa Obtained

    Can he get troubles, using that kind of wrong visa ? in exemple, he just need to stay 90 days..
  6. Good things, they're allowed you finally, it's like a big warning ~ so now you've time to prepare to make a good visa. Some was denied in your situation. By the way, I am using almost Non-O visa here as Vientiane provide them. I hope, when I came from EU on visa-exempt, they will don't make a story, because I am previously stay long-time in Non-O visa & then suddenly arrive with visa-exempt !?
  7. Daughters dual citizen issue

    They can arrive in Vietnam with their Thai passport, no need visa for Thai people, so they will be back with their Thai passports in Thailand
  8. Just be careful if you flight with Sri Lankan airlines.. they're very dumb 1. I had a valid visa 2. I had a onward ticket to Cambodia with Air Asia both of them !! The check-in desk, asked me that I need also to show flight out of Cambodia. I said, first one I've valid visa enter to Thailand, so I don't need even to show a onward ticket. then I've onward ticket... no, he said, you have also to have ticket out of Cambodia, how you can go Cambodia if not have onward ticket from there.. I was so pissed off he doesn't want me to check-in, I make a big scandal in the check-in, finally someone from Sri Lankan kind of manager he came, then after 5 minutes I was check-in, no apologies even from them.
  9. Ok, as the same time, we will leave also with the newborn baby born in Bangkok, of I've with my Filipina girlfriend, she will be with me also of course. So, is sure 100 %, that with the empty EU passport (no arrival stamp), & the original Thai birth certificate, they will not tell us, to visit Immigration in Chaweng Wattana, first to clear the "never entry" ? or is better we can eventually go there before to clear the "never entry", or the empty passport + the thai birth certificate, is totally enough? Because we gonna buy a ticket for 4 of us, to EU. Don't want to get any loose of that ticket which is already expensive and get block at Immigration of the airport
  10. Ok, great, just asking because at Nong Khai exit, the IO overstay desk was so rude, as he said, the next time, you'll pay the FINE! I guess at the airport they're less rude.
  11. Really, is that weird, the kid is travelling with his EU passport, and will leave Thailand, why should I show them a approval..
  12. Do someone experience to leave Thailand, with their child on overstay from the major airports in Bangkok ? Do they will send me to other desk (overstay desk) even no need to charges fine ? ( me as the parent, I am not in overstay ) Do the IO, was rude when they caught your child was overstayed ? Thanks
  13. Yes, the kid was with me, the IO asked to the kid, if he can speak Thai, then yes, he answered positively to the IO. I even provided the color copy of the passport of the kid the Thai one, despite of that, she showed me the color copy of the birth certificate and and the tabian ban, and tell me to come with the original, she cannot give me extension as now. So I'll go to Vientiane and make a Non-O, it will be less hassle. Hopefully nothing changed there
  14. If not, is Possible to get the 7 days denial of extension ? on the Non-O 90 days
  15. Hello, I wanna to know if it possible to extend a Non-O visa of 30 days ? I am asking it, because actually I am under TR Visa. The 60 days extension of being parent of Thai Child was not accepted at CW, as I cannot provide the original of the Birth Certificate and the original of the TABIAN BAN, despite I've a the color copy of them I will make a Non-O visa to Vientiane, but they accept even without showing original.. so if I am back to Thailand, as I know I cannot have that kind of Thai Child extension, because I don't have the original. Can I apply the regular 30 days extension on the Non-O visa ?