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  1. Thanks, it's helpful, did you applied directly, or you pass with one agent ?
  2. Thanks, it's helpful, did you applied directly, or you pass with one agent ?
  3. Yes, I understand. I had a previously a kid with a Thai woman and the kid living with me, and actually I am in relationship with a Filipina, she gonna give birth soon. Thai mother disappears. and I don't like stay long in Philippines, feel unsafe, and not comfortable, I prefer Thailand even my GF
  4. • Immigration offices throughout the country,particularly the provincial Immigration Office responsible for the area of your residence. • For foreigners who residing in Bangkok,contact Immigration Division 1 Office, Chalermprakiat Government Complex, Chaengwattana Rd., Laksi, Bangkok so it mean, the resident of Bangkok, cannot do it online ?
  5. Hello, I wanting to obtain the visa as being parent of Thai kid in Penang. Do the copy of the birth certificate Thai is enough ? with the copy of the tabian baan to obtain the visa ? Do need to show the original to them or not ? Do someone know if got previously a single non O entry based on Thai kid not in Penang, then after who get for the first time a Non-Multi Entry O in Penang, even without previous non O there.
  6. I am newbie about 90 days report, do the website https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do?cmd=acceptTerm work fine ? it's for Bangkok only ? I have no idea about the process
  7. In Savannakhet, how much is needed on the bank statements for TOURIST & NON 'O' THAI CHILD ?
  8. A 100 % foreign kid, who was born in Thailand, and would like to leave Thailand with her parents, how it will happen ? As don't have any entry stamp on this passport. Is it mandatory to have the Thai birth certificate ? ( my Embassy can issued the foreign birth certificate, just using the medical certificate of delivery ) but right, if it don't take too long to get the thai birth certificate. We should visit Thai Immigration Bureau before going to leave Thailand ? to clear the new recent unstamped passport of the kid ? Do the kid will get a overstay stamp if the kid leave Thailand, after 30 days of his birthdate ? or no problem to wait more..
  9. Ok, but when I check-in hotel, they just use my passport, never the one of my kid
  10. if ever I take the choice to use her Thai passport. I can have two potiental problem right ? 1. Being denied to leave the kid of Thailand, because I don't have the right documentation from the mother ( court, etc.. ) ? 2. If I lose the Thai passport of my kid, during her stay in Thailand, it will be impossible for me to process a new passport for her, without her mother at the passport office ? The mother gave me a written conscent that I can leave with my kid out of Thailand, which is dated from a year ago, and she already deleted me on LINE etc. I don't have contact with her anymore.. she found someone new.. I don't know know even where she stay.. so it can be very problematic. ( by the way on my EU country law, I've also the custody, as the kid born at unmarried couple, but in Thailand that law doesn't apply at all ) I just hope, I'll never have problem to leave my kid out of Thailand, with her EU passport ?!
  11. I never done any 90-days report in my life, I am just scared about the hassle thing like the TM30 form, etc.. or just need only give a adress ? For info : We're staying almost only hotel in BKK area, with my partner and kid.
  12. Oh I see, it's scary, if I do the extension of stay as Thai national ( I've only the birth certificate copy ) possible to extend as Thai national ? if ever, get extended, I do need the 90 days report of the kid, right ? if I don't do, I'll be fined at the border ?
  13. Hello, I used the foreign passport of my thai-EU kid, as I am not with her mother, and don't contact her anymore, so I using the EU passport of my kid, to avoid troubles during exiting Thailand. I went to the land border crossing for make a visa-run exempt entries, and my kid had a few months overstay, I was sended to the office of overstay at the border crossing, and the Immigration Officer, looked mad at me, and told me " Next time overstay, you will pay the fine, you understand! " So, it's a little kid, I am worried to get anymore this land crossing, and will avoid if I am my kid is in overstay. Can the IO, at his discretion make me pay a fine, or make me in troubles.. he was like he's so sure of him. I know I did a mistake that my child is in overstay..
  14. Ok, thanks to Dario & Sheryl! I will try to go there. I have some knowledges about Thai, but right, I will try to do the best.