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  1. French, try enter to Greece, they even confiscated my ID French card, and given this to me inside the bus going back to Turkey ( and to my family member )
  2. Don't try anyway with Greek Border without visa, they're very rude, and they will throw away your family member, and said NO VISA NO ENTRY. I experienced it ( land border with Turkey ) By the way I sended some email about my cases to some Embassies
  3. A thai woman who have kid with EU citizen, the kid also get the citizenship of the father, ( not married ) Do the thai woman still get the status of "Family Member of EU/EEA Citizen" and get easily a free-visa with the respective Embassy or Consulate ? Because I can't found the right answer even on Internet.
  4. Danielsiam

    Incorrect Visa Obtained

    Great, because, if ever I get the wrong visa like this, I don't know if I will go back to the desk and ask for correction, maybe they will told to go come back the next day to pick up the right visa, which it can be a big pain who don't like stay 1 more night in Laos especially
  5. Danielsiam

    Incorrect Visa Obtained

    Can he get troubles, using that kind of wrong visa ? in exemple, he just need to stay 90 days..
  6. I hear many times a thai girls saying me "oyyy Farang dong" What's the meaning ? I hear that one time, it's a foreigner who is a newbies, and one time that foreigner knows much about Thailand, so I don't have any idea of the real meaning