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  1. The Bay "Mall" North Pattaya -- What happened?

    2 towers in addition to the shopping mall. Yes, the hotel was always part of the project and opened a bit later.
  2. The Bay "Mall" North Pattaya -- What happened?

    I think you're swimming against the tide here. We demand that all spaces be seen to be currently occupied and with customers seen buying.
  3. The Bay "Mall" North Pattaya -- What happened?

    I see none, actually, just sky up there. How many do you see on top of the mall? All 34? Now this is doubly alarming as our forum engineers have prophesied that the building will fall down. You mean the buyers of VT6 share your optician/ophthalmologist???
  4. The Bay "Mall" North Pattaya -- What happened?

    And this helps account for but doesn't excuse the fact that our ace TVF Economists predicted no doom for The Avenue. Quite rare for a new construction. Hence it was likely that it would in fact fail, which it has.
  5. The Bay "Mall" North Pattaya -- What happened?

    Amazing how eyesight differs on our beloved forum. Many of us perceive the Hilton as beside Central rather than on top of it.
  6. True. I threw out an old unreliable analog scale 'cause it was showing a few kilos underweight and put it carefully on display near the trash bin. 'Twas amazing how quickly the building's maids grabbed it. Replaced w/ a good electronic (Lazada is your friend) and it's always spot on.
  7. No. I merely confirmed that (1) any such examples would be completely irrelevant (so why would I bother looking for any?) and that (2) lots of relevant examples and informed opinions do exist and are easily found. You're free to prove to yourself and the world that there are no such Olympian examples if that's important to you, though I can't imagine why. Have you got anything useful to say on this topic?
  8. I don't think Ruby was a "notorious" spot. Guess it is now though.
  9. Occasionally we have this silly, irrelevant standard brought up for some diet or another, usually by our old school starve-and-sweat gym rats. Nobody--nobody--coming to this forum for weight loss help is an elite athlete competing in the Olympics or running marathons and triathlons. Never have, never will. We're talking to fat people, mostly older fat people, whose main exercise has been reaching for the pizza, beer, and remote. In general they're hardly worried about losing muscle. What muscle? Elbow muscle? Let's not discourage them from a helpful method (maybe THE helpful method in their case) because an Olympic athlete might not benefit in the same way. Absurd. Anyway, nothing to worry about re: IF even for the fat old fart. You can go google it for yourself: https://www.google.com/search?q=5%3A2+diet+and+exercise+muscle+loss&gws_rd=cr&hl=en&num=30 And you'll find stuff like Intermittent fasting was no better or no worse than continuous calorie restriction as a way to preserve muscle while dropping fat. --https://muscleevo.net/intermittent-fasting-muscle-loss/
  10. Where then?

    "You can check out but you can never leave."
  11. Where then?

    Traveling around, visiting various places is always a great thing to do and most have some desirable qualities. AC is an especially desirable destination at Songkran. For expats the question becomes where to live for long periods. Some take to Pattaya immediately, as I did; for others, it takes more time to become a true cesspoolian and appreciate the total package, the overall value, how it offers something for everyone. We've ALWAYS heard other countries touted, Cambodia, Vietnam, even Australia (where most Brit expats live) as superior: rgs2001uk Posted May 18, 2009: Where are the pretty women? . . . . Waza, I was in Adelaide earlier this year, from what I saw, why bother going to Thailand, Australia offers better value for money, plenty of Asian women available. Its not only I who feel this way, my brother lives in Adelaide and has visited Thailand many times, he said to me he can have a better time up the Gold Coast and all thats on offer there, and doesnt have to put up with all that travelling to Thailand entails, with he would spend on airfare he can get accommodation, beer and spirits better quality and cheaper than Thailand, there is something wrong when a Thai lady is cheaper in Australia than Thailand. Why bother coming here? Note that for almost 10 years Pattaya has lacked pretty women. No reason to come here. (Some basher porn for ya, gents.) Yeah, nothing new. And Pattaya's dead, BTW. Trouble is, when you hear from people who've made the transition you find out that the other places have far more disadvantages than advantages when compared to Pattaya. You can read through the threads on the Southeast Asia forum and get an earful about the problems living in Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Phils. We've had Ozzies posting who can't wait to leave Australia and come to Pattaya. We have some members such as KittenKong, hard nosed and one of our most knowledgeable about values (he should charge consulting fees), who avow they can live most anywhere they wish but overall, even with its faults (I can point you to some lists of those; yes, I know what they are), the advantages of Pattaya outweigh for the price. And I agree. Bashers, haters, whingers, bigots: you need attitude adjustment! And if you just can't adapt--members plagued by the dreaded brain-eating Whither Pattaya and Whither Thailand space monkeys have it most difficult--then anywhere's probably better for you, though most seem to do best if they just move back to the UK, where there's proper pork scratchings and all that.
  12. Never thought it would come to this

    Good, so you've agreed w/ me on that point and on my others by default. So a sex tourism destination has a beginning as sex tourism destination. Yeah, no start, no business. I think most of our members probably knew that, but I can't be sure. Actually CR doesn't even make the top ten on all the lists I've seen. Thailand, poorer no doubt and so more Thai thugs would have taken the place of the present-day farang low lifes. But who cares? You can probably find some barstool companions to discuss that fantasy w/ you. Here's a list of alternate history movies for you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Alternate_history_films As for greed, just depends on your preferred economics. Is the government of Spain greedy for permitting prostitution? The Netherlands? Some governments offer more freedom in some areas than others. But please start a topic in the Farang Pub forum for that discussion. Are we done? I've waited in vain for this little discussion to relate to the topic. The whole thing really should be deleted. Your comparisons have either been misinformed, irrelevant, or trivial.
  13. Now I see why you said don't ask me how i lost weight. Do you have a link to this diet?
  14. Yes. It's great. I didn't need to stay on it long.