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  1. JSixpack

    New Lifan 250 Models

    Great looking bike!
  2. JSixpack

    New Lifan 250 Models

    Please give some links if you have them. The ones I googled up weren't really legit.
  3. JSixpack

    New Lifan 250 Models

    BTW, the Lifan service schedule calls for checking/adjusting valve clearances and also the cam chain tension. Have you succeeded in getting your shop to carry out those operations? I don't know where the specs are for accuracy. (I don't have a Lifan but my friend does, and is happy with it.)
  4. JSixpack

    New Lifan 250 Models

    Could you give the old and new model numbers? Friend of mine has a Lifan and may want to make the change. But so far no evidence of defect has been noticed.
  5. JSixpack

    New Lifan 250 Models

    Means nothing. You don't see any Triumphs on the street either. If you DID see a Lifan on the streets, does that mean it's OK now? I see one on the streets, and I know the satisfied owner. Ah, no. There are a few reports by couple of owners over what turned out be trivial issues, all now fixed, and the owners are now happy. No Lifan buyer has an regrets. You aren't curious. You made up your mind when you heard "Chinese" and saw a few trivial problems. I'm suggesting they might be. As others here have said, the jury's still out; but, so far so good. The basic tech is Yamaha tech. It's true the cheaper price helps in mitigating the pain of maintenance--pain felt with ownership of any bike. There's no "have to" that applies to Lifan any more than with any other bike, so far. To take some random examples relating your beloved Japanese bikes and the shops that supposedly maintain them (I don't have time to dig further, but we probably can find problems/complaints w/ most bikes): "The fuel tank lock on my 650R was impossible to open after the bike had been parked outdoors for 3 weeks due to corrugation." "I had a CBR 125 for a while in the UK and the gearbox was terrible. Apparently a very common problem on them, even the older ones. " "Now I find that he sold me Indonesian bias-ply Dunlops." And I remind you of the Honda V4 problem (major problem) and the Phantom cam chain tensioner problem--EVEN THOUGH "100's of thousands have bought Japanese bikes." While you're wasting time sneering at Lifan, Lifan owners are happily out riding. I'd buy one in a minute, but I still got a lot of life left in my lowly Phantom.
  6. JSixpack

    New Lifan 250 Models

    Actually I very much doubt it. Chinese industry has never been known for quality. Contrast China to countries that are known for quality manufacturing, such as Japan or Germany. I don't want to sound racist, but I honestly feel like the Chinese culture is not one that values quality. The Japanese and Germans on the other hand are well renowned for their constant pursuit of perfection and amazing QC. You seem unaware of the evolution of Japanese quality. Japanese were once known for producing junk. My dad would snort at the idea of anything Japanese and wouldn't have any of it. Even I could see the toys I had that were made in Japan were cheap crap. Everybody sneered at the first Datsuns and Toyotas, tin boxes. Did you know that Hong Kong Chinese were once renowned for laziness? It was the local culture. Culture changes w/ changes of government and economic opportunity.
  7. JSixpack

    New Lifan 250 Models

    Couple of guys had trivial glitches, others didn't, some of which may reflect setup. Friend of mine who's got a Lifan approaching 3000km, ridden daily, hasn't had the slightest problem. At this point, everyone who owns a Lifan is happy w/ his Lifan and isn't complaining. Besides, you ignore all the satisfied Lifan owners outside Thailand. Glitches happen to bikes of Japanese brands too, new or old. And one may buy a lemon of any brand. You seem not to have noticed. In fact, some Japanese bikes may have some innate, potentially expensive, problems, like the Honda V4 premature camshaft wear problem. The Phantom has the cam chain tensioner issue. So if you had owned one of those, you'd deny there was any problem because, after all, it isn't a Chinese brand. I couldn't own a Phantom because it's "unreliable" owing to an issue or two. I'm just following your bias, which you continue to deny is a bias, to its logical conclusion. I suspect if you hadn't learned that Lifan is a Chinese brand then you'd feel completely differently, as the evidence doesn't at all warrant its being labeled as "unreliable."
  8. JSixpack

    New Lifan 250 Models

    That's not what it sounds like at all. Maybe you can't quite get over that word "Chinese"?
  9. JSixpack

    Value For Your Money

    Well then your experiences are different too mine, let's leave at that shall we. I don't have any reason at all to feel victimized here in Thailand, doesn't mean I willingly pay to much for something. Yermanee Some seem to be professional victims. Don't see any such here. Only the naïve, unwitting, and self-deluded are the usual victims. Since hardly aware--the very best sort of victims--they would hardly be capable of anything other than rose-tinted observation. Me, it's been many years since I've been victimized in the racial sense discussed above. I haven't allowed myself to be, as I learned the ropes quickly.
  10. JSixpack

    Value For Your Money

    Hear, hear!
  11. JSixpack

    Value For Your Money

    Ocean World? Crocodile Farm? Tiffany Show? Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not? Songtaew? Get real. "Mostly," whatever that means, isn't good enough.
  12. JSixpack

    Value For Your Money

    No white person is ever considered to be a local automatically even if he is in fact a citizen of Thailand, such as Bill Heinecke is. Yet Filipinos or Indonesians, if they keep quiet, can be considered locals without showing anything. Whoops. Though taxpayer-supported enterprises may price based ultimately on local ID, the initial application of the policy is based on skin color purely--which is, in fact, racist. Get that? But private enterprises often don't accept any ID whatsoever for proving local status. Bill Heinecke, though a Thai citizen who can show a Thai ID card, will still be charged higher prices whereas rich Thais or quiet Filipinos or Indonesians won't. This is what is very, very disturbing. It's best that all white people fight such discrimination rather than just rolling over and taking it while making various muddled excuses. That's only hope of ending it.
  13. JSixpack

    Value For Your Money

    Why do Filipinos get the reduced price without showing or indeed having any Thai driving license? It's not so simple you see.
  14. JSixpack

    Eating Great In Pattaya

    Diarrhea now.
  15. JSixpack

    Biking Music

    You beat me to it!