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  1. Are you new here? No need to consult the mother in law. Whenever any public works project is announced, the mighty TVF Tea Money Chorus always arrives to chant the chants, engage in phony hand wringing, and appear wise & shrewd. Now in Asia generally things don't get done without the grease; there's a good bit of it the West as well, BTW. But you'll have to ask yourself whether you'd be enjoying yourself as much w/o roads, bridges, internet, electricity, BTS, and cellphone service. I kinda doubt that, since you're posting on the Pattaya forum and are able to do so. Note that if something doesn't get done, it's owing to lack of tea money. It's always tea money here you see. The counterpart for private constructions is the TVF New Construction Syndrome. You may see its expression in initial threads on anything such as Terminal 21. And it's not many of your tax dollars financing anything anyway. Nor can you do a thing about it. So why worry? Meanwhile, it's a nice day in Pattaya. This way would appear more productive than some. I've figured and concluded the lights will be switched on. As a history lesson I'd note that it was firmly predicted that there would be no lights at all at the major intersections on the uneeded 3rd Rd. Gotta love Pattaya doomsayers. . . . a Grand Prix track . . . . At the moment there is no evidence to suggest that traffic lights will be installed. The fourth solution, and the one most likely to be adopted, is to do sweet nothing! First come first across, and where is the nearest hospital? . . . What on earth is the point of the new Third Road? (Apart from providing the local idiots with a race track.) It ends in a full stop at the Crystal Beach which hardly anyone wants to visit. . . . Oliver W. Minto, "What to do about Third Road junctions," Pattaya Mail, Vol. V No.11 Friday 14 March 1997 - 20 March 1997
  2. I don't think think that way. How silly and naive of you to set yourself up for an easy fleecing. Thailand really proves the old saying about a fool and his money, eh. On the other hand, a cop once saved me B80,000 and asked nothing; I tipped B1000. But I think we've arrived at the reason then for joining the Brown Envelope Bots with one-note posts that don't add anything, really just express your own resentment and are therefore akin to mere whinging. Surely you'd be happier to move on and get over it, as I suggested in my original reply to your sneer. Here ya go: 12 Steps to Overcoming Bitterness.
  3. Here's your allusion, or rather illusion: It doesn't matter what you think. People use the terms interchangeably and I gave you a reference for that. They're gon' keep doing it, and I am, so you can either suck it up or continue to imagine you have a point that means anything; further silly grammar bickering will be reported as they're against forum rules, which is why I don't get to shred your grammar.
  4. But you see I also said "or any accident rate." I know it's your opinion and I'm merely saying you don't have a rational basis for that opinion. You may cling to it if you wish. People often mistake me for somebody who cares one way or the other. Almost being taken out isn't the same as being taken out. It's rather easy to be almost taken out most everywhere in Pattaya. And yes you may be making it up of course. BTW, you didn't give your driving credentials as I did, so I take it mine are the more impressive. Suffice it to say if you've almost been taken out at standard intersections with lights "on an almost daily basis" then you'll almost be taken out on a daily basis at the roundabout. It is in fact rather notorious for accidents, though there are fewer vehicles trying to go thru it (compared to, say, 3rd/Klang) because it's a roundabout. Drivers run into your lane and take your right-of-way in the roundabout much more often than they run lights at a normal intersection. Most members experienced w/ that roundabout would seem to agree on that point, but do feel free to disagree. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/629566-go-go-dancer-killed-in-road-crash-at-north-pattaya-dolphin-roundabout/ https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/397193-fatal-pattaya-baht-bus-accident-caused-by-drunk-canadian/ https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/786761-mystery-surrounds-single-vehicle-road-crash-at-north-pattaya-dolphin-roundabout/ https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/598715-another-motocy-accident-and-almost-one-more/ Those are just some high profiles. As I said, wish I had a baht for all the chalk marks I've seen there over the years. Hence it's a half-roundabout now w/ the U turn and that's actually better, has led to fewer accidents, but is messy and would surely get much worse when T21 opens. Hence the light is a good idea, as I said back in 2013. I'd much rather have it even though it likely means a little more delay usually. I'd hate to think what would happen if they replaced the lights at 3rd/Klang or 2nd/Klang w/ roundabouts. So that brings us back to my original statement: No, that doesn't happen much w/ the other intersections. Got some examples of accidents caused by running red lights at Klang/3rd Rd.? Didn't think so.
  5. That's a subject of debate, actually, and both terms are commonly used. https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/21073/does-one-drive-a-motorcycle-or-ride-it. Forum rules prohibit grammar police, BTW. That's why I don't get to correct your mistakes. Nor is the discussion affected materially by the usage of one term over the other. A motorbike's moving faster or not has nothing to do w/ whether a light will improve the overall traffic situation at the roundabout. It has nothing to do with whether more accidents will occur at that intersection because lights are there because vehicles will jump the lights. As I noted, there's no reason to think any such thing. Have another one, pal. Next.
  6. Yes. Snigger snigger. Nobody said anything about Brian Jenkins. Why do you need to believe the story isn't true? BJ is on the right, around 1980. So now you may choose to believe the truth or stay in denial and enjoy that silly little fantasy. Hee hee! The bar, 80s:
  7. That's not going to happen. Next.
  8. Tell us about the number of accidents caused by light jumping at 3rd/Nua then, pal. Lived all around Pattaya for a couple of decades and driven a motorbike almost daily in Pattaya, in all conditions, all times of day. Was out today in fact and even went thru the roundabout. Good 'nuff? Let's hear yours. Any comparable junction is sufficient to disprove your point. 3rd/Klang will do just fine. Frequent heavy backups there, in fact I hit one today. There are heavy backups at the roundabout particularly on holiday weekends and festivals. Then traffic southbound on Naklua must try to get across traffic on Nua to get to the U-turn and it ain't fun. And the confusion at the roundabout is pretty hazardous. You have no stats at all from any comparable intersection to back up your assertion but were just indulging in a sly little stereotypical bash. You have no actual reason to assume a high accident rate, or any accident rate from you actually know, from light jumping at the erstwhile roundabout. Time of day obviously affects traffic conditions at all the intersections as it will at the erstwhile roundabout. Point is that if they're not jumping 3rd/Klang much, which, yes, is worse right now, why will they at the new light? Next.
  9. Yes they will, same as other intersections w/ lights. No, that doesn't happen much w/ the other intersections. Got some examples of accidents cause by running red lights at Klang/3rd Rd.? Didn't think so. Thai bashing nonsense. Gets quite congested, is dangerous, and is a high accident area. Wish I had a baht for every chalk mark I've seen there. No. The city population and tourists (including domestic, which TAT: TVF refuses to acknowledge) will like this better, esp when T21 gets going--OMG. No, it's a building scheme to improve traffic flow, just as the promenade greatly improved the flow down Beach Rd. Try to get over the tea money/brown envelope obsession. No, they did that it and finally there were SO many accidents and backups they rerouted southbound Naklua traffic to a U-turn, which is most inconvenient.
  10. Gentleman R There Japanese Women In Pattaya

    Foodland in particular as Japanese live around there, easy commute to Laemchabang. Japanese have a different style than Chinese but you may also be able to overhear some speaking. If in doubt you may simply ask, "Sumimasen. Nihonjin desu ka?"
  11. Dictonary.com is your friend. Slang definitions & phrases for slime slime noun slimebag: ''I think he's a slime,'' Louise Hartley said (1950s+) verb Denigrate harshly and often falsely; smear: James Earl Jones gets slimed (1990s+) To speak in an unctuous and cajoling way: ''May I personally take your order, Mr Goodman,'' he slimed (1990s+) --http://www.dictionary.com/browse/slime
  12. The statement isn't "from CNBC" but from a respected economist. Economists differ in opinion, you see. Even Yellen sounded this sanguine note recently. As evidenced by another failed prediction, it seems we're getting most of the crap from TVF Economists. How do they know? Well, they glance over articles they don't really understand and quote others who don't really know either. Sadly, we find this tendency for cocksure pronouncements based on superficial, congenial evidence in other topics as well: Works. But we (well, except for a few clairvoyants among us) don't know that any sh** will hit the fan or when that might be. Is this another broken clock open-ended 20-40 year prediction? I keep asking for dates and, for some reason, never get 'em. We're all on tenterhooks, man! TVF posters are always ringing alarm bells about everything, a tradition passed down from letter writers in the Pattaya Mail. No need to fret over any possible dearth. Meanwhile, looks like Chinese are in fact buying Thai condos.
  13. Excellent. Buy a safety razor, blades, brush, and soap via Lazada.