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  1. German man found dead in Walking Street hotel room

    Exactly. To ascribe the cause of death to Viagra is perfectly valid on the forum even though no Viagra is found! And it really, really wasn't found in this case, 'cause if so they'd make a point of it. Wonderful click bait. Might even be the main focus, forget about the deceased: Viagra found next to dead Frenchman. Yee haw!
  2. Windows 10 Upgrade.

  3. Roll Call: Surviving Tunnel Flooders

    Your case has not been ignored but given every consideration in the OP. The other losers, The Flyovers and The Roundabouters (who may of course be Flooders as well), have indeed had to swallow a bitter pill. But they'll probably survive on a diet of occasional sneers about tea money. the Flyovers, the Roundabouters . . . except for the odd residual verbal tic of "flyover" popping up at random now and then, usually followed by a muttering of "tea money."
  4. Roll Call: Surviving Tunnel Flooders

    You would think so, wouldn't you? To paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies. I so enjoyed your Tunnel posts, some of the best really. So now you've verified your survival of the Non-Flood. But you ready to man up yet? Still watching carefully those building foundations?
  5. Roll Call: Surviving Tunnel Flooders

    What we have here is lame flame. Rather than report it I'll have a laugh. We may have both posts deleted, however, which would be understandable. First, the issue my time is totally irrelevant. You're merely resorting to personal attack because though you don't like my post, you have no rebuttal or anything useful to say. Second, there's no "veiling" of anything, certainly of invective. You'll need to learn to use words more precisely, Shakespeare. As smotherb points out, In eagerness to flame, you've mistaken the entire rhetorical mode of the post. Normally that would be awfully embarrassing for a Shakespearean scholar, but in this case . . . er . . . . And that disposes of the irrelevant "wit" quotation as well. Was A Modest Proposal "witty?" It's funny though. But then you didn't really understand what the subject is anyway. Duh. All points raised in the OP are well-documented with quotes from the members. The only thing in doubt is the survival of the Flooders. Only one of them mentioned has verified his existence and--shock--admitted the Thais did a good job with the tunnel. Now that's rare and admirable. We may assume the others just hate to admit foolishness and bigotry. I hope you found that little fantasy comforting. You have no idea what you're talking about. But I'll throw you this bone: most things I do, I do at least as thoroughly as they deserve. That's proven quite successful for me. (I won't boast.) The Tunnel biz dragged on for YEARS with hundreds of posts and there's a lot of nonsense to laugh at there. That is, for me to laugh at. I don't really care who else does. If some do, then great. If not? Too bad for you. And as my propensity to write longer posts is a convenient target for attack by sore losers, I've already addressed it briefly in the About Me section of my profile. I might mention also I have a lot of good writing/editing tools at my disposal, such as the web editor I used to write my post in, web scrapbook for easy collection of snippets, and a great clipboard manager for clipping, organizing, and power pasting in. (Hence the series of Flooder posts are in FIFO order.) So I can probably whip out several pages in the time it takes you to strain your bowels and squeeze out one. I am sorry I have had to write you such a long letter, but I did not have time to write you a short one. --Blaise Pascal
  6. Hate to shock everyone, but farang shop owners can do the same thing. . I remember a big fat tattooed Brit bar owner on Soi Yamato who rushed out when I tried to part my bike in front of his bar. Mine was the only vehicle, plenty of space. He told me I'd better not and if I did then I'd find my bike on the ground when I returned. We had a few words but I did move the bike. He went out of business a year or so later, heh heh. Good riddance.
  7. German man found dead in Walking Street hotel room

    Wouldn't that nice? Disappointing none reported, eh. However, lack of any evidence whatsoever by no means deters our posters from imagining it there and having the same discussion w/ the usual expert opinions. Hee hee!
  8. Such innocent faith in one's own Eyeballs At Random Intervals is behind many a death thread here on the forum and leads many a member to conclude that the "deserted" malls and other businesses (Indian restos) never have customers: ergo, they're fronts for money laundering or are selling free air-con. I addressed what's wrong with "my own observations" ealier: And then you naively want to believe "everything" your selective business owners say and ignore all the rest. We may assume they're farang business owners who are the most notorious poor mouths. Our doomsters talk to them every year and they're always going out of business. Why don't you talk to the local owners of the food courts in CentralFestival? For some odd reason they never get interviewed! Your observations are merely contradicted by others' observations, so--you don't have an argument. Me, I'll rely on more objective observations made in a wide range of venues (many you obviously don't even know about), Mastercard International, CPN's (audited) quarterly report that cites growth in profits owing to tourist revenue, specifically from Chinese and Koreans, and common sense. So I guess we're done here. Some do find an emotional need to cling to the ol' dying Pattaya myth. Enjoy.
  9. Not at the time, though his teeth did retain their Brit appearance until the end.
  10. Then was great, esp the parking. Overall, though, today's better, w/o going into detail. I don't see things just in terms of black and white. Millions more visitors are enjoying Pattaya now. And so? One your typical little strawman erections. My reply is the same: But ALL the significance is predicated on the drains, nothing else. Pattaya's had flooding since forever, a few days every year when people wouldn't be going to the beach anyway. It's made no discernible difference in anything. If they fixed the drains, you'd merely find a new obsession that everything depends on. It's rather as with the promenade. You were hopping up and down about the shade. Then when it has shade, you forget about that; then everything depends on the seating, and you pretend there's no seating above Klang and pretend you don't have a portable seat. Getting tired of the silliness yet? Nor did the parade turn into a fiasco; you wish, but nobody much cared about the parade anyway. Certainly WE both didn't. Pattaya's always had parades; it might rain on any parade at any time. Thais take these things in stride, though this one did cause some attention because of the visitors. And so? Methinks the problem isn't actually Pattaya but with yourself and your own bitterness. Me, I'm still enjoying the place and the people here after many years and adapt to issues w/o whinging about them. And I don't worry about things that don't concern me and I can't change. I don't engage in phony hand wringing just to feel superior. I enjoy a lot of little interactions w/ the Thais--like joking around (in Thai) w/ the ladies in Subway yesterday. One saw that I'm pleasant and friendly and showed me US dollar bill some customer gave her. I examined it carefully for counterfeiting and explained about George Washington and how he kicked out the vile Brits, who then came to whinge in Thailand. And that Eye on top the pyramid--it sees all and knows all about YOU. And that Eagle--gon' kick anybody's butt who makes problems, so be careful. Had a good laugh w/ those ladies . . . and so it happens often.
  11. credit card

    Same as in other countries, except this card uses Thai baht and can be more convenient and cheaper for those here w/ Thai bank accounts. No, you don't have to solve in Thai as the bank provides support in English. Same difference as always: loans; cash advances; dispute resolution; safety; useful when vendors don't accept debit cards. Maybe all this is just sour grapes on your part?
  12. Way to go except that one blade will last 3 months if you only shave four times. YMMV. Reading the badgerandblade shaving forums I happened to run across this incredible bargain, a copy of the Merkur Futur (patent has expired; about USD 55 new), the Ming Shi Shipped to Thailand, USD 7.28. I couldn't resist getting one and it's really nice. The gurus say its a faithful copy. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Full-Zinc-Alloy-Safety-Razor-For-Men-Adjustable-1-6-Files-Close-Shaving-Classic-Double-Edge/32777272136.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.54QPcz
  13. W 10 Pro booting from 2.0 USB external drive

    I think we may be getting to the real issue now. Is it that the computer wouldn't boot from a particular (bootable) thumb drive? Which is NOT a clone, image, or backup but rather Macrium rescue media? If so, then first is that thumb drive recognized in the BIOS and can you set it as first in the boot priority order? If not, you aren't going to see it in the Windows boot menu (where it doesn't have to be first in the order).
  14. W 10 Pro booting from 2.0 USB external drive

    It's a bit difficult to understand your post as you have two bootable drives in the PC, you have three bootable images, and you have two clones. First, you can't boot from images. And you can boot from only one bootable disk. If your BIOS is working correctly, and the bootable disks are indeed bootable and if the BIOS finds that disk kosher (sometimes it doesn't, for some unfathomable reason, then you'll boot from the bootable disk listed first in order of boot priority. I don't see why this could not have happened in the case mentioned.
  15. The post I reference gives figures and assessments from other sources as well. Sorry. Next.