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  1. JSixpack

    Need Stable Internet. Can anyone advise?

    I'm not wrong about my point about the jury being still out, as you in fact agree. Being the only ones in your moo baan with Sinet proves nothing, really. Wait and see is merely the rational attitude. Maybe it'll be great or maybe the honeymoon will end the worse for your disappointment after setting yourself up. The issue is your confidence, not mine.
  2. JSixpack

    US $ Cashier's check?

    The problem may simply be that the local bank branch won't issue a US$ cashiers check. So my branch of Bangkok Bank told me a couple years ago. But then the nice ladies ordered one for me from the regional office in Siricha. They would have just had it sent over, but I went and picked up there myself and then walked over to a postal service in Robinson's and mailed that sucker. Sorted!
  3. JSixpack

    Affordable good hospital in Pattaya recomendations?

    I believe Sirikit does have an ambulance service. Don't suppose anyone here has tried it.
  4. JSixpack

    The 2018 Pattaya Songkran FAQ (long)

    Very true. And when you're crashed, you're crashed. And when your helmet or windshield is obscured by paste, you're not seeing as well as you should be. Conditions are dangrous enough at the best of times. It's hardly uncommon to need to go through the bar areas for one reason or another. Sometimes they can be avoided only at considerable inconvenience. Central, for example, right in the middle. Villa--if not for Songkran, I'd have dropped by to pick up a few things . . . .
  5. Billions is holding up except I'm even more tired of the androgynous prodigy thrown in for PC. Suits and Homeland are back, both on their last legs. Passable watching if you've seen earlier seasons and have nothing else better. The Crossing is ho-hum but for SF junkies perhaps bearable unlike Lost In Space. Hoping something interesting will happen after we get over the "desperate Mom looking for her lost daughter" trope. If not, I give up. In the cue: David Bowie: The Last Five Years Man Of A Thousand Faces [James Cagney] (1957) Phantom Thread (2017)
  6. JSixpack

    quelling hunger ?

    Consider Refeeds For Fat Loss: The Science Behind Leptin
  7. JSixpack

    What's missing in my diet?

  8. JSixpack

    What's missing in my diet?

    Not so easily as most of the soy milk in Thailand has sugar and the brand w/o it seems to be disappearing. There's a variety sometimes found in the chilled section of large stores and sometimes local Thai markets might have it.
  9. JSixpack

    Need Stable Internet. Can anyone advise?

    Since it was a recent switch then it would seem the jury's still out re: reliability.
  10. JSixpack

    What Laptop?

  11. I don't see any Thai women doing that, you? Now, you may not be able to perceive a difference between a school and a karaoke bar. Further, I think we could say about the same in other cultures besides Thai. A UK dad might not want his daughter exposing her breasts at school for social media but also hit the Sunset Strip adult entertainment club on the weekends. I haven't seen any school named Tesco. I think the main point our posters are making is just that they're enjoying the view (long as it's not their daughter) and want more. Such is TVF.
  12. JSixpack

    Call Bang Lamung about a delayed package?

    FWIW, acknowledgement that Thailand has even received stuff I ordered earlier this month from AliExpress is also delayed, about twice as long as the usual average time needed.
  13. Maybe that's your family, so now you're forewarned. Go conventional, but in public, so that your demise thread won't degenerate into a kind of Ninoy Aquino International Airport of bashfests. What about your friends and relatives then? Emulate that guy who choked on his noodle soup at a resto in Jomtien. His, if he had one, might have been really cool about it for all you know. Most important is that he doesn't care what his family thinks. Probably continuing the fun up there in the heavenly Soi Cowboy. You on the other hand might continue eating your noodle soup.
  14. Exactly. Going in public is the only way to avoid a thread full of idiot crimebustin' and conspiracy theories by the Sherlocks of the CSI: TVF. This guy done good, RIP.
  15. JSixpack

    The 2018 Pattaya Songkran FAQ (long)

    Good point made here: