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  1. helloagain

    Thai drivers ignoring 11 million traffic tickets

    Somebody never thought out to have a system in place where by you go and impound the car or bike or truck. DEERRRRR
  2. helloagain

    One step closer to legalisation

    Theres enough piss heads here and death on the roads already without weed.......hash......or whatever you call it. I cant believe thailand going down this road with their beliefs but its still a sex capital so why not hash as well well CRAZY
  3. Its been up and running for i would say a year at least if not more.
  4. ISUZU no problems and good service. Im on my second pickup with them. I just wish they had A settings for me.....seat, wingmirrors, and B settings for she 555555
  5. Jail them........german 5 years. The Czech 1 year
  6. helloagain

    UK banks

    Off shore uk for thai wife or girlfriend but must have minimum.
  7. helloagain

    Landlord Disputes

    Do not own your condo in thailand cos there are hundreds of thousands for sale. Rent and just walk away
  8. helloagain

    SURVEY: Big Joke--Is he on the right track?

    They think we are crazy....we know they are 5555
  9. helloagain

    Moto GP Thailand

    Is there any thai racing cos if there is they will will it. The way they drive around everyday going so fast 55555
  10. Its normally the other way round. 500 baht fine and say wa wa wa 3 times. Now move on.
  11. helloagain

    Motorcyclist dies after crashing into parked truck

    55555555 good one
  12. helloagain

    Minor accident - and now?

    You foriener you pay. Lets move on now
  13. helloagain

    Motorcyclist dies after crashing into parked truck

    Im sorry he died so he wont crash into me then. Next case move on
  14. 55555555. And have the police closed down all the bars and resturants over the sea yet down walking street how about catching the owners. How about employing some foriengers to help you close 99% of sex massage. Come on POLICE YOU MAKE THE CLAIM NOW BACK IT UP
  15. Try going to immagration and ask