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  1. Yes and if you have already been to a hospital for anything slighty as to what is wrong with you they happy to take your money but will not pay out......almost thieves.
  2. They are more stupid than what their tight shirts make them look
  3. How can police say not serious when knife or sword involved crazy. Should be 100000 baht fine minimum. I bet if foriener waved a sword around all hell would break loose. Wai wai wai STUPID
  4. I believe if a bank here goes down the drain if you have more than 1,000,000 baht with them you will only get back 1,000,000. Please go and ask like I did. It used to be a 20,000,000 baht limit but now down to 1 million baht
  5. They dont learn much. Ask anybody fresh out of school what is 6 x 9 = ? They all want a calculator. They should be taught how to say english then for the last 5 years be taught how to spell it. And for God sake teach the teachers to say computer and not computeerrrrr
  6. If name calling can land you with 1000 baht fine or jail why doesnt when a thai often beats up a foriener does that not land them in jail
  7. As they only fine a thai 500 baht for beating up a foriener how the hell can they fine 100000 just fir smoking....IDIOTS ABSOLUTLY <deleted> IDOTS. I agree exchange crap for too long. What cos of a junta you would think thai baht would go down
  8. Its a good shop. You can ask them to send you what they sell and they will send you a list. There aussie matured chedder is cheap and very good.
  9. helloagain

    Thai boxer knocking out much bigger foreign fighter

    So what is this really news......but the foriener will always have a bigger penis......now that matters
  10. That is cos their penis is a quarter of the size so its only fair they pay less
  11. I quite agree they are parasites
  12. helloagain

    Minimum age to ride a motorbike

    So why dont you think what you want to know then ask the right question insread of pratting around