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  1. they paid the thai drivers family about 20,000 baht. the foreigners didn't get 1 baht. Because we are all super rich i suppose....
  2. The coppers must love cases like this - they mustn't be able to sleep at night thinking about how much they want to be put in that brown envelope and what they are going to spend it on
  3. We have 5 villas in total. If you have more than 9 rooms in total, you are qualified as a hotel. No to mention wanting to get ourselves legal - we had a ''visit'' a few years back from Krabi Immigration Police who kindly relieved us of 150,000 baht (no receipt) as a fine for forgetting to report 1 group on the immigration website (which wasn't working anyway). They said they could cause us big problems if we didn't get a hotel licence....
  4. well he wont have anything to worry about - the archaic law here doesn't work. The 10 wheel truck driver who killed one of my staff and 2 customers only got a suspended sentence and a 5000 baht fine. How fair is that?
  5. we rent our villas out through airbnb - an excellent company to deal with. We have got a hotel licence (a complete ball ache and very expensive and lengthy process, as it involved re-writing all house plans)
  6. i can just picture this office full of transferees. Just a load of bent cops sitting around with their feet on the table playing on their phones. Just like a normal cop shop then!
  7. ground broken? Well it wasn't long before something was broken on this Chinese junk.
  8. As if a Thai driver is going to claim responsibility for anything.
  9. krabi versus ko lanta which is better

    Not ridiculous - just off Aonang, there are some beautiful beaches on the locals islands.
  10. what? they mean that the usual mob of rent-a-cops in plastic tents playing on their phones aren't having an effect on the road toll?
  11. Very little driver education, corrupt officials, lazy / corrupt police, selfish driving, tailgating, unable to control emotions, me me me, texting / using phone while driving (especially hi-so ladies), taking no responsbility for ones own actions.... Yes Thailand, you NAILED IT!!!! Woo hooo!!!
  12. Roll-up roll-up! A basket of tonic and a ''misunderstanding''....next!
  13. farangs invented the plastic bag = we are to blame. How dare the finger be pointed at the Thais!