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  1. Very little driver education, corrupt officials, lazy / corrupt police, selfish driving, tailgating, unable to control emotions, me me me, texting / using phone while driving (especially hi-so ladies), taking no responsbility for ones own actions.... Yes Thailand, you NAILED IT!!!! Woo hooo!!!
  2. Roll-up roll-up! A basket of tonic and a ''misunderstanding''....next!
  3. farangs invented the plastic bag = we are to blame. How dare the finger be pointed at the Thais!
  4. Looks like his underling has the hots for his boss
  5. put some of those Aus/NZ style ads on in between those horrific soaps...should save some lives. Having dealt with the aftermath of a triple-fatality (2 farang + 1 thai) accident caused by a dangerous 10 wheel truck driver back in February, I can tell you, those ads really hit home
  6. one of those dick-wad pick-ups with wide wheels, colourful stickers all over the back window, bart simpson on the side, blowing black smoke all over the road and probably no insurance. Oh, and a truck driver who fled the scene...they should round these chaps up for the next Thai olympic team. They seems to have it away on their toes quite well
  7. Legal advice/ Traffic fatality

    she won't get hit with much. We own a tourism business here - back in February, one of our Fortuners was hit head on by an out of control 10 wheel truck (speeding and wreckless driving). The french guy lost his daught and wife and i lost my driver. What did the driver get? 5000 baht fine. f***ing pathetic and disgusting.
  8. ''copper moved to inactive post'' blah blah blah
  9. Bone grinding - human remains

    his wife's side are Chinese Buddhists, and they believe that the ashes must all be laid to rest together, so no we can't separate them
  10. In a follow up to this incident earlier this year https://www.thephuketnews.com/driver-dead-french-tourists-critical-after-10-wheeler-slams-suv-in-krabi-61033.php#3P2OCI3b43f9c62S.97 I have just heard from the father who lost his wife and daughter (the authorities didn't seem to think to contact us, the owners of the SUV) that the driver of the big truck got a 2 year suspended sentence and 5000 baht fine. On your way...next! Utterly despicable. How is this even accepted?
  11. Bone grinding - human remains

    Many thanks for that - good to know. I had thought about a mortar and pestle and he would have a good laugh at that but i dont think i could bring myself to do it!
  12. UPDATE: The driver got a suspended 2 year prison sentence and a 5000 baht fine. Thats it. For taking 3 lives and causing so much grief.... No ****ing justice here. Shame on you Thailand.
  13. Bone grinding - human remains

    he was a big fella!
  14. Bone grinding - human remains

    ok thanks - will look it that