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  1. if they put all of their brain cells in a hazelnut shell, it would still rattle
  2. mr_lob

    Crazy price - Why ??

    That was grab
  3. mr_lob

    Crazy price - Why ??

    I paid 500 baht from the city to Don Muang today and it took 30 mins with expressway. Krabi airport to Aonang is 600 and its 30 mins Hardly treble the price
  4. i bet she was worried when the Thai Police got involved....
  5. Google found these adverts relevant to this thread
  6. the neighbours must have thought the Luftwaffe were overhead
  7. Stick a set of those on and see how fast they move out of the way
  8. clearly foreign sharks....Thai sharks wouldn't do such a thing. Clampdown on foreign sharks please!
  9. Well i for one want to stick up for the boys in brown. I drove past a 'checkpoint' yesterday and there were 5 of the nation's finest doing a stellar job. One of them got to level 18 on angry birds and the other 4 were clearly chatting to their giks on fb / taking care of business
  10. mr_lob

    Dangers of Driving on Samui

    I have noticed a degradation in the level of driving in the last 15 years living here in Krabi. Brain-dead get-there-as-fast-as-i-can-me-me-me-me drivers and ZERO enforcement of traffic rules. Pure carnage. Just yesterday saw a minibus planted in the back of a big truck (tailgating) - how the driver survived i don't know but you can bet he won't learn!
  11. mr_lob

    Runaway daughter

    get control of the little **** SOON. my wife's daughter did the same thing at 15 years old. Now fast forward 3 years and she is involved with drugs gangs and hooked on crystal meth
  12. All true - we go through the same crap every time we renew our Burmese workers' papers. It is a ball-ache but they are much better workers than the Thais (no whinging, back stabbing, acting like kids, not turning up, turning up late, taking time off for the next door neighbour's long lost brother's monkey's uncle's funeral...)
  13. mr_lob

    Notary Public in Krabi.

    Khun Sutin is notary public