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  1. UPDATE: The driver got a suspended 2 year prison sentence and a 5000 baht fine. Thats it. For taking 3 lives and causing so much grief.... No ****ing justice here. Shame on you Thailand.
  2. Bone grinding - human remains

    he was a big fella!
  3. Bone grinding - human remains

    ok thanks - will look it that
  4. Bone grinding - human remains

    Yes likewise - I am not sure why they have come out so big. Maybe they didn't cook him long enough.
  5. A very good friend of mine was killed in an accident a few months ago and some of his family from the UK will be coming over next month to scatter his ashes at sea. The issue is that his remains are still in quite large pieces, clearly visible human bones which would be quite traumatic for them. We have asked at the temple here in Krabi if anywhere can grind them into a finer state, but with no success. Does anybody know of somewhere preferably in Phuket or even Bangkok where this can be done?
  6. The BIB in the picture should give that CCTV camera a tap. Statisically, its not working...
  7. i predict a clampdown on dangerous tourists taking parasailing operators for a ride. Thailand. The hub of somethingwhatsoever....
  8. How about a plastic bag on the head? Would that have helped? Another world class Thai idea when its lashing down
  9. Now that's what I call good service !!

    great customer service attitude. we get all tyres for our vehicles there
  10. when the law gets sensible, so will i. Thanks for your feedback big guy!
  11. The poor farang lady will be made out to be in the wrong and pay a squillion baht to the family. Reasoning: If the farang hadn't come to Thailand, the Thai person wouldn't have been killed. Money paid, case closed.
  12. we have been told that the driver probably wont get any jail time. Life is so cheap here. All so incredibly sad and unfair. Another meeting with the police and truck owner friday.... I hope he gets his karma some day
  13. In the Government's ever-strenuous efforts to make the roads safer, we have been informed by the Land Transportation department that new laws regarding drivers' clothing take effect on 1st April 2017 (thought it was a p*ss take when I saw the date, but this is real): Green plate taxis: blue shirt, black trousers, black socks, black shoes Yellow plate minibuses: blue, black or white shirt, black trousers, black socks, black shoes Deviation from the above law results in a 2000 baht fine Our partner in Phuket already had 1 driver fined 1000 baht for wearing red socks! There must have been some really bored unmentionable sat in his office in Bangkok who thought up these laws. Why not get more police OUT of their a/c offices, away from their phones and enforce the TRAFFIC laws that already exist....now THAT would bring down the road toll. Its not a bloody fashion show...