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  1. Hey! Here is an idea, why don't they extend the no smoking ban from the beaches to cover the whole capital? On second thought, please don't tell 'em that. They are crazy enough to even try something like this.
  2. Damn good question there, Peeboy.
  3. Problem: Too many tourists Solution: Limit the numbers of tourists THAI solution: Charge more! What problem?
  4. Let's see how many Thais will be caught and punished vs. foreigners.
  5. “I don’t understand. Who started this? Take advantage of them? Foreigners pay one price. Thais pay another price. We’re their hosts. We should impress them so they can tell their friends about the good experience in Thailand. The government should look into this,” user Boy Neverdies said. Finally, a few Thais agree with the rest of the world. But I doubt it will change anything.
  6. Obviously sponsored by Thailand Tobacco Company.
  7. Deleted the post since I can't be bothered to joke about it and people don't get the joke of it anyways...
  8. Marine chief defends beach smoking ban

    Yes, of course, right...and all those plastic bags, Styrofoam plates/bowls, empty bottles and empty noddle cups don't count? Fine, you made your laws and we will abide by them. BUT, if we don't see a single Thai citizen being caught, tried and convicted of said crime, we (foreigners) will continue to think that this is yet another scheme to get money from foreigners. You can disguise which ever way you want but, at the end of the day, it will only harm the country more. IF we do see that Thai citizen are caught for this, then and only then will we actually believe your intentions are justified. I've written several times on this topic and this one is my final comment on this matter. It is now up to the Thais to show us proof that this law is truly meant for all people, no matter which nationality they be, and not just for fleecing foreigners again.
  9. The real question is: how many of these butts were from Thai people (who don't care about the laws or who blatantly dismiss the laws) and how many are from foreigners/tourists?
  10. 500฿ fine and a "Don't do it again." speech by the local police...Oh wait, he was vaping while waiting. Well then, 5 years in jail and 200,000฿ fine.
  11. Going by this assumption, if the traffic police of Thailand were to do their jobs and apply this, there would be no more death on Thai roads as 3/4 of Thai drivers would have their drivers licenses suspended and/or be in jail already.
  12. Dog grooming shop fleeced me, says angry owner

    I don't understand why somebody would want to bring a Husky (a cold weather dog) in a Tropical country. Typical Thai vanity. Serves him right to be charged up the wazoo is what I say. Unless it's a half-breed...
  13. And there is the rub of this whole affair. If we, foreigners, don't see any Thais being jailed and/or fined for this offense, we will continue to believe that this is just another way to get money from foreigners. Given the penchant for Thais to smoke everywhere and ignore the laws, it is reasonable to expect to see at least 10 Thai people for every 1 foreign person caught, fined and/or jailed. Otherwise, the proof is in the pudding...
  14. To follow up on my previous post - If Americans are truly dead-set on being scammed and fleeced, they might as well go south of their own border. No jet-lag, airfare is cheaper, plenty of spicy food and the beer/tequila is the same. Otherwise, for near enough the same airfare price, going to Vietnam is a much better deal.
  15. They ain't coming back because you treated them like $hit with all your scams. Much better places to go instead. They've been asking the same question for the past 5 years but refusing to accept the answer...