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  1. I drove that stretch of road a few months ago with a friend visiting. It was a pretty rough stretch and I wouldn't do it again until the road improves. But when finished it will complete a nice loop Chiang Rai > Mae Sai > Chiang Saen > Chiang Khong > Chiang Rai. The rest of the roads are good to excellent. Very scenic country side with lots of river views. And enough restaurants, coffee shops and hotels along the way.
  2. I'm shopping around for a new PC. Something mid-range or better suitable for video streaming and gaming. Need Windows rather than Mac. I went to Technocom based on recommendations from an older post. Not much in stock but they can order a variety PC makes. I know there's countless little computer shops, but has anyone had a good experience buying from some other shop with a decent selection, good service and reasonable prices?
  3. I also prefer Sriburin to Overbrook mainly on the facilities and low waiting times. I found a doctor I liked at Sriburin just to help monitor my high blood pressure. I liked him because he agreed with me to avoid meds as long as possible. He was also in the new wing that is quite nice. I look forward to seeing how the renovations turn out in the old building. Recently took mother-in-law to Overbrook for an MRI. The level of care seems fine even though the facilities are getting old. But I'm also looking for a dermatologist to look at some mystery spots on my skin. Sriburin has an "aesthetic" skin clinic to laser away wrinkles, but not an actual MD dermatologist. Overbrook has one though so I may give them a try. I know CM has good dermatologists, but I'm getting tired of the drive if it's not really necessary.
  4. Friend just took us to the Wanderer by the river. I was impressed with the food and the variety on the menu. Nice garden setting, but I wonder if the mosquitos are a problem in the evening. Now I have a new lunch alternative to Chivitt.
  5. Thanks! I was hoping there would be one. I'll stop by there this week.
  6. Does anybody know if any of the hotels have well equipped and air con gyms (fitness center) that offer public memberships? I've been to the new large gym by the hospital, but it's open air and it's getting too hot!
  7. Yes, about halfway between Central World and the night bazaar on the old Phahon Yothin rd.
  8. It's suppose to open later in this month. They were still working on some final construction and installing the IT lines. It has a sign for emergency department and I saw some ambulance guys walking around. Also a decent car park in back and I think underground. From what I hear the Doctor who is building it has run a private clinic for years and is well respected in the local medical community. He must be doing ok because its about a 60 bed hospital. Even has VIP suites which are basically a 2-bedroom apartment, one for patient and one for family.
  9. Drove my niece to a job interview at the new Chiang Rai Inter Hospital. She got the job and I got a brief tour of the place. If it's of interest to anyone else, the building is very nice and almost complete. Open air clinic area on the ground level and air con in-patient wards on the upper floors. The private rooms were large and done to a high standard. I don't know anything about the medical staff or pricing, but it's nice to have another option in the private hospital/clinic scene. I'll also be waiting to see how the renovations at Sriburin turn out.
  10. I had the same situation with an old 5 amp meter. I just went to the PEA office and explained I wanted an upgrade. It took them about a week to come out and inspect the existing meter. Then another week to replace the meter. I recall it cost about B2,000.
  11. I told a friend I would help him look at houses in Chiang Rai city. He wants a gated community with a security gate etc. I see these places popping up all over the place and I assume they all have websites. I have tried to google to find a list of these so he can surf them, but without success. Maybe I'm using the wrong search terms. If you happen to drive by one and get the name from the sign on the gate you can pull up the website. But no luck finding a comprehensive listing of housing projects/developments in the city. Anybody have any tips for this? Maybe somebody in the business?
  12. There's a big shop a soi or two past the old bus station, but I can never remember its name. Set back from the road with its own car park. I have found some things there that I couldn't find at HomePro etc. Global House has a good selection of assorted hardware, but you have to hunt for it yourself. The clerks are still too new to know what the store has in stock.
  13. I stop in there frequently. Good produce.
  14. Thanks for the tips. When everybody says drive around, not sure what that means. Do people just post signs on their property? And yes, I know agents will screw you and I was hoping to avoid them. So I was hoping to make a deal direct with an owner. The local classifieds seem to be a good idea. Thanks again.
  15. We live in north Thailand but are interested in a second home to rent on Phuket. Tried to use the TV classifieds, but I think it is still being upgraded. There's a million ads online for vacation rentals, but not much for long term renters. (I want to rent for a year before considering a purchase) Anybody have any tips on a reliable agent in the area? Small villa or condo, 2 bdrm, pool, some form of security, etc. Thanks!