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  1. Dengue Fever

    The doctor told us that one of their big worries is an infected person who stays home. Apparently it is easy for the virus to move when a mosquito bites the infected person and then bites someone else in the house. They urged the use of mosquito nets. Even while in the hospital they used mosquito nets over the infected person.
  2. Dengue Fever

    Everybody recovered and is back home. Hospital told us they would report the cases to public health authorities. They must have because yesterday a bunch of men showed up and fogged the whole village. That can't hurt, but the people who were infected were farmers and more likely got it from mosquitos out in the farm fields somewhere.
  3. Dengue Fever

    We are getting word-of-mouth of at least 3 more cases in our village. And that's just friends and family. Sounds like a real outbreak - if confirmed. Is this just my village or are there cases in other areas?? Maybe it's time for a beach trip... PS Sister-in-law recovering nicely.
  4. Dengue Fever

    From what I gleaned from google, it is spread by a specific type of mosquito identifiable by white markings on its legs and body. This mosquito lives 2-4 weeks but has a flight range of only about 200m from where it hatches. So the best you can do is drain standing water around the house in dog bowls, flower pots, coconut shells etc.
  5. Dengue Fever

    Sister-in-law went to hospital with a high fever and doctors are saying it's dengue fever. I didn't know dengue was in this area. Did some google research and see it's endemic in Thailand. We live out in the country but I guess it can be worse in urbanized areas. But apparently all you can do about it is try prevention with mosquito control in your area. Public health is suppose to have a spraying program but haven't seen that in my village.
  6. First Dell Concept Store in Chiang Rai.

    Went there as I was in the market for a new laptop. Checked out the one they had in stock and it was highly recommended by all the PC review sites. They will also configure any upgrades you might want like the RAM. Compared them to the regular Technocom stores and prices were the same. I ended up buying from them and the only upgrade I needed was a true true licensed copy of Windows.
  7. Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    Agree. Went there last night. I am a ribs fan and these were top notch. Cooked well and the sauce was just how I like it. My seat faced the kitchen and I watched the owner making sure every plate was presented just right. The few other items on the menu looked interesting as well - pasta, salads and wings. This will definitely be a regular stop from now on.
  8. First Dell Concept Store in Chiang Rai.

    Sounds good, I'll have to stop by.
  9. Road trip from Chiang Khong to Chiang Saen.

    I drove that stretch of road a few months ago with a friend visiting. It was a pretty rough stretch and I wouldn't do it again until the road improves. But when finished it will complete a nice loop Chiang Rai > Mae Sai > Chiang Saen > Chiang Khong > Chiang Rai. The rest of the roads are good to excellent. Very scenic country side with lots of river views. And enough restaurants, coffee shops and hotels along the way.
  10. Good Computer Shop

    I'm shopping around for a new PC. Something mid-range or better suitable for video streaming and gaming. Need Windows rather than Mac. I went to Technocom based on recommendations from an older post. Not much in stock but they can order a variety PC makes. I know there's countless little computer shops, but has anyone had a good experience buying from some other shop with a decent selection, good service and reasonable prices?
  11. Chiang Rai Hospital

    I also prefer Sriburin to Overbrook mainly on the facilities and low waiting times. I found a doctor I liked at Sriburin just to help monitor my high blood pressure. I liked him because he agreed with me to avoid meds as long as possible. He was also in the new wing that is quite nice. I look forward to seeing how the renovations turn out in the old building. Recently took mother-in-law to Overbrook for an MRI. The level of care seems fine even though the facilities are getting old. But I'm also looking for a dermatologist to look at some mystery spots on my skin. Sriburin has an "aesthetic" skin clinic to laser away wrinkles, but not an actual MD dermatologist. Overbrook has one though so I may give them a try. I know CM has good dermatologists, but I'm getting tired of the drive if it's not really necessary.
  12. Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    Friend just took us to the Wanderer by the river. I was impressed with the food and the variety on the menu. Nice garden setting, but I wonder if the mosquitos are a problem in the evening. Now I have a new lunch alternative to Chivitt.
  13. Gym in town?

    Thanks! I was hoping there would be one. I'll stop by there this week.
  14. Gym in town?

    Does anybody know if any of the hotels have well equipped and air con gyms (fitness center) that offer public memberships? I've been to the new large gym by the hospital, but it's open air and it's getting too hot!
  15. The New Inter Hospital

    Yes, about halfway between Central World and the night bazaar on the old Phahon Yothin rd.