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  1. US car rental with Thai driver license

    Good to know. I was wondering whether it would be an issue or not with the rental company.
  2. US car rental with Thai driver license

    PS I've asked my US accountant, that if my former state of residence will not recognize me as a resident for purposes of a driver's license, do I still have to pay that state's income tax!!!
  3. US Social security benefits to Thai wife?

    I have already set this up between Bangkok Bank and my US bank. Whenever I want to transfer money I just tell my US bank. Saves a lot over wire transfer fees and only takes a couple of days. I prefer this over regular monthly transfers so I can try to catch the more favorable exchange rates.
  4. US Social security benefits to Thai wife?

    I also saw on the Social Security website that they are fine with setting up a direct deposit into a Thai bank account.
  5. My US driver license expired and I couldn't renew because I don't actually live at my former address. So when I go to the US can I rent a car with a valid Thai license? I'm thinking it must be ok because tourists need to rent a car.
  6. US Social security benefits to Thai wife?

    "So, say you were drawing $2,000 per month in SS and the wife was drawing $1000 per month but you up and croak on her. Well, her $1000/month pension will be replaced with your old $2000/month pension." Like I said, my main reason in applying for citizenship for my wife was just to be done with all the visa/green card hassles. But as I was doing it I saw the info on SS. Right now we have my small pension. But soon I can draw my SS of an extra (say) $2k. Then when she is of age she could draw $750/$1,000 without reducing my benefit. That's a lot of baht! Still not sure about when I'm gone what she gets, is it half of mine (1k)? or all of mine (2k)? Because of that I am looking at delaying starting to collect SS until closer to 66 rather than 62. There's a lot of calculators online to help determine your break-even age. But I'm weighing maxing her benefit more than mine.
  7. US Social security benefits to Thai wife?

    When I married my Thai wife I was still working in the US. After 3 years I got her US citizenship, primarily for ease of travel. As noted above, as a citizen, she is eligible to receive a SS benefits as a percentage of my benefits even though living in Thailand. It just worked out that way for us, but it will be a good source of dependable income for her when she reaches the minimum age.
  8. It means less parking spaces, that area was my go-to parking lot.
  9. USA by sea ?

    I found the same sort of thing about cargo ships. Not cheap, slow and not many amenities. I'm hoping to find a repositioning cruise ship. If prices are comparable to air fare and the number of days is reasonable I'd just call it a vacation. Such cruises must be out there somewhere, but they're hard to find. Cruise websites are not set up for people primarily seeking one-way transportation.
  10. USA by sea ?

    Flying business class is my Plan B, if I can find a ticket I can afford. I'm heading to Pensacola but Atlanta would be the closest hub.
  11. USA by sea ?

    Sounds like a possibility. Do you recall what cruise line that was?
  12. USA by sea ?

    I should go back to the States this year to see family and take care of a few things there. I have been delaying primarily because I find that long 20+ hour plane trip unbearable. I have been wondering if there was a way to catch a cruise ship to anywhere on the US coast and then grab a short flight the rest of the way. I have surfed the internet and not really found anything practical. The prices are reasonable, but the routes don't really work. For example, I can fly to Australia and maybe catch a repositioning cruise ship. But that still requires a 10 hour flight to Australia I was hoping I could find something in Japan or Hong Kong, but so far nothing. Anybody else look into this as an option and found a sea route to the USA? Cheers
  13. What Happened to the Flower Show?

    Found it, uh, er Father Xmas. It just started later than in years past. Still very nice even if a bit smaller. Definitely worth a stroll through the displays after dark when the lights are on. One of my favorite Chiang Rai events.
  14. We just used Grab to get an early morning ride to the airport. No Problem. The taxi drivers start early.
  15. What happened to the Christmas-time flower show this year? I really enjoyed it the last few years. There were big displays downtown with brilliant nighttime lighting and a big daytime display over by the river. This year it seems to have been cancelled.