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  1. Has anybody completed the north Thailand scenic drive recently? Chiang Rai-Mae Sai-Chiang Saen-Chiang Khong-Chiang Rai. Last time it was all resurfaced except a few km between Chiang Saen and Chiang Khong, but it was a rough few km. Beautiful drive but they've been working on it forever. When complete it's a great drive by car or motorbike.
  2. Manassas

    Driving Licence lapsed.

    I renewed mine recently. I was a couple weeks past the expiration date and they didn't even mention it.
  3. Manassas

    Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    All About Sweet is in something of a little plaza. Big sign on the road that says 'Farmland Chiang Rai.' I assume that's the name of the plaza.
  4. Manassas

    Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    Found a new spot. All about Sweets. Have driven by numerous times but never stopped because wasn't really interested in yet another coffee shop with sweets. This time I was walking by and stopped in to see what they had. Despite the name the restaurant offers a full menu. The owner is a Thai lady from Bangkok who opened here some years ago. She offers Thai fusion items which are mainly pastas with Thai sauces. Also pastas with western sauces, rice dishes and wood fired pizza. We tried spaghetti with Lanna sausage and the lasagna. Both were delicious. So were the sweets. Plan to go back to try the pizza. It's on Sanambin road a few blocks north of the hospital. Also has off-street parking, attractive decor and air con. I've been getting bored with the usual "downtown" selections so this is a nice dining option to me.
  5. Manassas


    I solved my gravel mystery. I wanted the large rough gravel (hin luk lang) at about B800 per 10 ton truckload. After some inquiries I'm told the quarries that produce it have reserved it all for the highway department and are not selling to the public. So I'm being offered concrete gravel for B2,800 per 10 ton truckload. That's a big price difference. I'll wait until the cheap stuff is available again. Besides the larger size of the rough gravel is much better for paving over the mud.
  6. Manassas

    Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    I just had lunch there again ,,, but did not get the discount. I wonder how regular is regular?? Anyway, the owner was not there at the time and the new staff don't know me yet. Food was good as always.
  7. Interesting thread so thanks to the OP. I've got some roselle in the garden and my wife cooks something with it occasionally. I've also had the sweet drink made with it. But for blood pressure treatment, is it a tea made from the dried flowers that is recommended? Unsweetened of course. Hadn't heard of this but will give it a go.
  8. Manassas

    Mini Tractor

    Agree. I'd get one in a minute if priced in the 60k range, but 5x that is too much. I assume the price is due to taxes. I hope somebody will rethink the taxes or else start producing a compact model domestically.
  9. Manassas

    Mini Tractor

    I didn't press them on best price, but the tractor itself was about B280,000 and then attachments extra.
  10. Manassas

    Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    I second that recommendation. I tried the fajita special and it was tasty at a very reasonable price. Also air con dining room which is nice.
  11. Manassas

    Mini Tractor

    Went by my local Yanmar dealer. They said they couldn't get Yanmar named compact tractors, but could get a subsidiary brand called Solis. It's a compact with 26hp and a variety of attachments available. Didn't have one in stock but had photos of one recently sold to an expat. The Solis might be a bit big and heavy for what I need, but may work for someone else. Now I'm looking at used imports or homemade machines.
  12. Manassas

    Mini Tractor

    And could you find out something? Ultimus and Multione seem to be defunct. At least I couldn't find a live contact. Too bad, their machine looked interesting. Looked more at Yanmar. They have a line of great compact tractors made in USA and selling for about B60,000. Unfortunately, I don't believe they are imported to Thailand.
  13. Manassas

    Mini Tractor

    And could you find out something? The website is down. I've asked a friend in BKK to check it out. I'll report back when I hear something.
  14. Manassas


    I want some gravel to reinforce a driveway before the big rains start. Had my wife ask around the local contractors. I'm getting price quotes of up to B3,000 per truck load. When I bought some gravel some years ago my memory is that it was much cheaper. Have prices gone up? Prices like that are getting out of reach for local farmers who all use gravel for various jobs.
  15. Manassas

    Square Steel Tube Bearing Capacity

    One of the salesman's points was the ability to paint the c-channel. Makes sense as far as it goes, but would worry about the c-channel uprights twisting. Though fine for the truss. I'm guessing the closed square uprights will last as long as I do...