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  1. Thanks! I've tried it in ground and in pots with same result. Maybe I'll try some actual potting soil. And yes it's good in any number of dishes. My wife even prefers it in Thai dishes over the Thai basil.
  2. I have seeds for Italian Basil also called Mediterranean Basil, not the Thai holy basil or similar looking plant. It germinates well, grows up and leafs out well. But as soon as the plant nears maturity it starts to wilt. Does anybody have any experience with this? I find it odd since the Thai basil grows practically as a weed, but I can't keep the other variety going and I really like the flavor of the Mediterranean basil. Soil, water, temperature...?
  3. Thanksgiving turkey

    I went to Makro. Plenty of nice looking ducks. Also a few Thai turkeys that looked fatter than the ones at Tops and also cheaper, but couldn't make out the cost per kilo on the label.
  4. Here's a pic from summer with no mist.
  5. Thanksgiving turkey

    Anybody have an update on Makro? I'm shopping today and would rather not drive to every store.
  6. I've been there a couple of times. Nice drive and I like the view more than Phu Chi Fa.
  7. Thanksgiving turkey

    Modest dinner... 555
  8. Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    Where is this Mountain Creek Vineyard? Google map doesn't pull it up.
  9. Thanksgiving turkey

    I'm not that big of a turkey fan, but those sure look good. And a price of around B65/kg is certainly better than the price at Tops. Are those boxes of stuffing mix at the end of the row? I'm surprised Le Meridien doesn't try a Thanksgiving buffet. For that matter, I haven't seen a promotion for their Christmas Eve dinner yet either.
  10. Thanksgiving turkey

    I checked out the turkeys at Tops. On the one hand, probably the best I've ever seen in Chiang Rai. On the other hand, still a bit scrawny and pricey. Maybe I'll stick with my tradition of a nice plump duck.
  11. Apartment rentals in Chiang Rai?

    Sorry, perhaps the official website lists only sales, but most units have been sold to investors who are now renting them out. Google on 'condos for rent' and they should come up. And most prices are negotiable despite list price. I've rented in Chiang Mai which has beautiful full-size (1-2 bdrm) condos all over. But most of the new buildings in Chiang Rai tend to be studios for some reason. But with some diligent looking there are places out there.
  12. Apartment rentals in Chiang Rai?

    Choices are extremely limited in Chiang Rai compared to Chiang Mai. And the quality isn't as good - imo. But a google search will bring up the 3-4 bigger buildings available. I think its the Q condo, the D condo and the Like condo. All have websites. Good luck.
  13. cost of Rice field

    The proper cost of farmland is a never ending question here and elsewhere. I've watched it in my area since I moved here. In my area most sellers are selling to pay off a bank loan and widely overestimate the value of the land. What I've done for my wife's land is keep track of costs and calculate the net profit after harvest. For us, that profit is very slim due to the dismal rice prices - I've seen it recently down to 6000 baht per tonne. This year I'm taking more land out of rice and trying some alternatives. Still I recognize that producing your own rice for family consumption is a big part of rural culture. All that said, I will continue to plant rice but am very hesitant to buy more land at inflated prices if it's only for farming. It depends on what your aims are for the land. If you are also building a house on the land that makes a purchase more justifiable. As someone else said, have your wife ask around and you will get on idea of what the gong local rate is. Then you have to decide if it's worth it.
  14. Community Bulletin Boards

    Thanks. We're looking for a house or maybe condo in the NE so we're close to shopping. 2 bdrm, 2 bth. Pool is a must, but view not as important. Also something clean, quiet, attractive, w privacy. Shaded parking also a big plus. Have seen some good prospects on agent websites, but I'm hoping some p2p deals might be better. Will be there in a couple of weeks to look at properties. Cheers.
  15. Looking for a second Thai house/condo to rent (1 yr +) on Samui. I could use an agent but would rather cut out the middleman. Are there gathering places with community bulletin boards or some local paper with classifieds? Most property online is short-term and Samui is just too big to rely on driving up and down the Sois looking for signs. Or is there a really helpful agent? Thanks